6 facts about Instagram that will impress your friends

This ‘image first’ app has been gaining popularity quickly since its inception in 2010. Since then, it has been adding almost 10 million users every year to reach an astonishing number of 1 Billion users by 2019.

It is indeed one of the most popular social media apps of today’s times. Likes, shares, and especially hashtags are a new way of how Millennial and Gen Z users communicate, and Instagram indeed plays a huge role in its development. Today, one cannot even imagine their lives without an instagram account. Many experts have been wondering what is so attractive about Instagram that people can’t resist using it.

Here is our list of the six most important facts about Instagram that makes it irresistible.


  • Image first


One of the main reasons for the proliferation of social media is that humans are social creatures. However, one of the main reasons for the increase of Instagram is likely that humans are also visual creatures. Imagery is tremendously essential in catching the attention of humans in an increasingly crowded world with a variety of content.

In a recent tellthebell survey by a web portal thought catalog, 70% of users said that Instagram caption, although important, is not a primary factor behind a successful post. Images can elicit emotions in people much more quickly than any other content.

They have a compelling way of communicating with more massive sets of people, mainly when they belong as a part of a group. Irrespective of the nature of the group, these images have this ability to convey similar sets of emotions.

What Don MacCulin, a famous photojournalist, says explains aptly why Instagram might be so popular. He says, “Images are not for looking; it’s a feeling.” Instagram indeed, has captured that philosophy into a successful business model.

  1. User friendly

Instagram is smooth, easy to operate, and quick to follow. The interface is catchy, classy, and at the same time, simple. The simplicity brings out this sense of ease in the way users perceive the app

Usually, if the app is not user friendly, users subconsciously tend to get irritated with every stuck up operation, which eventually leads to abandoning the app. However, Instagram allows a free flow throughout the journey of the user. It indeed runs well on the internet.

  1. Supplementary features

Instagram filters are astonishingly beautiful ways of accentuating the effects of imagery which the app has already tapped into. They are easy to use, and they can quickly turn an average picture into a good one. People are hooked to these filters. You will find a plethora of blogs just on how to use these filters effectively.

Instagram stories are another way of keeping users attached to the app. Through the feature of stories, Instagram allowed and made it socially acceptable to put everyday life on social media. The chatting feature further will enable users to interact more closely.

  1. Easy to gain fame for individuals and businesses

Since imagery is a universal medium across professions, it will allow different groups of people to express themselves more freely on the platform. Therefore there is a chance that your work, if appealing, can reach more massive sets of people quickly and make you accessible on the internet.

More importantly, it’s just not for photographers but also writers, stylists, designers, etc.

More and more businesses are thus using the platform to gain traction. Instagram advertising is becoming a strategic investment for their advertising needs. Celebrities play a crucial role in maintaining this traction on the app.

  1. Abstraction

Instagram is seen as an app where people want to express themselves. The pictures or the content is more towards ideas than there is on other social media like Facebook and Twitter. Through Instagram, users tend to push boundaries and explore more about how they would like to express themselves.

The extra features, such as filters, allow users to do that easily. It is another feature of exclusivity that will enable users on Instagram to choose the audience in front of whom they wish to express themselves. This further makes users hooked on to the app.

  1. Need for attention and expression

Instagram is perceived to be more personal than other social media platforms. It is probably because you can choose more freely about the content you wish to see. We, humans, are wired for more attention. The proposition of Instagram has duly captured this need. 

Secondly, creativity is enhanced because there is a limitation of the medium. It is only through imagery that you could express yourself. This idea of putting a box allows users to think even more creatively.

For example, explaining a sunny Sunday morning through an essay versus explaining the same phenomenon through only a few words requires a different nature of creative abilities. Instagram seems to be doing the next thing putting a box around.

In conclusion:

Instagram has been able to achieve the right balance of features, user-friendliness, and complexity. The need for expression has been so thoroughly captured through a proposition of imagery over the internet that Instagram doesn’t need to add more complications in its feature box.

They have only added features that supplement the basic proposal without confusing the user and without adding further layers of complexity. Maybe it’s this perfect combination that genuinely makes Instagram irresistible.

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