7 shocking facts about influencer marketing

As consumers and marketers fight to stay relevant in a marketing environment that is continuously changing, influencer marketing is becoming more and more powerful. Social media has made it possible for regular people to create their brands by engaging and sharing fascinating content. These modern influencers have a stronger sense of relatability than older celebs. After all, every country in this world uses social media in some capacity. Additionally, businesses have discovered they can use social media networks for marketing because more people are logging on to them every day.

Influencer marketing is thought to be a relatively young area of marketing when compared to social media marketing. According to statistics on influencer marketing, more and more companies are starting to make significant investments in it. Marketers are familiar that millions if not billions of customers depend on these influencers. According to research from The State of Influencer Marketing 2021, 48% of respondents launched influencer campaigns, and interest in using influencers on TikTok increased by 325% in just one year. Due to the expansion of influencer marketing over time, extensive study has been conducted, leading to some intriguing data.

If your company is one of them, you have a lot to understand in order to implement and carry out your influencer marketing campaign effectively. Along with learning the basics, such as what an influencer is, what influencer marketing is, and how much money should be spent on it, you\’ll need to empower yourself with more detailed facts and data about the subject. The statistics in this article demonstrate how highly customers regard influencers and the potential they provide for any industry. Explore these startling facts about influencer marketing with us.

52% of Buyers use Ad Blockers.

Programmer developing anti virus program. Banned Internet content. Ad blocking software, removing online advertising, ad filtering tools concept. Pink coral blue vector isolated illustration

Influencers are now filling the hole, which is good news as the usual banner ads and pop-up windows have lost their appeal to consumers. Traditional advertisements are being removed from online interactions by many Internet users. Statistics say that almost 37% of laptop users have blocked ads from their laptops. 15% of mobile users have also blocked ads. Consumers are truly watching every word that their favourite social media influencers say in their videos and they’re interested in buying what these idols have to share on their feeds.

80% of people rely on Social Media to make any purchase.

There is data that approximately 80% of consumers rely on social media opinions, particularly those from influencers, to assist them to make decisions about what to buy. This offers a huge opportunity for businesses to market their goods and attract new consumers. Influencer marketing is used by 57% of the fashion and beauty industries. It is more difficult for businesses to grow naturally without advertising and amplification.

This is why influencer marketing is crucial in the fashion and beauty industries. With remarkable success, several brands are now hiring influencers. Many fashion and beauty companies are excited to work with influencers but they also want to make sure that the ones they choose have the authenticity necessary to gain success.

Many brands are paying big bucks to influencers.

When it comes to spending on influencer marketing, there is only one direction: up. 18% of marketers invested between $100,000 and $500,000 on different initiatives and campaigns in 2020. Over the past three years, the field of influencer marketing has experienced rapid expansion. This sector was worth $1.5 billion in 2016, and it is expected to grow and become a more efficient marketing channel, with a predicted amount of $15 billion by the end of 2022.

Twitter influencers increased customer purchase intent by 5.2 times.

The ability of Twitter influencers to affect their followers\’ shopping decisions is real. In a recent survey, 41% of Twitter users made purchases after their favorite influencers posted something. It has become evident that collaborating with Twitter influencers for marketing efforts has the potential to boost product sales. According to another Twitter analysis, consumers\’ purchase intent increased 5.2 times when they saw tweets from influencers and brands, compared to just 2.7 times when they saw brand tweets alone. Twitter users made purchases as a result of tweets from influencers and this speaks about the impact that influencer marketing holds.

For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, 15% of businesses make $25 or more.

According to a report, brands that use influencer marketing have better chances of getting a profit. Around 15% of companies generate $25 or more when they advertise with influencers. A majority of businesses noted successful results from influencer marketing. Another survey has noted that almost 75% of marketers recently boosted their budgets for influencer marketing. Many businesses are even setting KPIs for influencer marketing campaigns to calculate their effectiveness.

85% of women consult social media before making a purchase.

If you want to reach more women and persuade them to purchase your goods or services, you must be active on social media and aware of the influencers they follow. 75% of women prefer platforms like Snapchat or Instagram. It has been seen via surveys that many female consumers make purchases based on influencer posts. Any brand that includes women in its target market or its pool of ideal clients should take note of this statistic.

Influencer marketing will reach $14 billion by 2023.

It should come as no surprise that the influencer marketing sector will experience rapid expansion in the years to come given its high ROI.

Social media use is currently a global phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down as it affects every part of everyday life for consumers. Analysts believe that influencers will play a bigger part in connecting brands with consumers in the future. While the industry was only worth $2 billion in 2016, it is expected to increase to $14 billion by 2023 as it continues to expand and become a more competitive market.

Due to this expansion and increased usage, marketers will need to adapt their influencer marketing tactics to scale campaigns, create analytics for campaign measurement, and manage relationships between brands and influencers. This rapid increase can only mean that influencer marketing is growing at its best.

Final words:

Social media has ingrained itself more deeply into our lives and influencer marketing has taken off like never before. Not only celebrities are involved in influencer marketing. Instead, it centres around influencers, many of whom would never regard themselves as famous in a traditional sense.

Even though influencer marketing might be challenging to measure, the data shows this is where your marketing budget should go. With the click of a share button, influencers can assist you in reaching your target audience by producing incredible content showcasing your products. People are drawn to aesthetic images, and if they come from a person they respect, identify with, and follow then they will be compelled to buy whatever their favorite influencers have shared.

Influencer marketing combines traditional and contemporary marketing techniques. In a contemporary content-driven marketing campaign, it incorporates the concept of celebrity endorsement. The campaign\’s outcomes are a result of partnerships between businesses and influencers, which is the primary differentiation in the case of influencer marketing. These statistics demonstrate the strength and potency of influencers, as well as the success of their marketing techniques.


Jaydip Parikh is the founder of Tej SolPro, a digital agency providing SEO services to clients across the globe. Parikh has 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. He regularly speaks at conferences and events, both online and offline.

10 Top Risks Of Video Marketing

Advertising online is quickly being dominated by video content of all kinds. There is credible evidence that shows people are viewing fewer books and more television. This exponential growth in accessible video material should be no surprise to anybody.

The usual suspects, including search engines and social media, reacted quickly to the development. There has been an increase in film production to keep up with client demand.

New marketing fads often come with challenges, some of which are impossible to foresee, when a critical mass of businesses has settled on a marketing approach, the challenges that marketers face become apparent.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting with video marketing or looking to up your marketing game in general; this blog article is for you.

Here are the top ten risks of video marketing businesses face while trying to adapt and thrive with video marketing.

1. Getting Started

Do not pretend to be taken aback by this. Creating and promoting videos are two of the most challenging businesses to enter.

There are an overwhelming number of potential entry points, and the anxiety associated with making a poor first impression can potentially demotivate even the most skilled individuals.

Video marketing might seem impossible initially, but a solid foundation built on careful preparation can provide significant returns.

2. Developing Content That Resonates with the Audience

There is a lot of mundane content out there for every compelling and convincing film. Most video marketing attempts fall flat due to uninteresting material.

Despite your best efforts, the video\’s audience likely won’t share your enthusiasm for the material. If nobody is interested in what you say, don’t make the video.

3. Starved for Time

It’s an understatement to say that making a video takes time. There are many moving parts in the making of a video. It’s an endeavor that calls for time, money, dedication, concentration, and originality.

It’s hardly surprising that marketers with many plates to spin, find it challenging to make time for video production. Furthermore, even for video marketers, making videos may not be at the top of their to-do list.

Due to the high barrier to entry and low perceived return on investment associated with video programming, many marketers opt for faster-yielding techniques instead.

4. Publishing Videos Consistently

Uploading videos on YouTube or other social media platforms regularly is essential if you want to establish credibility with your intended audience. It might be challenging to build a steady audience of viewers who will convert into leads and customers with occasional video content.

Because of the millions of videos created daily, your audience will likely see hundreds of video suggestions on their timelines. Customers forget about your organization if you don’t constantly contact them via video content.

Marketers need to work hard to publish videos often to keep up with the increasing demand from their audience.

5. Camera Shy and Tongue-Tied

Even the most gregarious individuals might struggle to be themselves when being filmed. Even the most inventive marketers will go to considerable lengths to avoid being photographed.

Marketers often hire actors and voice-over artists to help them with initiatives like this. Using outside talent will almost certainly increase the price of producing a video.

6. How to Create Compelling Content

Everything has been planned out and thought out; objectives have been set; the intended audience has been determined, and the message is ready to be delivered. Finding a way to make the issue fascinating and give it well is the hardest part.

The quality of the message is determined by how it is delivered. To keep a viewer’s interest, a film has to be both educational and entertaining. Video search engines analyze material quality by considering characteristics such as user engagement.

7. Lack of Engagement from the Viewers

In the past, the “number of views was the primary indicator of a video’s popularity. More context reveals that this is only one of several actual numbers that need scrutiny.

Interaction rates are the most critical metric for videos (KPI). The level of audience participation in the video may be gauged from this metric.

Videos with a high interaction rate indicate helpful, interesting, and engaging information to bots crawling the web. Insufficient viewer participation has doomed a lot of video marketing attempts.

8. Poor Marketing Strategy

It is vital to take several different aspects into account to design a strategy for video advertising that will be successful. Before a marketing strategy is implemented, it is impossible to know whether or not it will be successful. After the strategy has been implemented, it may be analyzed and altered as required.

Creating a video marketing strategy may seem like an enormous amount of work to someone just getting started in the industry. They probably have no clue how to get started, which channels to prioritize, what videos to post, etc. They might be missing out on a lot of opportunities because of this.

9. Video Marketing Tools to Use

Once you have a plan that details what has to be done and how it should be done, the remainder of the video marketing process will go off without a hitch. Most marketers think that. Yet the reality diverges significantly from the presentation.

The most fundamental aspects of marketing, especially video marketing, are outside the scope of an individual’s abilities without support.

You will need search engine optimization (SEO) tools, marketing tools, and other tools to help you with anything from client and keyword research to video scheduling and analytics. In the industry, we call this kind of work “keyword research.”

Most businesspeople operating in this environment must deal with the issue of surplus.

10. Not Optimizing the Video

SEO-optimized videos, like unoptimized written material, will fail to attract the attention of potential viewers.

Hundreds of similar videos are published daily on YouTube and other social media platforms. It doesn’t matter what specialization you get into or what subject you focus on.

If you don’t optimize your content, it will be lost in the noise of the competition. Additionally, it’s worth noting that SEO-friendly video content may boost a brand’s online visibility.

Final Thoughts

It’s inevitable that as more companies start using video marketing, its significance, and its difficulties will grow. But the benefits are too many to ignore.

Don’t allow the complex nature of video marketing to discourage you from diving in and finding success. Quicken your strategy and get an advantage over the competition by using the techniques we outlined for the top 10 issues in video marketing.

Winning Philosophy For The Social Media Marketing Industry

Reaching more people across platforms is affordable and successful with social media marketing. By creating high-quality material for social media, you may reach a larger audience.

It’s important to be active on social media. Your clients demand it, and it’s also a terrific way to get to know your target market and make online connections. You have the opportunity to understand your customers and discover more effective ways to market your goods and services by using organic social media marketing.

Social media is now used by both new and experienced brands to expand their followings, generate leads, and boost sales. With so many social media platforms at your disposal, developing a brand online may seem like a hard challenge. But using social media to build relationships with people and organically expand your brand is now more convenient than ever.

There’s always some potential for improvement, regardless of how long you’ve been using social media platforms or even if you’re just getting started. There are various uses for each platform.

Social media marketing: what is it?

To efficiently reach a larger audience and engage with customers, social media marketing makes use of platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Any business model for a small business must include social media marketing, which necessitates a thorough plan.

Your audience anticipates that you will provide interesting content and that they will be able to leave comments and send you direct messages. You have the exceptional opportunity to portray your brand and increase website traffic with successful social media marketing for business owners. You can raise brand awareness while also generating leads and sales with social media advertising.

Make use of social media analytics:

Numerous social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, have analytics built in that can tell you information about your followers, for example, you can know where they’re posting when they\’re posting and their other interests. The use of these tools with business accounts is additionally free.

Pay attention to what’s popular:

To look relevant, creating posts that don’t support your overall message is a simple way to turn off your target market. Be careful not to follow every other trend you come across and do not create a specific kind of content if you see every other brand doing it. After you have decided on your key messaging, keep an eye on the hottest trends that are developing across each platform. It is a wise plan to invest in an idea or pattern that is becoming more and more popular if it fits with your messaging as it will increase your engagement.

Decide who your audience is:

A common error made by businesses is attempting to connect with everyone. To meet your marketing objectives more successfully, you can send an appropriate statement to the people of your choice by properly understanding and establishing your audience. Finding your target market is the first step in doing this. From the documentation that you already have and your market research, specifics regarding who these individuals are should be delivered.

Gather audience data:

You must understand your target market to reach them. To market to your audience effectively, it\’s critical to understand their age group, locality and what they engage with. Even though it might seem difficult to compile this data,  software that manages customer relationships organizes, stores, and makes it simple to use.

here is a table on the winning philosophy for the social media marketing industry:

Philosophy Description
Be authentic Don’t try to be something you’re not. Be transparent and genuine in your interactions and communications.
Be consistent Consistency is key when it comes to building a strong brand and maintaining relationships with your audience. Post regularly and stick to your brand’s messaging and tone.
Be responsive Social media is a two-way conversation. Make sure to engage with your audience and respond to their comments and messages in a timely manner.
Be strategic Don’t just post randomly. Develop a plan and strategy for your social media marketing efforts, and be sure to track and analyze your results to see what’s working and what isn’t.
Be willing to adapt The world of social media is constantly changing. Be open to trying new things and adapting your approach as needed.


Develop a Strong Social Media Strategy:

solid social media strategy is essential for any business that wants to use social media to reach its goals effectively. This strategy should be tailored to unique needs & goals of company.

Some critical elements of a solid social media strategy include:

  • Identifying business’s target audience: Who does the company want to reach with its social media efforts?
  • Is it setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals: What does the business want to achieve through its social media efforts, and how will it measure success?
  • It is choosing the right social media platforms: Which platforms will the business use to reach its target audience and achieve its goals?
  • Developing a content plan: What kind of content will the business create and share on social media, and how often will it post?
  • Engaging with the audience: How will the business respond to comments and questions from its followers, and how will it encourage engagement and interaction?
  • Is it analyzing and optimizing the strategy: How will the business track the performance of its social media efforts, and how will it adjust its design based on the results?

Engage with your audience regularly:

To build the strong relationship with your audience, it is very essential to engage with them regularly. This can be done through various methods, such as responding to comments & messages on your social media pages, holding regular Q&A sessions or live streams, or simply taking the time to listen to their feedback and concerns.

You can foster a sense of community & trust by showing that you are attentive and responsive to your audience, leading to increased engagement and loyalty.

Create high-quality, shareable content:

The success of your online presence depends on the quality and relevance of the content you produce. To attract & retain a loyal audience, it is essential to consistently create high-quality content that is both interesting and valuable to your target audience.

This can include blog posts, videos, infographics, or any other content that resonates with your audience.

Track and analyze your results:

To continuously improve your online presence, tracking and analyzing your results is crucial. This can be done through various tools, such as Google Analytics, social media analytics, or email marketing analytics.

By monitoring and analyzing key metrics, such as website traffic, engagement rates, and conversion rates, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your content and engagement strategies. This can help you identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about the direction of your online presence.

Stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments.

To maintain a successful online presence, staying current with the latest trends and developments in your industry is essential.

This can involve regularly reading industry news & blogs, attending conferences and events, and networking with other professionals. You can stay ahead of the curve by visiting up-to-date and ensuring that your content and strategies are relevant and practical.

Collaborate with influencers and other industry leaders.

One effective way to enhance your online presence is by collaborating with influencers and other industry leaders. This can involve partnering with influencers to create joint content, hosting guest posts or interviews on your blog or social media pages, or simply sharing and promoting each other\’s content.

By collaborating with influential figures, you can reach a wider audience and gain credibility and visibility within your industry.

Ten Proven Ways To Achieve Your Goals In Video Marketing Faster

Video marketing is an effective way to reach and engage with your target audience.

By creating compelling and informative videos, businesses can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, and improve customer engagement.

However, to achieve your goals in video marketing, it’s essential to have a clear strategy and plan in place. In this article, we\’ll discuss ten ways to achieve your goals in video marketing faster.

List of the Ways To Achieve Your Goals In Video Marketing Faster :

  1. Define your goals and target audience
  2. Create a content strategy and plan
  3. Invest in high-quality video production equipment
  4. Use engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails
  5. Optimize your videos for search and user experience
  6. Promote your videos on multiple channels and platforms
  7. Collaborate with influencers and industry leaders
  8. Use calls to action to drive conversions
  9. Measure and track your video marketing performance
  10. Continuously improve and adapt your video marketing efforts

To achieve your goals in video marketing faster, consider the following strategies:

Strategy Description
Define your goals and target audience Clearly define your goals and target audience.
Create a content strategy and plan Develop a content strategy and plan.
Invest in high-quality video production equipment Invest in professional video production equipment.
Use engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails Create engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails.
Optimize your videos for search and user experience Optimize your videos for search and user experience.
Promote your videos on multiple channels and platforms Promote your videos on a range of channels and platforms.
Collaborate with influencers and industry leaders Collaborate with influencers and industry leaders.
Use calls to action to drive conversions Include calls to action in your videos.
Measure and track your video marketing performance Measure and track the performance of your videos.
Continuously improve and adapt your video marketing efforts Continuously review and adapt your video marketing strategy.

1) Define your goals & target audience:

Before creating your video marketing strategy, clearly define your goals and target audience.

What do you want to achieve with your video marketing efforts? Is it to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or generate leads? Once you have a clear idea of your goals, you can determine your target audience and create videos that resonate with them.

2) Create a content strategy & plan:

Once you have your goals and target audience, creating a content strategy and plan is next.

This will help you decide the types of videos you will make, the frequency of your video releases, and the channels and platforms you will use to promote your videos.

Having a content plan in the first place ensures that your videos align with your overall marketing goals and objectives.

3) Invest in high-quality video production equipment:

To create the professional and high-quality videos, investing in the right video production equipment is essential.

Also, This may include the high-quality camera, tripod, lighting equipment, and editing software. By using professional equipment, you can ensure that your videos are of the highest quality and will engage and impress your audience.

Additionally, investing in high-quality video production equipment can help improve your videos\’ overall look and feel, making them more appealing to viewers. This can increase the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts and help you achieve your goals faster.

4) Use engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails:

To grab the attention of your target audience & encourage them to watch your videos, it’s most important to use engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails.

Your titles and thumbnails should be attention-grabbing and accurately reflect the content of your videos. This will help increase your Videos visibility and improve their chances of being discovered by your target audience.

Additionally, engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails can help increase your videos’ click-through rate, resulting in more views and engagement.

5) Optimize your videos for search & user experience:

To ensure that your target audience discovers your videos, optimizing them for search and user experience is essential.

This may involve using relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions and optimizing the length and format of your videos for different channels and platforms.

Optimizing your videos can increase their visibility and reach and improve the user experience for those watching your videos.

6) Promote your videos on multiple channels and platforms:

To maximize the reach & impact of your videos, it’s really important to promote them on multiple channels and platforms.

This may include your website, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

You can boost your videos on various channels and platforms to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

7) Collaborate with influencers and industry leaders:

Another way to achieve your goals in video marketing faster is to collaborate with influencers and industry leaders.

By partnering with influencers and industry experts, you can tap into their existing audience and reach a new and engaged audience. Collaborations can also add credibility and authority to your videos and help to increase their visibility and impact.

8) Use calls to action to drive conversions:

Here, To drive conversions and also achieve your goals in video marketing, it’s really important to include calls to action in your videos.

Calls to action can also encourage your audience to take a specific action, such as visiting your website, signing up for your email list, or making a purchase.

By including clear and compelling calls to action, you can improve the effectiveness of your videos and drive conversions.

9) Measure and track your video marketing performance:

It is crucial to measure and track your video marketing performance to understand your strategy\’s effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.

Many tools and analytics platforms can help you track important metrics such as views, clicks, and conversions.

By regularly monitoring these metrics, you can gain valuable insights into the success of your video marketing efforts and make informed decisions about how to improve them in the future.

Doing so can ensure that your video marketing campaign is as effective as possible and that you are getting the most out of your investment.

10) Continuously improve and adapt your video marketing efforts:

Finally, to achieve your goals in video marketing faster, it’s essential to improve and adapt your efforts continuously.

With This, you may experiment with different types of videos, test other calls to action, and analyse your videos’ performance.

Regularly reviewing and adapting your video marketing strategy can improve its effectiveness and achieve your goals faster.

Remember, the key to achieving your goals in video marketing is to be strategic, focused, and consistent in your efforts. By following these 10 proven ways, you can accelerate your progress and achieve your desired results faster. Good luck!


In conclusion, achieving your goals in video marketing requires a combination of clear vision, effective strategy, and consistent effort.

By the setting clear & measurable goals, developing a solid strategy, identifying your target audience, creating engaging content, using the right tools and technologies, collaborating with influencers and partners, promoting your videos through multiple channels, tracking and analyzing your performance, continuously improving and iterating, and leveraging the power of video marketing, you can accelerate your progress and achieve your desired results faster.

With the right approach, video marketing can be a highly effective and powerful tool for driving success and achieving your goals.

Future of Insurance Sector in India

It is difficult to predict the exact future of the insurance sector in India, but it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Here are a few potential trends and developments in the Indian insurance industry:

  1. Increasing demand for insurance products: As the Indian economy continues to grow and the standard of living improves, it is likely that more people will demand insurance products to protect their assets and income.
  2. Growth in the life insurance sector: The life insurance sector is expected to continue to grow in India, driven by increasing awareness of the importance of financial planning and the increasing number of young professionals entering the workforce.
  3. Emergence of new insurance tech products: As the insurance industry evolves, it is likely that we will see the emergence of new insurance products that meet the changing needs and preferences of customers.
  4. Increased use of technology: The insurance sector is expected to adopt new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer service, underwriting, and claims processing.
  5. Increased regulation: It is likely that the insurance sector in India will see increased regulation in the coming years, as the government looks to protect consumers and ensure the stability of the industry.

How secure the future of insurance sector in India?

There are a few ways in which the insurance sector in India can work towards a more secure future:

  1. Innovation: The insurance industry needs to continuously innovate and offer new products that meet the changing needs of consumers. This could include the development of new insurance products or the use of technology to improve customer experience and streamline processes.
  2. Regulation: Ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards can help to build trust and confidence in the industry.
  3. Risk management: Proper risk management strategies can help to minimize potential losses and ensure the long-term stability of the insurance sector.
  4. Customer focus: Focusing on customer needs and satisfaction can help to build loyalty and improve the reputation of the insurance industry.
  5. Collaboration: Collaboration between insurers, regulators, and other industry stakeholders can help to address common challenges and create a more secure future for the insurance sector.

5 Best Network Signal Booster Apps for Android

The sim in the mobile phone is the key to the network you receive in your mobile and it’s connected to towers which helps you use the internet and other applications online or make calls. It depends on various factors such as tower or trees which will vary signal strength. Have you seen people using super-fast speed and some get low speed let me tell you why do INTERNET speed vary?

Signal strength depends on the location of a tower and it’s like a super busy road with too many entry and exits. For example, the roads in Mumbai are occupied by the traffic and hence you cannot drive at your own speed as you have to drive at proper speed as people keep switching lanes from side to side.

The road is a shared resource just a like an internet where billions of people are online every minute. The Internet is used by various apps and due to that, it makes internet difficult to maintain a constant speed for “real-time” applications.

Aren\’t you tired of the slow network that makes you wait for hours to load a single website or page? Time to upgrade don’t you think so or you would like to waste your time and then hate your internet for being slow as a turtle?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a weak network signal or Wi-Fi connection, leaving you with a sluggish Internet connection or a hard time making calls or sending text messages. No matter how beautiful and powerful or advanced version of your device is, you won’t enjoy it much without a proper Internet connection or a constant network signal to work with.

I’ll tell you about top 5 best NETWORK BOOSTER APPS that will boost your internet speed like an eagle hunting its prey!!

How does a signal booster app works?

A cell phone booster app sends the signal data to a faster network and then analyses and connects you to the fastest network channel.


Network Signal Speed Booster is an app developed by MC STEALTH Apps that literally boosts your network up-to top level so that you could enjoy unlimited surfing speed without any problems.

This app is used by me too and I’m loving the app as it boosts the speed of my slow DoCoMo internet network which literally annoys me. This app is designed to improve the signal connection of your phone, therefore giving your network signal a super boost.

Unlike other signal boosting apps, this app is unique because it’s very easy to use. In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all just open the app and let it do the work itself without letting you use any of your energy at all.

What the app does is it connects you to the best available tower from your location. This is really one of the best and easiest signal boosting apps that you can find. And, it’s also free, so it’s definitely worth a try.


View network connections.

Full network access.

Prevent device from sleeping.

Modify system settings.


Developed by Real Apps Maker this app is also an app that boosts your internet speed it enjoys high downloads and millions of users and it helps you boost up your turtle net speed. Believe me, I tried this app and it’s pretty cool. Are you getting tired of weak cellular signal? Do you have a hard time finding signal reception and?

network connection? Download Network Signal Booster for FREE and get better signal strength and better network reception in instant!

Network Signal Booster is a signal booster app which helps you improve your network connection so that you can do your work online without any difficulties.


  • FREE to use. Download our signal boost app and start utilizing our network booster now!
  • Effective process. Feel the difference in your signal strength after you have refreshed your

connection with our phone booster.

  • Easy to use.
  • 24/7 support.

You can also contact them on their email or Facebook the app doesn’t work for you and they will solve your problems.


Just from the name, you can assume what this app does! I bet everyone has once tried to either climb a wall or climbed a tree in order to get better network connection or even changed your network to the faster network?

Well, now it’s time to download and use this app where you no longer have to climb high trees or wait for the signal as it makes sure you are connected to the fastest network without any problem.

This app is designed in such a format that it will scan your complete neighbourhood and show you where you can find a strong signal.

For example:- You are in “A” area and your network speed is as slow as turtle and if you have installed OPEN SIGNAL MAP apps it will scan the area around you assume “AREA B, AREA C, and AREA D” are you neighbors so now after scanning the areas the result you get is “AREA C” has the strongest network so if you visit “AREA C” your network speed will be boosted easily hence you can enjoy faster download speeds and upload speeds and enjoy surfing webpages and get information easily.

So, check it out on play store and app store today if you don’t want to climb the trees and rooftops of your houses.

Features: –

✓ follow our signal compass for the stronger signal

✓ Download, upload, and latency tests – for 2G, 3G, LTE, and WI-FI

✓ Store your speed test results so you can view it later and see the results offline whenever you wish to.

✓ Compare coverage and connection quality on a map

✓ History of your mobile connection – see stats on your connection to 4G and 3G and your data usage

✓ Find fast WI-FI with our interactive Wi-Fi map

✓ Free and no ads


One of the best apps out there on the play store and the app store WI-FI analyser has been in demand since its launch.

It analyses all the signal in your area and connects you to a better channel so that you can enjoy smooth internet speed and surf better. Check out WI-FI ANALYZER on play store today!


Scan all available wireless networks in range and shows you information about them, such as:

– Network SSID

– MAC address of access point

– Network Frequency(2.5Ghz/5GHz)

– Estimated distance from Wi-Fi Network Source

– Wi-Fi Network security

– Vendor name of Wi-Fi Device

– Graph of Signal Strength Vs. Time

– Graph of Signal Strength Vs. Channel Graph

– Shows Best channels of Connected Wi-Fi

– Channel Rating and Much More.

  1. Wi-Fi Manager

Trouble managing Wi-Fi connections no worries now managing networks will be a piece of cake if you use WI-FI Manager. It lets you search for available networks and then connects you to them.

If you have more than a 2 or 3 of networks available, then managing them

Will never take a lot of your precious time.


This app has two widgets created for displaying the information about every connection and giving you an ability to switch among several networks available.

It also has a built-in graphical channel which is designed in such a way that it helps improve the connection quality and makes sure you get the best network signal whenever you use this app or click on it.

You may tweak your WI-FI settings in order to connect to a better network and also has features of its own for example new interface and a feature where you can assign icons to every individual network you want to.

It also has a dark-coloured special theme which makes it look too beautiful to use and also allow you to have fun using the app.

Features: –

Find and connect to the strong network and also manage WI-FI networks sitting at home or anywhere.

Improve your connection quality with a special channel radar.

Discover open networks around you. Set the app to scan for and switch to the best network.

Also Includes home screen widgets like:

– detailed connection info

– connect to a network with a single tap

– toggle “best network switcher”

It’s still upgrading and has now new and improved function and updated design

Better compatibility with Android 6+.

  • Updated design.
  • Connect to a network with a single tap by using the WI-FI Network Switcher widget.


Internet Booster & Optimizer

As the name says it enhances your internet browsing internet experience. Your speed is determined to depend on ISP and no one can change that, but there are many apps that can help you tweak other factors and give you an advantage of those factors and give you some cool speed to use.

This is where the apps start boosting. It uses series of commands that will tweak your network and browser priority on your android system so that you can enjoy smooth browsing experience rather than slow one.

The apps exist to tweak the programs and makes sure you could enjoy the most out of your internet network.

Features: –


Most of the apps require a root to use the apps but this doesn’t optimize to accelerate the speed of network in a single tap. Using 2g, 3g or 4g LTE? No need to worry about hours of loading by using this application. It also performs series of automatized task like accelerating internet speed, cleaning ram memory, cache memory, and DNS flushing to improve your user experience.


It runs on a special-codes which optimize the way you want your device to connect with others through the internet, But it’s available for only root users.


Whether you want an app to just boost your phone’s network signal or your Wi-Fi connection, or even both these features, there are many apps for you. Whether you like it easy or you’d like to see every detail, you can also find an app that can give you the detail of anything you want to in reference to network optimization so what are you waiting for?

Download the apps you refer and let us know in the comments below which one are you currently using.

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See Megan Fox Make Donuts Sexy In New Video

Megan Fox knows a thing or two about controlling the narrative on social media. And by controlling the narrative, I mean dressing in crazy outfits and doing things that most normal folks would never, in a million years, be able to pull off. This is mostly from the outfit perspective. So it isn’t crazy that her latest Instagram post is a little nuts, but also very on-brand. It looks like it involves a recent trip to New York City and as Megan Fox herself describes it, there is absolute chaos. That feels about how I would sum up the proceedings that have her in a video licking a donut while also with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly who appears covered in blood. And there is other stuff in there and in between.

The Megan Fox Instagram post was closing in on a million likes at the time of this posting and will probably easily reach that number considering it had only been up for about six hours. Some of the imagery is of her as part of a music video, but there are some Getty images included as well, and of course some shots of her and Mr. Machine Gun. And she also threw in a quick SOS remark as well with the post as if there was some help that needed to be sent. It wouldn’t appear all that dire from the looks of things, though I suppose you can judge that one for yourself. Check it out:

Well, there you have it. Some donut licking and New York City galavanting on the part of Megan Fox who has been up to this kind of thing on social media for a while now. Though it’s worth noting that her recent posts have been a bit more toned down seeing as how they’ve been part of a marketing campaign for a Boohoo line of clothing with her name on it. Those pics featured Megan Fox modeling a number of different outfits and looks for the clothing line which is supposed to be for “normal” people. Though the way the actress and model pulled off the looks, it’s hard to imagine just anybody walking down the street in some of these get-ups.

When she isn’t putting it all out there on Instagram, Megan Fox has been picking up steam with the acting work over the last couple of years. While they haven’t all been critical darlings, it isn’t for lack of effort on the production front. In 2021 she starred in a few different flicks including Till Death which earned her solid marks in a flick that she mostly carried. There was also Night Teeth as a vampire queen and Midnight in the Sawgrass though that one failed to pass the muster. 

And then this year, Megan Fox has been in Good News, Big Gold Brick, and Good Mourning with Machine Gun Kelly. Her next big outing will be in The Expendables 4, the last movie for Sylvester Stallone in that franchise before he fully passes the mercenary baton to Jason Statham. That movie is supposed to be out this year.

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Watch Jennifer Garner Crush a Jumping Workout That Tests Her Leg Strength

  • Jennifer Garner posted an intense workout video of her many jumping exercises on Instagram yesterday.
  • The 50-year-old actress enjoys high-intensity workouts and is at a similar fitness level to a professional athlete, said her trainer, Beth Nicely.
  • Jen works with nutritionist Kelly LeVeque to keep stay fueled after her workouts.

Jennifer Garner leaps into action in a new Instagram video, showcasing her workout routine. The Adam Project actress has never been one to shy away from a challenge. Her trainer Beth Nicely, founder of The Limit, describes her as someone who \”likes to work really hard, she\’s very, very strong,\” she told Shape. Nicely would also consider her \”a professional athlete in what she\’s capable of physically.\” After watching this video, that seems more than valid.

Nicely and Garner tend to do a variation of plyometric box jumps, strength training arm exercises, and plank variations in their typical workout routines, Shape reported. When training for her film Peppermint, Jen also did \”a lot of bodyweight work,\” with heavier weights and custom resistance bands, Simone De La Rue, founder of Body by Simone, said.

In this workout, Garner uses various sized boxes and a trampoline to target her full body. Her first exercise involves 12\” and 18\” boxes stacked on top of each other. She tackles them with ease, soaring to the top. This exercise works her quads and glutes.

She then breaks up the boxes to put two 18\” heights next to each other with a narrow space in between. She jumps up to the side, down to the middle, and up again before changing directions and doing the whole thing back.

She then turns to a mini trampoline to not just jump on, wait for it… but to do a handstand on. That\’s some impressive upper body and core strength.

She then jumps in front of the trampoline before throwing her arms down to push her body up into a handstand. She follows that by hopping on the trampoline for a few seconds of bouncing. However, Garner still proves that all her hard work isn\’t coming without some fun. She spins on the 18\” block in a salsa-like dance move—it appears even celebrities can\’t resist the allure of an elevated surface.

Her final exercise involves sitting on the trampoline before exploding up and over a smaller box. In a similar manner as to the other plyometric exercises, this engages the core while getting your heart rate up.

So, what\’s up with all this jumping anyways? (She posted another jumping dance sequence on Instagram earlier this spring.)

Box jumps, as Jennifer showed off many times here, are great for building power, developing speed, and enhancing agility, WH previously reported. Basically, they do a little bit of everything while working most of the larger muscles in your lower body and burning calories.

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Fact check: Did Michael Cera and Kim Kardashian date? TikTok claims debunked

Kim Kardashian has become the subject of discussion on TikTok after a video claiming that the reality star dated Michael Cera in the past has appeared online. Several platform users are already looking up the two celebrities\’ dating histories online. However, the viral TikTok clip is not real. The couple did not date at all.

Fans of the two have been confused by several videos of the two together. However, the videos, featuring the two together, seem to be impressively edited. The footage of the now viral video appears to have been taken from different sources. As a song plays in the background, netizens can see the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum sobbing in one portion of the video. In another part of the TikTok clip, Michael Cera can be seen rehearsing for a scene.

The video was put together in such a manner that those who are not privy to the celebrities’ private lives might assume that the two dated or had a rough breakup in the past.

One of the many videos of the two together has amassed more than two million views.

According to sources, this is not the first time people have assumed that Kim Kardashian and Michael Cera have dated. Videos of the two together have gone viral in the past as well.

Kim Kardashian did not date Superbad actor Michael Cera

No reports or media of the two together in reality have made their way online. Canadian actor Michael Cera is currently married to his long-time partner Nadine. The two tied the knot in 2017 however, news of their marriage only made headlines in 2018. The couple were reportedly trying to keep their relationship under wraps.

According to The Things, Cera hinted at being married when he was seen wearing a gold wedding band. The couple made their relationship public in June 2018, after they attended the 72nd Annual Tony Awards ceremony together at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Prior to getting married, Cera dated Aubrey Plaza in 2009. The two managed to keep their one-year long relationship a secret. Six years later, Plaza shared on RuPaul’s podcast that she dated the Ontario-native “for a long time… one and a half years.”

Aubrey Plaza and Michael Cera worked together in Scott Pilgrim vs The World and The End Of Love in 2010 and 2012 respectively. However, Plaza insisted that the two did not get into a relationship after working together.

Kim Kardashian and her former husband Kanye West (Image via Getty Images)

Netizens across the world are aware of Kim Kardashian\’s marriage to now former husband Kanye \”Ye\” West. Since her separation from the rapper, the 41-year-old socialite has famously been dating comedian and actor Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian was first married to Damon Thomas in 2000. The two shared an age gap of 10 years. The Skims founder was reportedly only 19 years old when they tied the knot. The marriage ended in 2003.

Kim Kardashian went on to infamously date rapper Ray J. The two dated on and off from 2002 to 2007. Following this, Kardashian dated television star Nick Lachey, Nick Cannon, NFL star Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and basketball player Kris Humphries, whom she was married to for only 72 days in 2011.

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