8 Best Alternatives to Notepad++ on Mac OS X

Alternatives to Notepad++ on Mac OS: Used Notepad++ on your Windows PC? Probably you would have if you\’re into coding. When it comes to Windows, Notepad++ is the most popular and best code editor. It allows you to tweak codes, customize the interface, highlight syntax and obviously do the regular expression search. With its minimal design and simplicity, it saves your time and energy. Thus, providing the best ever experience.

But what about Mac OS? Unfortunately, Notepad++ is not available for Mac OS. So, you need to look for an alternative. Well, finding the best alternative for Notepad++ may not be easy. But why to worry when we\’re with you. We did the homework for you! Here are the best alternatives for Notepad++ for Mac OS.

8 Best Alternatives for Notepad++

Just like Windows, the number of coders using Mac is increasing day by day. And so you need to have separate tools for Mac. One such tool is Notepad++ that allows you to edit and customize your codes. But as it is not available for Mac, let us have a look at some of its alternatives.

  1. Adobe Brackets

If you are looking for something free, then the Adobe Brackets is the one for you. From the leading software makers, Adobe Brackets is an open source editor. It has the ability to stand web designs. Though it is a light program, it is powerful with modern functionality.

With maintaining your creativity, it provides you the right help while editing. My personal favorite feature of this editor is \”Extract\”. It extracts gradient, font, color, and measurement info from a PSD file. And then it can turn it into CSS. The updates are being released regularly providing you a value product.

Other features of Brackets include CSS hints, instant search, code folding, auto-formatting and what not. Give a try to its free version and if you need go for the premium version of Adobe Brackets.

Get the Adobe Brackets from here!

  1. Sublime Text

In case you\’re fine with spending some bucks to get better services, the Sublime text would be the choice for you. It is a sophisticated text editor for markups and code editor. The beloved user interface, interesting features, and amazing features would make you fell in love with this editor.

This editor changes its interface accordingly to keep away all distractions like social media etc. Though it is a little difficult to find software for Mac rather than windows, it is available for both. A single license of sublime can provide you to access the editor. Before you spend 70$ on it, try the free version to get the real-life experience :\”)

Basically, the sublime text is available in two versions in the market. The one I used was the Sublime Tex 2 and another one is Sublime Text3. The Sublime Text 3 is in beta version and has some extra functionality.

Download the sublime Text from here!

  1. Atom

Atom could be considered as one of the best open source alternatives to Notepad++. The software is highly customizable, approachable and modern. You can tweak it according to your desires with ease. It is available for all popular platforms, viz. Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The inbuilt installer and Auto-Completion feature helps you in writing and editing your codes quickly and easily. A lot of websites can be designed easily and faster with JavaScript and HTML.

As this software is developed and maintained by the Github team, it has a lot of additional features lacked by other such software. Some features include code management, color display, and project management, etc. I bet that Atom will remain one of the best for long :\”)

Download the Atom editor from here!

  1. Ultra Edit

When you pay for a software, you need a worth the value product. Well, Ultra Edit is one of them. After a lot of recommendations from you guys, we got to know about Ultra edit. With a price tag of $80, it is a complete package you\’re looking for in a text editor.

The features of the list and column editing make your coding experience much interesting. Its features include column editing, multi-caret editing, multi-select, etc. also it has an option to customize the user interface. It proves itself in terms of simplicity when you desire it and a powerful multi-cursor editor when needed :\”)

Some websites claim it to be the world\’s best text editor for Mac OS. Although, you can use it on other platforms as well.  To get the complete package of UltraEdit, pay $100 per year. It is a little expensive but worth spending deal 😉

Download UltraEdit from here!

  1. Komodo Edit

Komodo edit is another great alternative for Notepad++. It is a simple, minimal yet powerful editor.  The IDE (integrated development environment) is popular among devs. But hey, not all devs need the \”IDE\”. A simpler version of Komodo includes a bunch of features as well.

The features of Komodo Edit include autocompleting, support for multiple languages, change tracking and markdown reviewing, etc. You can find a lot of extension and theme providers on Github. You can be very sure with the use of Komodo as it developed by the trustworthy devs of IDE.

Download Komodo Edit for free from here!

  1. JEdit

JEdit is free software specially made for professional programmers. With hundreds of persons and a lot of years of development has made this app one of the best. As it is written using Java, it can easily be run on Windows, UNIX, Mac OS, etc. It has inbuilt support for macro-languages and plugins architecture.

You can download plugins with ease using the feature of \”plugin manager\”. This makes the installation of plugins easier than ever. It may not be the editor with best-looking user interface but is developed by keeping coding in mind.

The JEdit is highly customizable and so you can tweak it according to your desires. Ebing open source, it is being maintained by devs across the world. Once you get engaged with JEdit, it would be a great opportunity for you to learn to programme.

Download JEdit from here!

  1. Text Mate

Text Mate has the combined feature of Mac OS X and Macs in a single text editor. It has been designed and developed for designers and programmers to replace the IDE. Text Mate if full of different, unique and amazing features.

The features of Text Mate include the ability to run a shell, search and replace, auto-pairing, auto-intend, autocomplete, dynamic outline and what not. Also, you can run the commands of shell from any document, visual bookmarks, etc.

All these features make Text Mate a great alternative to Notepad++. The Text Mate needs to be purchased to use it for the long term. But I can bet it is worth spending $58 to make your coding skills better than ever :\”)


  1. Text Wrangler

Heard about the paid text editor BBEdit? Well, it is worth to spend 50 bucks for BBEdit. But wait why to spend when you can get almost all its features for free! Text Wrangler is much similar to BBEdit. It has a lot of features that can enhance your coding experience.

Text Wrangler is based on the award-winning algorithm (the same used by BBEdit). The plain-text editing, inbuilt text customizations, multi-search functionality and Unicode viewing with spellcheck make it one of the best editors.

Download Text Wrangler from here for free!

Final Verdict

Well, that would be a long list of alternatives for Notepad++. But believe me, this software could enhance your coding experience. Do leave your feedback about them in the comment section below. Also in case, we missed your favorite text editor for Mac OS, do let us know. And for more amazing and interesting content like this, stay tuned to Techybash.com

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