13 Best Couchtuner Alternatives for your Binge Night Adventures

Best Couchtuner Alternatives Sites

We are living in the age of on-demand content, nobody wants to watch the old television shows anymore. People are significantly moving towards services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. But some people can’t afford these services but still want to enjoy the luxury of on-demand content from their internet devices. For those, who are looking for free on-demand content providing services; We are here to help you.

CouchTuner is one of the best and most popular web services which provides the premium TV shows that exist on services like Netflix, for no cost at all. However, CouchTuner may not be working for you anymore or maybe you want to try something else, a completely different service. In this article, we will share a list of alternatives to Couchtuner which you can use to stream your favorite movies and shows without spending a penny. So let’s begin without wasting any more time.

  • Putlocker.fm

Putlocker features a massive library of movies and TV shows from various genres and categories. The website features numerous movies and series like Thor, Justice League, Dunkirk and the tremendous War of the planet of Apes just to name a few. You can binge watch many TV shows, some of the available are The Big Bang Theory, The CW’s Green Arrow, Family Guy, Riverdale and Mr. Robot. If you are already in Hollywood and TV then you can get an idea by looking at the above-mentioned content that Putlocker has all the latest and greatest available for you to watch on any device. You can browse through different movies and TV series by genre, release date, and most popular. When you visit a title, it will even show you its IMDB rating in case you are into that. And on top of all of these features, if you can’t find a title, you can instantly request it by clicking on the Request form.

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  • Cucirca – Similar to Couchtuner

If you are only interested in TV shows and don’t want to go through the hassle of filtering out the movies, then Cucirca is for you. Cucircla is quite similar to CouchTuner and features TV shows only. You can just get in your PJs and binge watch your favorite TV series like Friends, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, CW’s Arrowverse, The Walking Dead or the all-time favorite, The Big Bang Theory. The interface is basic and you don’t need to sign up in any sort. You can just open it and start your overnight binge adventure. The one thing we don’t like about Cucirca though is that it features all the titles in text form only and does not show preview images like other services so if you don’t know a TV show already, you don’t have an image to judge it upon. You should note that Cucirca is an illegal service and merely provides links to content on other services which can have malware and may affect your device negatively. If you can identify malicious links and love TV shows, this service is definitely for you.

  • The Dare TV

The Dare TV is also quite similar to CouchTuner; the only difference it has with Cucirca in terms of content availability is that it also features movie titles, although they are not as rich as its TV series collection. At the time of writing this, The Dare TV features more than 30 sub-categories for TV shows and around 26 for movies. Featured genres on the website are Horror, Fantasy, Crime, Film-noir, Reality TV and K-drama. You will be greeted with a list of shows on the homepage according to their airing schedule and timelines on other services and TV. It also features a “Recently Added” section which can always give you the latest taste of the content world. Some of the most watched titles on The Dare TV are Lucifer, The Gifted, The Crown, Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless, and the famous celebrity talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The movies are not much of a strong point about the service so we won\’t recommend you to visit it if you only want to watch movies. The Dare TV also lets you request new titles and the ones which are not present on the website.

  • ProjectFreeTV

This is another service solely dedicated to those wanting to watch TV series only. ProjectFreeTV features an immense variety of TV shows like How to get away with murder, Gotham, The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, The Handmaid’s Tale, American Horror Story and the epic series by Netflix, The Stranger Things. ProjectFreeTV has a similar disadvantage to Cucirca, it also features a text-only interface without any preview pictures or thumbnails of the TV shows. The arrangement is also not quite good in terms of user-friendliness. Although, you can always hit the most popular button and start your overnight binge adventure.

  • Tubi TV

Tubi TV, well you have probably heard about it before. This service is a legal one and features titles from some big studios like The Paramount Pictures, MGS, Lionsgate, Starz and many more. It has a collection of more than 7,400 titles which includes not only movies but also TV Series and Documentaries. Some of the most popular titles on Tubi TV are Bullet Boy, Hell and Back Again, Little Shop of Horrors. The user interface is very well defined and all the categories are well curated. You can browse the categories like Comedy, Horror, Action, Black Cinema, Docuseries, Indie Films, and Most Watched. Now, you should know that since Tubi TV is a legal service, you won\’t find the latest releases instantly on it; however, they will get added eventually with time. So if you are into classical movies and documentaries, or like to re-watch old movies, again and again, Tubi TV is just the perfect place for you. Do note that the service requires you to sign up for an account to make your user experience good by listing content according to your saved preferences. Tubi TV is available for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Roku, Xbox, Smart TVs, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

  • Watch Series

Watch Series is amongst the oldest free services there is. It has been there for around the same time as CouchTuner and features a very large database of Movies and TV titles. Some famous TV Shows available on it are Agents of SHIELD, Marvel’s The Punisher, The Vikings, The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Mr. Robot, and Modern Family as well. It also has a nice collection of good anime and movies. Some of the most popular Anime available on it are Shounen Ashibe, Black Cover, and Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. In the movies category, you won’t find a lot of familiar titles as it mostly features documentaries. The great thing about this service is its homepage; it displays all the categories in a neat interface on the left side. The titles are shown in a grid arrangement with proper thumbnails and other handy information like season or episode number.  Watch Series seems to add latest releases earlier than most of its competitors so if you want to have your hand on the latest and greatest as soon as possible, we recommend you to bookmark Watch Series.

  • CMoviesHD – Couchtuner Similar Site

CMoviesHD is another free service with a greatly designed interface. The homepage feels like it is of a paid premium service with a slider on it displaying the latest releases. It has a well-arranged clutter-free interface unlike most of the other services we have mentioned in this article. The titles are very thoroughly sorted into categories like Latest Movies, TV Series, and Requested Movies. It also gives you suggestions based on what other people are watching. You can even sort the title by applying filters like IMDB Rating, A-Z Listing, Year of Release and Genre. It features a wide variety of TV series as well as Movies so it has nothing short in the name of content. The web service can be accessed from Japan, France, US, India, The UK, Germany and South Korea. In fact, as a very nifty feature; you can select your country and it will curate the content accordingly. CMoviesHD is a one-stop choice for all your favorite TV Shows and movies.

  • The Series Online – Best Counchtuner Alternative

The Series Online (www.series9.co), is a very simple and user-friendly portal to fulfill all your needs. It gives you links to other sources for the specified title in a well-designed interface. The Series Online will show you content in form of preview pictures and thumbnails instead of just text only arraignment. The website has an option, do note that it\’s optional, to register and get regular updates as per your interests. You don’t need to register to watch the content on it, it\’s just an opt-in feature that the service provides. We do recommend you to register to get all the latest tidbits and scoops about your selected interests like horror, crime, fantasy, science fiction and what not, The Series Online has it all.

  • Cafe Movie – Couchtuner Alternative

When you visit Café Movie for the first time, it may seem to you that it’s a paid service due to its premium interface and layout. The homepage has top of the class hamburger menu on the left corner with which you can enroll in the magical sections like Latest Movies, TV Series, Greatest Movies, Top Rated [according to year], different genres and even a Suggest Me button which will suggest you a random title with good reviews. It features TV Series as well as movies. Some of the most watched movies on the platform are Gerald’s Name, John Wick, Blade Runner and the most emotional yet adventurous, Logan. You can watch TV Shows like Sherlock, Liar, 13 Reasons Why, Supergirl and many more. The unique feature of Café Movie is that you can watch the TV shows in not only English but other languages as well. It curates its database from different regions of the world. And like Tubi TV, it is compulsory to sign up before you can watch any title.

  • Alluc

Alluc (pronounce: All you see) is sort of different platform than the others we have mentioned in this article. Alluc encourages its users to share links to different TV series and movies on other platforms and then they are verified by the website before being published. The users also provide the appropriate category in which the link they have shared should reside. You can find different titles, be it a movie or a TV show, by using the find stream option and it will redirect you to service like Dailymotion, Youtube, etc where the stream of the specified title is available. It’s a bit of a hassle to find a title Alluc but when you do, you can get the best quality stream available from the various options.

  • Veoh

Veoh is a decent alternative to CouchTuner with one advantage; you can also stream movies, music, and videos from different genres and topics from it like Crime to Comedy, Romance to Sci-Fi. It provides users with an option to upload a video from the main page in case you want to share a video with the audience. It also has a forum where people can discuss and share their views and theories about different TV shows and movies. Veoh does not require you to sign up to start watching streams. However, you can sign up on it to receive updates about recent uploads and releases.

  • Movies 4 U

Movies 4 U is another alternative to Couchtuner which has a decent number of movies in its database. However, it falls short in term of TV series so we recommend it only for movies. It features categories like Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romcom, and what not. It has got everything one needs for to be happy. We highly recommend Movies 4 U for a simple movie viewing experience without any in-time interruptions.

  • Popcornflix

The name may seem like a copy of Netflix because it is indeed. It has all the TV Series and shows available on Netflix for free in a well-maintained database. You can find TV Shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, 13 Reasons why and many more in it. You can easily find the most popular movies on this platform. It does not fall short in any category, be it horror, crime, fantasy or comedy; Popcornflix has got you covered for everything.

Some Important Things

All of these services are free and most of them generate their revenue from ads from multiple services. However, some links may lead you to malicious website affecting your device negatively and in case severely damaging its data. We recommend you to use these services with a caution. We hope you like the article.

Now go to your Binge Adventure and let us know in comments which service did you find the best according to your preference.

Thank You!

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