Best Showbox Alternatives for PC

Watching your favourite content is the best way to pass your free time. Showbox is definitely the best application which gives you a wide variety of Movies and Tv Shows.

There are many applications for PC which offers endless Movies and Tv shows. Showbox is just one of them. There are some features which Showbox lacks. Today, We will be taking a look at the best Showbox alternative for PC.

Playbox HD 

Playbox is another similar application as Showbox. The only difference between Playbox HD and Showbox is the User-interface.

All the features are same in both the applications. You do get an endless content which can entertain you in free time.

You can even enjoy content in HD Print without paying even a single penny. It is absolutely free whether you want to watch content or stream content.

There is no free version of this application so you will be able to access all the features in this application.

The Quality that you do get in Playbox HD is really impressive. The name of Playbox HD is very similar to Showbox and so does the features .

This application is no doubt the best alternative to Showbox whether you want to enjoy content or stream content. Playbox HD does the job pretty well without any error.


Megabox is a website which offers endless entertaining content. This content includes a wide variety of Movies and TV shows.

The number of TV shows and Movies on Megabox keep updating every day. You don\’t need to sign up on this website to access this content.

We will suggest you registering on this website for better convenience as you receive notifications for new Tv shows and movies.

You can search favourable content or surf through the categories and subcategories to find the best content for your entertainment.

It also has the ability to stream content. We won\’t recommend you to go to this site for streaming purposes. The streaming feature on this website is not that good.

The most annoying thing about streaming on Megabox is that you need to see a trailer for any random movie before starting streaming every time. This can be annoying for many people but this is how the developers of Megabox earn.

This website is really good for watching content like movies and TV shows but you can find a better website if you want to stream content.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another great alternative to Showbox on our list. Popcorn Time is one of the most popular alternatives to Showbox.

It has a lot of customisation options. You can customise the user interface and themes as per your interest. It makes Popcorn Time really interesting.

It supports all platforms including PC, Android, iOS and even Linux is supported.

You can also connect your Smart TV to Popcorn Time to enjoy content on a big screen for absolutely free.

The quality of movies and Content on Popcorn us awesome. You can even activate subtitles in several languages to annoy content more deeply.

You will never complain about the user interface and user experience of Popcorn Time. It is even better than Showbox.

Overall, if you want an application with good features and awesome user interface then Popcorn Time will be the best option to go for.


Crackle is another popular alternative to Showbox which offers great quality content at absolutely no cost.

Crackle has more than 20 million registered users in its mobile application. It has some great features.

It also does support Smart Tv connectivity so you will be able to enjoy content with your family on a large display.

The content is endless on Crackle as it gets updated every month. You will never run out of content.

There is a wide variety of subtitles that you can activate for better convenience. Subtitles are present in over 16 languages.

It gives you the capability to add movies or TV shows in watch later section. This will help you to watch that content later when you are free.

Overall, Crackle is a really great alternative to Showbox.

Hub streaming

Hub streaming is specially made for streaming your favourable content whether it is a movie or a TV show.

It also serves a huge collection of Movies and TV shows. The best part about of Hub streaming is that you can even download content directly to your onboard storage.

By doing this, you can watch that content later even without access to the internet.

You can share the link to any movie or Tv Show with your family or friends without any hassle. It can be done by few clicks.

Hub Streaming also has the ability to switch between video players. You can do switch between video players while watching content online.

This feature can really cool for people who prefer watching content on MX player or VLC media player.

You can stream your favourable content on Hub streaming without any kind of hassle. The application features great streaming faculties.

You can even stream in HD clarity without paying anything. All the features of the Streaming hub can be accessed at absolutely no cost.

Sky HD

Sky HD offers way better quality than any other platform on this list. The Picture quality it offers is even better than Showbox itself.

It has a huge amount of Content including Movies and TV shows. This list keeps on updating every day with new content.

Even streaming in HD is possible through Sky HD. You can watch other streamers too. The only thing that Sky HD lacks is the free tag.

Sky HD is not free to use. You need to pay some amount to use it. This might be very annoying for some of you. If you are unable to pay for it. You can better try the other options on this list.

It offers very good quality as compared to any other platform on this list. If you need a good quality content then you can definitely purchase the subscription of Sky HD.


Hulu is the last but not the least application on our list. Hulu is a very popular application among Movie and TV shows lovers.

It has an enormous number of movies and TV shows in its database. This number keeps on updating everyday flawlessly without any hassle.

It is a great choice in terms of user experience as you won\’t miss any episode of your Favourite shows because of its fast uploading services.

You will get endless content which keeps on updating every day for absolutely no cost.

Yes, you read it right. You don\’t need to pay anything to access the content through Hulu. It is a great alternative to Showbox.

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