7 shocking facts about influencer marketing

As consumers and marketers fight to stay relevant in a marketing environment that is continuously changing, influencer marketing is becoming more and more powerful. Social media has made it possible for regular people to create their brands by engaging and sharing fascinating content. These modern influencers have a stronger sense of relatability than older celebs. After all, every country in this world uses social media in some capacity. Additionally, businesses have discovered they can use social media networks for marketing because more people are logging on to them every day.

Influencer marketing is thought to be a relatively young area of marketing when compared to social media marketing. According to statistics on influencer marketing, more and more companies are starting to make significant investments in it. Marketers are familiar that millions if not billions of customers depend on these influencers. According to research from The State of Influencer Marketing 2021, 48% of respondents launched influencer campaigns, and interest in using influencers on TikTok increased by 325% in just one year. Due to the expansion of influencer marketing over time, extensive study has been conducted, leading to some intriguing data.

If your company is one of them, you have a lot to understand in order to implement and carry out your influencer marketing campaign effectively. Along with learning the basics, such as what an influencer is, what influencer marketing is, and how much money should be spent on it, you\’ll need to empower yourself with more detailed facts and data about the subject. The statistics in this article demonstrate how highly customers regard influencers and the potential they provide for any industry. Explore these startling facts about influencer marketing with us.

52% of Buyers use Ad Blockers.

Programmer developing anti virus program. Banned Internet content. Ad blocking software, removing online advertising, ad filtering tools concept. Pink coral blue vector isolated illustration

Influencers are now filling the hole, which is good news as the usual banner ads and pop-up windows have lost their appeal to consumers. Traditional advertisements are being removed from online interactions by many Internet users. Statistics say that almost 37% of laptop users have blocked ads from their laptops. 15% of mobile users have also blocked ads. Consumers are truly watching every word that their favourite social media influencers say in their videos and they’re interested in buying what these idols have to share on their feeds.

80% of people rely on Social Media to make any purchase.

There is data that approximately 80% of consumers rely on social media opinions, particularly those from influencers, to assist them to make decisions about what to buy. This offers a huge opportunity for businesses to market their goods and attract new consumers. Influencer marketing is used by 57% of the fashion and beauty industries. It is more difficult for businesses to grow naturally without advertising and amplification.

This is why influencer marketing is crucial in the fashion and beauty industries. With remarkable success, several brands are now hiring influencers. Many fashion and beauty companies are excited to work with influencers but they also want to make sure that the ones they choose have the authenticity necessary to gain success.

Many brands are paying big bucks to influencers.

When it comes to spending on influencer marketing, there is only one direction: up. 18% of marketers invested between $100,000 and $500,000 on different initiatives and campaigns in 2020. Over the past three years, the field of influencer marketing has experienced rapid expansion. This sector was worth $1.5 billion in 2016, and it is expected to grow and become a more efficient marketing channel, with a predicted amount of $15 billion by the end of 2022.

Twitter influencers increased customer purchase intent by 5.2 times.

The ability of Twitter influencers to affect their followers\’ shopping decisions is real. In a recent survey, 41% of Twitter users made purchases after their favorite influencers posted something. It has become evident that collaborating with Twitter influencers for marketing efforts has the potential to boost product sales. According to another Twitter analysis, consumers\’ purchase intent increased 5.2 times when they saw tweets from influencers and brands, compared to just 2.7 times when they saw brand tweets alone. Twitter users made purchases as a result of tweets from influencers and this speaks about the impact that influencer marketing holds.

For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, 15% of businesses make $25 or more.

According to a report, brands that use influencer marketing have better chances of getting a profit. Around 15% of companies generate $25 or more when they advertise with influencers. A majority of businesses noted successful results from influencer marketing. Another survey has noted that almost 75% of marketers recently boosted their budgets for influencer marketing. Many businesses are even setting KPIs for influencer marketing campaigns to calculate their effectiveness.

85% of women consult social media before making a purchase.

If you want to reach more women and persuade them to purchase your goods or services, you must be active on social media and aware of the influencers they follow. 75% of women prefer platforms like Snapchat or Instagram. It has been seen via surveys that many female consumers make purchases based on influencer posts. Any brand that includes women in its target market or its pool of ideal clients should take note of this statistic.

Influencer marketing will reach $14 billion by 2023.

It should come as no surprise that the influencer marketing sector will experience rapid expansion in the years to come given its high ROI.

Social media use is currently a global phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down as it affects every part of everyday life for consumers. Analysts believe that influencers will play a bigger part in connecting brands with consumers in the future. While the industry was only worth $2 billion in 2016, it is expected to increase to $14 billion by 2023 as it continues to expand and become a more competitive market.

Due to this expansion and increased usage, marketers will need to adapt their influencer marketing tactics to scale campaigns, create analytics for campaign measurement, and manage relationships between brands and influencers. This rapid increase can only mean that influencer marketing is growing at its best.

Final words:

Social media has ingrained itself more deeply into our lives and influencer marketing has taken off like never before. Not only celebrities are involved in influencer marketing. Instead, it centres around influencers, many of whom would never regard themselves as famous in a traditional sense.

Even though influencer marketing might be challenging to measure, the data shows this is where your marketing budget should go. With the click of a share button, influencers can assist you in reaching your target audience by producing incredible content showcasing your products. People are drawn to aesthetic images, and if they come from a person they respect, identify with, and follow then they will be compelled to buy whatever their favorite influencers have shared.

Influencer marketing combines traditional and contemporary marketing techniques. In a contemporary content-driven marketing campaign, it incorporates the concept of celebrity endorsement. The campaign\’s outcomes are a result of partnerships between businesses and influencers, which is the primary differentiation in the case of influencer marketing. These statistics demonstrate the strength and potency of influencers, as well as the success of their marketing techniques.


Jaydip Parikh is the founder of Tej SolPro, a digital agency providing SEO services to clients across the globe. Parikh has 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. He regularly speaks at conferences and events, both online and offline.

10 Top Risks Of Video Marketing

Advertising online is quickly being dominated by video content of all kinds. There is credible evidence that shows people are viewing fewer books and more television. This exponential growth in accessible video material should be no surprise to anybody.

The usual suspects, including search engines and social media, reacted quickly to the development. There has been an increase in film production to keep up with client demand.

New marketing fads often come with challenges, some of which are impossible to foresee, when a critical mass of businesses has settled on a marketing approach, the challenges that marketers face become apparent.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting with video marketing or looking to up your marketing game in general; this blog article is for you.

Here are the top ten risks of video marketing businesses face while trying to adapt and thrive with video marketing.

1. Getting Started

Do not pretend to be taken aback by this. Creating and promoting videos are two of the most challenging businesses to enter.

There are an overwhelming number of potential entry points, and the anxiety associated with making a poor first impression can potentially demotivate even the most skilled individuals.

Video marketing might seem impossible initially, but a solid foundation built on careful preparation can provide significant returns.

2. Developing Content That Resonates with the Audience

There is a lot of mundane content out there for every compelling and convincing film. Most video marketing attempts fall flat due to uninteresting material.

Despite your best efforts, the video\’s audience likely won’t share your enthusiasm for the material. If nobody is interested in what you say, don’t make the video.

3. Starved for Time

It’s an understatement to say that making a video takes time. There are many moving parts in the making of a video. It’s an endeavor that calls for time, money, dedication, concentration, and originality.

It’s hardly surprising that marketers with many plates to spin, find it challenging to make time for video production. Furthermore, even for video marketers, making videos may not be at the top of their to-do list.

Due to the high barrier to entry and low perceived return on investment associated with video programming, many marketers opt for faster-yielding techniques instead.

4. Publishing Videos Consistently

Uploading videos on YouTube or other social media platforms regularly is essential if you want to establish credibility with your intended audience. It might be challenging to build a steady audience of viewers who will convert into leads and customers with occasional video content.

Because of the millions of videos created daily, your audience will likely see hundreds of video suggestions on their timelines. Customers forget about your organization if you don’t constantly contact them via video content.

Marketers need to work hard to publish videos often to keep up with the increasing demand from their audience.

5. Camera Shy and Tongue-Tied

Even the most gregarious individuals might struggle to be themselves when being filmed. Even the most inventive marketers will go to considerable lengths to avoid being photographed.

Marketers often hire actors and voice-over artists to help them with initiatives like this. Using outside talent will almost certainly increase the price of producing a video.

6. How to Create Compelling Content

Everything has been planned out and thought out; objectives have been set; the intended audience has been determined, and the message is ready to be delivered. Finding a way to make the issue fascinating and give it well is the hardest part.

The quality of the message is determined by how it is delivered. To keep a viewer’s interest, a film has to be both educational and entertaining. Video search engines analyze material quality by considering characteristics such as user engagement.

7. Lack of Engagement from the Viewers

In the past, the “number of views was the primary indicator of a video’s popularity. More context reveals that this is only one of several actual numbers that need scrutiny.

Interaction rates are the most critical metric for videos (KPI). The level of audience participation in the video may be gauged from this metric.

Videos with a high interaction rate indicate helpful, interesting, and engaging information to bots crawling the web. Insufficient viewer participation has doomed a lot of video marketing attempts.

8. Poor Marketing Strategy

It is vital to take several different aspects into account to design a strategy for video advertising that will be successful. Before a marketing strategy is implemented, it is impossible to know whether or not it will be successful. After the strategy has been implemented, it may be analyzed and altered as required.

Creating a video marketing strategy may seem like an enormous amount of work to someone just getting started in the industry. They probably have no clue how to get started, which channels to prioritize, what videos to post, etc. They might be missing out on a lot of opportunities because of this.

9. Video Marketing Tools to Use

Once you have a plan that details what has to be done and how it should be done, the remainder of the video marketing process will go off without a hitch. Most marketers think that. Yet the reality diverges significantly from the presentation.

The most fundamental aspects of marketing, especially video marketing, are outside the scope of an individual’s abilities without support.

You will need search engine optimization (SEO) tools, marketing tools, and other tools to help you with anything from client and keyword research to video scheduling and analytics. In the industry, we call this kind of work “keyword research.”

Most businesspeople operating in this environment must deal with the issue of surplus.

10. Not Optimizing the Video

SEO-optimized videos, like unoptimized written material, will fail to attract the attention of potential viewers.

Hundreds of similar videos are published daily on YouTube and other social media platforms. It doesn’t matter what specialization you get into or what subject you focus on.

If you don’t optimize your content, it will be lost in the noise of the competition. Additionally, it’s worth noting that SEO-friendly video content may boost a brand’s online visibility.

Final Thoughts

It’s inevitable that as more companies start using video marketing, its significance, and its difficulties will grow. But the benefits are too many to ignore.

Don’t allow the complex nature of video marketing to discourage you from diving in and finding success. Quicken your strategy and get an advantage over the competition by using the techniques we outlined for the top 10 issues in video marketing.

Ten Proven Ways To Achieve Your Goals In Video Marketing Faster

Video marketing is an effective way to reach and engage with your target audience.

By creating compelling and informative videos, businesses can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, and improve customer engagement.

However, to achieve your goals in video marketing, it’s essential to have a clear strategy and plan in place. In this article, we\’ll discuss ten ways to achieve your goals in video marketing faster.

List of the Ways To Achieve Your Goals In Video Marketing Faster :

  1. Define your goals and target audience
  2. Create a content strategy and plan
  3. Invest in high-quality video production equipment
  4. Use engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails
  5. Optimize your videos for search and user experience
  6. Promote your videos on multiple channels and platforms
  7. Collaborate with influencers and industry leaders
  8. Use calls to action to drive conversions
  9. Measure and track your video marketing performance
  10. Continuously improve and adapt your video marketing efforts

To achieve your goals in video marketing faster, consider the following strategies:

Strategy Description
Define your goals and target audience Clearly define your goals and target audience.
Create a content strategy and plan Develop a content strategy and plan.
Invest in high-quality video production equipment Invest in professional video production equipment.
Use engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails Create engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails.
Optimize your videos for search and user experience Optimize your videos for search and user experience.
Promote your videos on multiple channels and platforms Promote your videos on a range of channels and platforms.
Collaborate with influencers and industry leaders Collaborate with influencers and industry leaders.
Use calls to action to drive conversions Include calls to action in your videos.
Measure and track your video marketing performance Measure and track the performance of your videos.
Continuously improve and adapt your video marketing efforts Continuously review and adapt your video marketing strategy.

1) Define your goals & target audience:

Before creating your video marketing strategy, clearly define your goals and target audience.

What do you want to achieve with your video marketing efforts? Is it to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or generate leads? Once you have a clear idea of your goals, you can determine your target audience and create videos that resonate with them.

2) Create a content strategy & plan:

Once you have your goals and target audience, creating a content strategy and plan is next.

This will help you decide the types of videos you will make, the frequency of your video releases, and the channels and platforms you will use to promote your videos.

Having a content plan in the first place ensures that your videos align with your overall marketing goals and objectives.

3) Invest in high-quality video production equipment:

To create the professional and high-quality videos, investing in the right video production equipment is essential.

Also, This may include the high-quality camera, tripod, lighting equipment, and editing software. By using professional equipment, you can ensure that your videos are of the highest quality and will engage and impress your audience.

Additionally, investing in high-quality video production equipment can help improve your videos\’ overall look and feel, making them more appealing to viewers. This can increase the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts and help you achieve your goals faster.

4) Use engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails:

To grab the attention of your target audience & encourage them to watch your videos, it’s most important to use engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails.

Your titles and thumbnails should be attention-grabbing and accurately reflect the content of your videos. This will help increase your Videos visibility and improve their chances of being discovered by your target audience.

Additionally, engaging and relevant video titles and thumbnails can help increase your videos’ click-through rate, resulting in more views and engagement.

5) Optimize your videos for search & user experience:

To ensure that your target audience discovers your videos, optimizing them for search and user experience is essential.

This may involve using relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions and optimizing the length and format of your videos for different channels and platforms.

Optimizing your videos can increase their visibility and reach and improve the user experience for those watching your videos.

6) Promote your videos on multiple channels and platforms:

To maximize the reach & impact of your videos, it’s really important to promote them on multiple channels and platforms.

This may include your website, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

You can boost your videos on various channels and platforms to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

7) Collaborate with influencers and industry leaders:

Another way to achieve your goals in video marketing faster is to collaborate with influencers and industry leaders.

By partnering with influencers and industry experts, you can tap into their existing audience and reach a new and engaged audience. Collaborations can also add credibility and authority to your videos and help to increase their visibility and impact.

8) Use calls to action to drive conversions:

Here, To drive conversions and also achieve your goals in video marketing, it’s really important to include calls to action in your videos.

Calls to action can also encourage your audience to take a specific action, such as visiting your website, signing up for your email list, or making a purchase.

By including clear and compelling calls to action, you can improve the effectiveness of your videos and drive conversions.

9) Measure and track your video marketing performance:

It is crucial to measure and track your video marketing performance to understand your strategy\’s effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.

Many tools and analytics platforms can help you track important metrics such as views, clicks, and conversions.

By regularly monitoring these metrics, you can gain valuable insights into the success of your video marketing efforts and make informed decisions about how to improve them in the future.

Doing so can ensure that your video marketing campaign is as effective as possible and that you are getting the most out of your investment.

10) Continuously improve and adapt your video marketing efforts:

Finally, to achieve your goals in video marketing faster, it’s essential to improve and adapt your efforts continuously.

With This, you may experiment with different types of videos, test other calls to action, and analyse your videos’ performance.

Regularly reviewing and adapting your video marketing strategy can improve its effectiveness and achieve your goals faster.

Remember, the key to achieving your goals in video marketing is to be strategic, focused, and consistent in your efforts. By following these 10 proven ways, you can accelerate your progress and achieve your desired results faster. Good luck!


In conclusion, achieving your goals in video marketing requires a combination of clear vision, effective strategy, and consistent effort.

By the setting clear & measurable goals, developing a solid strategy, identifying your target audience, creating engaging content, using the right tools and technologies, collaborating with influencers and partners, promoting your videos through multiple channels, tracking and analyzing your performance, continuously improving and iterating, and leveraging the power of video marketing, you can accelerate your progress and achieve your desired results faster.

With the right approach, video marketing can be a highly effective and powerful tool for driving success and achieving your goals.

5 Best Network Signal Booster Apps for Android

The sim in the mobile phone is the key to the network you receive in your mobile and it’s connected to towers which helps you use the internet and other applications online or make calls. It depends on various factors such as tower or trees which will vary signal strength. Have you seen people using super-fast speed and some get low speed let me tell you why do INTERNET speed vary?

Signal strength depends on the location of a tower and it’s like a super busy road with too many entry and exits. For example, the roads in Mumbai are occupied by the traffic and hence you cannot drive at your own speed as you have to drive at proper speed as people keep switching lanes from side to side.

The road is a shared resource just a like an internet where billions of people are online every minute. The Internet is used by various apps and due to that, it makes internet difficult to maintain a constant speed for “real-time” applications.

Aren\’t you tired of the slow network that makes you wait for hours to load a single website or page? Time to upgrade don’t you think so or you would like to waste your time and then hate your internet for being slow as a turtle?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a weak network signal or Wi-Fi connection, leaving you with a sluggish Internet connection or a hard time making calls or sending text messages. No matter how beautiful and powerful or advanced version of your device is, you won’t enjoy it much without a proper Internet connection or a constant network signal to work with.

I’ll tell you about top 5 best NETWORK BOOSTER APPS that will boost your internet speed like an eagle hunting its prey!!

How does a signal booster app works?

A cell phone booster app sends the signal data to a faster network and then analyses and connects you to the fastest network channel.


Network Signal Speed Booster is an app developed by MC STEALTH Apps that literally boosts your network up-to top level so that you could enjoy unlimited surfing speed without any problems.

This app is used by me too and I’m loving the app as it boosts the speed of my slow DoCoMo internet network which literally annoys me. This app is designed to improve the signal connection of your phone, therefore giving your network signal a super boost.

Unlike other signal boosting apps, this app is unique because it’s very easy to use. In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all just open the app and let it do the work itself without letting you use any of your energy at all.

What the app does is it connects you to the best available tower from your location. This is really one of the best and easiest signal boosting apps that you can find. And, it’s also free, so it’s definitely worth a try.


View network connections.

Full network access.

Prevent device from sleeping.

Modify system settings.


Developed by Real Apps Maker this app is also an app that boosts your internet speed it enjoys high downloads and millions of users and it helps you boost up your turtle net speed. Believe me, I tried this app and it’s pretty cool. Are you getting tired of weak cellular signal? Do you have a hard time finding signal reception and?

network connection? Download Network Signal Booster for FREE and get better signal strength and better network reception in instant!

Network Signal Booster is a signal booster app which helps you improve your network connection so that you can do your work online without any difficulties.


  • FREE to use. Download our signal boost app and start utilizing our network booster now!
  • Effective process. Feel the difference in your signal strength after you have refreshed your

connection with our phone booster.

  • Easy to use.
  • 24/7 support.

You can also contact them on their email or Facebook the app doesn’t work for you and they will solve your problems.


Just from the name, you can assume what this app does! I bet everyone has once tried to either climb a wall or climbed a tree in order to get better network connection or even changed your network to the faster network?

Well, now it’s time to download and use this app where you no longer have to climb high trees or wait for the signal as it makes sure you are connected to the fastest network without any problem.

This app is designed in such a format that it will scan your complete neighbourhood and show you where you can find a strong signal.

For example:- You are in “A” area and your network speed is as slow as turtle and if you have installed OPEN SIGNAL MAP apps it will scan the area around you assume “AREA B, AREA C, and AREA D” are you neighbors so now after scanning the areas the result you get is “AREA C” has the strongest network so if you visit “AREA C” your network speed will be boosted easily hence you can enjoy faster download speeds and upload speeds and enjoy surfing webpages and get information easily.

So, check it out on play store and app store today if you don’t want to climb the trees and rooftops of your houses.

Features: –

✓ follow our signal compass for the stronger signal

✓ Download, upload, and latency tests – for 2G, 3G, LTE, and WI-FI

✓ Store your speed test results so you can view it later and see the results offline whenever you wish to.

✓ Compare coverage and connection quality on a map

✓ History of your mobile connection – see stats on your connection to 4G and 3G and your data usage

✓ Find fast WI-FI with our interactive Wi-Fi map

✓ Free and no ads


One of the best apps out there on the play store and the app store WI-FI analyser has been in demand since its launch.

It analyses all the signal in your area and connects you to a better channel so that you can enjoy smooth internet speed and surf better. Check out WI-FI ANALYZER on play store today!


Scan all available wireless networks in range and shows you information about them, such as:

– Network SSID

– MAC address of access point

– Network Frequency(2.5Ghz/5GHz)

– Estimated distance from Wi-Fi Network Source

– Wi-Fi Network security

– Vendor name of Wi-Fi Device

– Graph of Signal Strength Vs. Time

– Graph of Signal Strength Vs. Channel Graph

– Shows Best channels of Connected Wi-Fi

– Channel Rating and Much More.

  1. Wi-Fi Manager

Trouble managing Wi-Fi connections no worries now managing networks will be a piece of cake if you use WI-FI Manager. It lets you search for available networks and then connects you to them.

If you have more than a 2 or 3 of networks available, then managing them

Will never take a lot of your precious time.


This app has two widgets created for displaying the information about every connection and giving you an ability to switch among several networks available.

It also has a built-in graphical channel which is designed in such a way that it helps improve the connection quality and makes sure you get the best network signal whenever you use this app or click on it.

You may tweak your WI-FI settings in order to connect to a better network and also has features of its own for example new interface and a feature where you can assign icons to every individual network you want to.

It also has a dark-coloured special theme which makes it look too beautiful to use and also allow you to have fun using the app.

Features: –

Find and connect to the strong network and also manage WI-FI networks sitting at home or anywhere.

Improve your connection quality with a special channel radar.

Discover open networks around you. Set the app to scan for and switch to the best network.

Also Includes home screen widgets like:

– detailed connection info

– connect to a network with a single tap

– toggle “best network switcher”

It’s still upgrading and has now new and improved function and updated design

Better compatibility with Android 6+.

  • Updated design.
  • Connect to a network with a single tap by using the WI-FI Network Switcher widget.


Internet Booster & Optimizer

As the name says it enhances your internet browsing internet experience. Your speed is determined to depend on ISP and no one can change that, but there are many apps that can help you tweak other factors and give you an advantage of those factors and give you some cool speed to use.

This is where the apps start boosting. It uses series of commands that will tweak your network and browser priority on your android system so that you can enjoy smooth browsing experience rather than slow one.

The apps exist to tweak the programs and makes sure you could enjoy the most out of your internet network.

Features: –


Most of the apps require a root to use the apps but this doesn’t optimize to accelerate the speed of network in a single tap. Using 2g, 3g or 4g LTE? No need to worry about hours of loading by using this application. It also performs series of automatized task like accelerating internet speed, cleaning ram memory, cache memory, and DNS flushing to improve your user experience.


It runs on a special-codes which optimize the way you want your device to connect with others through the internet, But it’s available for only root users.


Whether you want an app to just boost your phone’s network signal or your Wi-Fi connection, or even both these features, there are many apps for you. Whether you like it easy or you’d like to see every detail, you can also find an app that can give you the detail of anything you want to in reference to network optimization so what are you waiting for?

Download the apps you refer and let us know in the comments below which one are you currently using.

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How to save GIFs from Twitter on Computer, Android, and iPhone

In the world of the Internet, Twitter has its special position. This has been maintained for a long by the developers and users as well.

Twitter is used in a lot of ways- casual social media, news and media publishing, advertising your brand, etc. Well, how you like to use it? No matter what purpose you use Twitter for, it will remain unique with over 330 million monthly active users worldwide.

While using Twitter you come across a lot of images, videos, and GIFs, etc. Some nature sceneries or pictures of babies and wildlife might be so pretty that you would have saved them.

Have you ever tried to save these images, videos or GIFs? Well, saving an image is not at all tough. But saving a video or GIF might be a tough job.

Well, you need not worry about it. Just like every other solution, we have here a lot of ways with which you can save videos and GIFs.

No matter whatever device you use, Android, iOS or Windows. You can use these ways to save GIFs from Twitter.

GIFs on Twitter

If you have ever tried to save the GIF from Twitter, you probably had failed because saving GIFs on Twitter isn\’t same as other websites.

In the majority of the sites, what have you done? You might have right-clicked on the image and saved it directly as a GIF. But unfortunately, this can\’t be done with Twitter.

The reason why you can\’t save it casually is that Twitter converts all GIFs in videos. This results in increased loading speed of the page.

But the sad part is that you need to do a little hard work to save these videos aka \”GIFs\”.

Well, for different devices we have got different solutions. No matter if you\’re using an Android or iOS smartphone or a Windows PC, they will surely help you.

Save GIFs from Twitter on Windows PC

For saving a GIF from a tweet on your Windows PC, follow the steps given below. Remember that this will work only with web browsers.

  1. Find the tweet with the Gif or video you desire to save on your PC.
  2. Get the URL of that tweet.
  3. To get the URL, click on the right upper corner of the arrow icon to access a drop-down menu. From there select \”Copy link to Tweet\” to get the URL.
  4. Now paste this link in a new tab or a new window but don\’t press \”Enter\” key.
  5. Before you hit Enter, you should modify the tweet by adding mobile to Twitter and after https://
  6. Now hit the enter key and wait till the page gets loaded.
  7. Now you will see a video. Play it.
  8. While the video is being played, right click on it.
  9. From the drop-down menu select \”Save Video as\”
  10. Now select the location and save the video in GIF or MP4 format.
  11. Voila! You are done with it. You now have the desired GIF saved on your PC.

Well, these were just some simple steps that would surely help you. We tried this method with Chrome browser on Macs. And amazingly it worked very well without any flaws 😉

But what if you wish for more than one GIF aka \”video\”? In case you need to save GIFs in bulk, we have got a simple procedure for that too. If you don\’t want to do so, skip these steps :\”)

For this, you need to have a chrome extension, known as Down Album. I installed a few more extension and tried them but this one proved to be the best. Get it from here!

  1. Install it on your Google Chrome browser just like any other extension.
  2. Open in a new tab and go to the account of that person or brand you need to get GIFs from.
  3. Now click on the extension icon of Down Album and then click on Normal to start downloading the images.
  4. Once your download is started and is in progress a window will be shown just like in the image below.
  5. Once it has finished downloading images, a window will pop up
  6. Select the location you need to save images to.
  7. In case of Windows PC use Ctrl + S key to save and in case of Mac use Command +S key to save.
  8. The downloaded images won\’t open in Windows Photo Viewer. So change the file extension to .jpg or.png to open them up.

Save GIFs from Twitter on Android

For downloading the GIFs from Twitter on Android devices there are tons of methods. But here we will look for the best ones. Follow the steps below and have fun!

  1. Download the app named as Tweet2Gif from Play Store on your Android device.\"Download
  2. Open the Twitter app and copy the link to a tweet from which you need to get the GIF.
  3. To copy the tweet tap on it to expand the details of that tweet.
  4. Click on the more three-dot or down arrow icon in the upper right corner of the tweet and select \”Copy link to Tweet\”
  5. Now paste the copied link into the Tweet2Gif app.
  6. Here, you have the option to download it as a GIF or an MP4 file
  7. Select the option you need to save and Voila! You\’re done!

Save GIFs from Twitter on iPhones

In case you use iOS on your iPhones or iPads, this method would surely help you. Although I came across and tested a lot of other methods, found this one to be pretty helpful. This method works with iOS 10 and later versions.  Here you go with the steps:

  1. Download the GIF Player app from the App Store for free.
  2. Open the app and visit the tweet you need to get GIF from.
  3. Tap and hold on that animated GIF and a menu will pop-up.
  4. From that menu select \”Save to Library\” option.
  5. Voila! That was simple, isn\’t it?

Well, this GIF Player app works with other websites too. Some of them include Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter, etc.

In case you are on the iPhone that supports 3D touch you can use this method. It does not require you to download any extra app or file. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Twitter and navigate to the tweet you need to save GIF from.
  2. Then long tap on that animated GIF and a menu will pop-up.
  3. When it pop-ups, swipe up to see more options.
  4. From there select \”Save Image\” option.
  5. And you\’re done! Again simple! Isn\’t it?

This method has a flaw as well. The GIF here is saved in the form of an image. However, you can still play it as a GIF but when you send it using some third-party apps like Facebook or WhatsApp you might encounter some troubles. So I would recommend you to download GIFs from Twitter using the previous method.

Final Verdict

Well, saving a GIF from Twitter is not a big deal. But it takes a little time to do that as you don\’t have the option to save them directly. I hope the methods that I have provided would surely help you. Still, in case you encounter some trouble, do let us know in the comment section below. We\’ll try to respond you as soon as possible. Till then for more awesome content like this, stay tuned to {site name}

Free Download for Top 7 Nintendo DS Emulators to Play NDS Games on Android device

Nintendo DS is popularly known as NDS. This is one of the largest handheld video gaming consoles which appear to be quite famous among the gamer\’s in today’s world. It used to have an amazing collection of tremendous games in the pre-smart-phones world.

In today’s scenario wherein smart-phones are taking an edge in the market and becoming available at each and every household, it is being realized that the smart-phones are also the handheld device. Therefore, the thought arises that these smart-phones can be used as a complete gaming console in itself.  It will be helpful in facilitating the gamer by having their gaming console in their hands at every point of time. Hence, they can play their favorite games at any point in time as per their wish.

However, in order to play Nintendo game series on their Android-based smart-phones, one need to download and install Nintendo DS emulator that is being designed specifically to let the user play these games on their cell phones. These will help the games to play some of the tremendous NDS games like Pokemon and Mario Kart on their Android phone.

Read More: Nintendo Switch games

Top 7 Free Nintendo DS Emulators for Android

Below is the list of top 7 NDS emulator that is available to download at free of cost in Android. Please note that these emulators are not being accompanied with specific game ROMs. Hence, one needs to have a specific ROM of the intended game that must be opened via these emulators only. One will easily able to find the game ROM of any of the games that one wishes to play via NDS emulator on a simple Google search.

NDS Emulator # 1 – NDS Boy!

NDS Boy is one of the best and most popular NDS emulators that are being used to play the NDS games on Android phones. A high end configured phone is required to play this emulator, as this is one of the heaviest gaming consoles. The phone should have at least 2 GB RAM to enhance the gaming pleasure of the gamers playing NDS games.

Since this is considered to be one of the heaviest emulators, it provides a fast and efficient emulation. Apart from this, below are some of the unique features that this emulator provides:

  • External Gamepad Support.
  • Supports the saving of game state.
  • Re-loading of the game from the left game state only.
  • It also allows you to configure the buttons and supports direct ROM loading from zip, rar, 7z , and .nds files.

We can say that NDS Boy is one of the best alternatives to Drastic DS for Android phones.

Please note in case the emulator gets crashed while loading, please reopen it. This might be because of the config file-CPU matching done.

NDS Emulator # 2 – Free DS Emulator

Many of the people get confused with the naming convention itself. Even the screenshots in the Google play listing are not clear enough to overcome this confusion.

Free DS emulator is considered to be one of the most powerful emulators which give a neck-to-neck competition to the Drastic DS. While running this emulator on their cell phones, one needs to ensure that they are being connected to the strong internet connection that might be either WiFi or the mobile data otherwise the unwanted advertisement might waste your much of the time.

Apart from these disturbing advertisements, this emulator provides a most speedy game play along with the good navigation control as compared to that NDS Boy.

Below are the few impressive features that make this emulator among one of the best choices:

  • Dual Pane Display (Just like the Nintendo DS)
  • Merging of Screen
  • Ability to Save & Load games.
  • External Gamepad support.
  • Automatically load ROM from zip,7z, rar files present in the storage.

Since it scans your phone completely including the archives too, it might sometimes happen that your phones stop responding for a while. So, it is always recommendable to let this emulator complete its scan and have the patience to play your favorite NDS games on your Android phone.

NDS Emulator # 3 – AseDS

AseDs provides few of the unique features that none of the other emulators provides and hence is one of the most demanded emulators available online. However, once people start running this emulator on their phones, they realize that even these unique features have some of the compatibility issue associated.

Below are few of those unique features that make this emulator a unique entity:

  • Supports wireless controller and phone microphone.
  • Game Shark/Action Replay/Code Breaker cheats supported
  • Open any .ds , .nds or .zip game ROM
  • Custom layout design and button binding.

NDS Emulator # 4 – nds4droid

Nds4Droid is one of the oldest yet in demand emulator for playing the NDS games on Android phones. Though there have been any other emulators that are coming up on the market this one is still going stronger.

This is considered to be one of the simplest and user-friendly emulators that have very few settings to be configured. And hence this makes nds4droid is a preferable choice for the gamers.

Though this emulator is a little bit slower, however, works fine on the low configured mobile phones.

NDS Emulator # 5 – Retro Arch

Retro Arch has a special type of Emulator engine which is capable enough to emulate almost all gaming consoles including PSP, NES, and Nintendo DS with the help of open source cores inside it.

The DS Core for Retro Arch is provided by Demme and works flawlessly.

The one and only disadvantage of Retro Arch is that it has too many of functions such as render type, CPU type, frame rate, that need to be tested for Optimum performance.

NDS Emulator # 6 – EMU.NDS

This one is the latest emulator that has been grasping the gamer’s attention in a quite impressive manner. Though this emulator is enhancing the gaming pleasure in a better way the frequent pop-ups of unwanted Ads is quite frustrating.

The Emulation was fast and spot-on but the UI needs to be taken care of.

NDS Emulator # 7 – DrasTic DS for Android

Drastic is paid yet one of the most efficient emulators that are available on the play store.

Below are few of the reasons that being a paid version, this emulator is considered to be the best one.

  • Enhance the game’s 3D graphics to 2 by 2 times their original resolution (this optional feature works best on high-end quad-core devices)
  • Add-on controllers completely supported that might include physical controls in devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play.
  • Helps in integrating and saving your progress to google drive that automatically leads to saving the same state.

Therefore, now you are aware of Best 7 Nintendo DS [NDS] Emulators that we can use to play our favorite NDS games on the Android phones. In case if you come across any better emulator or face any problems while using any of the above feel free to comment!

Download for the top 10 Best Android Emulators for Windows PC & Laptop in 2017 supporting Windows 7 / 8.1

Top 10 Best Android Emulators for Windows PC

Android Emulator is a unique program that will allow one to install Android-based applications on PC’s and helps to run them. Now, you can easily install your favorite Android Applications not only on your cell phones but also on your laptops and personal computer. It not only installs these applications but all stimulate Android OS functionalities and considered to be very helpful for you to emulate numerous devices for Development purposes.  One can also play these applications full screen on any PC.

10 Best Android Emulators for PC in 2017 

Below is the list of top 10 best Android Emulators for your PC in 2017 that one can easily download on their Windows 10 / 7 / 8.1.

Android Emulator # 1 – Nox App Player

This powerful emulator has been specifically designed for having a real feel of power packed Android experience on your PC. This emulator is based on Android 4.4. However, still provide some of the below mentioned unique features:

  • One can specify the various system specifications that this emulator has to work upon. It is really helpful for this emulator to work in a really smooth manner.
  • This emulator also helps you to stimulate the GPS hardware on your computer. With the help of this emulator, one can easily fake their GPS location while might be a great functionality for the GPS base gaming consoles like Pokémon Go.
  • It provides such a controller Support that one can even use their Gamepad to play games on your computers.

Android Emulator # 2 – MEmu

Android Emulator MEmu is one and only the unique emulator that provides Android Lollipop Emulation on any of the laptop/PC. It is seamlessly compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Along with the Lollipop emulation, this emulator also supports the Android KitKat emulation.

Below are the few unique features that MEmu provides:

  • With the help of touch emulation, one can play the Android games on their laptops/PC with Keyboard, mouse as well as the joystick.
  • It is one of the unique emulators that support multiple instances. One can use one instance for work and another one for playing games as per their choice.

Android Emulator # 3 – Andy OS [Andyroid] Android Emulator

\"\"Popularly known Andyroid is being renamed as Andy OS that is the most suitable for the system with minimum hardware configuration. So if your system is not strong enough to support the other emulators then consider this one once.

Below are the few characteristics of this emulator that is of great significance:

  • It does not slow the system down as this emulator is based upon Oracle Virtual Box.
  • It also allows your mobile phone to work as a remote controller and you can enjoy playing games on the big screen.

Android Emulator # 4 – Bluestacks

This one is the oldest and even the first ever private Android emulators for windows. Hence, since this has the long-term presence, below are few unique features that one will not be able to find in any of the other emulators:

  • Live Streaming Support allows one to stream their gameplay directly from their PC.
  • It has an inbuilt and hence supported Play store.

Android Emulator # 5 – Remix OS Player

It comes under the branch of Remix Operating System with the help of which one can boot and use Android as a default Operating System like any other Windows for your PC or laptop.

Since it is a complete Operating System in itself, the files size is quite heavy. However, below are few characteristics that make this emulator one of the best choice:

  • Like any other Operating System, it has completely new outlook along with complete keyboard and mouse support.
  • Since this is a bug-free emulator, many of the games like Clash Of Clans that do not run normally runs smoothly on this emulator.
  • Remix OS is the only emulator that is based on Android Marshmallow.

Android Emulator # 6 – Xe Player

Xe Player is one of the latest emulator being designed specifically for Windows 10. It supports almost all the functionalities like any other emulator along with the enhanced capability to run on low specification systems by Direct X mode.

Android Emulator # 7 – KO Player

KO player is the most user-friendly console for every gamer, based on Android emulations. In addition to this, it supports the following:

  • External Gamepad
  • fake GPS
  • It acts as a powerhouse for Android gamers and provides an ability to play, record gameplay and stream directly from the emulator.

Android Emulator # 8 – GenyMotion [Developer Friendly Android Emulator]

Maximum of the Android emulators are not being used for personal use and are being used for development and professional purposes. It is a result of recognition of the need for a good professional support with no-nonsense bloatware that GenyMotion emulator has come in the picture.

GEnyMotion emulator is one of the emulators that support multiple devices and screen sizes which can be emulated. Also, its too strong developer support makes it a perfect choice for the developers. It can be considered as the best option for those who are looking for an emulator for development purpose along with AVD- Android Studio integration.

Android Emulator # 9 – Droid 4X

Droid 4X are accompanied along with its own Tablet PCs. Hence, this is considered to be the best emulator for Windows 10 or any other Windows version tablet.

This is not an emulator which provides too many features like KO Players nor has any limitations in terms of functionality like GenyMotion. It maintains a perfect balance as far as features are concerned. It provides a lag free operation along with the touch support on your tablet to give you a real feel of pure Android tab instead of the Windows. It thus gives the comfort of using 2 Operating System on one system as per your requirement.

Android Emulator # 10 – AMIDuoS

AMIDuoS is one amongst the 3 Android emulator providing Lollipop emulation. The biggest drawback associated with this wonderful emulator is that it is never being totally free.

There are few trial versions available that will last only for 1 month and after that one will need to pay for using this emulator. However, the emulation is really top-notch and lag free.

Now, when you have the complete knowledge about the best 10 Android emulators for Windows 10 PC, Laptop or Tablet, be smarter enough to choose the best one as per requirement and specifications. As an add-on advantage, maximum of them also supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & XP too [BlueStacks]. We are always here to help or guide you in case one finds any difficulties in installing and using any of the above Android Emulators or one is interested in gathering more information about any one of them in depth.

Free download for PDF editor apps for Android phones

Download for PDF editor apps for Android phones

PDF is a very common format that is being used any every person in official as well as academic use. However, the most popular issue that many of the PDF users are facing is that there is no option available to edit the PDF files. However, PDF editors are playing a vital role here. With the help of these PDF editors, one is not only able to edit the PDF files but also is able to perform many of the text manipulation operations.

As per the security purpose, the deletion of text in the PDF files is still not allowed. One can either add the text to the file through strikethrough or edit the existing text. As per the latest technological advancement, it is not only possible to use the PDF editors on computers but also on your Android-based cell phones. It means that one can open as well as edit the PDF files on their Android-based mobile phones as well.

PDF Editors for Android –

Here is the list of various PDF editors that are available to download from the play store of any of the Android phone. One can download these editors at free of cost and these are completely compatible with all the versions of Android including KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat.

App # 1 – Xodo PDF Editor –

There are numerous of functions that are available in this PDF editor that makes it among the best choice for editing or adding the text in any PDF file.

Below is the list of various functions that one can perform with the help of Xodo PDF Editor:

  • Customizing the font face i.e style and size.
  • Adding a new text in the PDF file.
  • Adding your signature to the PDF document.
  • Performing various effects while editing the text like highlight, strikethrough, and underline.
  • Annotating the PDF Files.
  • Saving the edited version of the PDF files.
  • Allow sharing of these files online through email etc.

App # 2 – Adobe Fill & Sign

Adobe is one of the leading companies when it comes to the PDF format. This company has launched its own PDF editor that is being designed specifically for editing the PDF files.

Below are few unique features that Adobe Fill & sign PDF editor provides:

  • Filling up with various types of form and text fields.
  • Adding text to blank spaces.
  • Signing the Documents.
  • Filling fields inside forms using Profile data that is being auto-saved.

As compared to the Xodo, there is significantly lesser scope for customization of the text in this PDF format. For example, one can change the color of the text in Xodo whereas the color of the text cannot be customized in Adobe Fill & Sign PDF editor. However, this is one of the easiest as well as user-friendly PDF editor and hence highly recommendable.

App # 3 – Foxit PDF Reader & Editor for Android

Foxit PDF is among the most famous and popular alternatives to Adobe PDF for computer and is no less than any other PDF editor, as far as its compatibility with Android phones is concerned.

It lets you read in a much smoother manner and simultaneously one can edit the text from any of the PDF files. Signing the PDF document on their Android phones is also possible now.

Though it supports all necessary functions for PDF editing, however, since, it does not belong to Adobe, thus lacking support for Adobe accounts collaboration. One also cannot customize the color of the text in this PDF editor as done in Xodo.

App # 4 – Kdan PDF Reader, Editor for Android

Kdan is a one of the latest PDF reader as well as editor in the PDF Market that is being very neatly organized.

It provides few of the below mentioned impressive functions:

  • PDF editing Collaboration
  • Text customization

Kdan PDF Reader and editor, however, lack the support for Custom Signatures and Document signing for Android.

App # 5 – OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

MobiSystems Office Suite is easily available to download at free of cost at play store application. It is very much compatible with all the versions of Android.

Apart from editing the PDF files, it also provides the feature of editing and viewing all the Microsoft Office documents on any of the Android phones. Thus this application is considered to be all-rounder as one can perform all the functions within only one application.

In case one appears to be a power user, the appearance of full-fledged advertisements as well as limited PDF Editing functions may not be enough for you, however, the app is really handy for most people.

Therefore, these were the best 5 PDF Editor apps that help to view as well as edit all the PDF files on any of the Android-based cell phones.

However, in case you are aware of any other PDF editor that is not being added to this list, please feel free to let us know in the comment section.