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How to Stream Video from VLC To Chrome cast Step by Step

In the modern growing world, videos are playing a major role in education and entertainment. Platforms like YouTube and Netflix are rapidly replacing the traditional Cable TVs and Set-top box.

The new generation wants to watch Netflix instead of Star Plus and that’s where Chrome cast helps them a lot. And when it comes to playing videos the first and the most popular media player that comes to our mind is the VLC Media Player.

If you want the best ever experience of streaming videos from YouTube or Netflix from your Android or PC to a Big Screen TV then Chrome cast would be very useful for you. For those who don’t know what Chrome cast actually is, we have a brief description of it given below.

Introduction to Chrome cast

Chrome cast has become one of the most popular devices to make your TV a ‘smart\’ one. It was first introduced by Google and supports a lot of media players streaming to it. Chrome cast is one of best options to have a great experience of viewing your favorite videos on the big screen.

If you enjoy a hot cup of coffee and sweet cookies with Netflix then you would probably love using Chrome cast. This device is available at an affordable price of 4000 INR.

The device supports a lot of media players and online platforms. Still, there are a few that don’t support including one of the popular VLC media player, a tool which works smoothly in all other media surfing.

Though VLC does not officially support Chrome cast but doesn’t worry we are here to assist you. But before we move on let’s have a short lookout at the features of Chrome cast and which of its features make it a strong competitor of Apple TV.

  • These devices are designed as small dongles.
  • It gets plugged into your TV’s HDMI port with the help of USB cable. Then using your smartphone or computer as a controller you can use Chrome cast to give access to content from Netflix, Smartphone etc.
  • It gives access to multiple streaming services ranging from Netflix and YouTube to your favourite
  • It acts as a transmitter between your TV and your video provider.
  • Its small size gives it a great portability.

Different ways to stream Videos from VLC to Chrome cast

We guess you might also be having issues with streaming VLC media player to Chrome cast. And sometimes it becomes a little bit difficult to solve such queries. But don’t worry my friend you have landed on the right page. We will show you more than just a single way with which you can stream videos from VLC media player to your Chrome cast. So here we begin!

Stream Videos on TV from VLC using Google Cast Extension on PC

There are some prerequisites that you need to keep in mind before we proceed to the step by step tutorial. You need to have a Chrome cast device, a PC and the latest version of VLC Media Player along with the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your PC. When you have all the required material proceed as directed in the steps given below:

  1. Connect the Chrome cast dongle to your TV on which you want to stream videos from VLC.
  2. Open the Google Chrome Browser on your PC.
  3. Now click here and install the Chrome extension for Chrome cast whose displayed name is Google Cast Extension.
  4. Now open the video that you want to cast using the VLC Media Player on your PC.
  5. Open a new tab in Chrome browser using the Google Cast Extension.
  6. Now you need to select the Cast Screen option.
  7. Voila! The video will be played on your TV that is being played on your VLC Media Player on PC.

You see how simple and easy the process. In this way, you can easily cast the videos on your TV using the Chrome cast. But what if I tell you that you can still do this without using the Chrome Extension. Yes, you guessed it right you can do that too. Here’s a brief description of the process how to do this.

Stream Videos on TV from VLC Without Using Google Cast Extension on PC

Well, you can cast the screen of your VLC Media Player from PC on your big screen TV without using the Google Cast Chrome extension as well. Just like the previous process, we have some prerequisites for this tutorial as well. You need to have the latest version of VLC Media Player installed on your PC.

Keep in mind download the setup according to the configuration of your Windows running currently on your PC, i.e. whether it is 32 bits or 64 bits. Now let us begin the process of casting:

  1. Connect the Chrome cast dongle to your TV on which you want to stream videos from VLC.
  2. Now open the VLC Media Player on your PC.
  3. Select the Video option available at the top menu bar in the home window of the player.
  4. You will see a drop-down menu with a plenty of options available to use.
  5. Click on Renderer and a sub menu will be opened.
  6. Now click on the Scan option available. I will start scanning the available devices.
  7. Now on the same submenu click on the option of Chrome cast.
  8. Now play the desired video on your VLC Media Player and a message will be prompted on your screen.
  9. There you need to click on the View Certificate option and then select the Accept Permanently option.
  10. Voila! You are done. Now video that you play on your VLC Media Player in your CP will be displayed on your TV Screen as well.

This process might seem to be longer than the previous one but believe me, it is not so. In the previous one you need to install the Extension separately but here you don’t need anything extra and everything will be done perfectly. But in case this process does not work then the last option will be to use the Google Cast Extension and cast your screen from PC to TV using Chrome cast and VLC Media Player.

Stream Videos on TV from VLC Media Player on your Android

Not only from PC, you can stream the videos using VLC Media Player from your Android smartphone or tablet as well. And I assume you definitely have an Android device and the Chrome cast as well. And that’s all you need to have. Given below is the complete tutorial to cast screen from Android to your TV. Follow all the steps carefully and you are good to go.

  1. First of all download the Chrome cast app from Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Now make sure that your Chrome cast dongle is connected perfectly to your TV.
  3. And pair the dongle with your Chrome cast app on your Android device.
  4. Now on the Chrome cast app slide from the left to access the main menu.
  5. From there select the Cast Screen option.
  6. Then you will give some simple instructions that you need to follow carefully.
  7. Now download the VLC Media Player for Android from the Google Play Store. If you have already done that ignore this step.
  8. Now play the desired video that you need to cast on your screen in the VLC Media Player on your android device and it will automatically start playing on the TV.
  9. Voila! You will now be able to cast all the videos from your android device to your big screen TV.

The instructions that you need to follow in the 6th step is easy and simple. But still, in case you find any kind of problem following them then comment on your query with the screenshot. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

So, I hope this would really come in handy with your Android device as there is no other way you can cast the videos using VLC Media Player on your Chrome cast on TV.

Final Verdict

we explained, you different ways by which you can stream VLC media player and enjoy playing movies and videos on your chrome cast, if your TV supports WIFI then you won’t require the chrome cast you can just install the chrome cast application on your Android TV and enjoy watching movies and videos free of cost on VLC media player.

It is not at all necessary to get a chrome cast if you want to play VLC media player you can do it on Amazon Fire stick and other Dongles which can install application from other sources. So, guys that were it on how to stream videos from VLC to Chrome cast

How to Fix Packet Loss

Before we begin, I would like to talk about Packet. What is a packet? A packet is defined as a container. It contains information. It is used for sending content. Basically Packet loss is the loss of packet which is being used for sending content.

What is Packet Loss

In different networks, Data travels in form of packets. This packet is then received by the receiver. If that packet doesn\’t get delivered to the receiver, it is said to be packet loss. There can be many reasons for this.

Packet Loss problems

Outdated Information

It can be seen in Real-time situations like live streaming or online games. Few microsecond delays can affect the player\’s gaming and interrupt the actual game between online gamers. It will affect the live streaming of any sports. You will probably get the score or the final result on the internet before the actual streaming.

Information Missing

It also happens because of some of the older websites which do not have the actual information or might be lost. We might think that packet is being lost but actually the problem is with the website itself which do not have complete content.

Interrupted Connection

Servers for downloading files, streaming videos, websites, file transfer might close the connection. The Remote servers do so when the channel is being used for so long/ uninterrupted. This is done as a security measure by the servers.

Slow loading webpage

If you are seeing a webpage loading slow, you might think it\’s your internet actually behind it. But no, you are under a very big rock. Actually, you are the one witnessing packet loss that time. It might seem like a slow loading webpage but actually it is a packet loss happening at that time.

Website Loading Interruptions

You have wondered this delay in the load of the website once in your life. You must be thinking that it is because of the slow server the website is using.

The progress bar completes its path but still, the site does not load? It is actually a Packet loss you are witnessing.

Why Packet Loss Happens

Damaged Hardware: Packet loss may happen because of the outdated or damaged hardware of the sender. It can be the server too responsible for this. The machine of the server might be outdated or damaged which might not work properly and cause this issue. The Hardware used in this transferring also might be responsible like the router, receiver, connector and other as well.

The Capacity of Hardware: You might face hardware problems while transferring data. Navigation speed might look okay but you might find some hardware limitations. Bottlenecking of any of the device may be the main reason for this.

Network Congestion: Information is shared through many devices and network connections. If the network queue is working at maximum, the speed might decrease. Eventually, at worst, the connection might get lost and hence the packet too.

Wireless Networks: It is common nowadays to transfer data through Wi-Fi networks. It has certain disadvantages. Wireless networks as suggested by name works wirelessly. It has the maximum probability of losing the information. While transferring through Wi-Fi, it might get interrupted by the thick walls.

Software Bugs: There can be bugs in the software through which sender is sending or the receiver is receiving. Whatever software is being used, it may be outdated. The software might not work properly due to lack of connectivity.

Malware: Malware can also affect the connection between Sender and Receiver. Malware/Trojan might affect the whole network and delete some of the content which might be named as a Packet Loss.

Lack of Space: This might occur due to lack of space on the system which might affect the whole network. The receiver might be responsible for this issue.

Analyzing Packet loss

If you are suffering from Packet loss more often, you should use Pandora FMS and the These plugins will help you analyze that where the packet is being lost. It will tell you what should you do if the loss happens all the time.

This plugin work by pinging the remote element. This may be IP address, Website, Server, Hostname. It checks whether these are causing any issue.  This plugin tells the number of packets being lost too. It also tells the actual time when the packets are being lost.

While using Pandora FMS console, when you will deploy the packet loss monitoring it will show you single module. It contains all the information that Pandora FMS has collected and it shows where the packet loss has occurred.

The graph in Pandora FMS console will show you the packet loss. While using Wi-Fi, if the packet loss occurs, this plugin shows you a huge bump in the graph. This bump in the graph shows that there is a loss of a packet. By this graph, it can be predicted where the actual loss is occurring. The graph also shows the number of packets lost during the monitoring.

When the graph shows a constant rise and falls, obviously it means that the packet is being lost constantly. The graph might not show you constant line but continuous rise and falls which means the packet loss is occurring constantly on the network.

Once it is confirmed that packet loss is occurring, we can start following feedbacks, eliminate problems. This process should be done until we find the actual solution or the graph shows minimum or zero packets.

How to fix Packet Loss?

Packet Loss does not occur every time because of the same problem so there is no actual solution that works all the time. But here are some ways that you can check once and be assured that these are working properly.


Check the connections between the sender and receiver. It might be the internet connection. If the connection is wired it might be due to some problem in the wire.

Try changing the wires or at least removing and reinstalling the wire which might work in some case. If the connection is wireless, it might occur because of the Router or any other hardware being used.

Restart Hardware

If the issue is because of the router or any other hardware being used in the connection. Then just restart the router and other hardware as well. It might be a problem of the hardware being used for the connection. A reset can be done to the router being used for the connection.

Plug in Cable

If you still think that it is not fixed, Plug in a cable and connect both the system. Sometimes wireless network might get interrupted by the thick walls or any other obstacle which may lead to packet loss. Cables are safe unless and until these get physically damaged.

Update Software

After hardware, it is software that is responsible for the packet loss. In some cases, the software might be outdated or there might be some bugs with that version for the software.

Update the software if there is any update available for the software that you are using to transfer.

Give some rest

Machines too need time to take rest. As a human being, we sleep daily and always try to take rest whenever we feel tired. If we run machines all day long without even taking a break, they will also need some rest. Give that computer a restart and don\’t transfer anything for at least one hour. It will not only fix the packet loss but also boost the speed of the transfer.

Try different connection

You should also try changing the ISP if you are facing this issue more often with the current ISP. It might be a problem from the ISP\’s end or the connection being used. Changing the ISP will change the way of the files through which they were being transferred.

Replace Defective Hardware

The hardware being used in the connection might be defective, so it\’s always good to replace the hardware. It can be router, connector, cables or any other hardware.

Final Verdict

These are the introduction, solution for the packet loss. We hope you liked it. If we missed any solution or you know any other fix for this issue, do let us know. Comment them down below and by the time you are there share some feedback/suggestions too for the site.

How to Translate Wingdings

Wingdings is a font which was released by Microsoft. It is a mixture of ancient character, symbols and emojis.

If you have mistakenly exported text in the form of Windings or you want to convert Wingdings into normal font then you are landed in the right spot.

Today, we will be taking a look at 2 methods to convert wingdings into a normal font. We will be discussing 2 methods that you can use in 2 different situations to convert Wingdings into readable text. Let’s get started with the first method.

Steps to convert Wingdings to normal text: 

Method 1 

Step 1-Search for any Wingdings font Based document and open it.

Step 2- Select the text that you want to translate to readable language. Select the text by grading your mouse cursor on it while pressing the right key on your mouse.

Step 3- while selecting the text, hold down the “C” key and “Ctrl” key at the same time for few seconds.

Step 4- Now, Open any good word processing program on your computer.

Step 5- Select the windings select again once again as you did in step 2.

Step 6- Now find the Textbox in the program. Paste your Wingdings in that box and click on the proceed button. It will be their next to textbox in most of the programs. The process of encrypting of text will be started.

Step 7- Scroll down to see the results of your conversion. Your wingdings font will be translated into readable text. You can now read that text easily without any hassle.

Method 2 

Method 2 can help you to convert wingdings into normal readable text online without using any downloadable program and this method is a bit easier than the previous one.

There are tons of online Document format converters available on the internet. You can find the best one that converts wingdings into readable text.

Once you visit any such online document format converter then you will be asked to paste the text their. The process is pretty simple and easy.

Just copy the windings text that you want to translate to normal text and paste it in the textbox which is present on the top of monthly online document converters.

Now you maybe be asked to fill the captcha oe any survey before clicking proceed. Dill the captcha and click on proceed or start whatever is mentioned along the box. The online tool will start processing the text. Once the process completes, you will be able to see the results in readable format.

You can even directly copy that readable format and paste it wherever you want.

This is the simplest method to convert windings into readable format easily. Just type “Best wingdings to text converter” on google and you will be able to see tons of such online text converters.

Both the methods can be used upon your demand. If you want to convert less wingdings content to readable content then you can go for the Second method but if you want convert bulk content then First method is what you should go for.

Some Frequently asked questions about wingdings are mentioned below along with their answers: 

Why are wingdings used? Why do they even exist?

= Well, wingdings were discovered in 17th century. They are used to make the printing work easier. By using combination of symbols and emojis, less characters are used. So, we get more words on a single sheet of paper.

Which wingding is a heart?

= if you press the “Alt” key and 3 key on the keyboard at the same time for few seconds then a heart will appear. It means that (ALT+3) is a heart wingding.

How to type a star?

= Hold the “Alt” key and type 9733 or 9734 and a star will be typed automatically.

What does the Sky symbol represents?

= The Sky symbol represents Spirit, peace and heaven.

What does the Sea symbol represents?

= The Sea Symbol represents the stability that everyone should have.

Which wingding font has a tick mark?

= Once you go to the winging setting> lists then you will find all the wingdings with tick mark.


This was an easy method to translate wingdings into normal text with no problem. You can now translate any wingdings document into a readable document.

We will recommend you to use the second method which is the online one so that ill be easier for you to convert wingdings to normal text because it does not requires downloading any software/converter.

If converting Wingdings to readable text is bulk work for you then you can use the first method as it will be much more convenient in that case as you don\’t need to access any internet connection. You can use any of these 2 methods to convert windings into normal readable text.

These were some methods to convert wingdings into readable text. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more Tech brewed content.

How to create a Newsletter with Google Docs?

Do you have a small business or run an organization? I think you probably have! And that might be the reason you landed on this page :\”)

Well, have you ever tried to make a newsletter and send it via email? I think you probably would have tried it at least once. Even if you didn\’t, don\’t worry. We have something great to share with you.

In this post, you will get to know how you can create amazing newsletters using Google Docs. Interesting, huh? Let us see about it in details in this post. Before we move on do you want to know something about e-Newsletters? Well, if you wish to learn, go ahead otherwise you can skip this part :\”)

What are E-Newsletters?

A newsletter is basically a printed report containing various kinds of information or news. It is being sent to the employees of a company or members of an organization on a regular basis. Similarly, E-Newsletters are electronically sent Newsletters.

If you are one of those guys who want to create some amazing E-Newsletters, I would like to congrats you for landing on the absolutely correct page :\”)

What is Google Docs?

A part of the G Suite package, Google Docs is a web interface for creating various types of documents. It lets you create spreadsheets, newsletters, presentations, etc. This application is available for all platforms- Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Chrome OS. This service allows you create, edit and save all these documents online using the web interface. With the help of Machine learning, Google has made it more simple, minimal and excellent to use.

Create Newsletters Using Google Docs

The steps to create the newsletter using Google Docs are simple. You will get them at once with ease. But before we move on there are some prerequisites. Have a look at them and proceed further.


1. A Google Account
2. A free Google Docs account
3. Internet with pretty good enough speed
4. A smartphone or PC
In case you don\’t have a free Google Docs account, get one registered from here. You can use the same email address as used in other Google services.
{ Link to Google Docs account – }
Now that you have fulfilled all prerequisites, let us move to the step-by-step guide to create newsletters.

Step-by-step Guide to Create Newsletters using Google Docs

To successfully create amazing newsletters using Google Docs; follow the steps given below carefully:
1. Sign in to your Google Docs account from this page. In case you don\’t have one, get one registered for yourself using your Google\’s email address.
2. Now go to the option of \”New Tab\” to open a new tab.
3. From here, select the option of \”Form Template\”.
4. At the top, you will find an option to \”Search\”. Type there \”Newsletter\” and click on Search or hit enter.
5. Now click on \”Search Templates\”. You will get a lot of results for the templates.
6. Choose from the search results the template that suits your newsletter the best and proceeds.
7. Once you have chosen the template, click on the option of \”Use this Template\”.
8. Now that you have the template, go ahead and customize the newsletter as per your needs and requirements.
Use your creativity along with the amazing tools of Google Docs. And get an awesome newsletter made for your business or organization. Simple, isn\’t it?

Advantages of using Google Docs

Well, there are a lot of advantages of using Google Docs for creating newsletters. Some of them are as follows:
1. You can access the documents from anywhere just by logging in with your Google Account.
2. You have the option to save all the documents right in your free cloud storage. Thus, you don\’t need to be worried about of getting the file deleted or corrupted by mistake.
3. You can directly attach the file to your email and send to your employees or members, etc.
4. Google Docs lets you create not only newsletters but other documents like Spreadsheets, presentation, etc. all at one place.

Disadvantages of Google Docs

There are not many disadvantages of using Google Docs for creating newsletters. But still the ones found are here:
1. If you don\’t have proper network or speed of connection, it may be a problem. This won\’t let you access the files with ease.
2. As everybody knows that \”Privacy on the Internet is a myth\”. So if you have something really personal to share or some top secrets of your business, try not share it with Google Docs.

Final Verdict

Well, I hope this short sweet guide might have helped you. Do share your designs of newsletters with us, if you can. In case you have any suggestions or question, contact us through email or comment down below. We\’ll try to respond you as soon as possible. Also, if you liked our post, don\’t forget to follow {site name} on all our social media platforms to be updated with our latest works. Thank You ☺

How To Cancel your CBS All Access Account

If you love to watch Daily soaps, Movies, Comedy shows than CBS account access is a digital heaven for you. CBS account access offers all subsequent episodes. Nearly every prime-time show is available on demand on CBS access.

CBS All Access provides not only an ability to watch those shows one-day after airing but it also provides thousands of TV episodes and much more. It means that you can enjoy your favourite shows anytime.

If your mom loves to watch series of 90\’s, then she can watch them very easily. This feature is something which is being offered by Google and YouTube nowadays.

You can find every single episode of latest series on YouTube but most of the times you will have to pay for them and this thing is offered by CBS at a really low-cost.

CBS Account is a great choice but if you want to Cancel your CBS account for some reasons that you are landed on the right article as Today, we will be having a look at “How to Cancel your CBS All Access Account”. Let’s get started.

Steps to Cancel your CBS All Access Account:

Now, There are several ways to Cancel your CBS All Access Account. These ways depend upon how and from where did you purchase your CBS All Access Account.

Official website 

If you bought CBS All Access Account from the official website then you can cancel your All Access Account by following the steps given below without any hassle.

Step 1) Go to the official site and Log into your All Access Account.

Step 2) Go to my Account home page and find the option which says “Cancel my Account”.

Step 3) Agree with all the Confirmation terms and proceed by clicking on Confirm.

Step 4) You will be asked for a reason about why are you cancelling your All Access Account. You can enter any reason in that section and proceed by clicking again on Confirm.

Apple iTunes

If you have Bought you All Access account from Apple iTunes then the only way to cancel it by Apple iTunes.

Steps to cancel your All Access account directly from Mac, iPhone, iPad are given below. You can follow those given steps to cancel your All access account.

1- Simply Login into iTunes application through your Apple id and password.

2- Go to view my account section under my account.

3- Select the option “Manage next to subscriptions under settings”.

4- Select the CBS All Access account and choose the cancel button. Your CBS All Access account will be automatically cancelled.

You can use these Steps on any iOS Device including iPad, Mac, iPhone. Yes, Cancelling your All Access account on iOS Devices is that simple and easy.

Some Frequently asked questions about All Access account

What does CBS all access account costs as per month?

=>CBS All Access costs $9.99 dollar per month. This monthly subscription offers ad-free access and great user experience.

Is there any application to handle our CBS All Access account?

=> Yes, there is an application which you can use to handle your CBS All Access account.

Do you need an internet connection to enjoy content from CBS All Access account?

=> Yes, you do a need a good internet to access content from CBS All Access account. if your internet connection is slow then you won\’t get the Best Quality and Lag-free experience.

What kind of platforms does CBS All Access account offers?

=> CBS All Access account offers a lot of platforms with a wide variety of content. It offers Access to Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Netflix etc


No Doubt, CBS account access is the best alternative to Cable TV. If we compare the services offered by CBS account and Cable TV. You will always found CBS account better than Cable TV. CBS Access is a new generation thing and an upgraded version of DTH because some DTH brands, offer Recording of your favourite shows, Movies on demand and good services.

CBS All Access account does offer some great features. Streaming is one of them. CBS all access account will provide live streaming of all the stream of CBS coverage of NCAA Men\’s Basketball Tournament. However, due to license CBS, All access account’s License. It does not provide a live stream of NFL Coverage.

So if you are thinking, does CBS live cover any special live stream? Well, the answer to this question is Yes. In 2017, they provided the live streaming of the Grammys. you have to check it own because it\’s never been confirmed that they will cover any special live stream.

If you want to Cancel your All access account than you can follow the steps mentioned in this article. You will be able to Cancel your All Access account hassle-free.

Both the methods to Cancel All Account access via iOS devices or Website are mentioned in this article. If you bought All Access account through iTunes than the only way to cancel it via iTunes. Same goes for the website. If you bought that Account through the official website than the only way to cancel it is by the official website.

Make sure to follow all the instructions in the right matter to Cancel your All access account.

This was our tutorial on “How to cancel your All Access account?” You can subscribe to our newsletter for more Tech Brewed Content.

How to change IP address on windows 10

The IP address is a unique number of your internet connection which is connected to all your internet activities. Someone can easily track your address by tracing your IP address. no one wants his/her address to be revealed.

Changing your IP address is a great solution for this problem. No one will be able to know your real-time location if you successfully charge your IP address.

If you are a windows 10 user and looking for the perfect method to change your IP Address when you are at the right place as Today, we will be taking a look at the best method to change your IP Address in Windows 10.

Best Method to change your IP Address in Windows 10

We have divided this method of changing your IP address into 2 steps. Those steps are given below:-

  • Find out your IP Address
  • Change your IP Address

It is a simple thing that if you want to change your IP Address then you need to find it first. You will be only able to change something once you what exactly it is.

Let’s discuss both steps deeply along with their tutorials.

Find out your IP Address

This step is pretty easy. You don\’t need to download any kind of software to know your IP address. We will be discussing 2 easy and convenient ways to Find out your IP Address.

First method

Go to the WinX menu on your computer and open the window which accepts commands. Once you have successfully opened the window then you need to enter the command which displays your IP Address. You need to enter the following command “ipconfig /all” in that blank area and once you have typed the command hit the enter key.

You will able to see TCP/IP Details. You will be to know that about your IP address by this command. There are few commands that may need to Renew or Refresh your IP Address. Those commands are mentioned below:

Refresh – ipconfig/ release

Renew – ipconfig/ renew

Second method

The second method is simplest and most convenient method of checking your IP Address. It does not require any computer related information.

You don\’t need to run any type of commands to access your IP Address. You will be able to access your IP Address easily with the help of the second method.

Just Go to Google and type “My IP address”. Yes, it is that simple and convenient. Google will search for your IP address and the details will be in front of you after the searching process. This is a really simple of the method of accessing your IP address. Refresh the page, in case you want to Refresh the IP address.

We have successfully accessed our IP address. It is the time to move towards the next step.

Change your IP Address

Changing your IP Address on Windows 10 is a tricky method. This method will allow you to set a static IP address. Please follow all the instructions correctly to order to change your IP Address. The steps to change your IP address are given below:

Step 1- Go to the “Network and sharing centre” under the Control panel of your Computer. Once you open the Network and sharing centre, click on the Connections link.

Step 2- A window will pop up on the screen with details of your connection. Kindly, click on the properties on that window.

Step 3- Now, another window will pop up with few more details. Click on the “Internet Protocol version 4”.

Step 4- Now go to the Use of IP Address option and it will ask for some details. Fill up on the details and press ok.

Step 5- The program will start the process of changing of IP Address.

This Process may take some time. Once the process completes, your IP address will be successfully changed. You can now view your changed IP Address through the steps which we discussed in the starting. Once your IP Address changes, no one won\’t be able to track your Address and you can surf the internet anonymously.

Some Frequently asked questions about IP address:-

What is the format of an IP address?

IP address has three or sometimes four parts. All the parts have numbers between 0 to 255. Every IP address is unique from another IP Address.

Who can track your IP Address?

Any hacker or person with knowledge related to this can hack your IP Address.

How to find Address by IP Address?

You can easily find address with the help of an IP address. Just Go to Google and type IP address to address. There a lot of websites which will tell you the exact location once you typing the IP address.


After reading this article, changing your IP Address might be an easy job for most of you. We will recommend you to use the second method of accessing your IP Address if you don\’t much knowledge in this field.

There are many methods too that can help to change your IP Address but this is the simplest method that you can try to change your IP Address one windows 10.

This method will definitely in every situation when you need to change or hide your real IP Address. For an example: if you using torrents, then you should change your IP Address to stay safe and secure

This method is so simple that even a person with less knowledge about IP Address can change his/her IP Address. Just make sure that you are following the right instructions. If you follow all the instructions correctly then your IP address will be successfully changed and you will able to surf the internet anonymously without any hassle

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How to check whether Phone is unlocked

Getting your phone unlocked is necessary if you want to use a different sim card in any abroad country.

Unlocking your phone is a pretty simple process. You can find tons of tutorials on the internet which can teach you to Unlock your Phone easily.

Unlocking your phone can be very useful for some specific situations.

After Unlocking your phone, the next step is it check or verify whether it is unlocked or not.

If you were looking for the best method to check whether your phone is unlocked or not then you are landed on the right article.

Today, we will be taking a look at the “2 Best methods to check whether the phone is unlocked”. Let’s get started with the first method.

General method

This is the General method to check whether the phone is unlocked or not. It is really easy to access method. Below are the steps that you can follow to check whether your phone is unlocked by the General method.

Step 1 – Go to Google and search for your phone’s name along with model and add unlock to it.

Step 2- Go to the Cellular Data network under Dual sim and mobile network settings on your phone. If there is such option in your device then it means that it is unlocked.

Step 3- Visit any good IMEI-checking service where can get to know whether your phone is actually unlocked or not.

You can get to know your IMEI by Going to about device under settings of your phone. Once you click on the about device, you will be able to view your IMEI number.

Simply, copy your IMEI number and paste it in any good IMEI-checking service. It will tell you the status of your phone whether your phone is unlocked or not.

Step 4- Call your carrier and ask them about the status of your phone. If you are unable to track the unlocking status of your phone by above steps then this is the way to go.

You can type the name of your carrier along with contact details on Google.

You will get the number from their. Now, make a call that number and tell them your account details or IMEI number.

You can easily get to know either you is unlocked or not by above method. It is a really simple method, you don\’t need to do any sort of programming or research to use this method. Let’s now go ahead and have a look at the Second method that you can use to check whether your phone is unlocked or not.

Insert any other carrier’s sim into your phone

This is another easy but great method to check either your phone is unlocked or not. All you need is a sim of different carrier and you be will able to check the status of your phone without any hassle. It is a quick process. Below are the steps to this method.

Step 1- Get a different carrier’s sim. You can buy/borrow sim from any of your friends for some time just to check whether your phone is unlocked or not.

Step 2- Switch off your smartphone and insert the carrier’s sim. Now, switch on your smartphone after inserting that sim.

Step 3- Once the sim is successfully inserted in your phone, make a call to anyone. If the call succeeds, it means that the phone is now unlocked. This was a really easy and simple way to check either phone is unlocked or not.

Frequently asked questions about Unlocking any phone:

What is the main use of an unlocked phone?

=> An unlocked phone allows you to use any carrier’s network flawlessly without any hassle. This process will unlock the network barriers of your phone so that you can use sim of any carrier at any time.

Can you Unlock any iPhone too like android?

=>  Yes, iPhone can be too Unlocked as any other android phone. The process to unlock any iPhone is a bit difficult or complicated compared to any other android phone.

Can you undo a jailbreak?

=> Yes, it is a pretty simple process to undo the jailbreak of any iPhone. There are several ways to info a jailbreak of any iPhone. You need to research a bit about how can you jailbreak any iPhone.

Can you unlock a phone which is in under contract?

=> Yes, You can definitely unlock a phone which is under contract without any hassle. Your Carrier company are not able to track the time of unlocking your phone (until it is not a special case).

How do I unlock my phone if I forgot my password?

=> You can actually unlock your phone even if you forgot the password. The process is pretty simple. All you need to do is to reset your phone before unlocking it. Switch off your phone, Hold down the volume down and power off button simultaneously. You will be transferred to a menu with several options.

Choose the Wipe Data/Factory reset option by the help volume buttons and power button. Confirm that you want to wipe the data. The process will be started and it may take some time. After the process completes, your phone’s data will be formatted. You will be able to bypass that password and you can begin the Unlocking process.


These were 2 methods by which you can check either your phone is unlocked or not. Both of these methods are very easy and simple. If you can access to any carrier’s sim card then it is better and easier to use the second method.

We will recommend you to use the first method and if you find it not working then you can switch to the second method.

Now, checking the status of the phone will be easier for you after reading these steps.

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How to convert PDF to CSV

CSV format is versatile and it can be imported into a lot of computer systems simultaneously.

It can be easily read by Excel, Notepad, PHP, mySQL etc.

Some people prefer CSV format over PDF format for reading documents but it is a bit tricky to convert PDF file to CSV file.

Well not anymore, as Today, we will be taking a look at the 2 simple procedures to convert PDF File to CSV file.

Let’s get started with the first procedure to convert PDF format to CSV format.

Steps to Convert PDF to CSV:- 

Procedure 1- Desired PDF document in Acrobat 

Step 1- Download and install “Desired PDF document in Acrobat Standard or Professional”. We will recommend you to get the standard version if you don\’t want to convert PDF to CSV in bulk. Once it gets installed, open it.

Step 2- Click on the file option and then click on the export option. Now, you be able to choose from a wide variety of formats. Make sure to choose Text format.

Step 3- You will be asked to select the file name now. After entering the name, click on the save button to proceed.

Step 4- Now launch Microsoft excel in your computer and go to File section and then select Open option.

Step 5- Now search for the file that you created in Step 3. Click the open button to launch that particular file.

Step 6- Once the page is opened, check whether there is any mistake or not. If their is any kind of mistake in separation of fields then make sure to fix that mistake. Review the complete wizard by changing pages.

Step 7- Once you have reviewed the page and fixed all the problems then click on the finish button.

Step 8- Now click on Save as and it will ask for the format of the file that you want to save in. Make sure to select CSV at thid point and click on the Save button.

Note:- Select CSV(Windows) and not CSV(MS-DOS).

Your file will be saved as CSV format without any hassle and this is the simplest procedure to Convert PDF format to CSV format.

Procedure 2- Online PDF to CSV Converter

This is the easiest method to convert PDF to CSV and it is the most convenient option available. You don\’t need to download any kind of software to use this method.

All you need to is type Online PDF to CSV Converter. They are tons of such converters available online. You can browse through the web and find the best one for you.

On such online converters, you need to upload the file that you want to convert and wait until the processing completes. Processing may take some time. Once the processing gets completed then you can select the file format to CSV and click on the export button. It will start exporting and this process also may take some time.

If you don\’t want to install any kind of software to convert PDF to CSV format then this one will be the best method to go for.

Although, it may take some extra time then the 1st method as in this method, everything is done online.

Frequently asked questions about CSV format:- 

Is CSV Better than PDF format?

=> Well, we can\’t compare PDF and CSV together both are good in their own kind. Some people do prefer CSV while others prefer using PDF.

Does CSV requires any other software to view?

=> Yes, Most of the Spreadsheets programs have the ability to view or import any CSV file. You won\’t be able to views CSV file without any Spreadsheet program.

What is the size of CSV Files?

=> CSV Files are compact and lightweight generally. They are as light as PDF format.

Can we export in CSV format through google docs?

=> Unfortunately no, you won\’t be able to export in CSV format through google docs.


This was the simplest procedure to Convert PDF files to CSV files. It is a very short method which will help you converting your PDF Files to CSV files without any hassle.

You won\’t face any problem while converting your PDF files to CSV files through this method. The procedure is completely free if you use the basic version of this software.

We will recommend you to get the paid version of this software if you want to convert bulk amount of files as you will get some premium features in paid version.

Online converters takes more time to convert a file so we will recommend you to use them in only emergency cases and not sticking to them.

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How to Convert Youtube to WAV Format

Youtube is a large entertainment platform. There is a huge amount of music available on youtube.

There are a lot of people who are using youtube as their primary music player.

Youtube can\’t provide you good quality music.

Youtube compresses the music which leads to bad sound quality.

The best format which provides you excellent sound quality is WAV format.

You can even Convert music downloaded from youtube to WAV format to enjoy the best quality audio experience.

Is it safe to convert Youtube videos to WAV format?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to convert youtube videos to WAV format. You won\’t lose your data even if the process cancels due to any problem.

As the youtube file and WAV format file both will be saved separately so there\’s no chance of getting your data corrupted.

We will recommend you to backup the file before converting it into WAV format. It will be safe and secure. It is an optional step. You can skip it if you want but Backup is always a wise choice when you need to convert any file into any format.

What is WAV format?

WAV is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format. It is completely uncompressed so you won\’t face any quality degradations with WAV format.

WAV Format is very close to CD format. So, you can get an idea of how good it is. WAV format is supported by almost every music player.

WAV Format is better than mp3 or any other music format. You will get loud, crisp and clear sound quality with the help of WAV format.

Various ways to Convert youtube to WAV format:

  • How to Convert youtube to WAV format by PC?
  • How to Convert youtube to WAV format by Android?
  • How to Convert youtube to WAV format by iPhone?

 Let\’s discuss all the ways detailed separately.

How to Convert youtube to WAV format by PC?

Step 1 – Download free HD Video Converter Factory on your computer and install it.

Step 2 – Copy the youtube video URL and paste it into the Software.

Step 3 – Click the analyse key. The software will start analysing the URL. This process may take some time.

Step 4 – Download the analysed results by clicking on the download button.

Step 5 – Once the download is complete, select the WAV format in format settings. Click on the run button and the software will start compressing the youtube file to WAV.

This process may take some time. When the download process will be finished, the WAV format file will be saved to the onboard storage of your Personal computer. You can access the file easily in WAV format. It is some of the easiest methods to convert youtube to WAV format.

How to Convert Youtube to WAV format by Android?

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Copy the Youtube video URL and paste it into the site.

Step 3 – Now under the format settings, select.WAV as a format.

Step 4 – Click the start button. The converting process will be started and it may take some time.

The file will be automatically converted into WAV format. It is the easiest method to Convert Youtube to WAV format.

This method also works for PC/Mac. So, if you don\’t want to download any software/application. You can simply convert youtube to WAV format by this method.

How to Convert Youtube to WAV Format by iOS Device? 

Step 1 – Download My Media application from the app store. It is available for absolutely free.

Step 2 – Browse the video that you want to convert or, just paste the URL into the application. It has an inbuilt browser.

You can even watch content before downloading it directly through the application.

Step 3 – Once the video starts, You will see a download button at bottom corner.

Step 4 – Click on the download button and select the format as WAV. Don\’t do any other changes.

The video will start downloading. It may take some time. This is the easiest method to convert youtube to WAV by iOS Device.

Advantages of listening to WAV format music 

  • As the file is uncompressed, you will get clear, crisp and louder sound quality.
  • The sound quality WAV format is far better than any mp3 or mp4 sound quality.

Disadvantages of listening to WAV format music

  • Demands higher storage capacity.
  • As it is uncompressed, the size of WAV format is very large as compared to mp3 or any other music format.
  • You need higher storage capacity to store WAV format music, but you can get rid of this problem by compressing WAV format.

How to compress WAV Format

This process of compression won\’t convert the WAV format to mp3 but it will decrease the bitrate of the file so there won\’t be any loss in quality of the file.

Step 1 – Download VIP Video Converter for Computer and install it.

Step 2 – select the WAV file that you want to compress.

Step 3 – Click on the start button and the compression process will be started. It may take some time.

Step 4 – Once the process completes, the compressed file will be saved to your storage.


Well, This was the tutorial to convert youtube to WAV format. You can use any of the methods mentioned in this list to convert your youtube videos to WAV format.

get a much better sound quality by WAV format music clips.

You can also compress the WAV method by the given method so that it will be easier to store it.

How to Delete your Skype Account

Sometimes, when you need to concentrate on something like study, then conversation based applications becomes a huge distraction.

If you are getting distracted by Skype then you have landed on the right website as today, we will be guiding you the process on “How to Delete your Skype Account”.

We will be telling you the easiest way possible to delete your Skype account and get rid of such addictions.

This Process is very simple and easy. It may take some time to complete but it won\’t disappoint you.

There is no official way to delete your account on Skype. This method is the only and secure way to successfully Delete your Skype account.

Reasons to Delete Skype account?

Skype is very useful for interacting with your family, loved ones or business colleagues, but there are some disadvantages of using Skype too.

Once you get addicted to Skype, it is really hard to get rid of this addiction.

The only way to get rid of this addiction is to delete your Skype account. This method can be very helpful while exams etc where you need to concentrate on a particular task.

You won’t be happy if someone calls you while studying or concentrating. To get rid of such situations, you need to delete your Skype account.

There can be more reasons such as Security or Privacy to delete your Skype account. These reasons might get very depressing at sometimes.

How to Delete your Skype account?

Deleting your Skype account is a quite simple task. Let’s discuss the only easiest method to delete your Skype account. Follow the steps given below to Delete your Skype account.

Step 1- Go to Microsoft’s official website. Head over to the account deletion page. You will be redirected to a login panel.

Step 2- In the login section, enter the details of your Skype account and click on sign in option. Once you do that, it will be verified that you are the owner of the Skype account and you will able to perform the next step.

Step 3- You may get a pop up which says to verify yourself on the website. You can choose between OTP verification or Email verification. Once you select any one of them, you will be asked to enter your email address and your phone number. Fill up the details to continue.

Step 4- Once you choose the option and add. the mobile number and email. You will receive an OTP (One time password) on your Phone number/email address.

Step 5- Enter the code that you have just received and click on the verify button. It will automatically verify that you are the owner of that Skype.

Step 6- After the verification process, you will be again asked to confirm that you want to delete your account. In this step, you just need to click on the Next button to proceed.

Step 7- Once you have completed the verification process, it’s time to accept all the terms and conditions of the website. All you need to do is that select all the boxes and press Okay.

Step 8- In this step, you will be asked for a reason. You need to state any reason for which you want to delete your account. You can choose any of the reasons as no one will inquire you about the reason.

If you don\’t have a proper reason, then you can go select “My reason is not listed” option. This feature is also really good.

Step 9- Now, it\’s time for the last step. You need to click on “Mark account for closure” blue button. This will make your account permanently deleted after 60 days. You can even recover your account in this time period of 60 days.

Frequently asked questions about Skype

1). How Does Skype work?

=> Skype works on VOIP System. It lets you call several people just by entering their username.

2). How much data does skype consume?

=> Skype consumes around 43mb every hour during a voice call. This number increases to 200mb every hour during a video call. It can further increase if you surf too much on Skype

3). Who owns Skype?

=> Skype is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in all cash.

4). How Skype makes Profit?

=> Well, Skype is actually free to use. So, you might also be wondering about the source of income of Skype. Skype earns by selling small services.

If you need to call to a landline or someone without skype then Skype charges a little amount. Skype also makes money by selling its premium version. Also, it does have data selling business too.


This was the easiest method to delete your Skype account. Now you can get rid of the addiction of Skype by this method which will take some minutes to successfully complete.

You need to delete your Microsoft account to delete your Skype account as Microsoft owns Skype and there is no official way to delete your Skype account. You can simply delete your Microsoft account and your Skype account will be automatically deleted.

There is no way to delete your Skype account without deleting your Microsoft account. Also, Deleting Microsoft account takes 60 days. In these days, You can recover your account back as it will remain temporarily deleted for 60 days.

You do need to have your Skype account registered a fan mail address or registered mobile number with you to use this method.

There are many such cases where you can use this method to delete your Skype account. Getting rid of Skype’s addiction is just one of those cases.

You can use this method if your account gets hacked or gets accessed by someone. You can even this method if you want to take a break from all such things.

Although, This method requires 60 days to delete the account permanently It is the only easy method to delete your Skype account.