10 Reasons why Social Media is good for our society?

With the rapid increase of use of the Internet, Social Media platforms are slowly becoming important parts of our lives. Majority of us use them for fun, killing time and playing games with friends but there are many who have realized the real potential and power of the use of Social networks.

And there can be a lot of reasons behind this. We have tried covering the top 10 points, have a look at them.

Social Media Networks has helped us in a number of various different ways. Although there are some cons, all this depends on the user and how he actually make use of it. Everything has pros and cons and so social networks have as well. But today we will be focusing on the pros, i.e.10 reasons why social media networks are good for our society.

Advantages of Social Media Networks

\”Social Media is addictive, bad for health, dangerous an enemy of today\’s kids and teens\”, this is the worst news I have ever heard because it all depends on how your kid uses it. I don\’t think this statement is true.

In fact, this online community is teaching them a lot better than what they were taught on the basis of illusions.

We have thoroughly studied this topic and finally got the following 10 points that prove that social media networks are helpful in various aspects of life.

1. Stay in Touch

Just think of 10 years back from now, how you contacted your loved ones? You need to write letters, call, telegram or mail them. But there was nothing like instant messaging service. And you need to follow long methods and a lot of efforts were involved.

But after the arrival of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. it has become easier and even the work of seconds to talk with someone. You can send and receive messages within seconds. Now we are just one click away from our loved ones.

The stories of Instagram and Snapchat keep us updated with the everyday routine of our friends and relatives. We can see where they go, what they do and what not. All this had collected us in the bag of Internet and Social Media Networks.

Facebook and WhatsApp Messengers have replaced the traditional way of talking on calls or writing letters and waiting for them to reach the receiver. Both these services are used worldwide, still, if you are don\’t use any of them, you probably use some other social media networks that are most suitable for you.

2. Social Media as a Meeting Room

When it comes to business meetings or any other kinds of meetings and conferences, space has always been the dominating factor.

But these social media networks have reduced the load of finding space and majority of business meetings and all are held virtually using the Google+ app, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Different types of works such as business meetings, conferences, work on joint projects, collaborations, carrying out tasks, and exchanging experiences have now become far better and easier than before.

Not only in killing time or chatting with friends, social media platforms are playing a major role in various small and big businesses as well. We will discuss this later in this article.

3. Being up to date

Availability of information online is no more a luxury; everyone can get it and that too for free. You just to need to pay for the data you are using to surf the Internet. You can get each and every bit of desired information for studies and research purposes.

Although Newspapers and Televisions are still widely used, digital audience use cell phones, laptops, and tablets access the latest news. The news can be easily edited and published on the Internet just after the event has occurred.

Even in many cases, social media networks are the first one to spread any news and newspapers and televisions cover it a little late.

And platforms like Twitter gives you access to follow and read news from an editor or publisher, regardless of it being an institution or an individual. In this, these platforms help a lot in spreading the various important news in a short span of time.

4. Assistance in Teaching

Other than interacting with your loved ones and sharing the latest updates and news, social networks are widely used to share various kinds of useful information and knowledge. They have been proved beneficial to a number of students and teachers as well.

Platforms like WordPress and Blogger are widely used by various individuals and institutions to upload and share various kinds of tutorials and tips in the field of tech, astronomy, geography, science etc.

Also, as you know very well that the information is easily available so instead of using piles of books, students prefer to search for the particular topic on the Internet. In this way, they get the right information in a couple of minutes and save their time for other works.

5. Social Networks in service to greater good

Scientists, experts, and researchers do not have to wait for their partners, customers or colleagues to reach their product or case study. The age of social platforms gives them access to people to share their experiences and case studies directly with their colleagues and fellow workers. There are several social networks for different kinds of works.

One such example is Water Network. Here experts in the field of water talk with each other, share their opinions and share their experiences with their fellow workers and friends. They plan to make a big difference by talking about one of the most serious issues on earth- water supply and water pollution.

6. Business Advertising

Newspaper and television are now old means of advertising. In today\’s world if you want to be noticed go where the majority of the public likes to be active- Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook has become one of the biggest advertising platforms in the modern age of social media.

Facebook pages are the most helpful and most useful way to advertise your product or site. While Twitter helps you to talk with your favorite celebs and directly with the company or product selling companies, you can open and manage your own Twitter page for your company.

Also, Pinterest has always been one of the favorite sites to have a watch on latest image sand designs.

7. Noble Causes

Social media networks can also be used for some noble causes such as promoting an NGO, asking donations for blood, etc.

For needy people and organizing various seminars and programs for youth to make them aware of the topics like Blood donation, Eye donation, Polio, etc. This is becoming really a better way than before to get faster donations and help at the time.

8. Building Communities

Facebook and YouTube provide you the way to build communities to discuss problems, have fun and help each other. You can start some group on Facebook or a Channel on YouTube and slowly your community will be grown if it is active and have regular posts.

As we all know very well that there are a lot of religions and communities around the world who work for a particular number of people who are part of that community. In this way, it becomes easy to do work in groups instead of doing collectively.

They discuss different problems and then after research come to an end with some temporary to or permanent solution for their problems. All this was difficult before as all have to take out time and meet at some place. But now you can easily form communities of social networks and have everything done with ease.

9. Helps in creating Awareness

Social Media platforms help us create awareness about various topics such as feminism. These platforms have helped us a lot in discovering new and innovative ideas of living.

From students to teachers, farmers to industries, all are benefitted from the awareness programs held by government and non-government organizations. Various motivational speakers prefer these social platforms to create awareness among people about various different topics.

10. Education

Before there were only a few who knew how to design 3D characters and animate them or build a professional looking website. But today is the day when with the help of platforms like YouTube and Udemy, people have learned a lot in different fields such as graphics designing, web designing, cooking, dance, music, singing, etc.

There are a lot of creators on YouTube who teaches in their own way and even in your desired language. All this had helped a number of users to learn a lot from social networks.

Final Verdict

It is very normal of our parents who say that social media has made their kids lazy and morons but that\’s not true for all. All this depends on the user and how he/she uses the social media networks. Like some use only to kill time and chat with friends while there are a lot of people who make a lot of money using these platforms and even learn a lot from them.

We have covered top 10 reasons why social media is good for our society but there are a lot more reasons than what I had explained. Do let us know about your thoughts on social media networks in the comments section below. Do you think they are a boon or curse?