15 Cutest Robots in The World

In our world, technology is setting new heights every day and therefore we keep hearing about things such as robots that have been made to work on behalf of humans and to make their life easier and comfortable. So sometimes we become curious and want to know more about robots.

And sometimes while doing our work, if robots strike our minds then we start thinking that can they do our job better than us? We also get such thoughts like; can they surpass human intelligence and take over the world in the future?

There is no doubt that these robotic machines eliminate the need for human employment which surely makes things easier but also there are some people who believe and fear that it might put the humans in danger.

Though in future, you might be living with robots so wouldn’t you like to have great robots that look cute and charming? There are already some robots that look so cute that they would surely steal your heart and you would want to take them home. Here we have covered 15 cutest robots in the world for you, check them out.

  1. Leonardo

This social robot has been designed to interact with people around the world. Being among the most expensive robots currently in the world, Leonardo uses social intelligence to communicate and learn just like the real people.


The Leonardo can do many things such as moving his eyes, maintaining eye contact and moving mouth, ears and arms etc. Apart from these, the robot shows many other expressions as well.

Although the robot cannot walk it is designed to manipulate the things in many other ways and it has the ability to learn new tasks as well. This awesomely cute robot is 2.5 foot in size and it is at the top of our list.

  1. Toshiba wheelie Robot

Having two wheels, the Toshiba Wheelie Robot is actually practical to perform and do many tasks which makes it very useful. Apart from that, the robot is at the second place on our list due to its cuteness and charming looks.


This cute robot has many other features such as stereo cameras, retractable runner on front and back and laser range finder as well. The Toshiba Wheelie Robot can carry many things from one room to another such as food, drinks and others.

But the minus point is that it cannot pick up those things itself and therefore you have to put the things on its head. But who cares when it is so cute.

  1. Dash and Dot

Being a toy robot, the Dash and Dot has the ability to teach coding to your kids and it will turn ideas into adventures as well.


It can be termed as a modern way to think differently and to understand all those things in a completely new and fresh way that are required to succeed in this world of technology. And apart from all that stuff, Dash and Dot is a very cute and attractive robot as well.

  1. NEC PaPeRo

Here is another cute robot that has a weird name though. The PaPeRo (Partner-type Personal robot) is a personal companion robot developed by a Japanese company named NEC.


Having the ability to interact with people with the help of the Internet, it can speak and recognize 3000 words as well. The PaPeRo has been designed to send video messages, dance and play games. The robot can recognize faces and also control other electronic devices, remotely. So, PaPeRo is fourth on the list.

  1. Nao

This one is a humanoid robot which is approximately 1.9 foot in size. Being a small and cute robot, Nao is designed to be a nice and friendly companion around your home. It has the ability to talk to you, move around and hear you.


And yes it can recognise as well. The cute and friendly Nao can be your true daily companion, making it a very lovable and adorable robot. It is at the fifth position on our list of most cute robots.

  1. Fujitsu HOAP-3

Another humanoid robot which is capable of interacting with people. The HOAP-3 can watch people move and other movements of humans as well. The robot is 60 cm in size and it runs on RT-Linux Operating system.


It has two cameras, LEDs, grasping power sensor and accelerometer. Apart from all those things, the HOAP-3 features distance sensor and microphone that can recognize speech and supports radio control as well. And it is also one of the cutest robots.

  1. AIBO

Here is one cuter robot, which is, apart from being one of the most sophisticated products in the robot marketplace, is small and robust as well. The AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Bot) is a highly compact robot with four-legged motion. It has been designed to see colours, feel objects and hear in stereo as well.

  1. Furby

Resembling an owl, this robot is an electronic toy that has the ability to speak in 24 different languages. Being small in size, the Furby is a cute robot that interacts with people around.


And you can have in your house on a regular as well. And why wouldn’t you want to take it home as the Furby is so cute, small and adorable?

  1. Tweenbots

Being human dependable cardboard robots, the Tweenbots have been designed to help pedestrians. It is aimed to give you the right direction in order to reach your goal as the robot is designed to roll at the constant speed in the constant line.

Tweenbot is 10 inches tall in size and it is a cardboard robot with a smiling face, what else you want? Tweenbots are no doubt very charming and cute robots.

  1. Toyota’s Violin-Playing Robot

This one is very cool and different from all the robots we have mentioned before, here is why. As the name suggests the robot is capable of playing the violin and it uses precise control and coordination with the help of 17 joints in its hands and arms.


The robot has been developed and designed to soothe, entertain and comfort the patients in case of medical facilities such as nursing homes and others.

It plays a pretty good violin and will amaze you with all its looks. You would surely want to take it home as Toyota’s this robot is not only very cute but so talented as well.

  1. Keepon

Having the two cameras for eyes, four motors, and one microphone as a nose, the Keepon has been designed to interact with the children for study social environment. Keepon has been made to help autistic kids to break the musical beats.


Children with Autism, which is a developmental disorder characterized by troubles with social interaction, would like this cute robot for sure. Being so cute and helpful, the Keepon is placed at the 11th position on our list of cute robots.

  1. Tiro

Being a humanoid robot, the Tiro has several careers under teacher and one wedding MC and it is yellow in colour. This robot is not only very cute but also intelligent as it has been programmed to answer all the queries that you may ask in English.


So, it is not just another robot but an intelligent and cute Tiro. So, it is at the 12th spot on the list of cutest robots.

  1. Japanese Pop Singing Robot

We all know and keep hearing things about Japan that it is technologically advanced and all. So here we have a Japanese robot which is very talented as well. This one is a pop singing robot, dubbed the HRP-4C with two processes to sing and dance simultaneously. The cool thing about this robot is that it can sing with natural sounding voice.


This Japanese pop singing robot is capable of giving facial expressions and movements as well. And apart from all these qualities, the robot is so cute and charming as well.

  1. Yume Neko

Now here we have one for the cat lovers as well. If you love and adore cats then this would be just perfect for you. Being small in size, this robot named Yume Neko comes in the form of a cat that is designed to give you the exact feel of cat without any problems with its friendly touch.


The Yume Neko will respond to you as well, just like the real cat. So being so cute and small, anyone would want the Yume Neko cat whether he is a cat lover or not.

  1. Reeti

Have you ever seen a robot that reacts and responds to you as well? So, last but not the least, this one is so cool as it gives facial expressions just like humans. It perceives and reacts to human emotions as well.


Reeti is a fully animated robot with the latest technology at Innorobo in France. This one is also very cute therefore it has made to the list of 15 cutest robots in the world.



The answer to this question is that a Paracord is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. This cord is useful for many other tasks and is now used as a general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians.

Titan paracord is the first choice of many great defence services like the world’s greatest Defence Services US military, US navy and various defence forces across the world because of its remarkably good quality. It guarantees a minimum tensile strength of 550lbs.

The company also assure of paracord being 100% bump-free, kink-free, bulge -free. It is made from 100% Nylon , And the diameter  is  5/32” or 4 mm (Military cord will be closer to a 4 mm thickness, whereas commercial versions are closer to a 3 mm thickness.)

which has 21  interwoven strands or fibers woven together into 7 extremely strong triple strands yards giving it a relatively smooth texture.

It life is a type of parachute cord survivor cord or a Utility cord, commonly known as 550 cord. It is also UV resistant and will not fade, mold, or mildew over the period of time. It is made strictly according to military specifications.

The 550 Paracord is specially designed and built for rugged utility applications and tasks which require extreme strength, durability, reliability and compactness.

Now talking about its uses and features, The Titan Paracord Type III 550 has several uses, some of them are as follows:-

  • Suspending a backpack from a tree to keep your food away from animals.
  • You can use it for securely tying your items to the top of your automobile.
  • You can also hang some small items to your backpack while and hiking and trekking.
  • It can be used for creating a well functioning pulley system for lifting and carrying heavy objects which we cannot lift.
  • It can be used as a life saving alarm by notifying you of wild animals intruding around by simply stringing up some  wires around and tie some bells or cans in it.
  • When it is woven with beads it can be used for estimating the approximate distance traveled.
  • Titan paracord also has its effective influence for well functioning for survival kits and vehicle emergency kits.
  • The individual Yarns or the fibres of the core can be easily removed for getting the fine threads of the string so that it can be used as a fishing wire or used for showing some gears.
  • Can be used for slowly lowering our expensive materials from higher altitude.
  • Stringing up clothes-lines.

The cost of this paracord is around 2700 Indian rupees which is satisfying price for a good quality product.

The official military designation is MIL-C-5040H, TYPE III, 550 PARACORD.

It is a excellent cord for :-

  • Housing/automobile uses
  • Emergency rope
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Dog collars
  • Outdoor tent guy lines
  • Survival kits
  • Disaster Preparation
  • Crafting balances etc.

Titan paracord 550 is extremely versatile and designed for rugged paracord applications requiring high strength durability and safety measures.


The overall packing of the product is simple and the best part is that it is reusable, the cord can be folded and kept in the bag again and can be carried anywhere conveniently.

It consists of a zipper transparent bag along with labels slip which has the product named and barcode on it which is sufficient enough for this strong product as it is not breakable easily.

A fastener or Velcro strap is wrapped around the paracord in order to hold it together efficiently and it is also reusable.

This product is available in various colors like solid black, blue, green, camouflage green and various patterns and neon variants are also available.

The card is type III 550 which is military specified and is capable of  holding up-to 620lbs with a minimum tensile strength of 550lbs.  The military designation is MIL-C-5040H which is similar to those used by US military and Canadian Military.

What’s inside the cord?

We also cut off a piece of Titan paracord  and noticed that it consists of about seven twisted fibers commonly  called strands which were quite thick, Most of the different paracords usually contains 7-9 strands only. The most common on the commercial market is a 7 core.  As in titan paracord out of seven strands one was red and others were white in color.

The corners of the cord are burnt slightly in order to seal it properly  so the strands wouldn’t come apart.

The strands of Titan Paracord are much stronger and thicker than those of other paracords available in the market which also claims to be type III 550.

When you buy this item paracord you will also get two e-books which are free of cost and along with them a coloured government contractor marker is also provided. The books provides the information about the various functioning and uses of the product which can be very useful for the amateurs.

There are a wide variety of projects which can be found in the books and which you will love it and they are very creative and worth trying. We would personally recommend The adventurers Peoples to try and read the eBooks and which are full of such creative activities.

The court can also be used for making a 550 paracord bracelet along with dog leashes, replacing shoelaces and making other superior quality bracelets which can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities.

That two free eBooks which comes along with this Titan paracord is like icing on the cake, both the books are so satisfying and knowledgeable that one might enjoy reading it .

The first book is titled as the “Title book of Paracord” which initially give a brief history and a good introduction to the paracord along with its uses and functions. There is also a section on knot making and a section with links going to various other things about paracord.

While the second book is titled as “Easy Paracord Projects” that is exactly the same what it is titled as.

This eBook is an eBook full of projects that you can do create with paracord. From my point of view both the eBooks the Titan book of paracord and easy projects paracord are so much knowledgeable, informative, creative and useful books that you should read.


The Paracord is very essential and life saving tool used by military trekkers mountaineers etc. Titan has provided and innovative high quality outdoor survival gear and tactical product. The paracords were initially meant for parachutes and soldiers found it useful in various life saving errands.

Paracord has also been used for making whips. The durable and versatile nature of this material has a significant and beneficial use for performing whip crackers and enthusiasts. Also it is known that nylon doesn’t rots or weakens easily so these can be used in all weathers. So such a useful product which was only available for soldiers now can be bought by civilians also.

People going for adventurous tours, camping or mountaineering can carry this amazing product along with them as it doesn’t requires extra spacious room or bags and it is lighter in weight too. (weighing around 226 grams ), which  makes it easy to carry.

So Titan paracord is a best in range paracord as compared from other choices available in the market and being under budget and being reliable too as used by leading defence and military  service across the world.

Titan has tried to provide the best it can give by inventing such a versatile and innovative product with high quality material for outdoor survival and Technical products which can be used in planned camping, hiking, boating, canoeing, mountaineering, adventurous tours and trips or any unplanned emergency situations.

The company is focusing on Superior performance that you can trust on.

And the best part is the Titan\’s promise, The company stating that they are an American Veteran- owned business and on there each and every authentic product they are providing a lifetime guarantee, if their customers are not satisfied or unhappy with their products in anyway or anyhow they will try to refund them completely without questioning them.

So till now you must have got it that Para cords are not just for parachutes anymore, Or just for survivalists, neither they are only meant for defense or military services.

Nowadays Para cords are available for each and everyone and they can be used by anyone for anything whatever they wanted to do from Indoor to outdoor works, from planned to unplanned trips in various way efficiently.

It is trusted by soldiers, veterans, and outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. So, finally if you are looking for a paracord then I must suggest that Titan paracord Type III 550 is the best in class host you can prefer for buying as it is trusted worldwide and known for its various features and durability and if you are not satisfied you can get refund also.

How to Enhance Image Resolution without Photoshop

As we all know that our image quality plays a big role in any kind of work and we also preferred the image or picture which has good quality and we can also say high-quality image. But we also notice that whenever we try to improve our image quality from online sources we don’t actually get satisfied with that quality.

Sometimes we lose the image quality or we are not able to enhance image resolution and we preferred Photoshop, but wait if I tell you that we can do this without Photoshop what would be your first word. Awesome? Right.

When it’s come to Image resolution there is a different kind of apps available in the market as compared to Photoshop because in Photoshop app we have to do many settings but in others apps, you can easily do the same process without getting hesitate.

Are you excited?  Now in this article, I am going to explain each and every points step by step so without wasting any time lets dive into it.

What Is Image Resolution?

Image resolution is basically the number of pixel in an image which is identified by width and height of a total number of images. As per the pixels in the resolution which is in a device, it\’s actually increasing so maximum image size can be produced.

It’s basically a number of pixels in your image for higher resolution. Image resolution is a really important thing that we ignore most of the time, to setting proper pixels and width and heights as well.

Why Use Online Software Instead of Photoshop?

Many people have this doubt that by using online software can we actually enhance image resolution? So, for them, my answer is big Yes! Because we don’t need to use any professional photo application or Photoshop. No doubts Photoshop is excellent software and has great demand in the market as well.

But what if I tell you I have a list of online software which is a huge list and also their demand increasing in the market. Yes, you heard right in this unique post you will get all list of online list of image resizer without losing any image quality.

What Are Online Image Resolution Apps?

Well, there is a different kind of apps available at online which you can use for Enhancing Image resolution, image resizer, image compressor and etc. But still, you might have different queries that how to enhance image resolution with using online software and others.

So basically, in online apps, you can actually resize your image, enhance image quality without using Photoshop or any other professional software. There are many features which I will be talking about next steps so let’s get started.

How Are Online Apps Useful Than Professional?

Well, the answer is yes people actually want their work done really quick and easy because in Photoshop or any other professional app we need to learn many things, for getting work in Photoshop we need to have technical skills, knowledge of designing, how to use pixels in images for better quality and etc.

But in online apps, you just need to do drag and drop the image you want to enhance for and you can actually do your work fast and easy without any hesitate.

But as I mention earlier Photoshop is an excellent application but you’re not a technical person or you don’t know about how things work so you can use online tools for that which are really awesome and easy to use.

For using this kind of application we don’t need any technical skills or any type of course but for Photoshop we need to have many things such as you have to be good at technical skills. But for this app, everyone can use this application for sure without getting any problem.

How to Use Online Tools to Enhance Image Resolution?

Well for using online tools to enhance image resolution to improve image quality and also, they have many features such as image resizer, image compressor, crop image, transparent background image and much more.

But you\’re still confused that how can you actually increase the image quality with these online tools? You might have come across many of them but only some tools work best. So now I am going to share all online image tools that work best for enhancing image resolution without Photoshop, so without wasting any time lets begins.

1. Resize Image:

Resize image is an excellent online image tool which has really great growth and a good amount of user are using this tool.

I also found this tool really useful because it has really great features which feature every professional application owns. It has features of Cropping Images, Resize Image without losing the original quality and etc.

It\’s supported PNG format file which is its finest features because by creating PNG image file you won’t actually lose the image original quality.

By using this useful web application for enhancing image resolution without any hesitation.

Step 1:  Open your web browser or Google Chrome and search for and you will get the tool on your pc screen.

Step 2:  Click on upload image option and upload your image to resize.

Step 3:  Now you can set image setting width and heights as per your requirement and select PNG format and click on download image you can preview the image also.

2. Resizepiconline:

Resize Pic online is another great web application for enhancing image resolution without any professional software. It is quick and easy to use for those even don’t have some kind of technical knowledge.

For using this excellent Web application, you just need to open a web browser on your pc and just upload your selected file on it and enjoy the quality of the image which is going to be original.

3. Reshade Image Enlarger:

Reshade is an excellent tool to enhance image resolution of images and I really liked this tool and found it wonderful tool as compared to other ones.

Using Reshade You can do many things it has amazing features such as resize an image, reduce noise and photo effects also and blurry images and much more.

It supports file formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF and many more. So following the steps now can follow steps which are given below.

Step 1: First you need to download the Application file which is around 44 MB, you can download it by clicking here.

Step 2:  Once you downloaded the application just install it on your pc or computer, Open the app and you will get default image in a window.

Step 3:  Now here is another step choose your file, just click on file option and you will see the menu bar now you can select your desired file.

4. Pic Resize:

Pic resize is another great web image tool for your image resolution to enhance it. It allows the user to crop images, resize an image without losing any quality it is an excellent web application for enhancing image resolution without any application like Photoshop.

It’s supported PNG Format; JPG and many more formats are there. It is really a great online tool for a beginner who doesn’t have any knowledge about how to enhance image resolution.

Let’s have step by step points.

1. Open your web browser or Google Chrome and search for and now you can see the tool on your screen.

2. Now click on a select picture from the computer and select your desired file.

3. Once you selected the desired file now you can use this useful tool for cropping images, resize images, and many more.

4. You can also save your image file in many formats like PNG, JPG and etc.

5. Now you can enjoy the high-quality image resolution for your images.

6. Free Online Photo Editor:

The free online photo editor is an excellent application to enhance your image resolution for free of cost. I just found this app very useful and it has many features which probably you won’t get in other Web applications.

It also supports different types of file formats such as JPG, PNG and many more. But it’s not only for image resolution but also a great photo editor. Yes, you heard right its photo editor as well. In this Web application, you can actually edit any type of pictures whether its png or any other files format.

Let’s come to step by step guide part, but before starting I would like to mention this is a really great application to resize images without losing their quality and the best part is that it’s a photo editor as well.

Free Online photo editor is built for online platform only but it has many features as compared to professional ones.

Step 1:  Open Google chrome or any other browser on your pc once you did that you can access the web application.

Step 2: Now you can see the many features and options on the website just select browse or URL button.

Step 3:  Now you can select your desired file and after you can start editing.

Step 4:  You can actually use the drag and drop features in this Free Online photo editor application.

Step 5:  Select your image in this application that you want to enhance and click on the enhance button which is mention on top menus.

Final words:

As I mentioned all information above in the article will be helpful for all.  As compared to Photoshop there are many apps launched and they have really good demand that I mentioned in this article above. It’s all about to make things easy as much we can so we don’t need Photoshop we can enhance image resolution without photoshop.

Top 10 Best Free T-shirt Design Software Online

Have you ever thought to use your creative mind to create and design customized T-shirts for yourself or your family and friends? And if you have a band or you’re thinking about a start-up then you would surely want to have t-shirts for your entire team. Just keep reading and you will learn to design your own personalized t-shirts.

It can be easily done using a cool t-shirt design software. T-shirt designing software is such tools that help you to create different t-shirt designs of your choice.

This software come with cliparts, brush tool, images, text and numbers with which one can make any design the desired look for your t-shirt. Here we have covered Best Free T-shirt design software online that will surely help you a lot.

  1. CorelDraw Graphics Suite

CorelDraw is something that graphic designers have been using for the years and so it is one of the most popular software for designing as well. You can create different and attractive logos, posters and t-shirt designs using this editing software as it has so many useful features.

CorelDraw contains many things such as Cliparts, images, colours, that are enough to create beautiful and interesting t-shirt designs. Though at first, you might find it a little difficult but after some time you will get used to it and the best part is that you can get it for free.

  1. Desktop T-shirt Creator

With this, you can create as many creative designs as you wish. This application named Desktop t-shirt creator is a great designing tool which enables you to create beautiful designs. It has so many good fonts, shapes, colour shades and others which will let you make awesome customized t-shirts.

You can automatically print, email and save your work when you are done creating your design in the Desktop t-shirt creator. And moreover, this great tool does not cost you anything.

  1. Free T-shirt Maker

Here is another free application that lets you create custom t-shirt designs to your liking. You do not need to have the extra tech knowledge to use this tool this software is quite easy to use and.

The interface of the software is simple and interactive so that you don’t find any difficulty in finding buttons and controls. The interface is also not difficult to use if you give it enough time and take some time to play with it.

Having hundreds of cliparts, Free t-shirt maker comes with different sections such as building, animals, abstracts, education, flower, heart, sports, technology etc.

These cliparts can be modified and you can rotate or reduce the size of them easily to suit your needs. You can even import your own pictures to create the t-shirt design of your choice. So, it is a great free tool to kick-start your design project.

  1. Flash T-shirt Design Software

This one is also cool as it gives you great experience regarding t-shirt. It is one of the best options if you want to start your own t-shirt printing company. The easy to use interface and high-quality features make it the perfect solution for creating t-shirt designs.

Having a flash interface, the application gives you many cliparts, fonts, colours using which you can easily make t-shirt designs to your liking. The vector cliparts will match the colour of your t-shirt as you can also change the colour of them as per your needs. The Flash T-shirt design software will not cost you a penny as you can download it for free.

  1. CustomInk

Here is an online service named T-shirt Designer that will let you make custom designs for your t-shirts. Having so many cliparts with different sections including animals, tech, nature, parties, events, transportation, people, occupation, music and others, the website will help you get the desired look for your t-shirt.

Personalized names & numbers can also be used for creating the group jersey for your group and team. Simply create your design by adding arts, text or names on back and front of the t-shirt and save the design. You can also share the t-shirt design with your friends.

And you can also buy your t-shirts with your customized designs from here if you want. Actually, the main function of the website is to sell the customized design t-shirts.

Which means you can create your own design and they will deliver you the t-shirts with your design on them cool isn’t it? The pricing details to order the customized t-shirts are available on their official website. And it is available to be used for free as well.

  1. T-shirt Designer

This one is also a great tool to create t-shirt designs according to your wish. The T-shirt Designer is simple yet powerful for making t-shirt designs. It makes the t-shirt designing process quite easy and messes free contains lots of helpful features which.

Many popular fonts are available from which you can choose to create quotes designs of your liking. You can organize your drawings in layers in this application. It has support for most used file formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF and others as well. And the icing on the cake is that it is available to download and use for free.

  1. Alma mater Store

Another online tool that lets you make awesome t-shirt designs that you desire. If you want then Alma mater store also provides t-shirts with your own design on them. The website allows you to create your design and save it and share with your friends as well.

Or you can also order the t-shirt if you want to purchase it. Apart from that, so many sizes are available from which you can choose the size that you think suits you the best.

Plus, so many tools are provided including brush, text, art, colour, note, name & number and many others that you can use to make the design you like.

With this tool, you can easily create design print on front, back and sleeves of your t-shirt as well. Another online tool that is completely free of cost.

  1. GIMP

Here it is a popular and capable image editing application with which you can create custom designs of the t-shirt of your liking as well. The GIMP has all the features that can be used to make the t-shirt design that suits your needs.

The application comes with arts, text, brush and other things that will make the t-shirt design making process fast easy and simple for sure. You just have to get a t-shirt sample from the internet and then you can start designing it right away.

Or if you wish to have your own desired shape of the t-shirt then you can create it as well using this amazing and free tool named GIMP.

  1. Smart Shirt Designer

One more t-shirt designing tool that is not only a great software to make your own custom t-shirt designs but the best part is that it is completely free to download and use.

The tool offers a huge number of brand logos, collar designs, and shirt designs as it is specially made for football jerseys. t-And if you want to make your t-shirt look more attractive then you can use arts, text, name, number and others.

And even if you do not want to use available arts and texts for any reason then it allows you to draw your own design as well. If you wish to design your collar and the bottom strip of the t-shirt then you can do so using this free application.

When you are done creating your design, you can save or export it using different popular formats including GIF, JPG, PNG and many others.

  1. Tee Designer Master

This one is also a cool software to design your own t-shirt for free. The software offers you to design a t-shirt or even hoodie. Design back and front both sides of a t-shirt.

It also allows you to add logos and images or if you want to add your own image to the design then you can upload it easily.

Moreover, you do not have to install this t-shirt design application on your computer as it is a PHP-based software that runs on your local server so just download the tool and it will run on your local server without any issues.

So, here we tried our best to cover the Top 10 best free T-shirt design software online for you that you can use to create great and unique designs for your t-shirts. Using this software, you can make personalized t-shirts for your family and friends as well.

The best thing about these applications is that they come with all kinds of tools that you might need to create your custom designs and they do not cost you a single penny as well. So, what are you waiting for? Start making your own personalized and unique t-shirts and give them the look you think will suit them the most.

Top 15 Websites to Watch Full-Length Movies Online in HD

Who does not like to watch movies? And if they are available for online streaming, that too for free then it is like a cherry on the cake.

And watching free movies online is one of the best ways to enjoy and have fun, without leaving the comfort of your sweet home. To watch these free movies online you just need your device such as your PC, TV or smartphone to be connected to the Internet.

The Internet is full of such websites and places where you can watch free movies online but we have listed the places where you can get a large number of movies and also, they are safe for your Computer as well. And you can even access the free movies on your mobile device as some of these websites have their own free movie apps as well.

The best thing about these websites is that they do not provide half movie clips or trailers but the full-length movies that you can watch and enjoy without spending a single penny. And here you can find all kinds of genres of movies such as action, comedy, suspense, horror and others.

Many of these websites have great movies even for kids that you can watch and enjoy with your kids at home without spending anything.

Here we have arranged this guide for you so that you can find out where and how to watch these free movies online. So, let’s begin –

  1. YouTube

Almost everyone who is an Internet user knows and uses YouTube, which is a giant and most used video streaming website in the world. Although it is a video hosting and streaming website, it is not just for vines or videos but now you can watch and stream full-length movies as well. Here you can watch all kinds of movies for free.

You can easily access all the available movies from the Movies section of YouTube. YouTube also lets you browse through the different genres and those free movies that you can stream and watch free of cost.

You will be able to find movies of all kinds, from new and popular to the old is gold classics. And apart from free movies, you can also rent your favourite movies to enjoy without leaving the comfort of your couch.

  1. Crackle

Crackle is one of the best places to watch free movies as it has hundreds of full-length free movies because of their partnership with Sony Pictures. These are the movies with big names, banners and stars that you know and love.

Another great thing about them is that the movies are available in high-quality that will look great on whatever size of monitor or screen you watch them. You might have to see a few commercials in between while watching but they are short and as the movies are lengthy and free, you will not mind it.

Here you can get all kinds of genres from comedy to action.

  1. Popcornflix

Another great place to watch your favourite movies online at no cost. The website has lots of new movies being added all the time and these new movies come from Screen Media Ventures.

Having more than 1,500 movies including comedy, horror, action, drama, romance, documentaries and foreign films, Popcornflix features web and film school originals as well.

And the best part of the deal is that you do not have to go through the registration process as you need not create an account to use the services of Popcornflix. Just pick and play your favourite movie and relax.

  1. Yidio

Having several categories, Yidio is a website that shows you where you can watch movies. And there is a category which is mainly for free online movies.

Here you can easily sort the free movies by rating and by genre as well. Many genres are available such as Animation, Classics, Musical and others. A great place to find and watch what you like.

  1. Viewster

The website has a large collection of movies that you can watch online for free. Apart from movies, Viewster also offers many TV shows that are available to be streamed for no charge.

Here the movies are a mix of popular and less popular movies and also you might have to sit through some ads during the movie to enjoy them for no cost.

So many movies are available to be streamed for free including many new and old movies at Viewster that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

  1. SnagFilms

This one is also a good place where you can watch online movies for free. Having more than 10,000 movies, the SnagFilms has a huge collection of the movies you will want to enjoy for sure. Here you can search the movies by genre, newly added, most popular and many others as well.

You can find editor and user-curated collections at the SnagFilms as well. To watch movies, you will have to sign into SnagFilms using Facebook, Twitter or Google and by doing so you can see what your friends are watching.

  1. Tubi TV

Having thousands of free movies and TV shows, Tubi TV is the perfect place for you to stream free online movies. Although some of the movies can only be rented many of them are available to be watched free of cost.

So many genres are available for you to choose from including romance, drama, documentary, comedy, horror and many others as well. The website has unique genres such as Wild Things, Best of British, Women First and many others as well.

You can also view the movies using the categories such as Featured, New Arrivals, Movie Night, Trending, Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes and others.

  1. Top Documentary Films

This is a good place for documentary lovers to watch documentaries online for free. You can check out Top Documentary Films to watch public domain documentaries that are available for free.

Here the documentaries are organized into categories that are very easy to browse such as Technology, Science, Politics, Nature, Mystery and many others as well.

Here many free movies are offered that you can see such as The Cove, Four Horsemen and many others as well.

  1. Movies Found

Another good website that allows you to watch many free movies online. Actually, the takes public domain movies from all over the internet and organizes them for you to find what you like, easily.

Here all the movies are listed on one page by genre along with the release year. The free movies listed here can be viewed using categories such as most recently added, year, top rated and others as well.

Here you can find popular movies like Pirates, The Grudge 2 and many others as well.

  1. MovieZoot

If you are a fan or you just want to watch some classic films then MovieZoot is a good place for that. The movies are categorized by genres such as Musicals, Romance, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Horror and many others as well.

Having a great search tool, MovieZoot allows you to find movies by genre, star and by a director as well. It also has a section named New Films Section that will show you the newest movies that have been added to the website.

  1. Classic Cinema Online

The website has only some free movies at a time but it has a good collection of silent films if you are a fan of such movies or interested in them. These classic movies have stars such as Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne and many other such stars as well.

  1. Retrovision

Retrovision is another good option for the free movies online. You will be able to find movies of so many genres like adventure, comedy, crime, horror, science fiction and many others that are available for absolutely no cost.

Retrovision, apart from the free movies, also has some good classic TV shows such as Bonanza, Beverly Hillbillies, Burns and Allen, Dick Van Dyke and many others as well.

  1. Pluto TV

This one works in two ways, one is that it has a live TV service that lets you watch movies and TV shows live. And the other one is an on-demand movie streaming website where you can choose from a list of movies available there.

With Pluto TV you will be able to watch live TV and movies right from your web browser through the website or through the mobile or desktop app.

All kinds of genres such as comedy, action, horror, and others are available at the website, both on-demand and live. The movie channels start on Channel 51 if you want to stream live TV.

  1. Internet Archive Movie Archive

It is another place where you can find free movies that you can enjoy and all of them fall under public domain so you can watch and download them for free. You can check out their blog to find out the most popular movies that are available for no cost.

  1. Free Movies Cinema

This is a website that has a collection of independent and public domain movies that you can watch in many different categories like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy and many more.

The free movies available here can be watched using their viewer that lets you play the movie and view related movies as well.

Top 50 Free Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Servers List!

Proxies can be very useful to many people in certain cases where they want to hide their IP address for hacking purposes, get a faster internet speed to some websites, access restricted websites easily, or maybe just to access some region exclusive online services like Spotify.

Not only that pro users and developers might need a huge list of proxies to make a bot that changes IP on every step for better security. If you go and look for proxy servers online, not only they are hard to find but you might even have to pay for proxy servers many times.

Today in this article we will help you in getting free proxies for your work via the most popular 50 Free Proxy Server using which you can use thousands of working high speed proxies for your work and the best part is that all these servers are absolutely free!

In this tutorial you will be seeing 50 Proxy Servers with their link and description, if you want to access them, simply click on their title which will take you straight to the Free Proxy Server Site. And here are the Top 50 Free Proxy Sites in no particular order!

  1. Free Proxy List

Free Proxy List is one of the oldest and trusted websites that provides free Proxies to its users that have good speed and reliability. It provides proxies from all over the world that are updated every 10 minutes.

  1. Proxy Site

Proxy Site is a free web proxy browser which means that you can simply enter any URL and browse that via an online Proxy for free.

  1. SSL Proxies

SSL Proxies is a counterpart of Free Proxy List since the come from the same developer. The major difference between these two websites it that these proxies will allow you to browse even HTTPS websites.

  1. Fast USA Proxy

Fast USA Proxy is an online free proxy browser that will allow you to browse any websites that are available in USA only. You can also use it to fake your location to USA for services like Spotify.

  1. Proxy4Free

Proxy4Free provides a huge amount of working and fast proxies and the best part about this website is that you get to filter and sort your proxies using the multiple selections found on this website.

  1. New IP Now

New IP Now is an online free Proxy Browser that will allow you to browse any website of your choice while able to choose and select any IP that you want to have while browsing the Web.

  1. NordVPN

Even though Nord VPN is a paid VPN service, they also provide free proxy list right on their websites which are from the major countries and almost all the proxies featured are active and working.

  1. Anonymous

Anonymous is a free web proxy browser which is used to go anonymous online easily with good speed and reliability.

  1. Proxy Nova

Proxy Nova is another free proxy service that provides you free proxies from all around the world with live status of their speed and transparency which can be very important to some users.

  1. Anonymizer

Even though Anonymizer is a paid proxy service, you get 14 days of free trial of a very high speed proxy server and you can take unlimited trials using disposable Email Accounts.

  1. Spys One

Spys One is a plain and simple proxy server that focuses on working proxies and nothing else which provide great speed and reliability.

Not only that you can also see other things in this service like country of the proxy, the IP you will get, connection speed, reliability, whether it has SSL connection or not and much more which can help user to easily select the proxy they are looking for.

  1. KProxy

KProxy is a free online Proxy Web Browser that provides free proxies but the best part about this is that it comes with a free Chrome Extension that can be very useful.

  1. Public Proxy Servers

Public Proxy Servers has been providing highly reliable and trusted Free Proxies since 2002. This is also shows it users that for how long a proxy has been working successfully.

  1. Don\’t Filter Us

Don’t Filter Us is a free and simple Online Free Proxy Browser that can enable you to easily browse any website with an anonymous IP Address that can be very useful.

This website can be highly useful for those who are looking for a fast and a straightforward website that will quickly give the user an anonymous IP address which they want to browse blocked websites easily.

  1. GatherProxy

Gather Proxy is a highly trusted proxy server that provides you free high-speed proxies with great filtering options. The best part about this server is that it has a scraper tool using which you can get thousands of proxies in a single text file.

  1. Quick Proxy UK

Quick Proxy UK is a UK based Free Online Proxy Web Browser that allows you to easily browse any URL of your choice with an anonymous IP Address.

  1. Free Proxy Lists

As the name suggests Free Proxy Lists will provide you with a huge list of completely free proxies that are highly reliable and provide good speed. You can even check response and transfer rate of each proxy.

Free Proxy Lists is highly recommended for those who are looking for a website where one can easily find high speed working Proxies for going completely anonymous online or just to access blocked websites.

  1. Just Proxy UK

Just Proxy UK is another UK Based that is a high speed free online proxy web browser that is also very much reliable for going anonymous online. This proxy will give you a UK IP Address which can be super useful to some.

  1. Proxy Fish

Proxy Fish will provide you with a huge list of active and working proxies that offer great speed and reliability. You can use this server very easily as it provides good filtering options.

All the proxies found on Proxy Fish not only provide great connection speed to the user it is also quite reliable as almost all the proxies found on this website are active.

  1. Proxy One

Proxy One is an online Free Proxy Web Browser that provides good speed and reliability. The best part about Proxy One browser is that you get options like Clear Cookies or Remove Object from the Online Proxy.

  1. HTTP Tunnel

HTTP Tunnel is a free proxy server that provides free proxies from all over the globe with great quality. You can also see the speed of each proxy in kbps in this server.

  1. Filter Bypass

Filter Bypass is a free online Proxy Browser and as the name suggests this one allows you to bypass security with filtering options like encryption and removal of cookies.

  1. Premium Proxy

Even though the name says premium, Premium Proxy is an absolutely Free Proxy Server which is updated very frequently and provides great speed and reliability. Apart from that, you can also check uptime of each proxy.

  1. Zalmos Proxy

Zalmos Proxy is another great online Free Proxy browser which is especially great for browsing social media websites like Facebook, Youtube etc.

  1. ID Cloak

ID Cloak provides you with a small but working proxy list that is not only completely free but also provides you with the status of the proxies likes Connection Speed, Speed, Anonymity and more!

  1. Zacebook PK

As the name suggests this Free Online Proxy Browser lets Pakistani Users browse social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. which are banned in Pakistan.

  1. Proxy Server PRO

Proxy Server PRO is another great proxy server list that provides great speed and reliability in all the proxies that it provides.

  1. Prox Free

Prox Free is a highly trusted Free Proxy Browser that is very reliable with good options to choose from and the best part being the fact this service has SSL enabled.

  1. Cloud Proxies

Cloud Proxies is one of the best free proxy servers that can be found out there. It can provide great working proxies for free. The list on this website is updated very frequently because of which Cloud Proxies is highly recommended if you are looking for a free proxy server list.

  1. Xite Now

Xite Now is a plain and simple Free Online Proxy Browser that allows you easily browse any websites with an anonymous IP address that can be very useful especially with the high speed and reliability of Xite Now Proxy Browsers.

We hope that these Free Proxy Servers will be a great help to you regarding your work. Also, let us know which website is your favourite of the following which provides the best speed for Free! In case you have liked this post consider sharing it on social media as well as checking our other tech posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

Best Spotify Playlist Downloaders

We always use Spotify as our main song streaming app or website. But when it comes to downloading these, we can\’t do that. However, the download feature on Spotify allows the user to download songs. These downloaded songs can be played on the app only. Then what is the use of downloading them?

Anyone would go and stream the song on Spotify, but we need Spotify playlist downloader. That can eventually download all the songs that we want. And the only thing we want is that they should be in the mp3 format or at least in which we can play them. I\’ve got some solution for that too.

Here are some of the best Spotify playlist downloader which will get the job done:

NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter

Noteburner is a software which can help you download the songs you want from Spotify. It downloads the song legally so it will be good for your pc. It downloads the song in mp3 format. The software can also download songs in AAC or WAV format as well. The best feature of this software is that it doesn\’t have a quality loss.

Main points at a glance

  • Download songs in MP3, WAV, AAC format.
  • Do not lose the quality
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows both.

To download songs from this software, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click Add button present on the top-left corner. Browser or drag the songs/playlist you want to download
  2. Go to Noteburner settings to choose from MP3, WAV, AAC format. You can also choose quality, conversion speed, and output folder.
  3. Click on Convert which will eventually download the songs from your Spotify playlist.


Spotiload (formerly known as Spotify VK Downloader) is a chrome extension which allows the user to download songs or a complete playlist from Spotify. The major pro or con at the same time is that it is a chrome extension.

It is good because you don\’t need to install any other software for that. Its limitation is that if you don\’t use Google Chrome, then its none of your use. However, most of the people nowadays use Google Chrome.

To download songs from this extension, follow the steps given below:

  1. Sign-up on and login to your account.
  2. Go to Spotify website. To download full playlist just scroll through the complete page.
  3. Then Click on the extension, Select the songs you want to download.
  4. Press the Download button.
  5. A popup window will show you the status of the downloads. Once done, It will send you a notification.


  • Easy to use
  • Free


  • com is termed as illegal in some countries
  • Can download songs from Spotify which available on only
  • Music quality may drop
  • Unstable at some moment

Keepvid Music

Keepvid Music a great streaming music downloader. This not only downloads songs from Spotify but also from other streaming services like Google play music, Tidal, Deezer, etc. This thing is awesome in my opinion. It can also share your playlist without having any quality loss. It also does the job to transfer songs from your Spotify playlist.

To use this awesome and cool software, follow these steps:

  1. Download Keepvid music software.
  2. Install the software
  3. Log in to your Spotify account
  4. Click on Get music
  5. Choose the playlist or song you want to download
  6. Click on Download.


  • Easy to use
  • Direct downloading as well as recording supported
  • Transfers songs to iOS devices.


  • Mp3 format is supported as output is an online service which helps the user to download from Spotify and 1000\’s of other platforms as well. Not only this, allows the user to convert any video into mp3 and download it to the pc. It supports many popular online services like facebook, youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, vine and much more.

To download Spotify songs from, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the bar and enter URL to your playlist or song that you want to download.

Voila! It’s that easy.


  • Free
  • Clean interface and Easy to use.
  • Supports both video and audio format.


  • Only mp3 output, Can’t download videos
  • May have quality loss

Tuneskit Music Converter

Tuneskit Music converter is a very popular paid music downloading software for Spotify. It is one of the best tools to download Spotify songs, albums, playlist and whole artist section.

This not only downloads songs in MP3 but also supports WAV, AAC, FLAC and all other formats as well. You can download any song, playlist from Spotify at just one click. This allows the user to change the output settings as well.

For wellbeing, this software doesn\’t have any cons in my opinions. The pros are mentioned below:

  • Easy to use
  • One click download
  • Supports all format including MP3, WAV, AAC and all other popular ones.
  • No Quality Loss

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

Yeah, we will be using an audio recorder to record songs. Wondershare Streaming audio recorder records the audio from a streaming service. It can be used for Spotify as well. This recorder captures the streaming music. The best part is it does not allow the ad to be recorded. The only sad part of this particular software is that you will need to record the complete song. You can\’t just add a link and download.

Here\’s how to record songs from Wondershare Streaming audio recorder:

  1. Install the software and Launch it
  2. Click on \’Record\’ which is present in the upper-left corner
  3. Now play the song you want to record, then the program will start recording
  4. After you are done, find the song name in the list and right click on it. Then select Open folder
  5. Then you can find the downloaded song or should I say recorded song.


  • Free
  • Easy to Use


  • Time-consuming
  • Can\’t download from links
  • Always have to listen to the complete song to record it.

Over to You

That\’s it from my side. I hope you liked it. If you want to appreciate my hard work in collecting these software lists, details and much more. Please leave a comment. If I missed any of the software or other method make sure to drop that in the comment section down below. While you are there, please give feedback/suggestions so as to improve our quality.

How to use Tinder without Facebook

Tinder is no doubt the Best Dating website right now. It is very popular among today’s youth.

Tinder helps you to find your love partner. All you need to do is swipe right to reject someone and swipe left to send someone proposal.

While Logging in, Tinder asks for your facebook details. It can be an annoying thing for some of us.

There is a method by which you access Tinder without logging into your Facebook account.

We will be discussing that method briefly Today. Let’s get started with the basic question.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online location-based Dating website. If you have not heard about Tinder before, you might be living under a rock.

Tinder took online dating to the whole new level. It was started as a dating application but, now It has a lot of other features which makes its social media website.

Tinder is really easy to use. The user interface of this website is attractive and beautiful.

Tinder asks you to log in to your Facebook account before signing up for it.

Tinder can send you some notifications on Facebook and by giving it your Facebook account information, you are giving it the ability to post anything on your profile.

Why should you use Tinder without Facebook?

Using Tinder without Facebook is a great choice as your personal information won’t be leaked.

Any Tinder user won’t be able to see your data which means that he/she won’t be able to stalk you.

You also don’t get unnecessary notifications on your original Facebook account. These notifications sometimes become really annoying. You can get rid of this problem too if you use Tinder without Facebook.

Your Facebook friends won’t be able to know that you are on Tinder. Sometimes, Tinder automatically shares some irreverent posts on your Facebook profile. You can avoid this by using Tinder without Facebook.

How to use Tinder?

Tinder is a location-based application.

It scans your real-time location and searches if there is a Tinder user around you.

When a Tinder user is near you who is opposite to your gender. The tinder application sends you a notification. You can slide left to propose him/her and slide right to move on.

He/she will also get notified of your proposal. He/she can now agree/disagree with your proposal.

You will also receive such proposals. You can also agree/disagree to them. This way you can find the perfect partner for you. Tinder makes dating very easy and simple.

How to use Tinder without Facebook?

Here comes the main question. The answer to this question is given below in the form of steps:-

Step 1Create your Duplicate facebook account

You need to create your own duplicate Facebook account. It is to keep things settled separately. You don’t receive unnecessary notifications from Tinder on your original account.

Keep it in mind that you don’t have to create a fake account. Just create an exact clone of your original account. Add the same name and profile picture.

This Step is to secure your original account from any kind of problem that can happen in the future.

Step 2Change the Privacy settings

Now, you need to increase the privacy settings of your Facebook account so tinder won’t be able to access your personal information. The steps to increase the privacy settings of your Facebook account are given below:

Step A- Open the Facebook application or website.

Step B – You will find three vertical lines on the top right corner of the screen.

Step C – Go to the app utilization section under more settings on Facebook.

Step D – All the sites and websites that are being utilized by Facebook will be shown here. You can easily find Tinder in this section.

Step 6 – Select the Tinder website from that list and change the visibility option to not visible.

After you complete all the steps mentioned above, Tinder won’t be able to access your personal information and photos. Your photos won\’t be displayed on your Tinder profile.

Now, it\’s time to move toward the next step which is the final step.

Step 3New Tinder account

Step A – Go to Facebook and Log into the clone account that we created in Step 1.

Step B – Fill up and submit all the information that you want to be shown in Tinder.

Step C – Visit Tinder application and log in from all your previous accounts. You can access this feature in settings.

Step D – Now log in with your clone Facebook account.

Your account is now successfully created. With the help of this method, your personal data won\’t be leaked anymore.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Tinder 

How many people use Tinder?

according to a late 2014 report, Tinder had 50 million + users across the globe. This number might be upgraded now. The Number of Users on Tinder is increasing every day. It might have crossed 100 million + users as of now.

What is the Role of Blue star in Tinder?

The Blue star on tinder determines that the person has been super liked.

How many likes do you get in a day on Tinder?

You can get 100 maximum likes in 12 hours. This number gets renewed after every 12-14 hours.

Is it safe to use Tinder without Facebook?

Yes, it is absolutely safe and convenient to use Tinder without facebook. You won\’t face any problem with that.


You can now chat with anyone and find the perfect partner for you without any worries. Your personal data won\’t be revealed.

You can use this method multiple times too. You will definitely get satisfactory results each and every time.

This method will allow you to keep your personal details safe and secure.

This method can be done on all devices whether it is Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

As all the mentioned applications and websites are easily accessible through these devices.

This was the method to use Tinder without Facebook. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more tech brewed content.

What To Do To Protect Your Website

Technology has changed the way data and information are being accessed and disseminated. Since the creation of the internet around the ’70s, everything was merely one-click away. The means of communication, data gathering, retailing, marketing, etc. has been ever-changing.

Private and public organizations took this as an opportunity through the use of websites for public access to their data and services. 

This kind of access is beneficial for these organizations’ respective audiences. Despite the use of websites and their access to information, there are instances that the data can be hacked.  Since almost everything around us is high-tech, the risk of hacking is so easy. And so, protecting your virtual files is the same as safeguarding actual data. 

Hacking is a problem that applies not only to certain kinds of people but to almost everyone whether from private or public institutions. Once they gain access to your website, they can manipulate certain information or the worst, steal data that’s private. To resolve that issue, here is a list of tips on how to protect your website from hackers. 

The More Updated Software, The Better

This is essential in securing your website. Old and un-updated software is so easy to hack since that software was probably cracked by hackers already. Therefore, the more updated software is, the better and more secure your website is. Also, this tip applies to both software that your website is powered by, and the operating system itself. 

Experts say if you are using third-party software such as forums or CMS, you need to ensure you’re fast in applying security patches. A simple security hole can be a big opportunity for hackers. Also, some CMSes are always to notify you when there is an available system update for you. It would be best if you were fast and hands-on with your website. Also, there’s a lot of updated firewall freeware that can be found online. 

Careful For The SQL Injections

These SQL injection attacks come from when the attacker used a web form field and or URL parameter. If these attacks are not detected, it can gain access to your website and can manipulate it or the database. However, these attacks can be prevented if you always used parameterized queries. 

Protection Against XSS Attacks

This attack can put an infecting JavaScript on your website. This means when the offense is done, it can gain access to your user’s browsers and will or can change the content of your page, or worse, it can steal some information and send it back to the hacker. For further explanation, when you show comments in an unvalidated page, this will allow the hacker to put comments also which may contain the JavaScript and will do the trick. 

The best tool in the XSS defender’s toolbox is the Content Security Policy, also known as CSP. CSP will act as a header into your server, which can give limits to your browser and or what JavaScript can only be executed. To further explain this, the CSP will manipulate what scripts or JavaScript will be allowed or disallowed, and by doing this, it will help to prevent a not hosted scripts from running around your domain or website. 

Be Careful With The Error Messages

Just like any other online data gathering platform, you need to be careful with the data or information you put or give in your error messages. It is advised to provide the only needed errors to your users to be assured there will be no leakage of present secrets on your servers. 

The giving of full details of exception is also advised to be minimal only, or if you want, don’t give at all. Also, it is recommended to keep logging your detailed errors into your server logs. 

It Is Best To Validate On Both Sides

This one is a necessity when it comes to securing your website. The validation should always be up to date and done on both the server-side and the browser itself. The simple failure can be caught by the browser, such as empty mandatory fields. However, it can be bypassed by making sure that the validation is updated, and if not, this could lead to attracting malicious or infected code and or scripting codes. These codes can cause damage to your website.

The validation on both sides is essential in securing your website because by doing this, it can prevent codes from entering your site. If it is unvalidated on both the server-side and the browser, the infected codes can quickly enter your premises and can do further damage. 

Check Your Passwords Up

It is a basic necessity to check the power and predictability of one’s password, especially if you are in the area of admin. Some users may find it time-consuming, but making them provide a minimum of an eight-character password is vital for their safety too. 

A basic password must be stored in or as encrypted values, most preferably the SHA, a one-way hashing algorithm. This algorithmic method will make you authenticate users only to compare encrypted values. It is also advised to salt every password through the new salt per password for other security purposes. 

In some instances where hackers doing the deed and stealing your password, the hashed password can help to minimize the damage since the hashed password is undecryptable. When this happens, the attacker or hacker will brute force attack your system by guessing a combination until one will match. But the salted passwords will slow them down since the hashed and salted password is separated. 

Avoiding The Uploading Of Files

A lot of files online may contain viruses or malicious codes. This step is easy, yet somehow important when it comes to securing your website. Avoid uploading files online, especially from unknown or unvalidated sites, can help to reduce the possibilities to catch them. By doing this, it can help you and your website to be more secure and to prevent it from possible damages.


Securing your website is like securing your house. There is a lot of work that needs to be done but is it crucial. It is also essential that knowing how to secure your website for the reason that hackers out there are doing their best to also attack and steal from you and from any online sites. By knowing it, this can give you an idea of what to do or what you can do for tomorrow to secure it.

How to Save Money with the Walmart App’s Savings Catcher

Walmart offers a great programme for its consumer to over cum the competition with the local competitors.

This programme is known as ‘Saving Catcher’. Walmart claims that they have lowest prices every day on everything.

Walmart Saving Catcher Programme

To, fulfil this statement Walmart initiated a programme called Savings Catcher. This programme allows the consumer of Walmart to raise their voice against the high pricing of Walmart.

If a consumer finds a lower price on any product in the local market, then he/she can complain to Walmart about the price difference and at the same time, the Savings Catcher programme allows the consumer to get rewards.

The consumer will get back the difference in pricing in the form of a reward as an eGift Card. Amounts credits to these eGifts can only be used to make purchases in-store at Walmart or Online Walmart shopping website.

About Walmart

Walmart is an American multinational retailer, that offers great discounts on their Departmental stores, Grocery stores, and e-commerce website.

Currently, Walmart has 11,718 stores in 28 countries around the world. Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue – Currently, US$480 billion, as well as the largest private employer in the world with 2.3 million employees.

How does Saving Catcher work?

To be eligible for the Saving Catcher programme, first of all, you have to make a purchase at a Walmart store, then follow these steps.

1. Submit your purchasing bill to Savings Catcher within 7 working days of your purchase.

2. Then, the Walmart employee will compare the prices of the items you bought at Walmart to the local seller prices. The prices of the local seller should be advertised in any of the journals or online. The advertisement of the local seller must be valid at the time you made your  Walmart purchase.

3. If Savings Catcher finds any advertisement with a lower price than the price you paid at Walmart for the exact same commodity then, you will get back the difference on Savings Catcher reward Gift Card.

4. All the works of research and comparison of pricing will be done by Walmart, you just have to submit your purchasing bill to Savings Catcher within 7 days of your purchase.

How to submit a purchasing bill to Savings Catcher?

There are a few ways through which you can Submit your Purchasing bill.

1. Walmart App – Through the Walmart app, you can submit your receipt. Go to the Saving Catcher option and tap on Add a Walmart Receipt, then scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt. Add Receipt Info, enter the TC number and Date of your receipt and Tap on Submit.

2. Walmart Official Website –  You can submit your receipt, through Walmart’s official website also. Go to, log in or create an account. Once you log into your account, Find the option of Savings Catcher and tap on the following option. Enter the TC number and date of purchase from your receipt and Submit the following request. One more thing, You can find your TC number at the bottom of the receipt.

3. Online Grocery Pickup – You can request Walmart to pick up your Receipt. This facility is available on the website and application. You just have to log on to the Walmart website or application and enter details like TC number and date of receipt, then press submit. You will receive a confirmation email from Walmart in order to confirm twice, that you really want a grocery pickup.

Where do I find my Saving Catcher Process:-

Once you successfully submit and Saving Catcher. You can find everything, related to your Saving Catcher request on your App and Website.

You just have to log in, into your account and check the status of your Saving Catcher request. Go to Saving Catcher option and tap on ‘Your Results’ and select any of the receipts you wish to view by clicking on that particular receipt.

Here, you will find information regarding your case and all the improvements.

FAQ About Saving Catcher Programme.

1. What is the maximum number of receipt, that I can submit to Saving Catcher Programme?

You can submit maximum seven receipts per week, means you can submit 365 receipts in a year. Which simply means that you can submit for every commodity that you found to be costly in Walmart.

2. Why my Receipt is invalid?

There are several reasons, why your Receipt is invalid.

1) You can submit your purchasing bill to Savings Catcher within 7 working days of your purchase, so maybe your receipt is older than 7 days.

2) The TC Number and purchased date entered are incorrect or do not match each other, so check twice before you enter details.

3) You may be reached the limit of submission. As a rule by Walmart, you can only submit seven receipts per week. So there is a possibility, that you have already submitted seven receipts for the week.

3. Eligible items on which the Saving Catcher programme is valid.

  • Savings Catcher currently applies to Groceries such as – Chips, Rice, Yogurt, and Milk.
  • Health and beauty products.
  • Household products such as – Tissue paper, towels, and paper products.
  • White and Red meat including seafood.
  • Bakery products
  • Non-branded item. Which is manufactured by local producers.
  • Which Kinds of Advertisement is not eligible for Savings Catcher?
  • Buy one get one, kind of advertisement. For eg- Buy Butter for $10 and get Bread worth $1.
  • Items without any actual price, are those items which require another product to purchase first, in terms of getting the one. For eg- Buy 5KG Rice and 10 KG of Wheat to get free 2 Litres of milk.
  • Items that require a purchase to get a gift card
  • Loot prices or clearance sale of a store.
  • Products with some percentage off discount.
  • Deals that require a coupon from the third party. Like – Apply an Amazon coupon to get a discount on the purchase of any goods.
  • Deals that require a competitor coupon to get a discount and impose a quantity limit.
  1. Why my Receipt is invalid?

= Here are several reasons, why your Receipt is invalid.

1) You can submit your purchasing bill to Savings Catcher within 7 working days of your purchase, so maybe your receipt is older than 7 days.

2) The TC Number and purchased date entered is incorrect or do not match each other, so check twice before you enter details.

3) You may be reached the limit of submission. As a rule by Walmart, you can only submit seven receipts per week. So there is a possibility, that you have already submitted seven receipts of the week.

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