15 Most Popular Windows 8 and 8.1 Themes to Download for Free

Who doesn’t love to personalize and customize his/her favourite applications? Whether it’s an application or whole operating system, nowadays everyone likes to theme it as per his needs making it a much more pleasant experience.

Being one of the most used operating systems, Windows is packed with possibilities and theming options that are available since it came out. And Microsoft has been constantly working on it to improve it and the results are visible.

Previously launched Microsoft’s Windows 8 has been upgraded to a new, better and well-polished Windows 8.1 so it’s time to look at what options are now available for the latest version named Windows 8.1. Here we have arranged and covered some of the most beautiful Windows 8.1 themes developed by third-parties and the owner Microsoft.

We have observed Windows 8 and its performance closely, the OS was launched by the developers with some major improvements in features as well as design. Though in terms of a user interface including both, themes and visual styles, the Windows 8 and 8.1 are not much different from each other.

As the default theme currently being used in both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 themes are very identical. So not everyone likes the professional feel and look it offers.

Therefore, if you are among the people who love to customize and looking to change their Windows 8/8.1/RT 8.1 then you are at the right place as today we are covering 15 most popular Windows 8 and 8.1 themes that are free to download and use.

  1. Aero Glow 8.1 (by ~MrGriM01)

Let’s admit the fact first, that the kind of visual appeal that Windows 7 brought with it was not only pleasing to the eyes but very user-friendly as well.

There are so many Windows users who miss their old Windows 7 so here is a theme that will bring your Windows 7 almost back. You can download and Install Aero Glow 8.1 and it will turn your Windows 8 into something similar but a lot better than old Windows 7.

  1. Bel Minimal (by ~cu88)

Having, Ubuntu type minimal interface the theme is very simple and clear. And as the title suggests Bel Minimal is a very minimalistic theme which is basically targeted at artists as it is easy to build their imagination at the empty space available.

  1. Abisso 2014 (by ~ezio)

This blackish theme is for those who love black and dark coloured themes. Though because of the dark theme and the kind of interface it has, it becomes a bit difficult to use at times. But no matter what, the theme is unique and it is very popular among gamers, hackers, geeks and other techies due to the feeling it brings.

  1. Elegant (by ~swapnil36fg)

With this theme, you can have both Windows 7 and Windows 8 at the same time. As Elegant is a good mix of both so you can enjoy using both without installing or uninstalling anything.

It also has a good combination and mixes up of some beautiful colours that make the theme experience even more pleasant.

  1. Naumn (by ~cu88)

Naumn is also a very simple theme just like other minimalistic themes. It has an upside taskbar which looks really interesting and is very useful to users. Along with all that, you will also get smart user interface of Windows 8/8.1.

  1. Vanilla (by ~link6155)

If you want a trending and stylish theme then this one is a great theme with stylish icons, visual effects and smart shortcut options. Another plus point of this great and useful theme is this smart style. Deserves a try.

  1. Tequila port (by ~rian76)

Here is a nice theme that is made for the apple fans. Tequila port has a very minimal design. And it has some handy shortcut icons added in the windows which surely increases the productivity of the theme.

So if being a Windows 8 user you want the taste and user experience of apple then you install this theme and you will have it ready on your computer in no time.

  1. Xgreen (by ~TermitBOSS)

As the name suggests, the Xgreen is a theme with a greenish look and feel which is liked by a large number of users. It has a great design and feel, and the user interface is neat clean which makes the user experience even more pleasant.

This great theme is a must try for the users who like neat and uncluttered theming experience.

  1. Gray8.1 (by ~gsw953onDA)

This one is a unique theme, which is completely different from all other themes. And therefore, it makes your computer look amazingly great and thus it stands apart. The Clipart like a theme is equally popular among all kind of users, irrespective of their age.

The Grey 8.1 is really awesome and the icons and visual appearances are really great. If you want a great looking theme which is unique as well then, this irresistible and visually stunning theme is perfect for you.

  1. Claro (by ~2befree)

Another good theme which is a great combination of both Mac and Ubuntu operating system that you can install over your Windows 8. The theme is made of different colours such as white, silver, grey and others.

And therefore, it looks really cool and gives a rich and soothing feel. So, if you are a Mac or Ubuntu fan and want that experience on your Windows 8 then you should install and give it a try.

  1. X-reD Theme for win 8/8.1 (by cu88)

This one is not just a theme as it has some very good modifications as well. The start menu is floating and Windows UI is made more logical by eliminating minimize/restore buttons.

Combined with Light and Dark Red over white colour it’s a unique and neat theme that gives you enough breathing space to work with freedom. So, if you are looking for a theme with the great visual appeal, nice colour combination and modified buttons then this is your best bet.

  1. Elune for Windows 8 (by neiio)

Elune is a minimalistic theme but the UI is enhanced which makes it one of the best minimal themes available at present. Elune is very well designed but the best thing about it that makes it different from other themes is that it comes with full support of Windows 8 auto-colourization feature.

So if one is a lover of minimally styled themes that brings great and enhanced UI as well then he/she should definitely try it some time.

  1. Liza Dark for Windows 8/8.1 (cu88)

The flat UI concept is taken to the next level by minimalizing the interface even more in this theme named Liza Dark. The flat theme is made of mainly two colours i.e. orange and grey that are highlighted.

The colour combo is eye-catching, pleasant and minimal that provides clutter-free user interface. So Liza Dark is made for the ones who are looking for a theme which is not only good looking but offers clutter-free experience.

  1. CamVs (by ~HungHello)

Another great theme which is a visual treat in itself. The theme is basically a combo of mainly two colours i.e. white and yellow. It’s not only visually appealing but very soothing and pleasing to the eyes as well.

CamVs is also good for those who do not like heavy themes as it is not very heavily modified and customized. So, if someone is a fan of light, soothing and creamy customization then this one is a perfect fit for him/her.

  1. Mimi (by ~cu88)

Last in our list but not the least, this is by far one of the most visually appealing themes I have come across in the recent time. Whether you talk about the colours used, nicely and uniquely designed tabs or the overall feel, the theme delivers at every aspect of customization.

It is basically for those who wish to have everything, from design to interface, in a single theme. So, it is a complete package which really deserves a try.

Requirements and User Guide

To apply these or any other third-party themes, first of all, you need to patch the UxTheme.dll file on your computer. For that, you can install any patcher such as the UXTheme Multi-Patcher tool. Here is a little guide that we have prepared for you as you might need it –

First of all, download the latest version of UxTheme Multi-Patcher and extract the contents of the downloaded zip.

Then launch the tool, and you have to make sure the ‘Set Windows X’s Live as default home page’ option is unchecked as it will change your browser’s home page, then just click the ‘Patch’ button and then you just have to restart your computer once. Now you are ready to apply any third-party themes to your Windows 8 and 8.1 on your computer.

Final Verdict

The third-party themes are a great way to personalize and customize your entire OS easily. Almost all themes here are developed and designed by the designers at DeviantArt so huge thanks to them as well.

How to Play Android Games on Windows PC

There are several ways with which you can play android games on a windows pc, we are going to show you top 4 ways on how to play any android game on a windows computer and get the best gaming experience just like an android tablet or mobile phone on a PC.

The windows PC running on Intel chips are powerful and sufficient enough to run all the modern games which require a lot of rams even while gaming from a mobile phone, nowadays there is a smartphone with 6 and 8 gigabytes of RAM to handle processes and give you lag less performance.

To play Android Games on Windows PC you will at least need 2GB RAM, Intel I3 processor and 5 to 10 GB of free space on your computer. Now let’s get started with top 4 ways on how to play android games on a windows PC

1. Install Blue stacks to play android games on Windows PC

Bluestack is an android emulator with which you can run any android application on a windows PC without purchasing a separate device, many people use this windows application to do various things like watching movies from bluestack, playing games and many other things which you cannot do in your windows PC.

The latest version of Blue stacks gives you the world-class gaming performance, when you compare this application with other emulators you can easily see the difference in loading up and smoothness, this application gives you performance just like a smartphone in your hand.

Other function of Blue Stacks is you get pre-installed app center from which you can download millions of games for free from the google play store, you can even run crack games, modded applications.

Download and Install Blue Stacks to play Android Games on PC:

  1. You can download Blue stacks from the official website

  1. After the download is completed you can install it and run the application.
  2. Now sign in using your Gmail ID

Please note that after installing the Blue stacks app player first boot may take a while so it is recommended to wait until the application boots up and then you can restart your PC to experience lag less performance.

Install Games on Blue Stacks

There are two ways by which you can install games on Blue Stacks, first one is from Google play store just like you download and install into your smartphone and second one directly installing the APK.

If you have Google Play Store installed into your Blue Stacks app player you can search the game you would like to play and install it and if you do not have play store you can download play store from browser manually and then install the google play store.

There are many websites from which you can directly get the APK version of any Android game you want to play on Windows PC for e.g.

2.Xbox: Microsoft Store Application

If you are running Windows 8 or 10 then you can easily play most of the top-rated Android game on your Windows 10 PC without installing any third-party software that eats up your Hard disk space. Xbox application is developed by windows so will get the best performance without any glitches and you get true gaming experience from windows PC.

Xbox offers you tons of features like live recording and streaming on Facebook or any other social media, or you can just record and later edit and share the video on YouTube. You can make a club and play a game together and compare each other’s achievements.

The Xbox applications bring together players from different parts of the world and you can play multiplayer games with them without paying any charge, you can take a screenshot, record a video, and share your achievements online some of the free multiplayer games on Xbox are Minecraft, Asphalt 8, Modern Combat.

How to Install Xbox application on Windows:

Xbox application comes pre-installed on your windows system but in case if you don’t have or might have deleted you can download and install Xbox on your Windows PC to play android games by the steps given below:

  1. Download Xbox application from this link

  1. Install and Run the application
  2. Now sign in using your Xbox ID
  3. If you do not have the Xbox ID you can Register for free.

Now you can search for games which you would like to play on Windows PC and download it from the Xbox application itself, you can even download Xbox application for your IOS or Android mobile to chat with your friends and check their progress.

Pros and Cons of Xbox for Windows


  • Most of the Top-rated Android Games are supported by Xbox
  • Can directly download and install without installing Blue Stacks software.
  • Millions of players to play in multiplayer mode.
  • Best Gaming experience.


  • Can’t run all the android games which are less popular
  • Very popular games like FIFA are paid, you cannot play multiplayer if you install crack version.

3.Virtual Android GenY Motion

GenY Motion is a Virtual Machine which allows you to install Android operating system on your Current Windows operating system, GenyMotion is just like Blue stack both having some of its pros and cons.

we tested both the application on our Windows PC and to our surprise both the application was capable of playing all the android we throw at it without any lag what so ever.

Genymotion Is not very popular like the Bluestacks and hence developers did not make this application only to run the android application and play games like the Blue stacks.

GenyMotion is a unique platform to bring your Android app to the perfection, you can use this software to develop Android apps and test it so that you don’t have to buy Android phone to check if the app is usable or not.

Genymotion allows you to create your own Android platform, this means that you can choose which Android version you want to run into that system, how much RAM you want etc.

To test Android application for different devices, but here we are talking about gaming so you can use this feature to maximize the RAM to get flawless Gaming experience on Windows PC.


You probably haven’t heard about the name Android X86 it is because many people do not know about this, Android-X86 is an open source project which can be installed into your system just like you install Windows and Linux.

You can play Android Games on this platform as well, it is just like having android operation system on to your Windows PC.

Install Android-X86 to Windows with VM ware

Installing Android-X86 using VM ware workstation is recommended because you will not have to make a separate partition to install a new system into hard disk and also you won’t have to dual boot which if not done properly can boot neck your computer.

  • Download VMWARE WorkStation from the official website

  • Now download the Android-X86.iso and save it on to your desktop

  • Install the VM ware workstation and open it.
  • Now select this ISO file and start with the installation process
  • After selecting the RAM and hard disk which you want to allot to this operating system install it
  • Now you can easily use this Android operating system from VM ware workstation

To play games on this new Android operating system we recommend to allot at least 2GB of RAM and a proper amount of hard disk space so that you can store more games and its data.

We do not recommend installing the Android-X86 directly to your hard disk because this program is not yet fully developed so there are changes that the installation can fail and you can lose your important data.


This was the top 4 ways with which you can Play Android games on your Windows PC, if you are a casual gamer and do not play heavy games we recommend you to install the Blue Stacks applications as it has got very large number of users so the program is easy to use for everyone.

you can get access to google play store and install Cheats and hacks to enhance your gaming experience whereas on the other hand GenyMotion is developed to Test android applications, it can be a great software if you have more RAM you can allot maximum RAM to it and get best ever gaming experience of Android on a Windows PC.

Xbox is also a great platform to play Games but you will only be able to play some of the android games with the help of this software, Android X-86 is something new if you have tried all the above ways and not yet satisfied to can install this operating system with the tutorial given above we are sure you won’t be dissatisfied.

So, that is it how to play android games on Windows PC, we are sure you liked this post and found it useful and if you did make sure to share this post.

Mail bird Review: One of The Best Email Client for Windows

Are you looking for a feature loaded Mail client made for Windows which can ease your daily life by offering you the best features free of cost?


You probably would be thing how? well you can add your contacts, Mail accounts and other important accounts like your WhatsApp and Twitter all in a one place with the help of this software you won’t have to open up different web pages to check out notifications and messages you can do all those things at one place this will help you to focus on your work and get the most out of it.

checkout out detailed review of Mail Bird below to better understand why this program is one of the best Mail Client for Windows.

What is an E-Mail client?

An E-Mail client also known as Mail reader is a computer programme that comes into the category of groupware and its work is to manage Mail of the user’s.

The client is meant to be a role but here it means to manage, compose and work as a receptionist of thousands of Mails of the user so that it won’t cause trouble. It is also referred to “WEBMAIL”.

Like other, client’s Mail client is automatically activated when the user runs it or else it’s idle and does nothing. It stores the Mail of the user on remote servers until the user downloads or requests to see the Mail properly in the remote Mail box so that the Mail don’t jumble.

There are many Mail clients like EUDORA, MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD, OUTLOOK EXPRESS. Today we will tell you about the one desktop Mail client which is better and will keep getting better in future and enhance user experience so that the user could carry out his work without any trouble.

It’s one of the fastest growing Mail clients which was created by Danish Co-Founders and serial entrepreneurs Michael Olsen & Michael Bodekaer.

It’s known as “MAILBIRD”. They faced trouble using Thunderbird which was too slow and hence they formed a team and founded a company named “MAILBIRD” in March 2012 and they established a goal which was to enhance Mail services and smooth processing.

Headquartered in Livit Tech Start-up Ecosystem in Bali, Indonesia the MAILBIRD focuses on speed by using a simple design and offering Mail productivity.

Features of Mail bird

  • Set up multi-account that even supports IMAP & POP3 accounts.
  • Enjoy the all new complete touch support
  • It has Integrated messaging and task management apps
  • It has quite unique productivity features
  • It has the ability to support 17 languages
  • Support calendar apps.
  • Customize according to your taste i.e. Color & layout.


The first version of Mail Bird was released to the public on invite basis as it was still its beta mode. The invited user who used even expressed their opinions and said that the client was better than POSTBOX AND THUNDERBIRD which they used previously.

The successful beta launch excited the company which led to release of the first-ever public beta on April 1, 2013, and millions of people downloaded the client in short span of time.

The company was also awarded the “BEST FREE EMAIL CLIENT FOR WINDOWS” award in May 2013, a month after its public release by “PC WORLD”.

The company then further decided to customize the user experience and decided to release an upgraded version of “MAILBIRD” naming it “MAILBIRD 1.0” on January 27, 2014, and they won another award on its release day by “IT WORLD”.

The company then released another updated version called” MAILBIRD 2.0” on March 17, 2015, which gave the users an ability to connect to video messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook, speed reader and much more and also won another award by IT World in its release month.

Another updated version was released on 26 December 2016.

Written in WPF and C# language the client is easy to use and understand and has good speed, unlike Thunderbird which tends to be slow sometimes. It works on WINDOWS 7 and later versions. The platform used is .NET FRAMEWORK and it’s available for free.

The development of this client is still active and a newer version will be released soon which will further enhance user experience. It supports POP and IMAP accounts and also Gmail accounts as it supports labels and for other accounts, it creates and stores as a folder so as to avoid problems.

You can install Mail bird on your pc easily just visit their website and follow the steps and you will have the client easily installed or for the detail steps you can read down.


  1. Visit their website
  2. Click on the download button and it will automatically download the installer.
  3. Click on the installer (and it only costs 2mb of your data nothing more whereas some other client uses 100 MB of your data to download).
  4. Click on the installer.
  5. A message box will pop out whether you want to allow this app to run or not click “yes”.
  6. A license agreement box will pop up and then press “ACCEPT”.
  7. Select the location where you want to install the app and the language you want to use and click install Mail bird.
  8. The Mail bird client will be downloaded and installed. If you want you can also view a video on how to use the app which will be provided while the client is downloading.

How to Use It Mail Bird?

Using it is very simple to create an account on it and then you can create multiple identities if you want to use more than 2 addresses. Copy messages easily and PRESS V to ease up your work and let Mail bird search your folder rapidly and smoothly. Get a Send and archive button like the one in GMAIL so that you can effectively send and archive important messages.

Delay sending Mail so that you can cancel the delivery if you want to add any other point or paragraph in your Mail.

 For example, I’m about to send Mail and suddenly I remembered that I didn’t add an important line now if I used to delay sending then I will be able to cancel sending and add the line and then send it which makes me convenient and I can stay safe and error-free.

You can also snooze some Mail and read them later.

Block spam messages and read your Mail quietly in peace.

You can compose messages using HTML source editing or rich editing capabilities. You can write your reply on top of any original Mail and also insert your comments and answers inline into the quoted text and then Mail bird sets your reply apart with default Color and precedes them using your name.


For sending files to connect your Dropbox account or any other file sharing site account/service and boom attaching files is now piece of cake for you and easily send files without any incontinence’s.

For Folders when you create an account Mail bird sets up folders like archive and inbox which work exemplarily and stores your e-Mail neatly.

Set up shortcuts on your account and access any folder easily. It also creates labels that copy the Mail and you can also delete Mail easily with one click though you need to select Mail you want to delete.

It uses SMTP server and encrypts you Mail data and Mail account so that it’s always a secret for others.

Pros and cons of MAILBIRD


  • It Lets you compose Mail in rich text font also supports plain text formats.
  • If your pc/laptop is touchscreen swipe fast and reads faster with speed reader which shows you every word in an Mail.
  • Integrate with Dropbox for smooth flow of storage.
  • Manage your contact address in a contact book.
  • Setup a google calendar if you want to.
  • Assign shortcuts to ease up the usage.
  • Supports 3 accounts simultaneously.
  • Postpone Mail quickly without any worries.
  • Smooth speed compared to other clients.
  • Have you owned signature when you send an Mail or receive an e-Mail?


  • Though being fast it doesn’t have smart filters or automation tools for suggesting replies or filing folders.
  • One of the problems of Mail bird is it cannot identify key Mail smartly.
  • Though searching is fast and convenient there are fewer options and criteria compared to Thunderbird.
  • The premium version is not free.

Conclusion: –

Though there are many other e-Mail clients out their Mail bird is unique in its own way.

If you fancy Sparrow Mac So then you can have Mail bird for Windows. Designed with an inspiration of sparrow Mail bird is advanced and updating which will smoothen up your usage and let you work quickly, safely and quickly.

If you want to use MAILBIRD use it if not look for other clients why? Because it means you like wasting time, don’t you?

Mail bird is still in development so there will be more updates in future that will provide better usage and performance. It’s free to use and it’s easy and smooth as a cat’s fur.

Connect to Mail bird using your FACEBOOK OR WHATSAPP account and store messages which helps you a lot as sometimes we are too busy to look at the messages and we tend to forget to read them.

Top 10 Best Voice Recording Apps for Windows 10 users

Audio Recording is one of the most important parts of media production, it is very much important to record a clear voice to convey the message you desire to your audience, the top 10 application which we are going to list down below are already been used by large-scale media productions and professional artists.

These applications are usable by almost everyone from beginners to professional, from the person who just wants to record a video for YouTube to a person who wants to make a film, the 10 application we are going to show in this post might be familiar to you but you can learn more about it as we have also mentioned detailed review of every application to help you better understand.



The Reason this application is on our number one list is that it is widely used by millions of people, Audacity is an open source free audio recording and editing application. This application can be used on your Windows 10, Mac OS or Linux and the developers are consistently keeping this application up-to-date by releasing a patch every month to fix bugs or add more feature to it.

You can record Audio from your microphone, soundcard or another recording device with the help of Audacity or if you just want to edit the audio clip you can just import the audio file to audacity and edit it.

Audacity supports 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit which provides best sound quality. The editing, on the other hand, is as simple as doing copy paste in a PC, you get options to cut, copy, paste, delete and there are other tools for enhancing the audio quality.

2.WavePad Audio Editing Application

The WavePad Audio editing application is full features professional music editor for Windows 10, it is used and recommended by many professionals because of its easy to use features which anyone can use doesn’t matter if you are a beginner it’s very easy to learn and operate. It has all the basic functions like cut, copy, paste and deletes to edit different parts of the audio.

Many audio recording applications miss on effects but in this application, you can the option to add effects like echo and noise reduction.

This application supports all the audio file format including, gsm, wrong, real audio, au, mp3, wav, ogg and many more. We recommend you using this application as it is easy to use and also fully feature loaded at the same it.

3.Studio One

If you are a professional and looking for very high-quality audio editing application look no furthermore, The PreSonus Studio One is modern cross-platform DAW that is capable of operating as a 32-Bit or 64-Bit program.

Minimum required specifications to use Studio One application for windows is Intel Core 2 Duo AMD Athlon X2 processor but Intel core I3 is recommended to get better performance, if you have I3 processor then it is recommended to use Windows 10 as it is more user-friendly to the latest Windows operating system.

You can Try this application for 30 days for free from its official website before purchasing to check if this is the application suitable for you or you can find many more awesome applications like this in this post.


Wavosaur is a free audio recording and editor application for Windows 10 users, this application is used by beginners to edit, process and record sound in common file types like wav and Mp3 but it does support many other file types.

Wavosaur has all the basic features like cut copy paste and deletes you can produce music loops, analyze, record and convert using this application.

Although this application does not have all the features like the ones featured above this article it does it job if you do not have very high specification pc or you just don’t want to store large program into your system the good news is that this application size is only 303KB.

Wavosaur developers also provide you with the starters guide with which you can learn to use this audio recording application.


Leapic is a free audio editing and recording application, using this application you can convert, mix, amplify and add effects to your audio clip. The basic functions like cut, copy, paste and delete are included. Leapic is well known for its effects adding the feature you can effects like fade in, fade out, delay and many more.

Different features of Leapic Audio editor are:

  • Apply multiple filters like pass filter, low pass filter etc.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Apply effects to sound
  • Record audio from Audio receiver
  • Undo-Redo Capabilities.

6.Mixcraft 8

Mixcraft is a award winning audio recording application developed by Acustica, Inc. there are three different versions and you have to choose one which is suitable for your usage.

Mixcraft Home studio: It is an entry level recording studio which is limited to 16 tracks of audio and MIDI. It contains 20 audio effects and 6 virtual instruments.

Mixcraft Recording Studio: This is a default and download only version of application, you can record unlimited audios, and it includes a loop library of 7,000 Loops and sound effects.

Mixcraft Pro studio: This is a professional Application it has 12 instruments compared to Mixcraft home studio which has 5 instruments, and 35 sound effects. This program is only for professional musicians and producers.

7.Windows Voice Recorder

Windows 10 has its own voice recorder pre-installed and it is being used by millions of people to record although it is not like any other professional application, you can use this default application to record voice if you do not like writing journals about your daily life and it has a unique feature with which you can mark important moments.

for example you are recording a audio of 2 minutes and there is something important at 1min which you do not want to miss when you listen to the clip again then it’s a very useful feature.

Windows Voice recorder is useful for everyone from students who would like to record lecture to the person who would like to record his interview for a job to better understand where he made mistake and where he did well to further improve himself. This application is available on windows as well as Android mobile.

If you do not have this application pre-installed on your windows PC then we recommend you to sign-in into your Microsoft application store and download it officially from there for free.

8.Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder is again a free application, if you are looking for a small application with does not eats up lots of space then this one is best for you it has many cool features and the best thing is it works with all the windows operating system including Windows 10.

Using this application is quite simple all you have to do is select the quality in which you want to record the audio (higher the quality more space it will take to save the audio file) then select the file format or keep it to mp3 by default you can even change the sample rate and bitrate if you are familiar with the terms or just keep it to default.

We really liked this application because of its Tweak file size and quality and it can record various input sources. The things we did not like are it\’s not so great Interface.

9.Easy Sound Recorder

Easy sound recorder is small and reliable voice recorder application for Windows 10 users, you can record live stream using this application from your computer or just record and save it directly to google drive or hard disk, we really liked this feature as if you have space issue then it can easily save directly to Cloud storage without taking your computer hard disk space.

10.Podium Free

Podium is a free application by Zynewave, it is a fully functional application but it has some limitations over the paid version of the same recording application which we will discuss below.

Using this application, you can record and edit your audio but what sets this application apart from other application is it gives you certain extra features like Drums, ambience, Guitars. You can easily edit all the instruments according to your likings separately

Features that are missing on Free version

  • MIDI interface setup is limited to one input and one output
  • 64-Bit mixer engine is not present
  • Rewire is disabled
  • Surround sound is disabled

This was top 10 best voice recording apps for Windows 10 users, all the applications we featured in this post are great if you are looking to up the recording game some of the applications were paid so we recommend you to try the trial version first before paying because it may not be suitable to your preference, we hope you liked this post make sure to share it with your friends and family.

Top 10 Best Watermark Software for Windows & Mac

Looking for some of the best Watermark Software for Windows & Mac computers? Well if the answer is yes then you are at the right place. In the online world, it is quite tough to protect stuff that you have created.

For an example, if you have clicked a photograph and uploaded it to social media sites. Then someone may download the photo and upload it again without giving you a credit. So what is the solution for such issues? Well, that\’s where Watermark Software comes from the light. It helps you to protect the things that you have created.

Now if you are wondering what would be the best application to add a watermark to your Photograph or file. Then read on and we will be sharing Watermark Software Top 10 Best Watermark Software for Windows & Mac. So let\’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Top 10 Best Watermark Software for Windows & Mac:

PDF Element:

At the first, we have the PDF Element. Just in case if you are someone who writes an eBook and share them online. Then this tool is a perfect solution for you. Since the main purpose of the application is to edit a PDF file, and when it comes to editing there is always an option to add a watermark.

However, on the internet, there are quite a lot of applications already available but this one does the job in a pretty good way.  Apart from the bunch of the options available on the PDF element, it comes with an interesting feature.

The interesting feature allows you to edit or delete an existing Watermark on a PDF file. Or you can add one by yourself. The tool is super easy to use and has a nice user interface. Simply load a file and from the options select watermark then you are all set to add a watermark to your PDF. However, the tool is not free but comes with a trial version. So make sure you are checking the application out.


Up next, we have the uMark application. This tool is a perfect solution to add watermark to your images. Also, the uMark application is available on Mac and Windows-based computers.

It does not just let you add a watermark to your images. But it lets you add a watermark to a bunch of photos at a single go. Also, if you are a photographer who sells his or her clicked photographs online then you can use the watermark tiling feature to protect your photos in a maximum way.

Also, you can add barcodes and shapes as a watermark to your photographs. You can also add borders and shadow to your images also you can add EXIF and other metadata as watermarks.

Another good thing about the application is that you can save a watermark for later use as well. However, the application is not free, but it offers a trial version. So, consider downloading the application and check out if it meets your requirements or not.

Mass Watermark:

For our next suggestion, we have handpicked the Mass Watermark Application. The watermark application easy to use. It can add a watermark to any image in just a few clicks.  It supports quite a lot of photo extension. Such as you can add a watermark to a jpeg, png, bmp, tiff and gif file format.

Also, one more good thing about the application is that you can add watermark to a bunch of images at a single click. Apart from these features, the application lets you create your custom watermark logo, you can retouch your images before watermarking with unique image optimizer.

You can also batch resize images to meet web standards and so on. The application is based on both of the computer operating systems but it is not a free to use the tool. But comes with a trial version, so make sure you are checking that out.

Visual Watermark:

Just in case if you are a Mac User and specifically you are looking for a watermark Mac-based tool to add a watermark to your photos. Then you should try out the Visual Watermark.

The application is completely designed for the mac based users and allows you to add a watermark to your 100 photos at once. All you have to do is install the folder then select some photos or a single one.

Then create a watermark and place it on the photo. Then select an output folder and you are done. You can also resize images before watermarking them, also it allows you to save your watermark for later use. The application comes with more than 260 types of fonts also if you still do not like the fonts. Then you can add a custom one. However, the application is not free so make sure you are checking this tool out as well.

JaCo Watermark:

Just in case if you are looking for a window based solution then consider checking out the JaCo Watermark. Also, the good thing about the application is that it is free to use. Talking about the features of the application, it has an easy to use interface.

It allows you to process images in bulk. It supports quite a lot of file formats. Such as BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, WBMP and so on. So make sure you are checking the tool out.

ArcLab Watermark Studio:

Up next, we have the Arc Lab watermark studio. It is one of the best alternatives to the Visual Watermark application.  Talking about the features, the application lets you add multiple text and images as a watermark to your photos. It also allows you to add true-transparency watermarks with custom opacity.

You can also place the watermark in multiple positions at once and add a watermark in multiple layers. You are also getting the batch processing feature for files and folders. You can also resize and convert an image. However, the tool is only based on Windows and comes with a premium version.

But just in case if you want to try out the software before purchasing then there is a free version available. So, make sure you are checking it out.

TSR Watermark Image:

For our next suggestion, we have the TSR Watermark Image application. The tool is windows based and comes with a premium version. However, if your goal is to add a watermark to your images in bulk then the free version would work.

It comes with some nice features, such as for maximum protection it helps you to create watermarks which are hard to remove. The tool is easy to use and you can add watermark to thousands of photos at once.  So, make sure you are checking out the tool.

Alamoon Watermark:

For our next suggestion, we have handpicked the Alamoon Watermark application. It also has the same features like all the above-mentioned application.

However, talking about the highlights, it supports varieties of file formats such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, PBM, PGM, PPM, GIF, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX, WMF, FAX, PSD, PDD, PSP, CUT and PCD Image Formats. With the application, you can also add a date stamp.

Also, you can add images. Apart from these features, you will be able to watermark. However, the tool is not available for Mac-based computers. But if you are a windows user then you can consider downloading the application. However, you have to pay a little fee for the app. Or you can try out the trial version.


Up next, we have the WatermarkLib. WatermarkLib is a completely free to use watermarking application that you can use. This application adds a very strong watermark on images that no one can remove.

You can also add watermark to a bunch of photos at once. You can even customize font type, size, color and opacity of your watermark text. It also supports all popular image formats, including JPEG, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TGA, TIFF. So, make sure you are checking the application out.

watermark Pro:

At the end, we have the watermark Pro. The tools are not just available for Mac-based computers but there is also a version available for Windows users as well. Even it supports mobile operating systems too.

It comes with 10 types of watermarks which includes, stamps, text graphics, QR codes, signature and so on. It can also process images in bulk and has some other nice features. However, it comes with a price tag as well there is no trial version available for the website. So, make sure you are having a look at the official website and then making a purchase decision.

So that was all for the Top 10 Best Watermark Software for Windows & Mac. So make sure you are checking each every watermark software listed above and pick up the best one for yourself. Also, if you have any questions. Then you can comment below and we will surely help you out.

How to make Windows 10 look like Windows 7

Some people are not made for changes. They generally don’t get satisfied with changes.

If you are one of such kind and you like the classic windows 7 more than windows 10 but unfortunately, you have got a newer laptop with windows 10 then you are landed on the right spot.

Today, We will be taking a look at “How to make windows 10 look like windows 7”.

We will be changing the look of windows 10 to 7 by customising few things and make them look like windows 7. So, there will be no changes in the software part.

We have divided this procedure into few simple and easy steps. Let’s get started with the Steps of customising windows 10 and make it look like windows 7.

Steps to make windows 10 look like windows 7

1)Add the start menu

Now, There is no start menu in windows 10 which was available in windows 7. Start menu makes the work more easier and fast for some users.

Still You can add start menu with any third party application. There are tons of such applications available on the internet. So, which one is the best application to get back the start menu?

Well, the answer for this question is Classic shell. As its name suggests, it brings back that classic start menu which gives your desktop a classic look and it will also make your work a lot more easier.

You will be also able to access that search bar which is a great thing as it has the capability to search for anything on the computer.

This software supports almost all laptops and computers. It does not requires any type of additional downloading material. Just download this software, give it the permission to access over the computer and activate it. You will get the classical search menu which was available in windows 7. This was the first step to make windows 10 look like windows 7. Let’s now move on to the second step of customising your windows 10 to make it look like windows 7.

2)Hide Cortana

Cortana is a smart assistant that comes preloaded with windows 10. Now, Cortana is not available for windows 7 so, if you want to make your windows 10 look like windows 7 then you need to hide cortana.

Hiding cortana is a pretty simple job, you don’t need to download any type of third party software. You can do it by some clicks without any hassle.

All you need to do is that go to the start menu. Right click on cortana and hide it to make your job easier. Cortana will be hidden from the start menu and you won\’t be able to access it from their.

This was the easiest way to hide cortana from windows 10. There are some other ways too which helps you to permanently disable cortana but we will recommend you to go with this way to make your job easier.

2)Get the Old-style volume controls 

There is a horizontal volume bar on windows 7 which gives it a unique look. If you want to access such unique look by adding those Old-style volume controls.

Adding these Old-style is a bit complicated process so if you don’t want to go through this process than you can simply skip this step as it does not effects much.

The Steps to get the old style volume controls are given below:

Step 1- Hold the “Windows” key along with “R” key simultaneously. After that, you will see a Run pop up window. Now all you need to do is to type “regedit” in this box and click on the Ok button to proceed to the next step.

Step 2- You will be transferred to a folder. Now, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE< SOFTWARE <Microsoft <Windows NT <CurrentVersion.

Step 3- Once you are transferred to CurrentVersion, click on the right button and then tap new. You will be asked to name the key. Name it MTCUVC.

Step 4- MTCUVC folder will be created. Again right click on this folder and go to new. Now enter DWORD (32-bit).

Step 5- Click on rename and name it EnableMtcUvc. Now double click on this folder.

Step 6- Now select the value to 0 and click ok.

The Process Is done. You will be able to see the Old style volume controls after clicking onto the icon which is present in the Taskbar. We have completed 80% steps which can make your windows 10 look like windows 7. Now let\’s complete the last 20% with the last step of making your windows 10 look like windows 7.

3)Get back the Calendar

By the same process mentioned above which helps you to get back the old style volume buttons, you can also get back the Ckender which was present in windows 7 easily by this process.

The only change you need to do is that go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE< Microsoft,< Windows, < CurrentVersion and < ImmersiveShell.

All the remaining steps are same except this one. So, you can get back the calender of windows 7 easily without any kind of hassle.

This Calendar will give you the feel of using windows 7 as it is available in windows 7 but not windows 10.


This was a really simple and easy way to make your windows 10 look like windows 7. You won\’t feel any issue with the process as it is working without any hassle flawlessly.

If you don’t like using windows 10 that much than this tutorial will help you to experience windows 7 or if you are unable to degrade to windows 7 for some reason then this tutorial might be helpful for you.

Make sure to follow all the instructions carefully otherwise this tutorial may not work for you.

This was our tutorial on “How to make windows 10 look like windows 7”. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more tech brewed content.

How to Transfer and Read iBooks on Windows Computers

iBook is a great choice if you want to gather information or entertainment.

It gives you the ability to enjoy your favourable book at any point of time without any hassle.

Sometimes, when you want to read books on your computer screen for a bigger display but the question is “How to Transfer and Read iBooks on Windows Computers?”

Well, you were looking for the answer for this question then you are landed on the right spot as Today, we will be taking a look at the 2 best methods by which you can Transfer and Read iBooks in Windows Computer.

Let’s get started with the 1st method:-

Transfer through iTunes

What if I tell you that you can even transfer iBooks to your computer system directly through iTunes?

Yes, it is possible. You can directly transfer iBooks through iTunes easily and the process is very easy and simple.

Note:- You will be able to transfer the iBooks which are purchased through the iBook store only. If you want to transfer any iBook from unknown sources than you should skip reading this method and move to the 2nd one.

Let’s have a look on the steps by which you can transfer iBooks through iTunes:-

Step 1- You need to download iTunes on your computer. You can easily download it through the internet. Once the download completes, now it’s time to launch the application. Also Make sure to connect your iPhone/iPad with your computer system.

Step 2- Now, head towards the iTunes summary and go to file devices then Transfer purchases. From here, you will be able to Transfer all the iBooks to your computer system that you purchased through the iBook store.

Let’s now move towards the second method of transferring your iBooks to your computer system.

Transfer through EaseUS 

EaseUS is a free to use tool which helps you to Transfer iBooks to your computer system. It will transfer iBooks to computer system even if it is downloaded from unknown sources unlike iTunes. It is a really convenient method of transferring iBooks from iPad/iphone to computer system.

Let’s have a look at the steps to transfer iBooks to computer system through EaseUS:-

Step 1- First step is to Download EaseUS for windows. You can easily download it from its official website. After downloading EaseUS install it and launch the application.

Step 2- Next step is to connect your iPhone/ipad to your desktop and allow “Trust this Computer” popup on Iphone/ipad. Tap on “Transfer to computer” option which is available on the main homepage.

Step 3- Once you click on Transfer to computer, EaseUS will start scanning all the files. You can choose any iBook which you want to share on your desktop.

Step 4- You can customise the route of transferred iBooks through the Browse option. All the transferred files will be saved in “Exported by Mobimover” folder in the computer system by default. You can transfer any iBook to your computer systemaithout any hassle by clicking on the Transfer button on your iPhone/iPad device.


These were 2 methods by which you can transfer iBooks to your computer system easily and flawlessly without any hassle.

You can use any of the mentioned methods in this list. EaseUS does have some extra cool features like you can even transfer iBooks which were downloaded from unknown sources.

We will recommend you using the 2nd method mentioned in this list which is done by using the EaseUS application because it has some extraordinary features and it is absolutely free.

Even EaseUS has an inbuilt iBook reader so you will be able to see and read books directly with help of application.

We will recommend you using the 1 method only when you are unable to use the 2nd method for any reason because it is way better and easier than the 1st method.

In both of the mentioned methods, your device needs to be physically connected

with the computer system. The transmission speed of EaseUS is a bit faster than the transmission speed of iTunes. The quality remains the same in both the cases.

iTunes has an average user interface but the user interface of EaseUS is really good and simple. You won\’t face any problems regarding the User interface. EaseUS is a completely free application and there is no premium or paid version. So, it means that you will get good performance in EaseUS without any compromises for absolutely no cost.

Overall, we will suggest you to go with the second method. If the second method doesn\’t worms for you then you should consider trying 1st method.

This was our tutorial on “How to Transfer and Read iBooks on Windows Computers”. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more Tech brewed content.

Top 7 Mobi Readers for PC supporting Windows 7/8.1/10

Free top 7 Mobi Readers for PC supporting Windows 7/8.1/10 |Now keep Reading Mobi Ebooks on Computer & Laptop

The general format that the Ebooks are available in is .mobi. It is the de-facto format for Amazon Kindle reader. People generally find difficulties in reading the Ebooks on their PCs and laptops. Now, in order to open the Ebooks in .mobi format, one requires certain applications to be installed on the PCs as well as the laptops.

Here is the list of top 7 mobi readers for personal computers as well as laptops supported with Windows 7, 8.1 & Windows 10 that will let you read the mobi Ebooks straight on your desktop or laptop. These are easily available to download at free of cost for you to keep reading.

Reader # 1 – MobiPocket Mobi Reader

.mobi ebook format is being owned by the full-fledged company named “MobiPocket Inc” which is later being acquired by Amazon. Being a product of the parent company,  MobiPocket’s Mobi Reader for PC/laptops is capable enough to view every drm free mobi ebook which is being imported into it.

Below are the various features that this reader provides apart from organizing the .mobi ebooks in a great Graphic User Interface:

  • Book Highlighting & annotation.
  • Publishing the personal eBooks.
  • An inbuilt digital dictionary that is just one-click away.

It is one of the easiest ways to .mobi Ebooks on your PC/laptops amongst all the other readers available online. MobiPocket also provides an aid to digital library organization and sync.

Reader # 2 – FbReader

This one is another most popular as well as free MobiPocket readers, which states “Favorite Book Reader”. The USP of this reader lies in the fact that it does not only read the .mobi formats but also supports .epub format. It also comes up with the distraction free book viewer that helps in resolving all the distractions and helps the readers to continue the reading in a smoother flow.

It is really very easy to download and install FbReader due to its minimal file size of meagre 5MB. It is even compatible for the systems with low hardware configurations and lower CPU resource consumptions.

Reader # 3 – Calibre

Calibre is not just an ebook reader but also considered as a complete ebook management program. The ebook reader is inbuilt in the complete ebook management program that functions really smooth.

Through this caliber reader, one can not only access and read the mobi ebooks on your PC or laptop but also can convert the same in many other formats as well. It is also accompanied with an inbuilt portal wherein one can download the drm free mobi ebooks for happy reading.

One of the major drawback that this reader has is its heavy file size. Since it provides multiple features, the file size is quite heavy which is around 70MB, this makes it difficult to download and installation. However, if we look at the numerous of features that this reader provides, and then it is actually worth having the patience to download with such a heavy size.

Reader # 4 – Amazon Kindle Reader for Desktop App –

This one is amongst the best one of all the reader that is available in the market. It is being developed by Amazon itself.

The biggest problem with this reader is that it only allows the reader to read only those ebook that is available in one’s Amazon account and will restrict the access to the other downloaded ebooks on your computer and laptop. However, if one loves to read and is having a nice collection of ebooks in their Amazon account, then this reader is considered to be the best choice.

Reader # 5 – Sumatra PDF

As the name suggests, Sumatra PDF is actually a powerful PDF reader, but this is capable enough to support many of the ebook formats epub,cbr,cbz and even .mobi ebook. This one is more recommendable for the older systems with Window 7 configuration. Since there are no inbuilt PDF readers in the older systems, this reader plays a dual role of a PDF reader as well as an ebook reader. Due to its minimal file size, Sumatra PDF is one of the quality freeware which is quite easy to download and install as well as access the .mobi files.

Another add-on advantage that this reader provides is its portability. This is one of the readers that is available in the portable format which makes it easy to port your ebook reader onto any of the systems in a USB thumb drive and continue with the happy reading.

Reader # 6 – Mobi File Reader

Mobifile is one of the compact and tiny mobi ebook readers perfectly suitable for your windows PC and laptops. It is a simple freeware application that lets you access the mobi ebooks on your system. It comes from an indie-developer and gets the job done without any fuss.

It is a quite simple reader that does not comes up with numerous of features like library organization that many other readers do provides. However, this one is still capable of converting the mobi ebooks into txt, and html files.

Reader # 7 – IceCream Ebook Reader 

IceCream Ebook reader is another most efficient and powerful mobi file reader for Windows. It can read many of the ebook formats than .mobi that many of the readers do not supports. The few supported formats are fb2, epub formats etc.

There is also a trial version of IceCream Ebook reader available to download that allows only 10 ebooks inside its digital library and one is restricted to edit the metadata about them. But if one is comfortable reading only the selected collection and avoid having the multiple ebooks in his library, then this one can be the best choice for you.

Configure your resident Windows 10 firewall with ease

Your PC’s firewall is typically software or a component – usually both –and installed to keep you safe from malicious interests when you’re active on your machine. Named after terminology more usually associated with the firefighting fraternity, firewalls have been components of PCs for over 30 years. They remain part of the baseline security of computing and perform the same function they did from the very beginning.

Fortunately, although they were never that complicated, today’s firewalls are typically very intuitive and easy to set up. Along with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and generally diligent online behavior, the Windows 10 firewall is an essential security component of a connected life. Be aware that with a new PC running Windows 10, the machine might come with the firewall either pre-set On or Off. While the default setting is predominantly On, here at Computers in the City we still come across wholly disabled PCs. Follow these simple steps to ensure its properly enabled and that you’re protected from the start.

The Windows 10 firewall shortcut

It’s always wise to remain behind your firewall when on your PC, although it’s a basic construct of a computer that’s far too easy to overlook. Much like medical or household insurance, a firewall can indeed seem superfluous until you get hit by opportunistic malware. The Windows 10 firewall is also pretty savvy software, and it has your best interests at heart. It will protect your personal files and data, and especially when browsing online, you should always have the firewall actively enabled.

Before setting up your resident Windows 10 firewall, there might be a few considerations you’ll want to check first.

  • If you have other antivirus software installed on your PC, it’s a good idea to temporarily disable it while you set up the Windows 10 firewall. There can be a conflict between apps at times, and the resident firewall should supersede any other extra antivirus you might have.
  • If your firewall hassles you by blocking something you’re trying to download, it’s still not essential to disable your firewall, but rather go through the following steps:
  1. Hit the Windows key and enter Control Panel.
  2. Click it as an option when it appears at the top of the pane, and you’ll access this window:
  3. Select System and Security and you’ll click through to this window:
  4. Choose the second option of Windows Defender Firewall and then select the Allow an app through Windows Firewall option that’s shown beneath it.This allows for a temporary “free pass” for your download and won’t necessitate disabling the Windows 10 firewall. It will facilitate a once-off download, by following the screen prompts shown here:

    TIP: You can select Browse if the app youre after isnt shown in the list, as depicted above.

    Standalone setup of your Windows 10 firewall

    If you haven’t been prompted by conflicts in downloading, and indeed before you are, setting up the Windows 10 Firewall should take place as a standalone process. You can follow this stepsto optimize the protection you need when browsing on your PC:

  • Click the Windows key and go to Control Panel as shown above.
  • Choose System and Security. This will open the following window:
  • You’ll be able to see here if the firewall is on and, if it’s indeed set to On, you’re all good. If it isn’t set to On, select the left-hand side option that says Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.
  • In the following window, switch your firewall on:

That’s all there is to it! Not only are you now officially Windows-savvy, you’re now ideally protected on your PC. There are also a few points worth noting before looking at Advanced settings:

  • When you’re in the window shown below, don’t get mixed up by the split pane in the center of the screen showing various options of Private networks and Guest or public networks. You and your home or office internet connection constitute the Private networks. The Guest or public network, as shown beneath the title onscreen, is referring to mobile usage, for when you’re away from your usual connection and might connect to unfamiliar networks. Ensure the Public networks is selected as On:
    • It’s easy to adjust settings on the Windows 10 firewall and, even where apps or plugins come without your known consent, you can configure the firewall to stop their outbound communication while you’re online.

    Now that your firewall is on and active, make the process a more detailed configuration tutorial and click on Advanced settings in the left side bar:

    • Clicking on Advanced settings will pop up the following window:
    • Selecting Inbound Rules or, as in this example, Outbound Rules in the left sidebar displays a further detailed list showing configurations, as in the screenshot below:
      • Here you can select any item and reconfigure what or who gains access to your user network. Outbound connections are typically allowed by default.

      Tip: If you lose your way while wondering what is whatand who youre enabling or what youre blocking, just click Restore Defaults. Even further down the line, to adjust access as you please, you can always redo this setup process by clicking Restore Defaults.

      • When you might need to block an outbound connection, you’ll note Outbound Rules and, beneath it, choose the connection you’ Now select New Rule in the right-side pane to access this window:
      • To demonstrate things for yourself, as shown above click on Port and then hit the Next Choose TCP as the first option and then Specific remote ports as the second, inserting 80 in the available line space, as shown below. Selecting Port 80 will block all connectivity because it’s the HTTP port every web browser uses:
      • Click Next and, as a test and for the purposes of this example, choose Block the connection.
      • Then you’ll select the various profiles that you want to apply this new configuration to – Domain, Private and Public.
      • Give what you’ve done a name, and you’ll have successfully reconfigured your Windows 10 firewall! Now when you go to the web on your browser, the following message will be displayed:

        Congratulations! You’ve just set up your very own new rule and configured your Windows 10 firewall. Setup this way, it will mean all internet access is blocked until you reset that selection. A short route to escape is to select Checking firewall and antivirus configurations as shown above, through which you’ll access the options to reverse what you did a moment ago.If it all seems too much like confusing detail for you (and you’re in the London, UK area), we’ll come and view your tech setup, inspect your PC, and ensure all available protection is on and optimized. If you’d like comprehensive and known control over your network, let us ensure your system is running as seamlessly as it should for maximum security and your peace of mind.

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How to fix the ‘blue screen of death’ on your Windows PC

Blue Screen of Death Windows 10

Do you have a restore point set up on your Windows PC? If, like most of the world, your answer is “Uuh… no,” then it’s always better to get a restore point loaded for future reference sooner rather than later. At mustardit, we know that a surprising percentage of PC repair shop customers wouldn’t be there if they’d just remember a few basic usage tips for Windows PCs. High on that list is: set up a restore point!

In the early days of a new PC, establish a restore point in anticipation of future issues. Often the tail end of a PC’s life sees the owner back and forth to the repair shop, trying out various fixes to prolong its use. This scenario isn’t always avoidable, as PCs – like cars and scooters and espresso machines – all wear down, and mechanical failure will require professional intervention. Many operating system (OS) issues can, however, be resolved by the owner, although this information isn’t usually shared by those who make good money out of easy fixes!

Restore points and “manageable” minor crashes

Much like property insurance or health coverage – that we often pay for yet feel is irrelevant – aren’t we glad it’s there when we need it? A restore point is exactly the same. It can make the difference between years of further pleasant use of your PC, or an unwelcome and often sudden expense or machine change. It’s that blunt and brutal.

The simple act of setting up a restore point means you can often eliminate system glitches in a few minutes at your home or office. When your PC is dragging its feet and barely functional, restore points are an easy solution. To establish a restore point on a Windows 10 PC:

  • Press the Windows key and start typing “Create a restore point” and that exact title will pop into the dialogue box.
  • Select it, and under System Protection, at the bottom, select “Create.” Name the restore point and follow the last prompts to completion.

Now, you have the reassurance that if any issue appears over time that can be resolved with a system restore, you’re good to go. Alongside this and, indeed, as a baseline recommendation for PC use, make sure you consistently back up your data on a regular basis if you’re not in the cloud. If you’re erratic with backups or nervous about migrating to the cloud, IT support (like us!) can build a watertight solution to safeguard your data and ensure you’re getting optimum security and safe, accessible storage.

Personal files won’t be deleted if you need to do a system restore, although some apps might be affected. None of this matters if they were freeware, or if you have a product license. Creating a restore point remains in the realm of manageable DIY answers to a minor crash or perpetual buggy behaviour.

Reviving a completely crashed machine 1-2-3

How to fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10

What happens when your PC keeps crashing, though? Your PC crashes and all attempts at rebooting just take you back to a hanging blue or black screen? This hack won’t always work, but it’s simple and easy for anyone to do. Officially not a “hack,” but rather a system protocol, this method does work in the vast majority of cases. Whether your PC switches on and allows you to toggle between screens or not, this method of resetting is basically what the techie at the store is doing when they say “Come back later in four or five hours.”

There are three simple steps to escape haunting by the blue screen of death, and some tech-savvy users even periodically reset their PCs, notwithstanding (and sometimes because of) perpetual OS and individual app updates.

  1. To start, if you’re still navigating successfully on your machine, save and close everything you’re working on. Close all open apps and shut the machine down. Ideally, you’ll shut down correctly following the system prompts, but if your PC is hanging and there’s no response, force shutdown and start with step two.
  2. Wait for at least two minutes before switching your machine back on. Then, as you switch on and watch your machine boot up, as the BIOS screen appears (or when start-up goes to a black screen) hit the F11 key. You’ll be taken to new menu options that lead you to repair alternatives.
  3. Displayed options will include saving or removing apps, as well as OS and other data that demand a decision. When in doubt, opt to save things you don’t recognize. By keeping files and perhaps other data, you won’t impact the success of the reset. The whole process should only last a half hour or so, but sometimes longer.

Tip three and a half? Resist the temptation to chase or otherwise fiddle during resetting after it commences. Let the machine do its thing. If you force shutdowns because you’re frustrated, you can’t expect a legitimate cure from the attempt. And tip number three and three quarters? If the first run doesn’t work, try it two or three more times again. Don’t just accept the first attempt’s results if it fails.

If you’re living without IT support attending to your technology needs, these tips should steer you out of debilitating crashes borne of system failures. Of course, the idea is to have professional oversight that’ll prevent you from getting to the point of failing tech. If you find yourself alone in the nightmare of a failing PC, however, following the steps above should see you back up and running happily again in no time.

After a crash and reset, be diligent about shutting down regularly and correctly. Treat your PC as you do your car or juice extractor – as a machine with working parts – and shut it down whenever it’s not in use. This will also optimize your PC’s performance and, ultimately, its longevity too.

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