How to Configure Orbot with Orfox

Configuring Orbot with OrFox Tor browser to access Tor network on Android

Keeping in mind the amount of data that is being snooped every day by various cookies, trackers as well as the Government agencies, it is becoming essential to maintain the online security and privacy of the data. In order to overcome the network censorship or for accessing the .onion websites that are private routing websites on Tor network, it is quite necessary to connect the device to Tor network.

How to Configure Orbot with OrFox Tor Browser on Android to access Tor –

There are many processes to connect any of the Android devices to the Tor network. However, configuring Orbot proxy for Tor with Orfox browser to access Tor network is the official and considered to be the most secured method. This can be done on any version of android including  Kitkat , Lollipop, Marshmallow , Nougat (4.4 , 5.1, 6.0 , 7).

Pre-Requisites – Below are the few requisites that are essential for configuring Orbot with Orfox Tor browser on Android devices:

  • Official Tor applications are required to be installed for following the official Tod method. One needs to install Orbot proxy for Tor & Orfox Tor browser on their Android devices.
  • The set up for Orbot Proxy with Tor for your Android device is available at the below link:

Click here to Download Orbot Proxy with Tor for Android from Google Play Store.

  • A browser that will use the relay bridge being connected by Orbot-Orfox needs to be installed on your android device.
  • The browser can be downloaded from the below link:

Click here to Download OrFox Tor Browser for Android from Play Store.

  • Now that both the essentially required application has been installed, one needs to ensure that the device is connected with a strong internet connection before proceeding further for connecting to Tor network.

Method to Connect OrFox Browser to OrBot Tor Proxy on Android –

Below are finally the sequences of steps that need to be followed for connecting the Orfox browser to Orbot Tor proxy network on your Android device:

  • Once the applications have been installed on your Android device, open the Orbot application. It will show a pop-up having a grey colored onion logo along with the message “long press to start”.
  • Press this “long press to start” button to start connecting to the Tor network.
  • Orbot will now be connected to Tor network. Once the connection has been successfully established, a pop-up will be shown displaying “Connected to the Tor Network” message.
  • Now, once the connection has been successfully established, simply click on the browser icon inside the Orbot or launch Orfox browser from the menu.
  • Below is the link from where you can check the status of your Tor connection that is available inside the Orfox browser itself:

  • This URL will also ensure that you are securely connected to Tor network.
  • In order to protect the privacy and security along with preventing the Snooping of data online, Orfox often blocks taking screenshots.


You have been now successfully connected to Tor network and hence are considered to be anonymous and can even access .onion websites of the Tor Network.

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