15 Cutest Robots in The World

In our world, technology is setting new heights every day and therefore we keep hearing about things such as robots that have been made to work on behalf of humans and to make their life easier and comfortable. So sometimes we become curious and want to know more about robots.

And sometimes while doing our work, if robots strike our minds then we start thinking that can they do our job better than us? We also get such thoughts like; can they surpass human intelligence and take over the world in the future?

There is no doubt that these robotic machines eliminate the need for human employment which surely makes things easier but also there are some people who believe and fear that it might put the humans in danger.

Though in future, you might be living with robots so wouldn’t you like to have great robots that look cute and charming? There are already some robots that look so cute that they would surely steal your heart and you would want to take them home. Here we have covered 15 cutest robots in the world for you, check them out.

  1. Leonardo

This social robot has been designed to interact with people around the world. Being among the most expensive robots currently in the world, Leonardo uses social intelligence to communicate and learn just like the real people.


The Leonardo can do many things such as moving his eyes, maintaining eye contact and moving mouth, ears and arms etc. Apart from these, the robot shows many other expressions as well.

Although the robot cannot walk it is designed to manipulate the things in many other ways and it has the ability to learn new tasks as well. This awesomely cute robot is 2.5 foot in size and it is at the top of our list.

  1. Toshiba wheelie Robot

Having two wheels, the Toshiba Wheelie Robot is actually practical to perform and do many tasks which makes it very useful. Apart from that, the robot is at the second place on our list due to its cuteness and charming looks.


This cute robot has many other features such as stereo cameras, retractable runner on front and back and laser range finder as well. The Toshiba Wheelie Robot can carry many things from one room to another such as food, drinks and others.

But the minus point is that it cannot pick up those things itself and therefore you have to put the things on its head. But who cares when it is so cute.

  1. Dash and Dot

Being a toy robot, the Dash and Dot has the ability to teach coding to your kids and it will turn ideas into adventures as well.


It can be termed as a modern way to think differently and to understand all those things in a completely new and fresh way that are required to succeed in this world of technology. And apart from all that stuff, Dash and Dot is a very cute and attractive robot as well.

  1. NEC PaPeRo

Here is another cute robot that has a weird name though. The PaPeRo (Partner-type Personal robot) is a personal companion robot developed by a Japanese company named NEC.


Having the ability to interact with people with the help of the Internet, it can speak and recognize 3000 words as well. The PaPeRo has been designed to send video messages, dance and play games. The robot can recognize faces and also control other electronic devices, remotely. So, PaPeRo is fourth on the list.

  1. Nao

This one is a humanoid robot which is approximately 1.9 foot in size. Being a small and cute robot, Nao is designed to be a nice and friendly companion around your home. It has the ability to talk to you, move around and hear you.


And yes it can recognise as well. The cute and friendly Nao can be your true daily companion, making it a very lovable and adorable robot. It is at the fifth position on our list of most cute robots.

  1. Fujitsu HOAP-3

Another humanoid robot which is capable of interacting with people. The HOAP-3 can watch people move and other movements of humans as well. The robot is 60 cm in size and it runs on RT-Linux Operating system.


It has two cameras, LEDs, grasping power sensor and accelerometer. Apart from all those things, the HOAP-3 features distance sensor and microphone that can recognize speech and supports radio control as well. And it is also one of the cutest robots.

  1. AIBO

Here is one cuter robot, which is, apart from being one of the most sophisticated products in the robot marketplace, is small and robust as well. The AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Bot) is a highly compact robot with four-legged motion. It has been designed to see colours, feel objects and hear in stereo as well.

  1. Furby

Resembling an owl, this robot is an electronic toy that has the ability to speak in 24 different languages. Being small in size, the Furby is a cute robot that interacts with people around.


And you can have in your house on a regular as well. And why wouldn’t you want to take it home as the Furby is so cute, small and adorable?

  1. Tweenbots

Being human dependable cardboard robots, the Tweenbots have been designed to help pedestrians. It is aimed to give you the right direction in order to reach your goal as the robot is designed to roll at the constant speed in the constant line.

Tweenbot is 10 inches tall in size and it is a cardboard robot with a smiling face, what else you want? Tweenbots are no doubt very charming and cute robots.

  1. Toyota’s Violin-Playing Robot

This one is very cool and different from all the robots we have mentioned before, here is why. As the name suggests the robot is capable of playing the violin and it uses precise control and coordination with the help of 17 joints in its hands and arms.


The robot has been developed and designed to soothe, entertain and comfort the patients in case of medical facilities such as nursing homes and others.

It plays a pretty good violin and will amaze you with all its looks. You would surely want to take it home as Toyota’s this robot is not only very cute but so talented as well.

  1. Keepon

Having the two cameras for eyes, four motors, and one microphone as a nose, the Keepon has been designed to interact with the children for study social environment. Keepon has been made to help autistic kids to break the musical beats.


Children with Autism, which is a developmental disorder characterized by troubles with social interaction, would like this cute robot for sure. Being so cute and helpful, the Keepon is placed at the 11th position on our list of cute robots.

  1. Tiro

Being a humanoid robot, the Tiro has several careers under teacher and one wedding MC and it is yellow in colour. This robot is not only very cute but also intelligent as it has been programmed to answer all the queries that you may ask in English.


So, it is not just another robot but an intelligent and cute Tiro. So, it is at the 12th spot on the list of cutest robots.

  1. Japanese Pop Singing Robot

We all know and keep hearing things about Japan that it is technologically advanced and all. So here we have a Japanese robot which is very talented as well. This one is a pop singing robot, dubbed the HRP-4C with two processes to sing and dance simultaneously. The cool thing about this robot is that it can sing with natural sounding voice.


This Japanese pop singing robot is capable of giving facial expressions and movements as well. And apart from all these qualities, the robot is so cute and charming as well.

  1. Yume Neko

Now here we have one for the cat lovers as well. If you love and adore cats then this would be just perfect for you. Being small in size, this robot named Yume Neko comes in the form of a cat that is designed to give you the exact feel of cat without any problems with its friendly touch.


The Yume Neko will respond to you as well, just like the real cat. So being so cute and small, anyone would want the Yume Neko cat whether he is a cat lover or not.

  1. Reeti

Have you ever seen a robot that reacts and responds to you as well? So, last but not the least, this one is so cool as it gives facial expressions just like humans. It perceives and reacts to human emotions as well.


Reeti is a fully animated robot with the latest technology at Innorobo in France. This one is also very cute therefore it has made to the list of 15 cutest robots in the world.

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