20 Google Search Secret Tricks You Did Not Know

As we all are well aware of the fact that Google is the most popular search engine, it is also true that there are many secret tricks that not everyone knows.

So today we’re here with some great Google search tricks which will help you learn a lot and definitely change the way you use Google.

  1. Get smart search results from any particular website –

It’s a great way to get your desired stuff from a particular website. Here’s how you can do that, just type the stuff you’re looking for and add site: command. Example – Google site: tushar.com

  1. Find similar websites or services –

At times we look for websites that are similar to the websites or services that we often use. So here’s a simple but very useful and effective trick to find the alternatives. For that, you can use related: command to get the desired result. Example – related: tushar.com

  1. Filter Google search by file type –

Sometimes we need a Pdf or doc file but most of the time Google shows many results containing different site links. So, to get a file with a specific format, just type filetype: pdf or filetype: ppt.

You can find many different file formats using this useful and time-saving trick. Example – learn English filetype: pdf

  1. Download any document file directly from Google –

If you are looking to download doc, pdf or any other such files and you don’t want to waste your precious time visiting so many different websites then here’s a trick that will definitely make your life a lot easier.

For that, first, you need to perform an advanced Google search with the help of filetype filter. Just type, Learn Spanish: pdf and Now the results will contain the related document files you want, so now if you are using Google Chrome and have Internet Download Manager installed on your computer, just click the blue highlighted the title and a download dialogue box will open up.

You can do this using any other internet browser and without Internet Download Manager as well. Example – Learn Spanish: pdf

  1. Search FTPs easily with Google –

It is possible because Google indexes FTPs as well. So, to find the directory of any website you will have to perform an advanced filter search for FTPs.

Here’s how, using this URL:ftp -inurl:(http|https) command, the result will contain all the URLs containing FTP and it will allow you to directly access the directories of different websites easily.

  1. Perform searches with missing words –

Sometimes we know what we are looking for but we forget the exact words and therefore end up scratching our heads as to how to get our desired results. So, if you are also among those, here’s a trick that will be more than useful.

Just search anything and replace the missing word with an asterisk (*) because Google will replace or substitute any word with an asterisk (*). Example – Jingle * jingle

  1. Find the exact phrase you want –

If you want to search for an exact phrase then you will have to perform a search using “ (Quote) filter. For example, when we search God Shiva wallpapers, the result will contain words such as God, Shiva, wallpapers but searching “God Shiva wallpapers” will result in all pages containing God Shiva wallpapers as a phrase.

Here’s another example as to how this simple looking trick simplifies the search results for us. Suppose if we search lyrics of a song We Don’t Talk Anymore then Google will just simply show us results that contain all the phrase We don’t talk anymore and it will show results containing words We, Don’t Talk, Anymore.

But if we perform a search using quotes “We Don’t Talk Anymore” then Google will only show the pages that contain “We Don’t Talk Anymore” as a phrase. Example – “We Don’t Talk Anymore” (quote filter)

  1. Find your desired result by excluding unwanted and irrelevant words –

There are times when we get tired of irrelevant search results from Google. This happens when we search for something that either has two meanings or it is closely related to something completely different.

So what’s the fix? Here’s a great secret trick with which you can easily get the desired result as it will exclude the second meaning of it. Just type minus (-) before any word that you want to exclude. Example – Sweet Chocolates -sweets or jaguar speed -car.

  1. Find Definition of any word –

Whenever you want to know the definition or meaning of any word, just open Google search on your phone or PC and perform a search using “Define:” filter.

For example, type defines: awesome and Google will come up with the definition you are looking for, instantly. Example – define: awesome

  1. Did you try Google Sphere? –

Suppose you are tired of those same, simple and boring search pages, so here’s what you can do. This unique and entertaining trick named Google Sphere will turn your plain and boring search pages into an interactive spinning orb.

  1. Google will solve your mathematical problems –

Google search can be used as a calculator and you already know that, right? But chances are that most of the people do not realize how powerful it is and what one can do with it.

From basic to complex calculations, it will perform everything you throw at it. For example, type (44*22)/11 in your Google search box and it will bring calculation results, instantly. Example – (44*22)/11

  1. Google will translate anything for you –

If you are looking for the meaning of a word in any particular language then here’s a trick exactly for this. The best thing about it is that it’s easy and it does the job for you in seconds. To do so, open your search box and type “word to language”.

For example, type Goodbye to Japanese and Google will bring you the meaning instantly. Example – Goodbye to Japanese

  1. Google shows weather forecasts –

If you are looking for weather forecasts and want to keep an eye on it then Google search is the place for you. To know weather forecasts, open your search box and just type “place name forecasts”,

for example, type Delhi forecasts and Google will bring everything related to weather like today’s weather, winds, humidity and level of precipitations. Apart from this, it will show weather forecasts for an entire upcoming week as well. Example – Delhi forecasts

  1. Google will tell you what to eat –

By now, you must have got an idea as to how powerful Google is. But have you ever thought that apart from all those things, Google can also tell you what to eat? Here’s a trick that will not only help you decide what food is better for you but is great fun and informative as well.

You just have to type dish name vs dish name, For example, type cheese vs paneer and Google will come up with all the information regarding the same. Example – Cheese vs Paneer

  1. Convert anything you want to –

Whenever you have to convert anything like currency or distance conversion than just open your Google search. For example, type 272 meters to feet and Google will do the rest. You can convert almost everything using this easy trick. Example – 272 meters to feet

  1. Use Google as a timer –

Well, Google search is a timer as well. To use it, just simply type Set Timer <Time> in your search box and hit enter. For example, type Set Timer to 10 minutes and 08 seconds and hit enter, and Google will turn on your own timer.

There’s another way with which you can do that. You can also do this by just simply typing Stopwatch in your search box and you will get a Google stopwatch running before you. Example – Set Timer <Time> or Stopwatch

  1. Play a nice hidden game named Zerg Rush –

We have shown you many things that Google does but here’s something that will not only surprise you but keep you entertained as well.

For the surprise, type Zerg Rush in your Google search box and it will bring a nice hidden game before you. Enjoy. Example – Zerg Rush

  1. Let Google check flights for you –

Whenever you plan to go somewhere or you just want to check flights then take help from Google to get the exact information regarding your flights, instantly. To do that, you will need to find out the airline and the flight number.

Then just simply put that information in your search box. For example, type flight 18 air India and Google will show you the exact information about your flight. Example – Flight 18 air India

  1. Google is your own world clock –

Yes, Google search can be used as a world clock as well. You can easily check out time of different cities around the world sitting at your place. Here’s how you can do so, just perform a search using Time: command.

For example, type time: Mumbai or type time: London and Google search will once again change and turn into a world clock for you. Example – Time: Mumbai

  1. Perform a barrel roll with Google –

If you are tired after working for long hours and sitting at your computer, how about performing a barrel roll, that too with Google? Here’s how you can do that, just simply open your search box and type “do a barrel roll” and hit enter. Example – Do a barrel roll

These Google search tricks will surely help you find exact information and it will also save you a lot of time. And do perform all Google search secrets and tricks, as by practicing it you can easily memorize them and use whenever you need.

Apart from these, there some other cool Google tricks like if you want to convert numbers into words then for example, just type ‘45678 into words’ in your search box and hit enter.

Some other Google tricks, like you, can perform a ‘reverse image search’  by going to images.google.com and then drag and drop or upload any image from your computer and hit search.

You can type Google Gravity and then click feeling lucky and see the magic. If you want to see how our Google looked like back in 1998 then just type ‘Google in 1998’ and you will get the old school version of Google search.

You can also tilt Google page without tilting your computer or laptop, just type tilt in Google search box and hit enter. And if you ever get bored, you can play a nice hidden game named ‘Atari Breakout’. To play, simply type Atari Breakout and it will bring you an amazing game.

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