How to block websites on Chrome

In this era of technology, we visit many websites. Some of them might be interesting but not all. We always have some website that we don\’t want anyone to open on our desktop. That\’s why we want to block those websites in the browser we use. It\’s Google Chrome in most of the cases, as it is trusted and smooth. Chrome gives us the best experience of browsing on the Internet.

Why would Someone Block Website

Parental Control: You might be a parent of a child. You will always think about the negative part of the internet. You might not want to give access to all websites to your child. This is why you will block some websites.

Porn/Adult Content: In this world of technology being the majority. Porn is what sometimes make an awkward situation. You will not like to see anything wrong in front of others.

Time Management: Time is what no one can actually purchase or sell. But you can save your time by blocking some of the websites that you use daily. This can be those websites which actually do not provide you any kind of benefits.  This will help you save your precious time.

Video Games: Your son might be playing a game all the day. You do not like him sitting in one place and just playing the game on the internet. You can block the website of the game and all others that he plays.

Save Data: Any of the family members might be consuming whole data from your internet connection. If you do not want them to use that website again which is not useful or just a time to consume, you might want to block the website.

How to Block Website on Chrome?

There are multiple ways of blocking websites on Chrome. It can be permanent or temporary. You can use any of the method shown below which includes the use of plugins in chrome or editing the host file from windows itself.

#Method 1: Using Chrome Extension

We use different extensions on chrome which help us to make our life easy and productive at the same time. There are many plugins to block websites from your Chrome. Let\’s check out some of those:

Block Site

This is the best all-around extension for Chrome as of now. This extension is simple and smooth. However, it provides a lot of customization for the Google Chrome.

It allows the user to block the website he wishes to. Mind my words, it is the simplest extension to block any number of websites.

Install The Plugin

To install this, just go to Google web store and search for BLOCK WEBSITE. Install the extension and now you are ready to go. Now Just go to any of the website you want to block and right click on the webpage.

There you will find an option to block the website. Click it and Boom, Website is blocked. When you visit the blocked website, it will show you a prompt. You will have to delete the entry of that website from the blocked list.


If you want to configure the plugin, then click on the icon on the top right corner. Now choose OPTION from the menu. If you want to block a website without visiting, you can add it to Site list.

want to add it for certain time, click on the clock button and configure the required time. If you want to redirect the site, simply click on the arrow button. It will not let the user know that the site is blocked on that desk.

For higher security, you can also opt for allowing the user to visit only those websites that you allow. If you want to do so, click on Block/Allow option and add only those websites that you want to allow.

Visit adult control tab where you can block all the website that contains explicit content. It will block all those websites that contain any adult/explicit content.

In settings, you can set time when the extension will work. You can also set a password to the blocked websites. Through which Blocked websites will need a password to work.


If you want more options than Block Site, then you definitely need to check out this extension. Stay Focused gives you more features and it might work for you if you are too advanced in blocking sites.

Install the Extension

Installing this extension is same as what we did in the previous one. Go to google web store and search for Stay Focused. There you will find the extension. Click on it and Add to Chrome. The extension is installed and ready to use.


Now go to any website that you want to add to the block list. Click on the icon shown in the top right corner. You will see Block this entire website option, Click on it. We can add as many as websites we want.

You will find some of the features on this extension as:

Max Time Allowed: This is the amount of time you can use the blocked website in a day. It will come in handy if you have blocked any social media to save your time. You will not be allowed to use that website more than the time fixed on this option.

Active Days: This is the option which will set when the plugin will be active. You can set the working days or any other suitable days.

Active Hours: This option will let users set the hours when the plugin will be active. You can set any number of hours daily you want the extension to be active.

Blocked Sites: It will give you the list of blocked website from your desktop. You can edit, modify or delete the website that you want from the list. You can add sites directly to the blocked site list.

Allowed Sites: It is the option which will add only allowed website. This means that Chrome will allow only the website from this list.

Customize: You can always customize the extension as the way you want. You can also customize the warning and sometimes options listed for the blocked websites.

Import/Export Settings: You can import or export settings of this extension. It also includes the blocked list. Which means you can import anyone\’s block list or export yours list to anyone. It will make the list maintenance easier. There is no need to add double list if you have shifted from one device to another.

Overall StayFocused does its job as it says. It has many advantages of having some extra features. You should definitely have a look at this extension for the blocking process. It will make your blocking experience easier.

#Method 2: Using Windows Host File

Yes, you can do it with the Windows host file as well. It does not require any plugin or any software to be installed. It might require some work to do. But when you get used to it, you will find it much easy.

The only limitation it has is that you cannot expect much features from this. It will not include any kind of Time features which we have seen in the previous extensions. That means once blocked, remains blocked until you delete the entry.

First of all, you need to go and access the host file in your windows. To do that just copy and paste the command given below in the Browse location option in Explorer


You will find a host file while you are there. Just copy it and paste on the desktop for safety reasons. Now double click on the file. You will be asked to choose a program to open the file, Select notepad.

Once you have opened the file you are good to go, just add the site you want to block from your system. It should be in such a way that is given below:

Just add as many websites you want to add to the block list. This is how you can block websites from your host file without using any extension. The only thing that I don\’t like about this method is it doesn\’t have a temporary block or scheduled block.

It will block the website completely. You cannot use that website until and unless you remove it from the block list.

Final Verdict

That is how you can block websites from your desktop. I hope you liked these short and simple processes that I shared. If you have any queries/suggestion or want to discuss anything we are missing, comment down below.

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