How to cancel eHarmony subscription?

Online dating is what has been escalated from past couple of years. Earlier, People did not use any online dating service to find a match. They did not even do right or left swipe. But today\’s generation finds it much easier to date someone by just swiping right and finding the perfect match.

They do not even care about the money they spend on a subscription to these services. Some people actually value the money and want to cancel the subscription but these companies do not let them do.

What is Online Dating Services

These are just an app or website which lets it user choose someone from the opposite gender to date and be in a relationship. There are tons of these websites and eHarmony is one of them.

eHarmony is a platform where users can choose the other partner and have a conversation on the app. But You must be wondering, how does eHarmony earn? Well, they have a subscription program in which the user has to first deposit some money to experience the service. This can be monthly or annual subscription based on user\’s choice.

How do these companies cheat?

As discussed earlier, they have a subscription plan. The subscription renews itself automatically from the card saved in the account. It does not give any information to the user that the subscription is going to renew today or in two days. If they do, they do not have the option to cancel the subscription from the website or app.

There are a lot of companies using the same cheap tricks to earn money. They don\’t even think about their user; they just care about the money they are earning.

That is why many more companies are being launched in the same field. It doesn\’t require any hard work other than promotions. These promotions can be easily done on the social media where most of the active users are Youth.

They always target Youth who actually need these things and spends a lot of money. But hold on, keep reading I have a solution for this.

Why would anyone cancel a subscription?

If you are too rich or getting many matches from the app, it’s okay for you. But if you are not getting any benefits of the service, why wouldn\’t you cancel the \’expensive\’ subscription.

No one wants to spend such uncountable amount of money on these services which actually don\’t provide you anything in return. Majority of this service users actually don\’t know about the auto-renewal that is enabled by the company itself and even without informing the user.

Some of the users might find it useful to cancel the subscription because they have experienced the cheap tricks used by companies. It is always good to be on a safer side.

If you do not want to cancel the subscription, just make sure you do not have any balance in the linked debit card or in the bank account.

Don\’t let anyone use your card for any kind of subscription. If anyone from your family asks for your card or bank account, do remember the points listed below before giving them access.

Things to remember before Registration

Yeah, if you have not registered yet or planning for a new account or service then you should remember the tips listed below. Any of these might not work for you but at the end, you still have to find the solution for that.

You don\’t want any company to use your money without your permission. Here are some points to remember that I suggest before registering for an account on dating service or any other service as well.

Use Gift Cards: You should try to use a gift card or any other voucher for registering that service.  Because gift cards can be used only one time which will not deduct the money on renewal. You might get gift cards from different events.

It’s always good to search on the internet before registering. Gift cards for these services are available on the internet and they are cheaper than the actual price.

Use Temporary Card: There are many companies which provide pre-paid cards. Just get the subscription through these cards and block the card after use. Pre-paid cards can be the best solution if you don\’t want to use them after the purchase.

These temporary cards are one-time use card. If you need to renew or purchase anything else from that card, you can simply go and top-up these cards easily in the market.

Set a Reminder: Just another solution, which might work. Set a reminder on your phone or computer at least 5 days before the actual renewal date. Cancel the subscription 5 days before, don\’t wait.

The company might auto-renew before the actual renewal date. Mark the date anywhere which will remind you days before the actual renew date. It\’s always good to have at least 3-4 reminders set. You never know, which one you miss.

Find an option while registering: You might find a checkbox or option asking for auto renewal. Uncheck it and don\’t allow the service to auto-renew. Now the company will not auto-renew.

These companies do give an option to uncheck the auto-renewal but we are in hurry always. The user does not see any terms and condition or what option he is using. If they read the agreement carefully, they might find the option.

Cancel eHarmony Subscription

If you have registered already before reading this article, you need to cancel the subscription. Subscription can be canceled but what if you have a lot of time for renewal? Should you cancel right now?

It depends on you, if is less than 5 days, It is highly recommended to cancel the subscription right now. But if it is more than 5-6 days, it\’s completely your choice if you want to continue or cancel.

Canceling the subscription just not only cancels the auto-renew, but also the subscription you have paid for. So choose it wisely. If you are ready to cancel, follow the process discussed below:

  1. Log in to your eHarmony Account
  2. Click on My Settings and then click on Account Settings
  3. At the bottom, you will find \’Cancel My Subscription\’. Follow the process carefully

Permanently Close eHarmony Account

If you don’t want to use the service now, you can any time close the account. It is a manual process as well. It requires the user to send the email to the company.

If you have paid for the renewal of that month, the company might not close your account. It’s always preferred to cancel the subscription before closing account. If you want to permanently close the account, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your eHarmony Account
  2. Click on My Settings and then click on Account Settings
  3. Select \’Close Account’ and follow the process carefully.
  4. Now You have to send an email manually at requesting to delete your information from the website.

Isn\’t it annoying that you have to request to delete your account from someone other\’s website? The company deducts the amount of subscription every month without even notifying. This is how these so-called big companies run.

It is always suggested to people to check the actual terms and condition and register carefully. There is always some loophole in this kind of situation.

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