How to Cancel My Dish Network Satellite Service

Sometimes, Services came out to be not suitable for you. Dish Network is a great offering but what if you want to cancel your Dish Network Satellite?

There is no such option to cancel your Dish network satellite available on their official website and it is even not available in live chat so how can you cancel the Dish network satellite?

Well, if you were looking for the solution for this problem then you are landed on the right spot.

We have divided this process into simple steps. The steps which you can use to Cancel your Dish TV Satellite network are mentioned below:

Steps to Cancel your Dish TV Satellite network:

Step 1- Make a call at 866-218-2297.

It is the USA official customer care number of Dish TV satellite network. You can get the number for your country from their official site or google.

Step 2- Ask for some details like your preferred language.

Follow it\’s instructions to select your preferred language. It will also ask for your Prefered category whether it is related to new plans or cancellation.

Step 3- Make call from registered number

Make sure to call from the mobile number that you registered while signing up for Dish TV Satellite network. You will be also asked to Press “1” to confirm your account.

Step 4- Enter the four-digit security code that you selected while signing up for Dish TV Satellite network. If you forgot that four-digit security code then go to then official website of Dish TV. Enter your username/email id and click on forgot security code.

It will send you an otp via SMS. Confirm that OTP and you will be able to set the four-digit security code again.

Step 5- Talk with representative

Your call will be now transferred to a representative at Dish TV Satellite network. Talk to that representative and tell him that you want to cancel your Dish TV Satellite network.

Here comes the most important part of the whole process of cancelling your Dish TV Satellite network. The representative will ask you some questions like why do you want to cancel your Dish TV Satellite network?

Make sure to give the correct answer for this reason. He will also offer you some discounts etc. You need to deny all such things.

After Some time, a representative will confirm your address and will schedule a pickup from your address. Pick up will take few days. Someone from Dish TV will arrive at your address to pick up your connection.

Some Frequently asked questions about Dish TV Network Satellite service:-

What is universal remote?

= Universal remote can be used to access both the TV and Dish TV flawlessly without any hassle.

What is viewing card?

= Viewing card is a debit/credit card shaped card. It contains all the information about the user subscription etc. It has the capability to show all the channels that are subscribed by the users.

How to get a new card if you have lost or damaged your viewing card?

= You can easily manage to get a viewing from nearest Dish TV store by paying a small amount to the manager if that shop. You will get a new viewing card immediately after the payment.

What is the warranty period of Dish TV?

= You will get 12 months of warranty period with a new Dish TV Set up box. Your dealer may give you 6 months warranty for the connection.

Can you run Dish TV on more than one Television?

= Yes, Dish TV has features like multi TV channel access. You will be able to access multiple number of TV’s simultaneously.

Can you carry Dish TV along with you in cases like shifting etc?

= Well, it is possible to carry your Dish TV network anywhere you want. Make sure to contact the dealer or the customer care for more assistance on this topic.

Can you recharge your Dish TV through SMS?

= Yes, You can recharge your Dish TV Satellite Connection through SMS but only if you are an ICICI Bank account holder. You won\’t be able to use this feature if you don\’t own an ICICI Bank account.


This Process of Cancelling your Dish TV satellite network is very easy. You can simply Cancel your Dish TV Satellite network by following the steps mentioned in this article.

Make sure to read all the steps carefully before proceeding. This will allow you to be more secure at the time of Cancellation of your Dish TV Satellite network.

The method is very easy but it requires some time as there is no such option available in the Dish TV Satellite network’s official website to Cancel your plan.

This was our method to Cancel your Dish TV Satellite network. You can Subscribe to our Newsletter for more Tech Brewed Content.

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