How to change IP address on windows 10

The IP address is a unique number of your internet connection which is connected to all your internet activities. Someone can easily track your address by tracing your IP address. no one wants his/her address to be revealed.

Changing your IP address is a great solution for this problem. No one will be able to know your real-time location if you successfully charge your IP address.

If you are a windows 10 user and looking for the perfect method to change your IP Address when you are at the right place as Today, we will be taking a look at the best method to change your IP Address in Windows 10.

Best Method to change your IP Address in Windows 10

We have divided this method of changing your IP address into 2 steps. Those steps are given below:-

  • Find out your IP Address
  • Change your IP Address

It is a simple thing that if you want to change your IP Address then you need to find it first. You will be only able to change something once you what exactly it is.

Let’s discuss both steps deeply along with their tutorials.

Find out your IP Address

This step is pretty easy. You don\’t need to download any kind of software to know your IP address. We will be discussing 2 easy and convenient ways to Find out your IP Address.

First method

Go to the WinX menu on your computer and open the window which accepts commands. Once you have successfully opened the window then you need to enter the command which displays your IP Address. You need to enter the following command “ipconfig /all” in that blank area and once you have typed the command hit the enter key.

You will able to see TCP/IP Details. You will be to know that about your IP address by this command. There are few commands that may need to Renew or Refresh your IP Address. Those commands are mentioned below:

Refresh – ipconfig/ release

Renew – ipconfig/ renew

Second method

The second method is simplest and most convenient method of checking your IP Address. It does not require any computer related information.

You don\’t need to run any type of commands to access your IP Address. You will be able to access your IP Address easily with the help of the second method.

Just Go to Google and type “My IP address”. Yes, it is that simple and convenient. Google will search for your IP address and the details will be in front of you after the searching process. This is a really simple of the method of accessing your IP address. Refresh the page, in case you want to Refresh the IP address.

We have successfully accessed our IP address. It is the time to move towards the next step.

Change your IP Address

Changing your IP Address on Windows 10 is a tricky method. This method will allow you to set a static IP address. Please follow all the instructions correctly to order to change your IP Address. The steps to change your IP address are given below:

Step 1- Go to the “Network and sharing centre” under the Control panel of your Computer. Once you open the Network and sharing centre, click on the Connections link.

Step 2- A window will pop up on the screen with details of your connection. Kindly, click on the properties on that window.

Step 3- Now, another window will pop up with few more details. Click on the “Internet Protocol version 4”.

Step 4- Now go to the Use of IP Address option and it will ask for some details. Fill up on the details and press ok.

Step 5- The program will start the process of changing of IP Address.

This Process may take some time. Once the process completes, your IP address will be successfully changed. You can now view your changed IP Address through the steps which we discussed in the starting. Once your IP Address changes, no one won\’t be able to track your Address and you can surf the internet anonymously.

Some Frequently asked questions about IP address:-

What is the format of an IP address?

IP address has three or sometimes four parts. All the parts have numbers between 0 to 255. Every IP address is unique from another IP Address.

Who can track your IP Address?

Any hacker or person with knowledge related to this can hack your IP Address.

How to find Address by IP Address?

You can easily find address with the help of an IP address. Just Go to Google and type IP address to address. There a lot of websites which will tell you the exact location once you typing the IP address.


After reading this article, changing your IP Address might be an easy job for most of you. We will recommend you to use the second method of accessing your IP Address if you don\’t much knowledge in this field.

There are many methods too that can help to change your IP Address but this is the simplest method that you can try to change your IP Address one windows 10.

This method will definitely in every situation when you need to change or hide your real IP Address. For an example: if you using torrents, then you should change your IP Address to stay safe and secure

This method is so simple that even a person with less knowledge about IP Address can change his/her IP Address. Just make sure that you are following the right instructions. If you follow all the instructions correctly then your IP address will be successfully changed and you will able to surf the internet anonymously without any hassle

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