How to convert PDF to CSV

CSV format is versatile and it can be imported into a lot of computer systems simultaneously.

It can be easily read by Excel, Notepad, PHP, mySQL etc.

Some people prefer CSV format over PDF format for reading documents but it is a bit tricky to convert PDF file to CSV file.

Well not anymore, as Today, we will be taking a look at the 2 simple procedures to convert PDF File to CSV file.

Let’s get started with the first procedure to convert PDF format to CSV format.

Steps to Convert PDF to CSV:- 

Procedure 1- Desired PDF document in Acrobat 

Step 1- Download and install “Desired PDF document in Acrobat Standard or Professional”. We will recommend you to get the standard version if you don\’t want to convert PDF to CSV in bulk. Once it gets installed, open it.

Step 2- Click on the file option and then click on the export option. Now, you be able to choose from a wide variety of formats. Make sure to choose Text format.

Step 3- You will be asked to select the file name now. After entering the name, click on the save button to proceed.

Step 4- Now launch Microsoft excel in your computer and go to File section and then select Open option.

Step 5- Now search for the file that you created in Step 3. Click the open button to launch that particular file.

Step 6- Once the page is opened, check whether there is any mistake or not. If their is any kind of mistake in separation of fields then make sure to fix that mistake. Review the complete wizard by changing pages.

Step 7- Once you have reviewed the page and fixed all the problems then click on the finish button.

Step 8- Now click on Save as and it will ask for the format of the file that you want to save in. Make sure to select CSV at thid point and click on the Save button.

Note:- Select CSV(Windows) and not CSV(MS-DOS).

Your file will be saved as CSV format without any hassle and this is the simplest procedure to Convert PDF format to CSV format.

Procedure 2- Online PDF to CSV Converter

This is the easiest method to convert PDF to CSV and it is the most convenient option available. You don\’t need to download any kind of software to use this method.

All you need to is type Online PDF to CSV Converter. They are tons of such converters available online. You can browse through the web and find the best one for you.

On such online converters, you need to upload the file that you want to convert and wait until the processing completes. Processing may take some time. Once the processing gets completed then you can select the file format to CSV and click on the export button. It will start exporting and this process also may take some time.

If you don\’t want to install any kind of software to convert PDF to CSV format then this one will be the best method to go for.

Although, it may take some extra time then the 1st method as in this method, everything is done online.

Frequently asked questions about CSV format:- 

Is CSV Better than PDF format?

=> Well, we can\’t compare PDF and CSV together both are good in their own kind. Some people do prefer CSV while others prefer using PDF.

Does CSV requires any other software to view?

=> Yes, Most of the Spreadsheets programs have the ability to view or import any CSV file. You won\’t be able to views CSV file without any Spreadsheet program.

What is the size of CSV Files?

=> CSV Files are compact and lightweight generally. They are as light as PDF format.

Can we export in CSV format through google docs?

=> Unfortunately no, you won\’t be able to export in CSV format through google docs.


This was the simplest procedure to Convert PDF files to CSV files. It is a very short method which will help you converting your PDF Files to CSV files without any hassle.

You won\’t face any problem while converting your PDF files to CSV files through this method. The procedure is completely free if you use the basic version of this software.

We will recommend you to get the paid version of this software if you want to convert bulk amount of files as you will get some premium features in paid version.

Online converters takes more time to convert a file so we will recommend you to use them in only emergency cases and not sticking to them.

This was our tutorial on “How you can convert PDF format to CSV format”. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more tech brewed content.

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