How to create a Newsletter with Google Docs?

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Well, have you ever tried to make a newsletter and send it via email? I think you probably would have tried it at least once. Even if you didn\’t, don\’t worry. We have something great to share with you.

In this post, you will get to know how you can create amazing newsletters using Google Docs. Interesting, huh? Let us see about it in details in this post. Before we move on do you want to know something about e-Newsletters? Well, if you wish to learn, go ahead otherwise you can skip this part :\”)

What are E-Newsletters?

A newsletter is basically a printed report containing various kinds of information or news. It is being sent to the employees of a company or members of an organization on a regular basis. Similarly, E-Newsletters are electronically sent Newsletters.

If you are one of those guys who want to create some amazing E-Newsletters, I would like to congrats you for landing on the absolutely correct page :\”)

What is Google Docs?

A part of the G Suite package, Google Docs is a web interface for creating various types of documents. It lets you create spreadsheets, newsletters, presentations, etc. This application is available for all platforms- Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Chrome OS. This service allows you create, edit and save all these documents online using the web interface. With the help of Machine learning, Google has made it more simple, minimal and excellent to use.

Create Newsletters Using Google Docs

The steps to create the newsletter using Google Docs are simple. You will get them at once with ease. But before we move on there are some prerequisites. Have a look at them and proceed further.


1. A Google Account
2. A free Google Docs account
3. Internet with pretty good enough speed
4. A smartphone or PC
In case you don\’t have a free Google Docs account, get one registered from here. You can use the same email address as used in other Google services.
{ Link to Google Docs account – }
Now that you have fulfilled all prerequisites, let us move to the step-by-step guide to create newsletters.

Step-by-step Guide to Create Newsletters using Google Docs

To successfully create amazing newsletters using Google Docs; follow the steps given below carefully:
1. Sign in to your Google Docs account from this page. In case you don\’t have one, get one registered for yourself using your Google\’s email address.
2. Now go to the option of \”New Tab\” to open a new tab.
3. From here, select the option of \”Form Template\”.
4. At the top, you will find an option to \”Search\”. Type there \”Newsletter\” and click on Search or hit enter.
5. Now click on \”Search Templates\”. You will get a lot of results for the templates.
6. Choose from the search results the template that suits your newsletter the best and proceeds.
7. Once you have chosen the template, click on the option of \”Use this Template\”.
8. Now that you have the template, go ahead and customize the newsletter as per your needs and requirements.
Use your creativity along with the amazing tools of Google Docs. And get an awesome newsletter made for your business or organization. Simple, isn\’t it?

Advantages of using Google Docs

Well, there are a lot of advantages of using Google Docs for creating newsletters. Some of them are as follows:
1. You can access the documents from anywhere just by logging in with your Google Account.
2. You have the option to save all the documents right in your free cloud storage. Thus, you don\’t need to be worried about of getting the file deleted or corrupted by mistake.
3. You can directly attach the file to your email and send to your employees or members, etc.
4. Google Docs lets you create not only newsletters but other documents like Spreadsheets, presentation, etc. all at one place.

Disadvantages of Google Docs

There are not many disadvantages of using Google Docs for creating newsletters. But still the ones found are here:
1. If you don\’t have proper network or speed of connection, it may be a problem. This won\’t let you access the files with ease.
2. As everybody knows that \”Privacy on the Internet is a myth\”. So if you have something really personal to share or some top secrets of your business, try not share it with Google Docs.

Final Verdict

Well, I hope this short sweet guide might have helped you. Do share your designs of newsletters with us, if you can. In case you have any suggestions or question, contact us through email or comment down below. We\’ll try to respond you as soon as possible. Also, if you liked our post, don\’t forget to follow {site name} on all our social media platforms to be updated with our latest works. Thank You ☺

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