How to Create Self Destructing / Disposable Email Accounts? 8 Free Tools

Wondering How to Create Self Destructing or Disposable Email Accounts? Well if the answer is yes then you are at the right place. Often many of us feel a need for a disposable email address.

Sometimes to bypass an online survey, or to get access to an unauthentic website. Or you just want to get free one-month trial of popular websites. However, no matter who you are and what is your purpose we will be helping you out with our guidance.

As you will read further in this article we will be mentioning some of the names of the top free tools that you can use to get a Self-Destructing or Disposable Email. Also, you do not even have to sign up for any of these websites.

However, before we really go ahead and start mentioning the names. Let’s just talk about the top features of the Self Destructing or Disposable Email accounts. Or how the Self Destructing or Disposable Email accounts can help you out. So here we go:

With a disposable email account, you can easily get access to a third-party website.

Websites like Netflix offer a one-month free trial to the new customers, so in such cases, you can use a disposable email to get their service for free.

Sometimes some online surveys need an email address, you can simply use a disposable email to bypass it.

You can also send emails anonymously.

You can use a fake email to create a temporary social media account.

So that was all the top uses of a disposable email. So now let’s just have a quick look at the top websites that offer a free Self-Destructing or Disposable Email Account.

8 Free Tools To Create Self Destructing or Disposable Email Accounts:

Fake Email Generator:

For our first suggestion, we have handpicked the Fake Email Generator. The website is one of the popular yet free places to create a disposable email. However, on the website, you may see some ads.

Apart from the ads, it offers emails IDs that work efficiently. However, the website lacks quite a lot of features, however, if your goal is to get some free email accounts then the website will definitely work.

So, in order to use the website all, you have to do is visit the Over here you will get to see a box where you have to enter your preferred email address name. After that, you have to choose a domain extension from the drop-down menu. Now simply hit on the copy button and the email address that you have created will get saved to your clipboard.

Now go to the website where you want to deploy the email address. Once you have deployed the email comes back to the Fake Email Generator website to access your emails.  Now just in case if you are wondering how to delete the email, well then you can simply hit the refresh button or close the tab.

This will terminate all the emails that the email address has received. Also, you will not have any access. So make sure you are checking the website out.


For our next suggestion, we have handpicked the Mailinator. It is one of the most popular, best yet free Self-Destructing email accounts creator. The good thing about this tool is that you can actually generate fake business emails.

As it lets you choose your preferred email extension. For example, if you want an email address on an XYZ website then you can simply pick an email name as the

Also, one more good thing about the tool is that it is super user-friendly and easy to use and it is completely free. However just in case if you want disposable email accounts in bulk and want to keep a record of each of them.

Then there is paid solution which comes with features like privacy protection, your own private domain, or storage to store your emails then you have to upgrade your plan. But if you are going to use the website to generate some disposable Email Accounts and do not want any record. Then the free plan will work.

Also making a Disposable Email Account with the help of Mailinator is easy. Just visit the and enter your preferred email address with your desired domain extension and click on go. Now the website will take you to the inbox page.


Up next we have the Maildrop which is also a great website to generate Disposable Email Accounts. The website is completely free to use also there is no such premium plans like Mailinator.

So that simply means once you leave the website you will lose the email address. The website has some ads on the website, but the ads are placed nicely and do not interrupt much while using the website.

So coming to the question, how can you use Maildrop to get some Self Destructing email accounts. Well, the steps are quite simple. At first, you have to head over to the www. Now on the top bar, you will get to see a box where you have to enter your email name. So simply do that.  However, on the MailDrop website, you will not be able to choose your custom domain extension.

The website will offer you a default one which is the So once you are done entering the email name you have to click on the go button. Then the website will take you the inbox.  That’s it you are now done. Now go ahead and deploy the email address.

Dead fake:

Apart from receiving emails, you may want to send emails as well. Just in case if the answer is yes then go ahead and try out the Dead fake. A dead fake is definitely a great option when it comes to sending emails from a Self-Destructing email account.

Also, the website is completely free and easy to use. However, you may get to see too many ads on the website. But it will not ruin the user experience. Now just in case if you are wondering how to send emails using the dead fake.

Then there are the steps that you have to follow. First of all, visitors to the Over the website, you will get to see a compose email box. Now you have to enter a disposable email account which you have already created.

Then you have to add the recipient email address and subject. At the end type of the message that you want to send. Now before clicking on the send button, you have to fill a captcha. So simply do that and hit the Send button. Now the website will deliver your email.

Temp Mail:

For our next suggestion, we have handpicked the Temp Mail. Talking about our first impression, well the website is filled with ads. However, as long as it is free we do not mind seeing some ads.

Anyway, talking about the website, well it works differently than any other disposable email account creator. The main reason why we are calling the website different, well because on this website you do not even have to create an email address.

So, the question is how to create an email address? Well, the website creates one for you. Just simply visit the website and on the homepage, itself, you will see a pre-generated disposable email account address. All you have to do is simply copy that address and deploy it and you are all set to receive emails.


Just in case if you are looking for an alternative to the Temp Mail. Then do check out the Yopmail which is an alternative to the Temp mail. The website works exactly like the way Temp Mail works. Same user interface and lots of advertisements. So, go ahead and visit the website by going to

Then the same way you will get to see a pre-created email address. So, copy the disposable email address and start deploying it. Also, to check the emails all you have to do is visit the Yopmail website and you will get to see the emails. Also, just like any of the disposable emails generate website Yopmail also will delete your email address if you hit on refresh or close the tab.

Email Fake:

Up next, we have the Email Fake which is an alternative to the Fake Email Generator. This website is also working the same way as the Fake Email Generator does. The same way you will get to see ads on the website.

However as mentioned earlier as long as we are getting the service for free, there is nothing wrong to see some ads. So, to use the Email Fake website simply visit the website.

Then the same way you will see a box where you have to enter the name of the disposable email. Then the same way chooses your preferred domain extension from the drop-down menu. Then click on copy button and you are all set to deploy it.


At the end, we have the Nada. This is also an ad-free tool to generate Self Destructing email accounts. Simply visit the website by following www. then click on the Get Me an Inbox button. Now you will be redirected to the inbox page where you will see a pre-created an email address. Simply copy it and start deploying.

So that was all about the How to Create Self Destructing or Disposable Email Accounts. However, before you go ahead start using the websites to create a Disposable Email Account you should know that these fake email generators do not offer privacy.

So if your purpose is to use them for illegal activities then there is a high chance that you might get into trouble. However, as long as you are using the above-listed tools to Create Self Destructing email address to bypass some surveys or get into the website.

You will be safe. Also, just in case if you have any questions regarding this topic, then do not forget to comment down and we will surely help you out.

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