How to Delete your Skype Account

Sometimes, when you need to concentrate on something like study, then conversation based applications becomes a huge distraction.

If you are getting distracted by Skype then you have landed on the right website as today, we will be guiding you the process on “How to Delete your Skype Account”.

We will be telling you the easiest way possible to delete your Skype account and get rid of such addictions.

This Process is very simple and easy. It may take some time to complete but it won\’t disappoint you.

There is no official way to delete your account on Skype. This method is the only and secure way to successfully Delete your Skype account.

Reasons to Delete Skype account?

Skype is very useful for interacting with your family, loved ones or business colleagues, but there are some disadvantages of using Skype too.

Once you get addicted to Skype, it is really hard to get rid of this addiction.

The only way to get rid of this addiction is to delete your Skype account. This method can be very helpful while exams etc where you need to concentrate on a particular task.

You won’t be happy if someone calls you while studying or concentrating. To get rid of such situations, you need to delete your Skype account.

There can be more reasons such as Security or Privacy to delete your Skype account. These reasons might get very depressing at sometimes.

How to Delete your Skype account?

Deleting your Skype account is a quite simple task. Let’s discuss the only easiest method to delete your Skype account. Follow the steps given below to Delete your Skype account.

Step 1- Go to Microsoft’s official website. Head over to the account deletion page. You will be redirected to a login panel.

Step 2- In the login section, enter the details of your Skype account and click on sign in option. Once you do that, it will be verified that you are the owner of the Skype account and you will able to perform the next step.

Step 3- You may get a pop up which says to verify yourself on the website. You can choose between OTP verification or Email verification. Once you select any one of them, you will be asked to enter your email address and your phone number. Fill up the details to continue.

Step 4- Once you choose the option and add. the mobile number and email. You will receive an OTP (One time password) on your Phone number/email address.

Step 5- Enter the code that you have just received and click on the verify button. It will automatically verify that you are the owner of that Skype.

Step 6- After the verification process, you will be again asked to confirm that you want to delete your account. In this step, you just need to click on the Next button to proceed.

Step 7- Once you have completed the verification process, it’s time to accept all the terms and conditions of the website. All you need to do is that select all the boxes and press Okay.

Step 8- In this step, you will be asked for a reason. You need to state any reason for which you want to delete your account. You can choose any of the reasons as no one will inquire you about the reason.

If you don\’t have a proper reason, then you can go select “My reason is not listed” option. This feature is also really good.

Step 9- Now, it\’s time for the last step. You need to click on “Mark account for closure” blue button. This will make your account permanently deleted after 60 days. You can even recover your account in this time period of 60 days.

Frequently asked questions about Skype

1). How Does Skype work?

=> Skype works on VOIP System. It lets you call several people just by entering their username.

2). How much data does skype consume?

=> Skype consumes around 43mb every hour during a voice call. This number increases to 200mb every hour during a video call. It can further increase if you surf too much on Skype

3). Who owns Skype?

=> Skype is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in all cash.

4). How Skype makes Profit?

=> Well, Skype is actually free to use. So, you might also be wondering about the source of income of Skype. Skype earns by selling small services.

If you need to call to a landline or someone without skype then Skype charges a little amount. Skype also makes money by selling its premium version. Also, it does have data selling business too.


This was the easiest method to delete your Skype account. Now you can get rid of the addiction of Skype by this method which will take some minutes to successfully complete.

You need to delete your Microsoft account to delete your Skype account as Microsoft owns Skype and there is no official way to delete your Skype account. You can simply delete your Microsoft account and your Skype account will be automatically deleted.

There is no way to delete your Skype account without deleting your Microsoft account. Also, Deleting Microsoft account takes 60 days. In these days, You can recover your account back as it will remain temporarily deleted for 60 days.

You do need to have your Skype account registered a fan mail address or registered mobile number with you to use this method.

There are many such cases where you can use this method to delete your Skype account. Getting rid of Skype’s addiction is just one of those cases.

You can use this method if your account gets hacked or gets accessed by someone. You can even this method if you want to take a break from all such things.

Although, This method requires 60 days to delete the account permanently It is the only easy method to delete your Skype account.

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