How to Enhance Image Resolution without Photoshop

As we all know that our image quality plays a big role in any kind of work and we also preferred the image or picture which has good quality and we can also say high-quality image. But we also notice that whenever we try to improve our image quality from online sources we don’t actually get satisfied with that quality.

Sometimes we lose the image quality or we are not able to enhance image resolution and we preferred Photoshop, but wait if I tell you that we can do this without Photoshop what would be your first word. Awesome? Right.

When it’s come to Image resolution there is a different kind of apps available in the market as compared to Photoshop because in Photoshop app we have to do many settings but in others apps, you can easily do the same process without getting hesitate.

Are you excited?  Now in this article, I am going to explain each and every points step by step so without wasting any time lets dive into it.

What Is Image Resolution?

Image resolution is basically the number of pixel in an image which is identified by width and height of a total number of images. As per the pixels in the resolution which is in a device, it\’s actually increasing so maximum image size can be produced.

It’s basically a number of pixels in your image for higher resolution. Image resolution is a really important thing that we ignore most of the time, to setting proper pixels and width and heights as well.

Why Use Online Software Instead of Photoshop?

Many people have this doubt that by using online software can we actually enhance image resolution? So, for them, my answer is big Yes! Because we don’t need to use any professional photo application or Photoshop. No doubts Photoshop is excellent software and has great demand in the market as well.

But what if I tell you I have a list of online software which is a huge list and also their demand increasing in the market. Yes, you heard right in this unique post you will get all list of online list of image resizer without losing any image quality.

What Are Online Image Resolution Apps?

Well, there is a different kind of apps available at online which you can use for Enhancing Image resolution, image resizer, image compressor and etc. But still, you might have different queries that how to enhance image resolution with using online software and others.

So basically, in online apps, you can actually resize your image, enhance image quality without using Photoshop or any other professional software. There are many features which I will be talking about next steps so let’s get started.

How Are Online Apps Useful Than Professional?

Well, the answer is yes people actually want their work done really quick and easy because in Photoshop or any other professional app we need to learn many things, for getting work in Photoshop we need to have technical skills, knowledge of designing, how to use pixels in images for better quality and etc.

But in online apps, you just need to do drag and drop the image you want to enhance for and you can actually do your work fast and easy without any hesitate.

But as I mention earlier Photoshop is an excellent application but you’re not a technical person or you don’t know about how things work so you can use online tools for that which are really awesome and easy to use.

For using this kind of application we don’t need any technical skills or any type of course but for Photoshop we need to have many things such as you have to be good at technical skills. But for this app, everyone can use this application for sure without getting any problem.

How to Use Online Tools to Enhance Image Resolution?

Well for using online tools to enhance image resolution to improve image quality and also, they have many features such as image resizer, image compressor, crop image, transparent background image and much more.

But you\’re still confused that how can you actually increase the image quality with these online tools? You might have come across many of them but only some tools work best. So now I am going to share all online image tools that work best for enhancing image resolution without Photoshop, so without wasting any time lets begins.

1. Resize Image:

Resize image is an excellent online image tool which has really great growth and a good amount of user are using this tool.

I also found this tool really useful because it has really great features which feature every professional application owns. It has features of Cropping Images, Resize Image without losing the original quality and etc.

It\’s supported PNG format file which is its finest features because by creating PNG image file you won’t actually lose the image original quality.

By using this useful web application for enhancing image resolution without any hesitation.

Step 1:  Open your web browser or Google Chrome and search for and you will get the tool on your pc screen.

Step 2:  Click on upload image option and upload your image to resize.

Step 3:  Now you can set image setting width and heights as per your requirement and select PNG format and click on download image you can preview the image also.

2. Resizepiconline:

Resize Pic online is another great web application for enhancing image resolution without any professional software. It is quick and easy to use for those even don’t have some kind of technical knowledge.

For using this excellent Web application, you just need to open a web browser on your pc and just upload your selected file on it and enjoy the quality of the image which is going to be original.

3. Reshade Image Enlarger:

Reshade is an excellent tool to enhance image resolution of images and I really liked this tool and found it wonderful tool as compared to other ones.

Using Reshade You can do many things it has amazing features such as resize an image, reduce noise and photo effects also and blurry images and much more.

It supports file formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF and many more. So following the steps now can follow steps which are given below.

Step 1: First you need to download the Application file which is around 44 MB, you can download it by clicking here.

Step 2:  Once you downloaded the application just install it on your pc or computer, Open the app and you will get default image in a window.

Step 3:  Now here is another step choose your file, just click on file option and you will see the menu bar now you can select your desired file.

4. Pic Resize:

Pic resize is another great web image tool for your image resolution to enhance it. It allows the user to crop images, resize an image without losing any quality it is an excellent web application for enhancing image resolution without any application like Photoshop.

It’s supported PNG Format; JPG and many more formats are there. It is really a great online tool for a beginner who doesn’t have any knowledge about how to enhance image resolution.

Let’s have step by step points.

1. Open your web browser or Google Chrome and search for and now you can see the tool on your screen.

2. Now click on a select picture from the computer and select your desired file.

3. Once you selected the desired file now you can use this useful tool for cropping images, resize images, and many more.

4. You can also save your image file in many formats like PNG, JPG and etc.

5. Now you can enjoy the high-quality image resolution for your images.

6. Free Online Photo Editor:

The free online photo editor is an excellent application to enhance your image resolution for free of cost. I just found this app very useful and it has many features which probably you won’t get in other Web applications.

It also supports different types of file formats such as JPG, PNG and many more. But it’s not only for image resolution but also a great photo editor. Yes, you heard right its photo editor as well. In this Web application, you can actually edit any type of pictures whether its png or any other files format.

Let’s come to step by step guide part, but before starting I would like to mention this is a really great application to resize images without losing their quality and the best part is that it’s a photo editor as well.

Free Online photo editor is built for online platform only but it has many features as compared to professional ones.

Step 1:  Open Google chrome or any other browser on your pc once you did that you can access the web application.

Step 2: Now you can see the many features and options on the website just select browse or URL button.

Step 3:  Now you can select your desired file and after you can start editing.

Step 4:  You can actually use the drag and drop features in this Free Online photo editor application.

Step 5:  Select your image in this application that you want to enhance and click on the enhance button which is mention on top menus.

Final words:

As I mentioned all information above in the article will be helpful for all.  As compared to Photoshop there are many apps launched and they have really good demand that I mentioned in this article above. It’s all about to make things easy as much we can so we don’t need Photoshop we can enhance image resolution without photoshop.

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