How to Fix Packet Loss

Before we begin, I would like to talk about Packet. What is a packet? A packet is defined as a container. It contains information. It is used for sending content. Basically Packet loss is the loss of packet which is being used for sending content.

What is Packet Loss

In different networks, Data travels in form of packets. This packet is then received by the receiver. If that packet doesn\’t get delivered to the receiver, it is said to be packet loss. There can be many reasons for this.

Packet Loss problems

Outdated Information

It can be seen in Real-time situations like live streaming or online games. Few microsecond delays can affect the player\’s gaming and interrupt the actual game between online gamers. It will affect the live streaming of any sports. You will probably get the score or the final result on the internet before the actual streaming.

Information Missing

It also happens because of some of the older websites which do not have the actual information or might be lost. We might think that packet is being lost but actually the problem is with the website itself which do not have complete content.

Interrupted Connection

Servers for downloading files, streaming videos, websites, file transfer might close the connection. The Remote servers do so when the channel is being used for so long/ uninterrupted. This is done as a security measure by the servers.

Slow loading webpage

If you are seeing a webpage loading slow, you might think it\’s your internet actually behind it. But no, you are under a very big rock. Actually, you are the one witnessing packet loss that time. It might seem like a slow loading webpage but actually it is a packet loss happening at that time.

Website Loading Interruptions

You have wondered this delay in the load of the website once in your life. You must be thinking that it is because of the slow server the website is using.

The progress bar completes its path but still, the site does not load? It is actually a Packet loss you are witnessing.

Why Packet Loss Happens

Damaged Hardware: Packet loss may happen because of the outdated or damaged hardware of the sender. It can be the server too responsible for this. The machine of the server might be outdated or damaged which might not work properly and cause this issue. The Hardware used in this transferring also might be responsible like the router, receiver, connector and other as well.

The Capacity of Hardware: You might face hardware problems while transferring data. Navigation speed might look okay but you might find some hardware limitations. Bottlenecking of any of the device may be the main reason for this.

Network Congestion: Information is shared through many devices and network connections. If the network queue is working at maximum, the speed might decrease. Eventually, at worst, the connection might get lost and hence the packet too.

Wireless Networks: It is common nowadays to transfer data through Wi-Fi networks. It has certain disadvantages. Wireless networks as suggested by name works wirelessly. It has the maximum probability of losing the information. While transferring through Wi-Fi, it might get interrupted by the thick walls.

Software Bugs: There can be bugs in the software through which sender is sending or the receiver is receiving. Whatever software is being used, it may be outdated. The software might not work properly due to lack of connectivity.

Malware: Malware can also affect the connection between Sender and Receiver. Malware/Trojan might affect the whole network and delete some of the content which might be named as a Packet Loss.

Lack of Space: This might occur due to lack of space on the system which might affect the whole network. The receiver might be responsible for this issue.

Analyzing Packet loss

If you are suffering from Packet loss more often, you should use Pandora FMS and the These plugins will help you analyze that where the packet is being lost. It will tell you what should you do if the loss happens all the time.

This plugin work by pinging the remote element. This may be IP address, Website, Server, Hostname. It checks whether these are causing any issue.  This plugin tells the number of packets being lost too. It also tells the actual time when the packets are being lost.

While using Pandora FMS console, when you will deploy the packet loss monitoring it will show you single module. It contains all the information that Pandora FMS has collected and it shows where the packet loss has occurred.

The graph in Pandora FMS console will show you the packet loss. While using Wi-Fi, if the packet loss occurs, this plugin shows you a huge bump in the graph. This bump in the graph shows that there is a loss of a packet. By this graph, it can be predicted where the actual loss is occurring. The graph also shows the number of packets lost during the monitoring.

When the graph shows a constant rise and falls, obviously it means that the packet is being lost constantly. The graph might not show you constant line but continuous rise and falls which means the packet loss is occurring constantly on the network.

Once it is confirmed that packet loss is occurring, we can start following feedbacks, eliminate problems. This process should be done until we find the actual solution or the graph shows minimum or zero packets.

How to fix Packet Loss?

Packet Loss does not occur every time because of the same problem so there is no actual solution that works all the time. But here are some ways that you can check once and be assured that these are working properly.


Check the connections between the sender and receiver. It might be the internet connection. If the connection is wired it might be due to some problem in the wire.

Try changing the wires or at least removing and reinstalling the wire which might work in some case. If the connection is wireless, it might occur because of the Router or any other hardware being used.

Restart Hardware

If the issue is because of the router or any other hardware being used in the connection. Then just restart the router and other hardware as well. It might be a problem of the hardware being used for the connection. A reset can be done to the router being used for the connection.

Plug in Cable

If you still think that it is not fixed, Plug in a cable and connect both the system. Sometimes wireless network might get interrupted by the thick walls or any other obstacle which may lead to packet loss. Cables are safe unless and until these get physically damaged.

Update Software

After hardware, it is software that is responsible for the packet loss. In some cases, the software might be outdated or there might be some bugs with that version for the software.

Update the software if there is any update available for the software that you are using to transfer.

Give some rest

Machines too need time to take rest. As a human being, we sleep daily and always try to take rest whenever we feel tired. If we run machines all day long without even taking a break, they will also need some rest. Give that computer a restart and don\’t transfer anything for at least one hour. It will not only fix the packet loss but also boost the speed of the transfer.

Try different connection

You should also try changing the ISP if you are facing this issue more often with the current ISP. It might be a problem from the ISP\’s end or the connection being used. Changing the ISP will change the way of the files through which they were being transferred.

Replace Defective Hardware

The hardware being used in the connection might be defective, so it\’s always good to replace the hardware. It can be router, connector, cables or any other hardware.

Final Verdict

These are the introduction, solution for the packet loss. We hope you liked it. If we missed any solution or you know any other fix for this issue, do let us know. Comment them down below and by the time you are there share some feedback/suggestions too for the site.

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