How to Install IPTV on Kodi

IPTV, as known as Internet Protocol Television allows you to stream live tv on your computer. IPTV streams the shows directly from the internet. Kodi is the best platform for any kind of media on Windows. You can also use the feature of IPTV on Kodi. It does not require any external hardware.

There are many plugins for Kodi to stream TV. Some of the plugins are UKTV, oCloud, Kodi Live, Ultimate IPTV. You will need to install one of the plugins. To do so, follow this guide that I made in the simplest way possible.

Configure Add-Ons from Unknown Sources

To do so, Go to the Kodi Media player. In Kodi\’s sidebar, you will find COG icon, Click it. Select System settings now. Then click on Add-ons on the left sidebar. There You will find Unknown Sources settings. Click on Unknown sources and then select Yes.

Add Fusion Repository

To Add Ultimate IPTV, First You will need to add Fusion Repository. If you don\’t have that installed, Click on COG option present on top of the sidebar. Then select File Manager from there. Then click on Add source.

It will open Add file source window. Then select \’None\’ and in the text box, enter \’\’. Now press Ok. Add the title as \’Fusion\’ and again press ok. Then return to Homepage.

Add Ultimate IPTV on Kodi

On the sidebar, you will see Add-ons, Click on it. Then on the top left corner, you will find a box icon, Press it. It will open the add-on browser. Then to install, Click on Install from Zip file. Now Select Fusion that includes Kodi-repos directory.

Then choose Kodi-repos and then choose English. Now choose from the list and then click Ok. You will get a notification for the add-on.

Now navigate to the home screen, click on Add-ons and then click on the box icon on the top. Now click on Install from Repository and Choose Ultime Repo then choose Video. It will open the add-on list which includes f4mtester and Ultimate IPTV.

Now Select Ultimate IPTV and press the install button. It will add to the Kodi Media player. Again you will be notified for installation of the add-on.

To get the best experience, you can definitely try Tester F4M with Ultimate IPTV. So as done with Ultimate IPTV, Select Tester F4M this time. And you are good to go.

Ultimate IPTV Settings

So as you have installed Ultimate IPTV, it will be on your home screen. Now Press Add-on Settings from the sidebar.

Then select Ultimate IPTV to configure settings for the same. Now you can select channel categories you want to watch. It includes channel from U.S., U.K., and other countries as well.

Before you enjoy the channels, you should check the configuration of the add-on. To do so, Navigate the cursor to the left of the screen.

It will open a sidebar, from there select Add-on settings. In the settings, you will find Select default playback in the General tab. From there, you can set the one you want.

The Ultimate IPTV settings also allow you to filter the channels you want. Like You can filter the option to stream US or UK channels or any other country you wish. To do so, click on Filter Set 1. Now type USA or UK or the country you want to watch channels of.

And now as done before, click on Choose your filter, and select the filter that you just edited. Now press Ok to save settings.

Now Choose a channel category. It will open the list of channels from that particular filter. If you have selected the US as the filter, this list will include only US-based channels.

Tester F4M

Now that we have installed Tester F4M add-on too. So it’s good to configure and use that also. To do so, click on Add-ons present on the sidebar of the home screen.

Then Select Tester F4M to open the settings for that. This includes some channels to stream on the media player. Select those which you want.

Now that You have done the selection, Click on ok. You will now be able to see the list of channels that you selected. You can choose the channel you want to stream from Tester F4M.

To Note

Ultimate IPTV has thousands of channel included in the list. But It is not sure that It may work in all conditions. But I have Some tips for you.

Just make sure you have a strong internet connection. The time you are streaming channels, the pc should be free. If these tips don\’t work for you, Check it on other pc as well.

You can also try the other add-ons as well. I will prefer to definitely try Kodi Live if in case, Ultimate IPTV is not working for you.

Advantages of IPTV

There are a lot of advantages of using IPTV, few of them are here. The best thing about IPTV is that it provides the best quality and doesn\’t have any quality drop. It has lesser interruption or signal problem.

Also, it does not require any external hardware as well. That means we don\’t need to install any setup box or other external hardware.

However Bad weather can\’t affect IPTV like it does on normal TV subscription.  Until and unless the internet works, IPTV does its job pretty well.

Disadvantages of IPTV

It has some disadvantages too. One of them is that It costs similar to what the subscription for a setup box. There might be some quality loss as well when it\’s the peak time. Because it needs the broadcaster to have a higher server to stream these much population. It is getting better day by day though.

Over to You

That is it from my side, I hope you liked the information I provided. If you liked it, Don\’t forget to Comment down below. If I am missing something with this topic, please let me know through the comments. While You are there, just comment down your queries/suggestions/feedback. I will appreciate them much.

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