How to Play Android Games on Windows PC

There are several ways with which you can play android games on a windows pc, we are going to show you top 4 ways on how to play any android game on a windows computer and get the best gaming experience just like an android tablet or mobile phone on a PC.

The windows PC running on Intel chips are powerful and sufficient enough to run all the modern games which require a lot of rams even while gaming from a mobile phone, nowadays there is a smartphone with 6 and 8 gigabytes of RAM to handle processes and give you lag less performance.

To play Android Games on Windows PC you will at least need 2GB RAM, Intel I3 processor and 5 to 10 GB of free space on your computer. Now let’s get started with top 4 ways on how to play android games on a windows PC

1. Install Blue stacks to play android games on Windows PC

Bluestack is an android emulator with which you can run any android application on a windows PC without purchasing a separate device, many people use this windows application to do various things like watching movies from bluestack, playing games and many other things which you cannot do in your windows PC.

The latest version of Blue stacks gives you the world-class gaming performance, when you compare this application with other emulators you can easily see the difference in loading up and smoothness, this application gives you performance just like a smartphone in your hand.

Other function of Blue Stacks is you get pre-installed app center from which you can download millions of games for free from the google play store, you can even run crack games, modded applications.

Download and Install Blue Stacks to play Android Games on PC:

  1. You can download Blue stacks from the official website

  1. After the download is completed you can install it and run the application.
  2. Now sign in using your Gmail ID

Please note that after installing the Blue stacks app player first boot may take a while so it is recommended to wait until the application boots up and then you can restart your PC to experience lag less performance.

Install Games on Blue Stacks

There are two ways by which you can install games on Blue Stacks, first one is from Google play store just like you download and install into your smartphone and second one directly installing the APK.

If you have Google Play Store installed into your Blue Stacks app player you can search the game you would like to play and install it and if you do not have play store you can download play store from browser manually and then install the google play store.

There are many websites from which you can directly get the APK version of any Android game you want to play on Windows PC for e.g.

2.Xbox: Microsoft Store Application

If you are running Windows 8 or 10 then you can easily play most of the top-rated Android game on your Windows 10 PC without installing any third-party software that eats up your Hard disk space. Xbox application is developed by windows so will get the best performance without any glitches and you get true gaming experience from windows PC.

Xbox offers you tons of features like live recording and streaming on Facebook or any other social media, or you can just record and later edit and share the video on YouTube. You can make a club and play a game together and compare each other’s achievements.

The Xbox applications bring together players from different parts of the world and you can play multiplayer games with them without paying any charge, you can take a screenshot, record a video, and share your achievements online some of the free multiplayer games on Xbox are Minecraft, Asphalt 8, Modern Combat.

How to Install Xbox application on Windows:

Xbox application comes pre-installed on your windows system but in case if you don’t have or might have deleted you can download and install Xbox on your Windows PC to play android games by the steps given below:

  1. Download Xbox application from this link

  1. Install and Run the application
  2. Now sign in using your Xbox ID
  3. If you do not have the Xbox ID you can Register for free.

Now you can search for games which you would like to play on Windows PC and download it from the Xbox application itself, you can even download Xbox application for your IOS or Android mobile to chat with your friends and check their progress.

Pros and Cons of Xbox for Windows


  • Most of the Top-rated Android Games are supported by Xbox
  • Can directly download and install without installing Blue Stacks software.
  • Millions of players to play in multiplayer mode.
  • Best Gaming experience.


  • Can’t run all the android games which are less popular
  • Very popular games like FIFA are paid, you cannot play multiplayer if you install crack version.

3.Virtual Android GenY Motion

GenY Motion is a Virtual Machine which allows you to install Android operating system on your Current Windows operating system, GenyMotion is just like Blue stack both having some of its pros and cons.

we tested both the application on our Windows PC and to our surprise both the application was capable of playing all the android we throw at it without any lag what so ever.

Genymotion Is not very popular like the Bluestacks and hence developers did not make this application only to run the android application and play games like the Blue stacks.

GenyMotion is a unique platform to bring your Android app to the perfection, you can use this software to develop Android apps and test it so that you don’t have to buy Android phone to check if the app is usable or not.

Genymotion allows you to create your own Android platform, this means that you can choose which Android version you want to run into that system, how much RAM you want etc.

To test Android application for different devices, but here we are talking about gaming so you can use this feature to maximize the RAM to get flawless Gaming experience on Windows PC.


You probably haven’t heard about the name Android X86 it is because many people do not know about this, Android-X86 is an open source project which can be installed into your system just like you install Windows and Linux.

You can play Android Games on this platform as well, it is just like having android operation system on to your Windows PC.

Install Android-X86 to Windows with VM ware

Installing Android-X86 using VM ware workstation is recommended because you will not have to make a separate partition to install a new system into hard disk and also you won’t have to dual boot which if not done properly can boot neck your computer.

  • Download VMWARE WorkStation from the official website

  • Now download the Android-X86.iso and save it on to your desktop

  • Install the VM ware workstation and open it.
  • Now select this ISO file and start with the installation process
  • After selecting the RAM and hard disk which you want to allot to this operating system install it
  • Now you can easily use this Android operating system from VM ware workstation

To play games on this new Android operating system we recommend to allot at least 2GB of RAM and a proper amount of hard disk space so that you can store more games and its data.

We do not recommend installing the Android-X86 directly to your hard disk because this program is not yet fully developed so there are changes that the installation can fail and you can lose your important data.


This was the top 4 ways with which you can Play Android games on your Windows PC, if you are a casual gamer and do not play heavy games we recommend you to install the Blue Stacks applications as it has got very large number of users so the program is easy to use for everyone.

you can get access to google play store and install Cheats and hacks to enhance your gaming experience whereas on the other hand GenyMotion is developed to Test android applications, it can be a great software if you have more RAM you can allot maximum RAM to it and get best ever gaming experience of Android on a Windows PC.

Xbox is also a great platform to play Games but you will only be able to play some of the android games with the help of this software, Android X-86 is something new if you have tried all the above ways and not yet satisfied to can install this operating system with the tutorial given above we are sure you won’t be dissatisfied.

So, that is it how to play android games on Windows PC, we are sure you liked this post and found it useful and if you did make sure to share this post.

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