How to Record your Phone calls on iPhone


There are times when you want to record calls on your iPhone these may be a business call, private calls, customer care calls or may be interview calls. One question always came in mind how to record calls on iPhone? By default, there is no mechanism installed on iPhone to record calls. But there are many other options available to record the calls on your iPhone. But before you go further we will like to tell you that there are some rules regarding recording voice calls depending on which country you are living. So check digital media laws before recording the calls.

Recording voice calls using Google Voice:-

This is the best affordable way to record incoming calls as Google voice will record calls for zero dollars. But there is one setback that Google voice will not allow you to record outgoing calls. For recording calls you need to port your port your number to google to get access over recording feature. In following steps we will tell you how to record an incoming call on your iPhone 5 with help of Google voice recording.

  1. In very first step you will need to sign up for Google voice account. For this simply visit and follow instructions.
  2. Once your account is set and the next step is to enable call recording so you can record the voice calls actually on your mobile and this call will automatically get stored as an MP3 file.
  3. Now click on the gear icon and click on settings from the drop down menu.
  4. Now select the calls tab and for enable, the recording checks the box directly.

After this, you can record incoming calls on your iPhone simply by pressing number “4” on your iPhone keypad. By doing this it will trigger an automated voice notifying both parties that call is recording. To stop recording again press “4” number from your phone keypad. This will stop recording your phone call and Google will automatically save the conversation to your inbox in MP3 form. You can easily found all the recordings in an inbox for further use. For listening to your recording you will need to download Google voice app.

Recording an outgoing call with an iPhone app

If you want to record calls from both side i.e incoming call as well as outgoing calls then you need to pay a little amount. There are many free apps available in the market but we will list the best app that comes with many new options just by paying few bucks.

  1. Call Recording By
  2. Incall
  3. Tapeacall pro
  4. Record using an external voice recorder

These are the few paid options that will help you to record voice calls from your iPhone whether they are incoming or outgoing. In an iPhone, recording calls are restricted. So you need to pay few bucks for these apps in order to record calls. In these apps, it will facilitate the 3-way conference call. The third caller is accessed in recording line. So If you want to record both incoming and outgoing calls you can go for these apps but before paying for these apps do check whether they work in your country or not. If you don’t wish to pay then you can simply go for Google voice that is the best and affordable option.


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