How to save GIFs from Twitter on Computer, Android, and iPhone

In the world of the Internet, Twitter has its special position. This has been maintained for a long by the developers and users as well.

Twitter is used in a lot of ways- casual social media, news and media publishing, advertising your brand, etc. Well, how you like to use it? No matter what purpose you use Twitter for, it will remain unique with over 330 million monthly active users worldwide.

While using Twitter you come across a lot of images, videos, and GIFs, etc. Some nature sceneries or pictures of babies and wildlife might be so pretty that you would have saved them.

Have you ever tried to save these images, videos or GIFs? Well, saving an image is not at all tough. But saving a video or GIF might be a tough job.

Well, you need not worry about it. Just like every other solution, we have here a lot of ways with which you can save videos and GIFs.

No matter whatever device you use, Android, iOS or Windows. You can use these ways to save GIFs from Twitter.

GIFs on Twitter

If you have ever tried to save the GIF from Twitter, you probably had failed because saving GIFs on Twitter isn\’t same as other websites.

In the majority of the sites, what have you done? You might have right-clicked on the image and saved it directly as a GIF. But unfortunately, this can\’t be done with Twitter.

The reason why you can\’t save it casually is that Twitter converts all GIFs in videos. This results in increased loading speed of the page.

But the sad part is that you need to do a little hard work to save these videos aka \”GIFs\”.

Well, for different devices we have got different solutions. No matter if you\’re using an Android or iOS smartphone or a Windows PC, they will surely help you.

Save GIFs from Twitter on Windows PC

For saving a GIF from a tweet on your Windows PC, follow the steps given below. Remember that this will work only with web browsers.

  1. Find the tweet with the Gif or video you desire to save on your PC.
  2. Get the URL of that tweet.
  3. To get the URL, click on the right upper corner of the arrow icon to access a drop-down menu. From there select \”Copy link to Tweet\” to get the URL.
  4. Now paste this link in a new tab or a new window but don\’t press \”Enter\” key.
  5. Before you hit Enter, you should modify the tweet by adding mobile to Twitter and after https://
  6. Now hit the enter key and wait till the page gets loaded.
  7. Now you will see a video. Play it.
  8. While the video is being played, right click on it.
  9. From the drop-down menu select \”Save Video as\”
  10. Now select the location and save the video in GIF or MP4 format.
  11. Voila! You are done with it. You now have the desired GIF saved on your PC.

Well, these were just some simple steps that would surely help you. We tried this method with Chrome browser on Macs. And amazingly it worked very well without any flaws 😉

But what if you wish for more than one GIF aka \”video\”? In case you need to save GIFs in bulk, we have got a simple procedure for that too. If you don\’t want to do so, skip these steps :\”)

For this, you need to have a chrome extension, known as Down Album. I installed a few more extension and tried them but this one proved to be the best. Get it from here!

  1. Install it on your Google Chrome browser just like any other extension.
  2. Open in a new tab and go to the account of that person or brand you need to get GIFs from.
  3. Now click on the extension icon of Down Album and then click on Normal to start downloading the images.
  4. Once your download is started and is in progress a window will be shown just like in the image below.
  5. Once it has finished downloading images, a window will pop up
  6. Select the location you need to save images to.
  7. In case of Windows PC use Ctrl + S key to save and in case of Mac use Command +S key to save.
  8. The downloaded images won\’t open in Windows Photo Viewer. So change the file extension to .jpg or.png to open them up.

Save GIFs from Twitter on Android

For downloading the GIFs from Twitter on Android devices there are tons of methods. But here we will look for the best ones. Follow the steps below and have fun!

  1. Download the app named as Tweet2Gif from Play Store on your Android device.\"Download
  2. Open the Twitter app and copy the link to a tweet from which you need to get the GIF.
  3. To copy the tweet tap on it to expand the details of that tweet.
  4. Click on the more three-dot or down arrow icon in the upper right corner of the tweet and select \”Copy link to Tweet\”
  5. Now paste the copied link into the Tweet2Gif app.
  6. Here, you have the option to download it as a GIF or an MP4 file
  7. Select the option you need to save and Voila! You\’re done!

Save GIFs from Twitter on iPhones

In case you use iOS on your iPhones or iPads, this method would surely help you. Although I came across and tested a lot of other methods, found this one to be pretty helpful. This method works with iOS 10 and later versions.  Here you go with the steps:

  1. Download the GIF Player app from the App Store for free.
  2. Open the app and visit the tweet you need to get GIF from.
  3. Tap and hold on that animated GIF and a menu will pop-up.
  4. From that menu select \”Save to Library\” option.
  5. Voila! That was simple, isn\’t it?

Well, this GIF Player app works with other websites too. Some of them include Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter, etc.

In case you are on the iPhone that supports 3D touch you can use this method. It does not require you to download any extra app or file. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Twitter and navigate to the tweet you need to save GIF from.
  2. Then long tap on that animated GIF and a menu will pop-up.
  3. When it pop-ups, swipe up to see more options.
  4. From there select \”Save Image\” option.
  5. And you\’re done! Again simple! Isn\’t it?

This method has a flaw as well. The GIF here is saved in the form of an image. However, you can still play it as a GIF but when you send it using some third-party apps like Facebook or WhatsApp you might encounter some troubles. So I would recommend you to download GIFs from Twitter using the previous method.

Final Verdict

Well, saving a GIF from Twitter is not a big deal. But it takes a little time to do that as you don\’t have the option to save them directly. I hope the methods that I have provided would surely help you. Still, in case you encounter some trouble, do let us know in the comment section below. We\’ll try to respond you as soon as possible. Till then for more awesome content like this, stay tuned to {site name}

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