How To Strike through Text in Gmail and Other Tricks

Sometimes you need to strikethrough text on emails to express your opinions or emotions.

Unfortunately, there is no such option available on Gmail to strikethrough text but there is a trick by which you can strikethrough text in emails.

We will be also telling some additional tricks that might help you to express more deeply through emails.

Let\’s get started with the procedure by which you can strikethrough text in emails.

Steps to strikethrough text in emails:-

Step 1– Go to Google Docs and Select a blank document. By clicking on blank document option, a blank document will be created in which you can add or edit text.

Step 2– Now, type the text that you want to send through email. You can type anything that you want to send to anyone. You can type the text which you want to strike though or you can even type the whole email here.

Step 3– Have a the ribbon above. You will see a lot of options in this ribbon. All of them can be as easily accessed by some clicks. Now select the text which you want to strike though by dragging your mouse over it while pressing the right key on mouse. At the ribbon, you will find an option called “format”. Select this option and more options will pop up. Select the “strikethrough” option in this pop up.

Once you click on the “strikethrough” option after selecting the text that you want to strike. That text will striked from in between.

Now, some of you might be wondering, how wi you send the email through google docs. Well, Step 4 is the answer to this question.

Step 4– Now, Copy the text and paste it in the email and you will notice that it will be striked through between. The receiver will also receive text striked through in between.

This is a really easy way to strikethrough between any text or sentence and send it through email. You don\’t need to download any kind of application to access this feature.

You can easily do that via going to google docs site. It is as simple as eating a cupcake. This is a really cool email trick which is known by very less people so you can also send such emails to your friends and prank with them. They will be also shocked that how you sent such text.

Now let\’s have a look on the other tricks that you can use while sending emails.

Bold Text

You can also make your Text bold in an email. It is an inbuilt feature of Gmail application/website. In the format settings, you will find an option by which you can turn your normal boring text into cool bold text.

This way you can highlight the titles and the subtitles or any other important aspect and make it more visible.

It is a great method to get someone’s attention at a particular point or sentence. You can also make the text bold and later copy- paste it in google docs. If you want to write an article with strikethrough and bold formats then we will recommend you to use google docs to change the format and later copy that particular sentence.

Italic Text

There is also an option to make your text in italic font. This option is available in Gmail itself and you can also use google docs to access this feature.

It is very similar to the bold one which is mentioned above. You can follow the same steps mentioned in bold’s case fo get italic font too.

Highlight text

 You can even highlight text in emails in different colours. It looks a bit unprofessional but you can simply add it if you want.

In the format bar, there is a colour changing option which can help you to choose the perfect shade.

You can choose any favourable color for your text and highlight it with that particular colour. The receiver will receive the email with same colour font etc.


Well, these were some tricks that you can use while sending an email to someone. You can use any of these tricks to highlight any particular part of your email and make it look eye catching.

Strikethrough will strike your text from in between without any kind if hassle. Bold font will make it look bold and italic will make it a bit thinner and slanty.

Overall you can create any emotion by the help of these type of fonts. it makes the highlighting game of emails very much easy. These fonts can no doubts get someone’s attention easily towards it.

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