How to Transfer and Read iBooks on Windows Computers

iBook is a great choice if you want to gather information or entertainment.

It gives you the ability to enjoy your favourable book at any point of time without any hassle.

Sometimes, when you want to read books on your computer screen for a bigger display but the question is “How to Transfer and Read iBooks on Windows Computers?”

Well, you were looking for the answer for this question then you are landed on the right spot as Today, we will be taking a look at the 2 best methods by which you can Transfer and Read iBooks in Windows Computer.

Let’s get started with the 1st method:-

Transfer through iTunes

What if I tell you that you can even transfer iBooks to your computer system directly through iTunes?

Yes, it is possible. You can directly transfer iBooks through iTunes easily and the process is very easy and simple.

Note:- You will be able to transfer the iBooks which are purchased through the iBook store only. If you want to transfer any iBook from unknown sources than you should skip reading this method and move to the 2nd one.

Let’s have a look on the steps by which you can transfer iBooks through iTunes:-

Step 1- You need to download iTunes on your computer. You can easily download it through the internet. Once the download completes, now it’s time to launch the application. Also Make sure to connect your iPhone/iPad with your computer system.

Step 2- Now, head towards the iTunes summary and go to file devices then Transfer purchases. From here, you will be able to Transfer all the iBooks to your computer system that you purchased through the iBook store.

Let’s now move towards the second method of transferring your iBooks to your computer system.

Transfer through EaseUS 

EaseUS is a free to use tool which helps you to Transfer iBooks to your computer system. It will transfer iBooks to computer system even if it is downloaded from unknown sources unlike iTunes. It is a really convenient method of transferring iBooks from iPad/iphone to computer system.

Let’s have a look at the steps to transfer iBooks to computer system through EaseUS:-

Step 1- First step is to Download EaseUS for windows. You can easily download it from its official website. After downloading EaseUS install it and launch the application.

Step 2- Next step is to connect your iPhone/ipad to your desktop and allow “Trust this Computer” popup on Iphone/ipad. Tap on “Transfer to computer” option which is available on the main homepage.

Step 3- Once you click on Transfer to computer, EaseUS will start scanning all the files. You can choose any iBook which you want to share on your desktop.

Step 4- You can customise the route of transferred iBooks through the Browse option. All the transferred files will be saved in “Exported by Mobimover” folder in the computer system by default. You can transfer any iBook to your computer systemaithout any hassle by clicking on the Transfer button on your iPhone/iPad device.


These were 2 methods by which you can transfer iBooks to your computer system easily and flawlessly without any hassle.

You can use any of the mentioned methods in this list. EaseUS does have some extra cool features like you can even transfer iBooks which were downloaded from unknown sources.

We will recommend you using the 2nd method mentioned in this list which is done by using the EaseUS application because it has some extraordinary features and it is absolutely free.

Even EaseUS has an inbuilt iBook reader so you will be able to see and read books directly with help of application.

We will recommend you using the 1 method only when you are unable to use the 2nd method for any reason because it is way better and easier than the 1st method.

In both of the mentioned methods, your device needs to be physically connected

with the computer system. The transmission speed of EaseUS is a bit faster than the transmission speed of iTunes. The quality remains the same in both the cases.

iTunes has an average user interface but the user interface of EaseUS is really good and simple. You won\’t face any problems regarding the User interface. EaseUS is a completely free application and there is no premium or paid version. So, it means that you will get good performance in EaseUS without any compromises for absolutely no cost.

Overall, we will suggest you to go with the second method. If the second method doesn\’t worms for you then you should consider trying 1st method.

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