How to Translate Wingdings

Wingdings is a font which was released by Microsoft. It is a mixture of ancient character, symbols and emojis.

If you have mistakenly exported text in the form of Windings or you want to convert Wingdings into normal font then you are landed in the right spot.

Today, we will be taking a look at 2 methods to convert wingdings into a normal font. We will be discussing 2 methods that you can use in 2 different situations to convert Wingdings into readable text. Let’s get started with the first method.

Steps to convert Wingdings to normal text: 

Method 1 

Step 1-Search for any Wingdings font Based document and open it.

Step 2- Select the text that you want to translate to readable language. Select the text by grading your mouse cursor on it while pressing the right key on your mouse.

Step 3- while selecting the text, hold down the “C” key and “Ctrl” key at the same time for few seconds.

Step 4- Now, Open any good word processing program on your computer.

Step 5- Select the windings select again once again as you did in step 2.

Step 6- Now find the Textbox in the program. Paste your Wingdings in that box and click on the proceed button. It will be their next to textbox in most of the programs. The process of encrypting of text will be started.

Step 7- Scroll down to see the results of your conversion. Your wingdings font will be translated into readable text. You can now read that text easily without any hassle.

Method 2 

Method 2 can help you to convert wingdings into normal readable text online without using any downloadable program and this method is a bit easier than the previous one.

There are tons of online Document format converters available on the internet. You can find the best one that converts wingdings into readable text.

Once you visit any such online document format converter then you will be asked to paste the text their. The process is pretty simple and easy.

Just copy the windings text that you want to translate to normal text and paste it in the textbox which is present on the top of monthly online document converters.

Now you maybe be asked to fill the captcha oe any survey before clicking proceed. Dill the captcha and click on proceed or start whatever is mentioned along the box. The online tool will start processing the text. Once the process completes, you will be able to see the results in readable format.

You can even directly copy that readable format and paste it wherever you want.

This is the simplest method to convert windings into readable format easily. Just type “Best wingdings to text converter” on google and you will be able to see tons of such online text converters.

Both the methods can be used upon your demand. If you want to convert less wingdings content to readable content then you can go for the Second method but if you want convert bulk content then First method is what you should go for.

Some Frequently asked questions about wingdings are mentioned below along with their answers: 

Why are wingdings used? Why do they even exist?

= Well, wingdings were discovered in 17th century. They are used to make the printing work easier. By using combination of symbols and emojis, less characters are used. So, we get more words on a single sheet of paper.

Which wingding is a heart?

= if you press the “Alt” key and 3 key on the keyboard at the same time for few seconds then a heart will appear. It means that (ALT+3) is a heart wingding.

How to type a star?

= Hold the “Alt” key and type 9733 or 9734 and a star will be typed automatically.

What does the Sky symbol represents?

= The Sky symbol represents Spirit, peace and heaven.

What does the Sea symbol represents?

= The Sea Symbol represents the stability that everyone should have.

Which wingding font has a tick mark?

= Once you go to the winging setting> lists then you will find all the wingdings with tick mark.


This was an easy method to translate wingdings into normal text with no problem. You can now translate any wingdings document into a readable document.

We will recommend you to use the second method which is the online one so that ill be easier for you to convert wingdings to normal text because it does not requires downloading any software/converter.

If converting Wingdings to readable text is bulk work for you then you can use the first method as it will be much more convenient in that case as you don\’t need to access any internet connection. You can use any of these 2 methods to convert windings into normal readable text.

These were some methods to convert wingdings into readable text. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more Tech brewed content.

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