How to use Tinder without Facebook

Tinder is no doubt the Best Dating website right now. It is very popular among today’s youth.

Tinder helps you to find your love partner. All you need to do is swipe right to reject someone and swipe left to send someone proposal.

While Logging in, Tinder asks for your facebook details. It can be an annoying thing for some of us.

There is a method by which you access Tinder without logging into your Facebook account.

We will be discussing that method briefly Today. Let’s get started with the basic question.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online location-based Dating website. If you have not heard about Tinder before, you might be living under a rock.

Tinder took online dating to the whole new level. It was started as a dating application but, now It has a lot of other features which makes its social media website.

Tinder is really easy to use. The user interface of this website is attractive and beautiful.

Tinder asks you to log in to your Facebook account before signing up for it.

Tinder can send you some notifications on Facebook and by giving it your Facebook account information, you are giving it the ability to post anything on your profile.

Why should you use Tinder without Facebook?

Using Tinder without Facebook is a great choice as your personal information won’t be leaked.

Any Tinder user won’t be able to see your data which means that he/she won’t be able to stalk you.

You also don’t get unnecessary notifications on your original Facebook account. These notifications sometimes become really annoying. You can get rid of this problem too if you use Tinder without Facebook.

Your Facebook friends won’t be able to know that you are on Tinder. Sometimes, Tinder automatically shares some irreverent posts on your Facebook profile. You can avoid this by using Tinder without Facebook.

How to use Tinder?

Tinder is a location-based application.

It scans your real-time location and searches if there is a Tinder user around you.

When a Tinder user is near you who is opposite to your gender. The tinder application sends you a notification. You can slide left to propose him/her and slide right to move on.

He/she will also get notified of your proposal. He/she can now agree/disagree with your proposal.

You will also receive such proposals. You can also agree/disagree to them. This way you can find the perfect partner for you. Tinder makes dating very easy and simple.

How to use Tinder without Facebook?

Here comes the main question. The answer to this question is given below in the form of steps:-

Step 1Create your Duplicate facebook account

You need to create your own duplicate Facebook account. It is to keep things settled separately. You don’t receive unnecessary notifications from Tinder on your original account.

Keep it in mind that you don’t have to create a fake account. Just create an exact clone of your original account. Add the same name and profile picture.

This Step is to secure your original account from any kind of problem that can happen in the future.

Step 2Change the Privacy settings

Now, you need to increase the privacy settings of your Facebook account so tinder won’t be able to access your personal information. The steps to increase the privacy settings of your Facebook account are given below:

Step A- Open the Facebook application or website.

Step B – You will find three vertical lines on the top right corner of the screen.

Step C – Go to the app utilization section under more settings on Facebook.

Step D – All the sites and websites that are being utilized by Facebook will be shown here. You can easily find Tinder in this section.

Step 6 – Select the Tinder website from that list and change the visibility option to not visible.

After you complete all the steps mentioned above, Tinder won’t be able to access your personal information and photos. Your photos won\’t be displayed on your Tinder profile.

Now, it\’s time to move toward the next step which is the final step.

Step 3New Tinder account

Step A – Go to Facebook and Log into the clone account that we created in Step 1.

Step B – Fill up and submit all the information that you want to be shown in Tinder.

Step C – Visit Tinder application and log in from all your previous accounts. You can access this feature in settings.

Step D – Now log in with your clone Facebook account.

Your account is now successfully created. With the help of this method, your personal data won\’t be leaked anymore.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Tinder 

How many people use Tinder?

according to a late 2014 report, Tinder had 50 million + users across the globe. This number might be upgraded now. The Number of Users on Tinder is increasing every day. It might have crossed 100 million + users as of now.

What is the Role of Blue star in Tinder?

The Blue star on tinder determines that the person has been super liked.

How many likes do you get in a day on Tinder?

You can get 100 maximum likes in 12 hours. This number gets renewed after every 12-14 hours.

Is it safe to use Tinder without Facebook?

Yes, it is absolutely safe and convenient to use Tinder without facebook. You won\’t face any problem with that.


You can now chat with anyone and find the perfect partner for you without any worries. Your personal data won\’t be revealed.

You can use this method multiple times too. You will definitely get satisfactory results each and every time.

This method will allow you to keep your personal details safe and secure.

This method can be done on all devices whether it is Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

As all the mentioned applications and websites are easily accessible through these devices.

This was the method to use Tinder without Facebook. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more tech brewed content.

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