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Best Open Source Software

Best Open Source Software; We all like using our “preferred” programs and apps, right? For example, a recruitment specialist may prefer all incoming CVs in Microsoft Word or as an Adobe PDF file. Much like our favourite torrent, streaming, or news sites, we tend towards a favourite app in our business life, too. Offices around the world are currently spoiled for choice when it comes to great freeware that can enhance business flow and production.

Many purists anticipate freeware to under perform– usually due to limited functionality -compared to their more expensive counterparts. However,based on a survey of several media studios with years of experience in dynamic office performance, here’s an assortment of diverse apps which are dependable components of online work.

Best Open Source Software for Windows

Spoiler alert: If you’re a dedicated Microsoft or Mac fan, your immediate response might be “Well Microsoft does [insert action here]” or “Apple also has a fantastic [insert perk here]….” It can’t be denied these well-known giants dominate in many ways, but there’s a special glee that comes with using something that’s completely free, improves your workflow, and saves you time – ultimately making you a sleeker professional.

Open Source Software list


Slack is an elegant yet simple collaborative work platform. Catered towards remote and freelance workers, Slack is an unpretentious and extremely slick platform able to search within miles of conversation, pin important notes, attach all types of files, and even offers voice and video call. There are paid-for upgrades, of course, but for smaller businesses, the free version includes everything the paid-for version provides, plus the site is always fresh and functional.


While you’ll have to load a few credits if you want to dial a specific phone number, com ms between Skype members using the app remain completely free as long asthey’re connected to the internet. Unlike Nokia – the Finnish mobile phone maker who held sway around the same time as Skype’s ascendancy – Skype has improved with time. The platform remains the default conference and personal video call option, notwithstanding the rise of many similar apps over the last decade. Contacts are arranged clearly, visible as online or absent, and the app offers text and attachment facilities akin to a mail app.

While the early days of Skype gave rise to frequent complaints of poor call quality, this was less a product of the app’s build than the overall quality of connectivity at the time. Skype is still with us and going strong; you’d be hard-pressed to find a superior alternative with better features. Microsoft bought Skype a while ago, yet quite remarkably, free calling remains available (for now).

To PDF (or Word, or Excel, or JPG)

When documents land in your inbox in an unusable format, head on over to To PDF and you’ll have an array of format options to switch to. You may find your own PDFs contain typos or need a small addition– using To PDF, you can convert them to Word, add what you need to, and reconvert them to a PDF if needed. The site is simple yet fast and – unlike many other conversion options out there – won’t limit you to “two pages only” in a bid to make you pay for what is freely available elsewhere online. If you’re under license with Microsoft, you have a PDF conversion option in Word, but it won’t help you when you need to render a PDF as a JPG. Even the Kingsoft Free Office MS Office facsimile limits conversion without registration.

Free Download Manager

A great app for downloading video URLs. Free Download Manager has many rivals trying to copy their features with little success. The reality is there’s many decent download managers out there, but FDM 1) pops up easily when you drag an URL to its icon 2) keeps things one-click simple to start a download, and 3) similar to4K Video Download, it won’t capture YouTube ads that ruin your video experience, just the video itself.

VLC Media Player

No freeware tip list would be complete without mentioning VLC Media Player. If VLC won’t play it, it’s probably unplayable. Many great-looking media player apps are available online, but VLC has consistently been the choice of the more technically inclined – and that’s always a good indicator of quality! However,it can cause issues with MS Word (even the Kingsoft version), causing Word to freeze. If that happens once or twice, simply remove and reload it – you’re good to go. What makes VLC truly stand out is you can lower the media volume by using the mouse scroll wheel, eliminating the need to use displayed volume controls. It may seem like a silly bonus, but if your work involves listening to or watching content regularly, it quickly becomes a baseline expectation!

Remember: when online – and especially when downloading freeware–please employ a VPN. Get one! Cybercrime is increasing and ever-evolving. Make sure your antivirus is running and current, and if you need to set up your personal security and protection before installing an app, call on IT support for assistance in getting you happily optimised on all fronts.

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