Keep Your Office Safe with the Best Weather Safety Equipment

Between interoffice drama and fast-approaching deadlines, emergency weather management is probably way in the back of your mind. However, all office managers should have a plan to deal with severe weather events. Fortunately, the best weather software and warning systems can help businesses stay ahead of the weather, giving your office more time to prepare for the unexpected.

Weather Station at the Office

The best weather station is one that is nearby. To have the most accurate and current weather predictions, invest in office weather and lightning equipment. These compact stations fit on the roof of any building and provide 24/7 monitoring. Measure the following atmospheric conditions in real-time:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Barometric pressure
  • Temperature
  • Lightning strikes
  • Humidity

When integrated with weather tracking software, you can turn this raw data into a live weather forecast for your exact location.

Real-Time Weather Tracking

Real-time weather software has become much more powerful in the advent of cloud-based technology. Now, weather programs can gather data from thousands of sources at once, offering a fuller, more accurate picture of the forecast. Using programs like this in your office can help you mitigate weather risk in alerting you ahead of time. Most importantly, you can avoid putting your staff and business in unnecessary risk when you have the tools to predicate inclement weather.

Emergency Management Solutions

The best weather software uses mobile alerts and automated notifications to get emergency information out as fast as possible to the widest audience. Additionally, you can customize your mobile alerts to provide your employees with additional information, such as closures or evacuation procedures.

When you don’t have time to monitor the weather on your own, invest in the equipment that watches the sky for you and keeps your office safe. In damage mitigation, preparedness is your greatest weapon. To keep your business operating smoothly before, during and after a major weather event, subscribe for real-time weather monitoring software.

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