Mail bird Review: One of The Best Email Client for Windows

Are you looking for a feature loaded Mail client made for Windows which can ease your daily life by offering you the best features free of cost?


You probably would be thing how? well you can add your contacts, Mail accounts and other important accounts like your WhatsApp and Twitter all in a one place with the help of this software you won’t have to open up different web pages to check out notifications and messages you can do all those things at one place this will help you to focus on your work and get the most out of it.

checkout out detailed review of Mail Bird below to better understand why this program is one of the best Mail Client for Windows.

What is an E-Mail client?

An E-Mail client also known as Mail reader is a computer programme that comes into the category of groupware and its work is to manage Mail of the user’s.

The client is meant to be a role but here it means to manage, compose and work as a receptionist of thousands of Mails of the user so that it won’t cause trouble. It is also referred to “WEBMAIL”.

Like other, client’s Mail client is automatically activated when the user runs it or else it’s idle and does nothing. It stores the Mail of the user on remote servers until the user downloads or requests to see the Mail properly in the remote Mail box so that the Mail don’t jumble.

There are many Mail clients like EUDORA, MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD, OUTLOOK EXPRESS. Today we will tell you about the one desktop Mail client which is better and will keep getting better in future and enhance user experience so that the user could carry out his work without any trouble.

It’s one of the fastest growing Mail clients which was created by Danish Co-Founders and serial entrepreneurs Michael Olsen & Michael Bodekaer.

It’s known as “MAILBIRD”. They faced trouble using Thunderbird which was too slow and hence they formed a team and founded a company named “MAILBIRD” in March 2012 and they established a goal which was to enhance Mail services and smooth processing.

Headquartered in Livit Tech Start-up Ecosystem in Bali, Indonesia the MAILBIRD focuses on speed by using a simple design and offering Mail productivity.

Features of Mail bird

  • Set up multi-account that even supports IMAP & POP3 accounts.
  • Enjoy the all new complete touch support
  • It has Integrated messaging and task management apps
  • It has quite unique productivity features
  • It has the ability to support 17 languages
  • Support calendar apps.
  • Customize according to your taste i.e. Color & layout.


The first version of Mail Bird was released to the public on invite basis as it was still its beta mode. The invited user who used even expressed their opinions and said that the client was better than POSTBOX AND THUNDERBIRD which they used previously.

The successful beta launch excited the company which led to release of the first-ever public beta on April 1, 2013, and millions of people downloaded the client in short span of time.

The company was also awarded the “BEST FREE EMAIL CLIENT FOR WINDOWS” award in May 2013, a month after its public release by “PC WORLD”.

The company then further decided to customize the user experience and decided to release an upgraded version of “MAILBIRD” naming it “MAILBIRD 1.0” on January 27, 2014, and they won another award on its release day by “IT WORLD”.

The company then released another updated version called” MAILBIRD 2.0” on March 17, 2015, which gave the users an ability to connect to video messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook, speed reader and much more and also won another award by IT World in its release month.

Another updated version was released on 26 December 2016.

Written in WPF and C# language the client is easy to use and understand and has good speed, unlike Thunderbird which tends to be slow sometimes. It works on WINDOWS 7 and later versions. The platform used is .NET FRAMEWORK and it’s available for free.

The development of this client is still active and a newer version will be released soon which will further enhance user experience. It supports POP and IMAP accounts and also Gmail accounts as it supports labels and for other accounts, it creates and stores as a folder so as to avoid problems.

You can install Mail bird on your pc easily just visit their website and follow the steps and you will have the client easily installed or for the detail steps you can read down.


  1. Visit their website
  2. Click on the download button and it will automatically download the installer.
  3. Click on the installer (and it only costs 2mb of your data nothing more whereas some other client uses 100 MB of your data to download).
  4. Click on the installer.
  5. A message box will pop out whether you want to allow this app to run or not click “yes”.
  6. A license agreement box will pop up and then press “ACCEPT”.
  7. Select the location where you want to install the app and the language you want to use and click install Mail bird.
  8. The Mail bird client will be downloaded and installed. If you want you can also view a video on how to use the app which will be provided while the client is downloading.

How to Use It Mail Bird?

Using it is very simple to create an account on it and then you can create multiple identities if you want to use more than 2 addresses. Copy messages easily and PRESS V to ease up your work and let Mail bird search your folder rapidly and smoothly. Get a Send and archive button like the one in GMAIL so that you can effectively send and archive important messages.

Delay sending Mail so that you can cancel the delivery if you want to add any other point or paragraph in your Mail.

 For example, I’m about to send Mail and suddenly I remembered that I didn’t add an important line now if I used to delay sending then I will be able to cancel sending and add the line and then send it which makes me convenient and I can stay safe and error-free.

You can also snooze some Mail and read them later.

Block spam messages and read your Mail quietly in peace.

You can compose messages using HTML source editing or rich editing capabilities. You can write your reply on top of any original Mail and also insert your comments and answers inline into the quoted text and then Mail bird sets your reply apart with default Color and precedes them using your name.


For sending files to connect your Dropbox account or any other file sharing site account/service and boom attaching files is now piece of cake for you and easily send files without any incontinence’s.

For Folders when you create an account Mail bird sets up folders like archive and inbox which work exemplarily and stores your e-Mail neatly.

Set up shortcuts on your account and access any folder easily. It also creates labels that copy the Mail and you can also delete Mail easily with one click though you need to select Mail you want to delete.

It uses SMTP server and encrypts you Mail data and Mail account so that it’s always a secret for others.

Pros and cons of MAILBIRD


  • It Lets you compose Mail in rich text font also supports plain text formats.
  • If your pc/laptop is touchscreen swipe fast and reads faster with speed reader which shows you every word in an Mail.
  • Integrate with Dropbox for smooth flow of storage.
  • Manage your contact address in a contact book.
  • Setup a google calendar if you want to.
  • Assign shortcuts to ease up the usage.
  • Supports 3 accounts simultaneously.
  • Postpone Mail quickly without any worries.
  • Smooth speed compared to other clients.
  • Have you owned signature when you send an Mail or receive an e-Mail?


  • Though being fast it doesn’t have smart filters or automation tools for suggesting replies or filing folders.
  • One of the problems of Mail bird is it cannot identify key Mail smartly.
  • Though searching is fast and convenient there are fewer options and criteria compared to Thunderbird.
  • The premium version is not free.

Conclusion: –

Though there are many other e-Mail clients out their Mail bird is unique in its own way.

If you fancy Sparrow Mac So then you can have Mail bird for Windows. Designed with an inspiration of sparrow Mail bird is advanced and updating which will smoothen up your usage and let you work quickly, safely and quickly.

If you want to use MAILBIRD use it if not look for other clients why? Because it means you like wasting time, don’t you?

Mail bird is still in development so there will be more updates in future that will provide better usage and performance. It’s free to use and it’s easy and smooth as a cat’s fur.

Connect to Mail bird using your FACEBOOK OR WHATSAPP account and store messages which helps you a lot as sometimes we are too busy to look at the messages and we tend to forget to read them.

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