MultCloud review: An interesting Cloud Storage Service

All of have a lot files to store in the form of images, videos, documents, etc. that we usually save and carry in our hard drives or flash drives. But with growing time these are being rapidly replaced by online storage services.

You now do not require carrying the flash drives or hard drives to carry data. Just upload the file and it will be saved forever until you delete it. Users like us now prefer this cloud storage just because it is better from flash drives in every aspect.

The files that you store are centrally accessible through the URL from any part of the world, until you have an active internet connection. Many companies use this cloud service to collaborate with the employees and sync data with them and also allow them to edit and save the documents.

The market of cloud storage has grown so far that even the mobile phone manufacturers provide the free cloud storage up to an extent instead of SD Card slot just like the Google Pixel users have unlimited cloud storage instead of SD Card slot. Getting 10-50 GB space for free is very easy whereas you can even get 10 TB of storage for some bucks.

But what if you use more than one cloud service, it becomes a mess to manage and maintain them. Not only this, you can\’t move the data from one cloud to another and you need to first download and then re-upload on another cloud.

All this becomes a mess and is not easy to manage. So developers build some tools to manage this shit. One such tool is MultCloud. We came across this service and thought of reviewing it. So we used it for like more than a month and did thorough testing of its features.

What is MultCloud?

MultCloud is a kind of helpful and pretty useful tool for those geeks who love to use Cloud services and store most of their data over the cloud. MultCloud is basically a cloud drive management system that allows users to manage and maintain their different cloud services at once.

They can easily copy and move files from one cloud to another. Most of the users use Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive, MediaFire, etc. It means that you need a lot of login details and other information to access them at once. That\’s where the MultCloud helps you by making all information accessible from a single place.

Initial Impressions of the Website

If you visit the site for the first time you will find that the site looks attractive and interesting. Its light blue color theme along with the white stripes looks just amazing. You can quickly sign up for free lifetime plan from the top right corner as it does not require any personal details of yours like phone no.

address, etc. Just the email address and your initials would do the work. Then you need to confirm the mail address and verify it. And at last share it with your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to experience more amazing plans.

After that add your cloud services\’ accounts and take advantages of interesting features of MultCloud.

Features and Experience

As soon as you click on the file manager button it will show you the list of all cloud services that you have attached. The site is totally secure and feels safe to use it as it never stores any password on their site, instead they are secured and encrypted.

As of now MultCloud supports the majority of cloud services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Mega, Amazon Drive, Amazon S3, One Drive, Sugar Sync, Cubby, My Drive, Copy, Yandex, Hi Drive, and Baidu etc. And it can support any server of WebDAV, FTP/FTPS, and SFTP Servers.

There are a lot of items present on the homepage, available in a lot of sorts. You can choose the desired one and access its files and folders directly from there.

Navigation is simple as well and you can check out most of the functions such as copying, moving, pasting, editing, cutting, uploading, downloading, changing access permissions, renaming, and creating new files and folders.

Sharing with your contacts has been simplified by this aggregator. You can directly generate the sharing links and share with your friends directly from there in two simple steps.

This is what impressed me as I have never seen any such feature in any other cloud storage aggregator as of now.

One of the best features that I loved the most is that you can easily transfer files between different storages. You can even close the window or the browser and let the transfer be completed in the background.

After you think you need to check something just log in again to your MultCloud account and check everything.

Apart from this, there is an option of scheduling everything like you can schedule the transfers and syncs of your cloud services and the ability to send the email after the completion of the process is just amazing.

If you use the site for the first you will be worried to find the Search option. But as you look closer you will the search option top right corner of the interface.

And when I used it I found that you can find any kind of file directly from there from any cloud storage. I found it very handy as it is lacked by some popular aggregators such as Jail Cloud.

As you know very well that nothing is perfect and so is the case with the MultCloud. I faced a few problems. I was not able to find some quick options in the panel. I had to find them at certain places to make sure I haven\’t missed anything yet.

So I think a better user interface would give this site a boom and make it even better. Also if you hover the cursor over some tabs or options you won\’t see the visual feedback of the items, this annoys me a lot.

Not only this, you can\’t edit and save any document or image file online. You need to go to the official site of the cloud and then edit it from there. I think that this feature should be included with MultCloud.

So if you ask me the overall review of the site I would say that everything is fine except the user interface. A less cartoonish design along with the main features directly accessible from the main panel will make it even better.

Overview of MultCloud

Features at a Glance:

MutlCloud comes with a lot interesting and amazing features that would help you a lot in managing your cloud services and files you uploaded.  Here is an overview of the main features of Multcloud.

  • Multi-server parallel transmission
  • Cloud File Manager
  • Direct File Transfer
  • Completely FREE and unlimited data traffic
  • Supports Multiple Cloud Storage Providers
  • Free to Use More Space
  • File Transfer In The Background
  • Scheduled transfer
  • Security Guarantee

Technical Details

Pricing Model

  • Monthly payment
  • Annual Subscription

Customer Types

  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business

Language Support

  • Canada
  • China
  • USA
  • UK

Devices Supported

  • Linux
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile
  • iPhone/iPad


  • It allows you to share files from one cloud to another within the interface itself.
  • It has the ability to schedule transfer tasks and long-running sync to be run even when you are logged off.
  • Supports most major cloud storage hosts and certain minor ones.
  • Doesn\’t collect your personal information like phone no., etc. except your from e-mail address.
  • Ability to copy and sync files between different storage providers.
  • Have all features you\’d usually expect.
  • Allows file/folder searching across all connected storage services.
  • Unlimited and free for all users.


  • Doesn\’t have a document and picture editing.
  • The interface design is up to the mark as I have explained above.
  • Mediafire, Ubuntu One,, and Mega are not yet supported.

Final Verdict

MultCloud managed my expectations of a Cloud Storage aggregator. I enjoyed using the site and each and every feature provided is of some use. You won\’t find any useless option or any kind of gimmick that annoys or irritates you at the time of work.

In my case, all the major cloud services were present and you can start using it right away. Also, the package is almost complete except the ones I mentioned and I guarantee you once these features are added, MultCloud will be the one and only cloud services management system to provide you that much of features.

I hope you enjoyed reading the full review of MultCloud with pros and cons. So what are you waiting for? Click here and give it a try. Do let us know about experience with the site in the comments section below and in case you think that we need to improve with something write the feedback in the comments below. Thank You!

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