5 Best Network Signal Booster Apps for Android

The sim in the mobile phone is the key to the network you receive in your mobile and it’s connected to towers which helps you use the internet and other applications online or make calls. It depends on various factors such as tower or trees which will vary signal strength. Have you seen people using super-fast speed and some get low speed let me tell you why do INTERNET speed vary?

Signal strength depends on the location of a tower and it’s like a super busy road with too many entry and exits. For example, the roads in Mumbai are occupied by the traffic and hence you cannot drive at your own speed as you have to drive at proper speed as people keep switching lanes from side to side.

The road is a shared resource just a like an internet where billions of people are online every minute. The Internet is used by various apps and due to that, it makes internet difficult to maintain a constant speed for “real-time” applications.

Aren\’t you tired of the slow network that makes you wait for hours to load a single website or page? Time to upgrade don’t you think so or you would like to waste your time and then hate your internet for being slow as a turtle?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a weak network signal or Wi-Fi connection, leaving you with a sluggish Internet connection or a hard time making calls or sending text messages. No matter how beautiful and powerful or advanced version of your device is, you won’t enjoy it much without a proper Internet connection or a constant network signal to work with.

I’ll tell you about top 5 best NETWORK BOOSTER APPS that will boost your internet speed like an eagle hunting its prey!!

How does a signal booster app works?

A cell phone booster app sends the signal data to a faster network and then analyses and connects you to the fastest network channel.


Network Signal Speed Booster is an app developed by MC STEALTH Apps that literally boosts your network up-to top level so that you could enjoy unlimited surfing speed without any problems.

This app is used by me too and I’m loving the app as it boosts the speed of my slow DoCoMo internet network which literally annoys me. This app is designed to improve the signal connection of your phone, therefore giving your network signal a super boost.

Unlike other signal boosting apps, this app is unique because it’s very easy to use. In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all just open the app and let it do the work itself without letting you use any of your energy at all.

What the app does is it connects you to the best available tower from your location. This is really one of the best and easiest signal boosting apps that you can find. And, it’s also free, so it’s definitely worth a try.


View network connections.

Full network access.

Prevent device from sleeping.

Modify system settings.


Developed by Real Apps Maker this app is also an app that boosts your internet speed it enjoys high downloads and millions of users and it helps you boost up your turtle net speed. Believe me, I tried this app and it’s pretty cool. Are you getting tired of weak cellular signal? Do you have a hard time finding signal reception and?

network connection? Download Network Signal Booster for FREE and get better signal strength and better network reception in instant!

Network Signal Booster is a signal booster app which helps you improve your network connection so that you can do your work online without any difficulties.


  • FREE to use. Download our signal boost app and start utilizing our network booster now!
  • Effective process. Feel the difference in your signal strength after you have refreshed your

connection with our phone booster.

  • Easy to use.
  • 24/7 support.

You can also contact them on their email or Facebook the app doesn’t work for you and they will solve your problems.


Just from the name, you can assume what this app does! I bet everyone has once tried to either climb a wall or climbed a tree in order to get better network connection or even changed your network to the faster network?

Well, now it’s time to download and use this app where you no longer have to climb high trees or wait for the signal as it makes sure you are connected to the fastest network without any problem.

This app is designed in such a format that it will scan your complete neighbourhood and show you where you can find a strong signal.

For example:- You are in “A” area and your network speed is as slow as turtle and if you have installed OPEN SIGNAL MAP apps it will scan the area around you assume “AREA B, AREA C, and AREA D” are you neighbors so now after scanning the areas the result you get is “AREA C” has the strongest network so if you visit “AREA C” your network speed will be boosted easily hence you can enjoy faster download speeds and upload speeds and enjoy surfing webpages and get information easily.

So, check it out on play store and app store today if you don’t want to climb the trees and rooftops of your houses.

Features: –

✓ follow our signal compass for the stronger signal

✓ Download, upload, and latency tests – for 2G, 3G, LTE, and WI-FI

✓ Store your speed test results so you can view it later and see the results offline whenever you wish to.

✓ Compare coverage and connection quality on a map

✓ History of your mobile connection – see stats on your connection to 4G and 3G and your data usage

✓ Find fast WI-FI with our interactive Wi-Fi map

✓ Free and no ads


One of the best apps out there on the play store and the app store WI-FI analyser has been in demand since its launch.

It analyses all the signal in your area and connects you to a better channel so that you can enjoy smooth internet speed and surf better. Check out WI-FI ANALYZER on play store today!


Scan all available wireless networks in range and shows you information about them, such as:

– Network SSID

– MAC address of access point

– Network Frequency(2.5Ghz/5GHz)

– Estimated distance from Wi-Fi Network Source

– Wi-Fi Network security

– Vendor name of Wi-Fi Device

– Graph of Signal Strength Vs. Time

– Graph of Signal Strength Vs. Channel Graph

– Shows Best channels of Connected Wi-Fi

– Channel Rating and Much More.

  1. Wi-Fi Manager

Trouble managing Wi-Fi connections no worries now managing networks will be a piece of cake if you use WI-FI Manager. It lets you search for available networks and then connects you to them.

If you have more than a 2 or 3 of networks available, then managing them

Will never take a lot of your precious time.


This app has two widgets created for displaying the information about every connection and giving you an ability to switch among several networks available.

It also has a built-in graphical channel which is designed in such a way that it helps improve the connection quality and makes sure you get the best network signal whenever you use this app or click on it.

You may tweak your WI-FI settings in order to connect to a better network and also has features of its own for example new interface and a feature where you can assign icons to every individual network you want to.

It also has a dark-coloured special theme which makes it look too beautiful to use and also allow you to have fun using the app.

Features: –

Find and connect to the strong network and also manage WI-FI networks sitting at home or anywhere.

Improve your connection quality with a special channel radar.

Discover open networks around you. Set the app to scan for and switch to the best network.

Also Includes home screen widgets like:

– detailed connection info

– connect to a network with a single tap

– toggle “best network switcher”

It’s still upgrading and has now new and improved function and updated design

Better compatibility with Android 6+.

  • Updated design.
  • Connect to a network with a single tap by using the WI-FI Network Switcher widget.


Internet Booster & Optimizer

As the name says it enhances your internet browsing internet experience. Your speed is determined to depend on ISP and no one can change that, but there are many apps that can help you tweak other factors and give you an advantage of those factors and give you some cool speed to use.

This is where the apps start boosting. It uses series of commands that will tweak your network and browser priority on your android system so that you can enjoy smooth browsing experience rather than slow one.

The apps exist to tweak the programs and makes sure you could enjoy the most out of your internet network.

Features: –


Most of the apps require a root to use the apps but this doesn’t optimize to accelerate the speed of network in a single tap. Using 2g, 3g or 4g LTE? No need to worry about hours of loading by using this application. It also performs series of automatized task like accelerating internet speed, cleaning ram memory, cache memory, and DNS flushing to improve your user experience.


It runs on a special-codes which optimize the way you want your device to connect with others through the internet, But it’s available for only root users.


Whether you want an app to just boost your phone’s network signal or your Wi-Fi connection, or even both these features, there are many apps for you. Whether you like it easy or you’d like to see every detail, you can also find an app that can give you the detail of anything you want to in reference to network optimization so what are you waiting for?

Download the apps you refer and let us know in the comments below which one are you currently using.

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