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In the age of social media almost every Internet user uses photo editing software irrespective of his/her age. There are many such software that can be used to edit and retouch your photos. Some applications that are available in the market are very costly but some are completely free to download.

We have come across one such application that does not only feature rich but also completely free to download and use. The application is named Photoscape which is developed by Mooii Tech. The best thing about it is that its available for both the platforms, Windows and Mac.

This free-to-download editing software is full of rich features that can be used to transform your ordinary images into professional looking photos and portraits.

With this, you can also create Split photos, animated gifs, photo collage, print images. You can view photos, do batch processing and many other editing works.

The application is packed with lots of basic and useful features as well as some other tools that will do the job for you. So, here’s an in-depth review of Photoscape that we have prepared to help you understand and use it.

Photoscape in-Depth Review

The application is basically a simple, easy-to-use photo editing tool, full of basic editing features. So, you should not expect much from it as it does not have features like Photoshop or other such professional editing tools. But we can say that Photoscape is great at what it does.

Photoscape, being an image editing application offers features like viewing, editing, printing and applying filters to your images. Apart from these basic features, the application has few other tools like a splitter, RAW converter, animated gif maker, batch processor and many more.

So, if one needs a simple, easy and basic image editing tool that does not cost you a single penny then Photoscape is your best bet.

User Interface and Experience

The interface of Photoscape is one of the best things about it as it is very simple and easy. When you open it, you can see there are many tabs and options available on the home screen.

The toolbar which is situated at the top contains 9 tabs, Photoscape, a viewer, batch editor, editor, animated gifs, combine, page, print and help. All the tabs are easily understandable therefore do not require any kind of further explanation.

There are some other tabs that are arranged in a circular way. These tabs give you access to perform tasks like RAW conversion, rename, page print, screen capture, colour picker and splitting image and others.

So, the software has a neat clean user interface which makes it very easy for you to understand how those tools work. Hence it can be said that Photoscape is an easy-to-use tool. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, anyone who is new to photo editing will find Photoscape a walk in the park.

Photo Editor and Image Viewer

Being a photo editing application, PhotoScape’s main job is to edit images. So, we tested its main functionality and here’s what we have found. Photoscape has many tools that let you edit your photos according to your needs.

To start editing your pictures, you just have to open Editor tab and it will showcase or preview your photos on the left side of the window. Then you just have to pick and select your photo which you want to edit. Now you can edit your image as per your liking.

You will see many options like home, objects, tools, crop, auto level, sharpen, film effect, filter, undo, redo, undo all and others, at the bottom of the window.

The Home option offers many frames that you can choose to add to your photos. And in Tools option, you can find things such as Red-eye correction, mosaic, mole removal, paintbrush, effects brush and others.

These tools will make your photos more attractive and beautiful. There is one Objects option which will let you draw shapes, add clip art, add text and much more.

There is a Bright and colour button that lets a user do some basic photo retouching such as setting up the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, Gamma bright etc. Photoscape allows you to sharpen, add auto level and add film effects as well. Let’s head to the Filter option, it’s a tool that allows you to add filters to your photos effortlessly.

Photoscape has many other filters such as Fake-tilt, Noise, Vignette, Jitter, crystallize, Embossing, cellophane, distort, Reflection, linear gradient and others. So, the application offers loads of editing options and tools that are more than enough to satisfy your needs. What more one can expect from a free image-editing tool.

Apart from an editor, Photoscape is a photo browser as well. To browse photos, use the browser given at the left. All the images from a particular folder that you select are shown in the window.

If you double-click any photo it will take you to the full screen. Full view will also show more details about every part of the photo like ISO, EV, focal length etc. To close the full-screen mode just press Esc key and it will exit the full view.

Batch processing and Page layout

Using Photoscape you can easily make grids and collages. You have to go to Page tab to create collages. The browser is available at the left with which you can browse photos. Then drag your selected photos to the right on the layout. Or you can click on a specific grid of the layout and open the photo.

Hundreds of layouts are available in the application. Users can add frame, change the background colour, apply filters as well. You can also set margins and ratios easily.

Combine photos with Photoscape

Photoscape also lets you combine multiple images. The combined tool will turn your vertically, horizontally or in checkerboard style placed images into a single image. Users can change margin colour and even change the size of the output photo.

Create Animated GIFs

This feature of Photoscape will let you create GIFs. Now one can create GIF files easily without any issues. You have to select some photos first if you want to turn them into GIFs. Then drag them to the right.

When you will drag the photos, Photoscape will automatically add effects to them. Photoscape lets you change the transition effects, background colour, time and size of the GIF as well.

Raw Converter and Splitter

This one powerful feature will allow you to convert RAW files to jpg format. Convert RAW images easily from any device including Sony, Nikon, Canon and others.

The Splitter allows you to split your photos into different no. of rows and columns. It saves the splitter parts of the photo in the folder where you want to. This tool will be very handy when you have to print large photos.

Screen Capture and Color Picker

This one is a cool feature with which you can easily capture anything like full screen or selected thing with the help of screen capture option. The captured image will be saved in clipboard or to the Photoscape as per your preference.

Photoscape also has a colour picker that will let you pick a particular colour and it will display you the code for that colour.

Pros and Cons of Photoscape

Pros –

The editing tool is free.

So many basic photo editing options.

Useful features such as screen capture, photo collage and others.

Cons –

Good for basic photo editing. Not suitable for professional users.

The batch processing speed is a bit slow.

The interface might seem clumsy to some users.

There is room for improvement and more features.

Final Verdict

So, after an in-depth review of the photo editing application here is our final verdict about the same.

Photoscape is a very good tool if someone is looking for a free photo editor to modify his/her photos. As the application comes with all the basic photo editing options that are required for basic photo enhancing and retouching.

The user interface is very easy to use though some users might feel that its a little bit unorganized. Anyone will find it really easy to operate once he/she gets into the application.

There are many things you can do using this software such as applying filters, effects, adding text, objects, Animated GIF, photo splitting, photo collage making and others. You can transform your images really well If you choose filters wisely. So, therefore, it deserves a try.

Although PhotoScape is highly accomplished and deserves a try, it is not a Photoshop-killer. The application does not disappoint and its editing features are what will bring most people to the program for sure.

Photoscape shuns the traditional menu and toolbar design standard used by many other applications, moving settings to the bottom of the screen. And one cannot ignore the fact that that the interface is quite unusual and one will take some time to get used to it.

Even if you don\’t use PhotoScape\’s full set of remarkable and powerful features, you will surely get enough value from this great and versatile freeware. Especially when it comes to so many options and tools to choose from.

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