Review of Ultra Fire 2000 Lumen Cree T6 LED Flashlight XML

India is a vast country and we have a lot of problems to deal with in our everyday life. Although the government, along with many privates institutions, are working their best to solve all the problems as soon as possible, still there are some with which we deal on a regular basis. One such problem is of electricity.

Many villages and small towns still undergo power cut at certain times. So they need to prepare well and have the flashlights, candles, lamps etc. ready with them. So we have got a review of Ultra Fire 2000 Lumen Cree T6 LED Flashlight XML for you.

Although the market has a lot of other types of flashlights at various different prices this one has something and that\’s the reason we thought of reviewing it. We will have a look at its features and specifications and then find out the pros and cons.

At last, if you are satisfied with the pros and cons, then go get it as soon as possible. But before we move on have a look it from the pictures shown below.

Ultra Fire 2000 Lumen Cree T6 LED Flashlight XML: Introduction

The Ultra Fire LED Flashlight features an adjustable focus with a pretty decent carrying pouch. The light is powered by the three AAA batteries or you can use the 18650 rechargeable batteries that they have already included in the package. Now let\’s have a look at what does this flashlight provides us and what its specs are.


  • Brand: Ultra Fire
  • Emitter Type: Cree XM-L2 U2
  • Total Emitter: 1
  • Lumens: 2000 Lm
  • Switch type: Click – click
  • Battery: 18650
  • Battery type: AAA
  • Battery quantity: 1 x 18650 or 3 x AAA batteries (included in package)
  • Mode: Total 5 modes (High, Mid, Low, Strobe, SOS)
  • Focus type: Adjustable focus
  • Waterproof: IP-65 Standard water resistant
  • Product size (L x W x H): 5.50 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches / 14 x 5 x 5 cm
  • Product weight: 0.154 kg

Unboxing, First Impressions, and Full Review

The package of flashlight came in a simple plastic packet with the bubble wrap to protect the flashlight and the accessories.

Once you unpack everything, you get to see the flashlight, obviously, along with the charger, battery, carrying case, and the Ultra Fire branded 18650 rechargeable battery. The capacity of the battery is 4200 mAh, so it will easily last a long.

The torchlight is 5.50 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches / 14 x 5 x 5 cm in dimensions (L x W x H) and weighs around 155 grams. It is IP-65 certified which means that it is water resistant but is not submersible, that it is kind of splash proof but you can\’t use it under water.

There\’s a slider on the head of the torch to adjust the light beam. Just slide it smoothly and it will adjust the light beam with ease.

It is smooth but you can\’t use it with a single hand, instead, you need to hold the torch with one hand and adjust the slider with the other hand.

The front part (the lens housing) can be removed easily if needed. And there you will find the copper reflector and the LED. You might have noticed an odd thing that this does not have the plastic or chromed metal reflector, instead have a copper reflector that will be very useful for the LED to increase brightness.

If we talk about the middle section of the flashlight there you will find the power button that is a click – click type button. This flashlight has 5 modes viz. High, Medium, Low and the strobe and SOS.

And yes the light actually blinks in the SOS mode. I found out that you don\’t need to click every time to switch between modes instead just click it once and let it go and it will automatically switch modes.

If you move downwards and remove the tail section of the flashlight then you will find out the battery section. There you can use either 18650 batteries or the three AAA batteries; these are the only two power options available for this flashlight.

The charger that comes with the package is small; in size and features a flip to open power prongs to plug in. The charger and the charging point are adjustable as a spring is attached to it so that you can charge other batteries of small and large sizes as well.

The only thing you need to look after is that the voltage and amps of current match the output. The charger also has an inbuilt LED that turns red when you plug in the charger and then afterward turns green when it is completely charged.

If we talk about the charging time, it varies from battery to battery and from the charging remaining in the battery but it takes around 2-3 hours to charge fully.

And if you ask me about the battery life of the flashlight, for me it lasts easily for 2 weeks as I don\’t use it much. I usually use it at night while walking with my dogs on the streets.

The carrying case is made of nylon and is well built. It has a Velcro closure on the front and the back so that you can attach it with the belt of the pouch with ease.

I personally prefer these types of straps as you can easily open and close them and also you can attach the pouch with other bags or accessories which does not feature the removable straps. The light fits easily into the case and it protects it well.

Now when you have read almost everything about the flashlight, you might have a clear idea about the features and specification of the Ultra Fire 2000 Lumen Cree T6 LED Flashlight XML. Now let us have a look at its pros and cons. They are given below.


  • Clicky power button
  • Decent Battery life
  • Less charging time
  • Durable and rugged
  • IP 65 Water resistant
  • Adjustable focus
  • Includes battery and charger in the package
  • 5 modes to adjust light beam.
  • Cheap to buy

Easily available in stock


  • Can\’t be used underwater
  • Not adjustable with the single hand.


I hope that you must have read all the characteristics, specs, pros and cons of the Ultra Fire 2000 Lumen Cree T6 LED Flashlight XML and now you have a clear-cut idea of what it is and how it works.

I have used a lot of flashlights but this one was different from others because of its special features. Here\’s a summary of everything that we have read till now so that you can easily decide to buy or not this flashlight.

  • The flashlight is very well built and well made. It seems to be durable and rugged. I would take it with me for camping or hiking or anywhere else because I know it won\’t disappoint me 😛
  • The carrying pouch provided in the package is well made as well. The Velcro lock makes it more comfortable to carry without any problem and as it is made up of nylon it will protect the flashlight adequately with ease.
  • The flashlight has the option of adjustable focus but it is pretty difficult to adjust the light beam with one hand. You need to hold the flashlight in one hand and then adjust the focus with another hand. But as I don\’t adjust it much, it never made me think about this issue.
  • As this light has 2000 Lumens, it seems to be very bright (as you can see in the images provided) and can light the way anywhere you wish to, no matter if it is your house or some dark street or woods.

Final Verdict

Although there are a lot of LED flashlights available in the market, both online and offline but not each and every one of them fits your budget or is cheap to buy. And at times it becomes difficult to find the best option that fits your budget.

So we have reviewed the Ultra Fire 2000 Lumen Cree T6 LED Flashlight XML and described everything from specs and features to pros and cons. Thoroughly read them once and then if it seems to be the one you were looking for go for it.

Best buy link for Ultra Fire 2000 Lumen Cree T6 LED Flashlight XML: Click here.

I hope you enjoyed reading the Review of Ultra Fire 2000 Lumen Cree T6 LED Flashlight XML with pros and cons. If you did, do let us know about it in the comment section below. Also, do let us know if you will be buying this flashlight or will go with something else.

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