Top 7 Mobi Readers for PC supporting Windows 7/8.1/10

Free top 7 Mobi Readers for PC supporting Windows 7/8.1/10 |Now keep Reading Mobi Ebooks on Computer & Laptop

The general format that the Ebooks are available in is .mobi. It is the de-facto format for Amazon Kindle reader. People generally find difficulties in reading the Ebooks on their PCs and laptops. Now, in order to open the Ebooks in .mobi format, one requires certain applications to be installed on the PCs as well as the laptops.

Here is the list of top 7 mobi readers for personal computers as well as laptops supported with Windows 7, 8.1 & Windows 10 that will let you read the mobi Ebooks straight on your desktop or laptop. These are easily available to download at free of cost for you to keep reading.

Reader # 1 – MobiPocket Mobi Reader

.mobi ebook format is being owned by the full-fledged company named “MobiPocket Inc” which is later being acquired by Amazon. Being a product of the parent company,  MobiPocket’s Mobi Reader for PC/laptops is capable enough to view every drm free mobi ebook which is being imported into it.

Below are the various features that this reader provides apart from organizing the .mobi ebooks in a great Graphic User Interface:

  • Book Highlighting & annotation.
  • Publishing the personal eBooks.
  • An inbuilt digital dictionary that is just one-click away.

It is one of the easiest ways to .mobi Ebooks on your PC/laptops amongst all the other readers available online. MobiPocket also provides an aid to digital library organization and sync.

Reader # 2 – FbReader

This one is another most popular as well as free MobiPocket readers, which states “Favorite Book Reader”. The USP of this reader lies in the fact that it does not only read the .mobi formats but also supports .epub format. It also comes up with the distraction free book viewer that helps in resolving all the distractions and helps the readers to continue the reading in a smoother flow.

It is really very easy to download and install FbReader due to its minimal file size of meagre 5MB. It is even compatible for the systems with low hardware configurations and lower CPU resource consumptions.

Reader # 3 – Calibre

Calibre is not just an ebook reader but also considered as a complete ebook management program. The ebook reader is inbuilt in the complete ebook management program that functions really smooth.

Through this caliber reader, one can not only access and read the mobi ebooks on your PC or laptop but also can convert the same in many other formats as well. It is also accompanied with an inbuilt portal wherein one can download the drm free mobi ebooks for happy reading.

One of the major drawback that this reader has is its heavy file size. Since it provides multiple features, the file size is quite heavy which is around 70MB, this makes it difficult to download and installation. However, if we look at the numerous of features that this reader provides, and then it is actually worth having the patience to download with such a heavy size.

Reader # 4 – Amazon Kindle Reader for Desktop App –

This one is amongst the best one of all the reader that is available in the market. It is being developed by Amazon itself.

The biggest problem with this reader is that it only allows the reader to read only those ebook that is available in one’s Amazon account and will restrict the access to the other downloaded ebooks on your computer and laptop. However, if one loves to read and is having a nice collection of ebooks in their Amazon account, then this reader is considered to be the best choice.

Reader # 5 – Sumatra PDF

As the name suggests, Sumatra PDF is actually a powerful PDF reader, but this is capable enough to support many of the ebook formats epub,cbr,cbz and even .mobi ebook. This one is more recommendable for the older systems with Window 7 configuration. Since there are no inbuilt PDF readers in the older systems, this reader plays a dual role of a PDF reader as well as an ebook reader. Due to its minimal file size, Sumatra PDF is one of the quality freeware which is quite easy to download and install as well as access the .mobi files.

Another add-on advantage that this reader provides is its portability. This is one of the readers that is available in the portable format which makes it easy to port your ebook reader onto any of the systems in a USB thumb drive and continue with the happy reading.

Reader # 6 – Mobi File Reader

Mobifile is one of the compact and tiny mobi ebook readers perfectly suitable for your windows PC and laptops. It is a simple freeware application that lets you access the mobi ebooks on your system. It comes from an indie-developer and gets the job done without any fuss.

It is a quite simple reader that does not comes up with numerous of features like library organization that many other readers do provides. However, this one is still capable of converting the mobi ebooks into txt, and html files.

Reader # 7 – IceCream Ebook Reader 

IceCream Ebook reader is another most efficient and powerful mobi file reader for Windows. It can read many of the ebook formats than .mobi that many of the readers do not supports. The few supported formats are fb2, epub formats etc.

There is also a trial version of IceCream Ebook reader available to download that allows only 10 ebooks inside its digital library and one is restricted to edit the metadata about them. But if one is comfortable reading only the selected collection and avoid having the multiple ebooks in his library, then this one can be the best choice for you.