Top 5 Free GBA Emulators for Android Devices

Top 5 Free GBA Emulators for Android

Free GBA Emulators for Android Devices: GBA which is popularly known as Game Boy Advance is a unique 32-bit video gaming console owned by one of the very renowned names “Nintendo”. Nintendo has given various other gaming consoles such as N64 in order to enhance the playing adventure of many of the gamers. This time it has come up with GBA gaming console that is being the hosted with many of the popular games including Pokemon Ruby version, Pokemon FireRed & emerald versions, Super Mario Bros 3 & 4 and last but not the least the legend of Zelda. However, it is quite difficult for one to get the GBA device.

Since it is difficult to get the GBA device, many of the gamers could not able to play their favorite GBA games. As per the latest technological advancement, playing the GBA games have become possible on the Android devices with the help of just one emulator. One just needs to download and install the Game Boy Advance emulator along with the specific game ROM on their Android-based devices that will turn it into full-fledged GBA.

Top 5 Free GBA Emulators for Android to Play GBA Games on Android

Below is the list of top 5 GBA or Game Boy Advance emulators that are easily available to download at free of cost. You can search many of the GBA game ROMs on Google and all of them will be running smoothly with these GBA emulators.

GBA Emulator # 1 – My Boy! GBA Emulator:

My Boys is one of the oldest GBA emulators that will allow the gamers to play various older games, many of them are not being supported with the latest emulators nowadays. Though this one is the oldest, it is the most featured emulators that are considered to be one of the best choices even today. It is the one and only emulator that support link cable emulation along with the great speed. If one chose to run the full version of this emulator, he will be capable enough to enable many of the features like Instant back, fast forward, save along with multiple screens etc. One can easily search for this emulator on the Google play and download as well as install on their Android device.

Below are listed few of the impressive features that make My Boy emulator one of the best choices:

  • Auto-saving of the game state. (even if the game doesn’t allow)
  • One is able to create the screen layout profiles.
  • It provides one of the fastest emulation by saving your power.
  • Very much compatible with the older devices.

GBA Emulator # 2 –  VinaBoy Advance – GBA Emulator

Vinaboy is one of the great alternatives over to My GBA and is considered to be similar to Game Boy Advance emulator which enables one to play all the GBA games on their Android devices.

Below are the few silent features that VinaBoy emulator provides:

  • It provides a unique feature of Gameboy color emulation. Therefore a single Game Boy Advance emulator provides a dual facility. One is of Game Boy color and another is GBA emulator.
  • Auto saving and exiting of games.
  • Smart and Smooth multi-threaded emulation.
  • Have a full-fledged sound support along with the mute option.
  • Game Cheat support!
  • One is capable of finding as well as loading various GBA game ROM from inside the emulator application.
  • The formats of GBA game ROM are .gba, .gbc., .sgb., .zip, .7z, .rar.

H3 – GBA Emulator # 3 – Ultra GBA

Ultra GBA is one of the topmost and latest GBA emulators that is available for Android devices nowadays. It is being actively developed along with all the regular updates and hence supports nearby all the GBA games.

Like any other free emulator, this one also has a lot of full-screen advertisements. In order to deal with this fussy advertisement while playing your games, one is advised to disable the WiFi or cellular data or use the Airplane mode. You will be able to play your favorite games with these disturbing full-screen advertisements.

Below are the few characteristics that this emulator provides:

  • Supports Link cable emulation. The devices can either be the same android phones or across devices connected to the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Gyroscope/tilt/solar sensor and rumble emulation through your Android’s hardware sensors and vibrator
  • Provides the screenshot feature that saves the games at any instant.

GBA Emulator # 4 – MyGBA – Gameboy Advance Emulator:

This emulator is being designed by Tiny Games that are available to download at free of cost and requires no installation at all. One can directly load these on the websites and start playing. It contains all the basic features and has a powerful environment that is available in the free version also. This is considered to be one of the best emulators as a result of its stable controls along with wonderful graphics. One needs to transfer the game ROM to the SD card or any other internal memory and then start playing the game from MyGBA application. .gba and .zip are the most supported formats with this emulator.

Below are the few points that need to be considered before start playing with this emulator:

  • IPS/UPS ROM patching.
  • Supports Gyroscope, tilt, solar sensor and rumble emulation at very high compatibility.
  • Supports OpenGL rendering.
  • Non-GPU users can also render good graphics as the hardware requirements are low.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • No installation required.
  • Works smoothly on older devices.

GBA Emulator # 5 – John GBA Lite

This one is the most suitable emulator for old gaming consoles. John emulators also provide a wide range of emulator for GBA as well.

Even the free version of this unique emulator also provides few of the below-listed features:

  • Fast-forward and slow down support.
  • Customizable controls and keys.
  • On-screen keypad.
  • Cheats are also available on selected games.
  • USB / Bluetooth Joystick & Gamepad controller support.

Please be assured that all these emulators are available at free of cost and are well tried and tested for all the versions of Android 4.4 KitKat, lollipop, marshmallow & even Android Nougat too. Each one of these works smoothly and very much compatible with any of the Android devices. One can enhance their gaming adventure by playing these Game Boy Advance games on your android using touch screen/sensors or USB joystick.

Please note that in case, you do not understand any part of the post or tutorial, Please feel free to contact us via email or comments.

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