Top 3 Free FBA Game Boy Advance Emulators for Mac OS to Play Games

Enjoy playing GBA Games on MacBook with these Top 3 Free GBA Game Boy Advance Emulators for Mac OS X

Nintendo keeps on coming with the various gaming consoles that help to enhance the gaming adventures for the gamers. This it has come up with GBA which is one of the excellent gaming, consoles and is very much popular amongst gamers. Games like Pokemon Emerald are quite popular and worth playing. The biggest problem that this console faces is its availability, it is not widely available and hence gamers are not able to grab the opportunity to have adventurous playing experience.

However, many of its classic games like Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda can still be played with the help of GBA emulators that can be directly used with the game ROMs.

Top 3 Best GBA Game Boy Advance Emulators for Mac OS X

Here we are listing the top 3 best GBA emulator that is easily compatible with Mac OS X. One can use all these emulators with any of the GBA game ROMs in order to play various GBA games on MacBook Pro, iMac mini, etc.

GBA Emulator # 1 – mGBA

mGBA is one of the best and popular Game Boy Advance emulator that Is very much compatible with Mac OS X. With the help of this emulator, one is capable enough to even load the custom bios and is able to play any of the GBA game ROMs.

It is one of the latest developments and hence supports all the latest versions of Mac OS X including Sierra as well as EI Capitan too.

In order to install the mGBA emulator, one need to first download the zip file and then simply control-click the same in order and execute.

Below are the few unique selling points if this emulator that bring this emulator amongst one of the best choices:

  • Supports Joystick & USB GamePad controller
  • Saving and Reloading of the Game States
  • Provides the option to play along with multiplayer
  • Sound Emulation

GBA Emulator # 2 – Open Emu

OpenEmu is again one of the most featured alternative Games Boy Advance emulator that is completely suitable for Mac OS X.  One of the biggest advantages associated with this emulator is that it acts as an interface for multiple gaming consoles emulators.

Thus, by just downloading and installing one single file, one has downloaded multiple cores to various emulators including GBA, GBC, NES, and even Atari systems. It clearly means that one single OpenEmu is capable of running various GBA games, NES games, and even Other gaming console games too.

However, since this emulator provides multiple features, this makes the file size is bit heavy and hence at times it appears to be quite unstable and may even quit unexpectedly. One just needs to click on the button “ReOpen” in order to relaunch the OpenEmu in its previously running state.

This is one of the emulators that are considered to be all-rounder due to the below-mentioned features:

  • Screen Recording
  • Joy Stick support

Therefore one is not required to download the separate emulators for various type of gaming consoles.

GBA Emulator # 3 – BoyCott Advance GBA Emulator Mac

Visual Boy Advance-M was giving a touch and real competition to BoyCott Advance emulator to be at the 3rd position in this article.

But the only advantage that BoyCott emulator has above the Visual Boy is that it provides a speedy emulation. Also, Visual Boy Advance does not support the Sierra version of Mac.

Boycott Advance is also a very light-weight Game Boy Advance Emulator that is capable of emulating various GBA games along with proper anti-aliasing smoothing techniques and good sound. [1.2 MB only!]

It is also accompanied with its inbuilt-emulator enhancer that will even provide a  USB Joysticks along with full-screen view support.

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