Top 3 SNES Super Nintendo Emulators for Mac OS X

Top 3 SNES Super Nintendo Emulators for Mac OS X that lets you Play SNES Games on MacBook / iMac

Super Nintendo (SNES) commonly named as Super Femicom is a unique yet popular 16-bit home gaming consoles. It is so much capable that some of the most famous games like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda have given a tough competition to various famous games in 32-bit gaming consoles as well.

In order to enjoy playing these Super Nintendo (SNES) games on any of the Mac OS X devices including MacBook Air and iMac, one need to install the SNES emulators. These emulators are available to download at free of cost and provides a soothing experience to enhance your playing adventure.

Top 3 Free SNES Emulators for Mac OS X – 

Here is the list of top 3 SNES emulators for any of the Mac device:

SNES Emulator # 1 –BSNES

BSNES has come from Bannister which is quite famous for making a lot of retro console emulators.

BSNES is very much compatible with the various new Mac OS X systems such as El Capitan, Sierra as well as Yosemite. Also, it comes at a very lightweight. It allows the SNES game players to enjoy along with the colored output as well as audio emulation.

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With the help of Emulator Enhancer plug-in, one can also run the SNES games along with Joystick or gamepad controller support. 

SNES Emulator # 2 – Open Emu

This emulator is considered to be an all in one retro console gaming emulator having numerous emulations. Open Emu is capable of emulating almost all the gaming consoles from Nintendo and SEGA.

It also provides the below mentioned few unique features:

  • Open GL Video Support
  • External Joystick along with Gamepad Support.
  • Video filtering for Anti-distortion along with scaled output.

SNES Emulator # 3 – Snes9X

Snes9X is one of the original emulator highly compatible with Mac OS X system.  One of the other NSES emulator named Open Emu also uses the core developed by Snes 9X for emulating various Nintendo consoles.

Despite being the fastest, the major drawback that this emulator has is that it fails to emulate the Video screen of Zelda on our El Capitan.

The older version of this emulator had power PC support which is quite compatible with even the Older versions of Mac OS x.

Now, when you have a complete knowledge of the various SNES emulators easily available to download, you can make a wise choice as per your own requirements and specifications. Please note that these are the only emulators that do not come along with any game ROMs.  In order to play the various SNES games on any of the Mac OS X, One need to download these ROMs from the various websites such as

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