Top 50 Free Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Servers List!

Proxies can be very useful to many people in certain cases where they want to hide their IP address for hacking purposes, get a faster internet speed to some websites, access restricted websites easily, or maybe just to access some region exclusive online services like Spotify.

Not only that pro users and developers might need a huge list of proxies to make a bot that changes IP on every step for better security. If you go and look for proxy servers online, not only they are hard to find but you might even have to pay for proxy servers many times.

Today in this article we will help you in getting free proxies for your work via the most popular 50 Free Proxy Server using which you can use thousands of working high speed proxies for your work and the best part is that all these servers are absolutely free!

In this tutorial you will be seeing 50 Proxy Servers with their link and description, if you want to access them, simply click on their title which will take you straight to the Free Proxy Server Site. And here are the Top 50 Free Proxy Sites in no particular order!

  1. Free Proxy List

Free Proxy List is one of the oldest and trusted websites that provides free Proxies to its users that have good speed and reliability. It provides proxies from all over the world that are updated every 10 minutes.

  1. Proxy Site

Proxy Site is a free web proxy browser which means that you can simply enter any URL and browse that via an online Proxy for free.

  1. SSL Proxies

SSL Proxies is a counterpart of Free Proxy List since the come from the same developer. The major difference between these two websites it that these proxies will allow you to browse even HTTPS websites.

  1. Fast USA Proxy

Fast USA Proxy is an online free proxy browser that will allow you to browse any websites that are available in USA only. You can also use it to fake your location to USA for services like Spotify.

  1. Proxy4Free

Proxy4Free provides a huge amount of working and fast proxies and the best part about this website is that you get to filter and sort your proxies using the multiple selections found on this website.

  1. New IP Now

New IP Now is an online free Proxy Browser that will allow you to browse any website of your choice while able to choose and select any IP that you want to have while browsing the Web.

  1. NordVPN

Even though Nord VPN is a paid VPN service, they also provide free proxy list right on their websites which are from the major countries and almost all the proxies featured are active and working.

  1. Anonymous

Anonymous is a free web proxy browser which is used to go anonymous online easily with good speed and reliability.

  1. Proxy Nova

Proxy Nova is another free proxy service that provides you free proxies from all around the world with live status of their speed and transparency which can be very important to some users.

  1. Anonymizer

Even though Anonymizer is a paid proxy service, you get 14 days of free trial of a very high speed proxy server and you can take unlimited trials using disposable Email Accounts.

  1. Spys One

Spys One is a plain and simple proxy server that focuses on working proxies and nothing else which provide great speed and reliability.

Not only that you can also see other things in this service like country of the proxy, the IP you will get, connection speed, reliability, whether it has SSL connection or not and much more which can help user to easily select the proxy they are looking for.

  1. KProxy

KProxy is a free online Proxy Web Browser that provides free proxies but the best part about this is that it comes with a free Chrome Extension that can be very useful.

  1. Public Proxy Servers

Public Proxy Servers has been providing highly reliable and trusted Free Proxies since 2002. This is also shows it users that for how long a proxy has been working successfully.

  1. Don\’t Filter Us

Don’t Filter Us is a free and simple Online Free Proxy Browser that can enable you to easily browse any website with an anonymous IP Address that can be very useful.

This website can be highly useful for those who are looking for a fast and a straightforward website that will quickly give the user an anonymous IP address which they want to browse blocked websites easily.

  1. GatherProxy

Gather Proxy is a highly trusted proxy server that provides you free high-speed proxies with great filtering options. The best part about this server is that it has a scraper tool using which you can get thousands of proxies in a single text file.

  1. Quick Proxy UK

Quick Proxy UK is a UK based Free Online Proxy Web Browser that allows you to easily browse any URL of your choice with an anonymous IP Address.

  1. Free Proxy Lists

As the name suggests Free Proxy Lists will provide you with a huge list of completely free proxies that are highly reliable and provide good speed. You can even check response and transfer rate of each proxy.

Free Proxy Lists is highly recommended for those who are looking for a website where one can easily find high speed working Proxies for going completely anonymous online or just to access blocked websites.

  1. Just Proxy UK

Just Proxy UK is another UK Based that is a high speed free online proxy web browser that is also very much reliable for going anonymous online. This proxy will give you a UK IP Address which can be super useful to some.

  1. Proxy Fish

Proxy Fish will provide you with a huge list of active and working proxies that offer great speed and reliability. You can use this server very easily as it provides good filtering options.

All the proxies found on Proxy Fish not only provide great connection speed to the user it is also quite reliable as almost all the proxies found on this website are active.

  1. Proxy One

Proxy One is an online Free Proxy Web Browser that provides good speed and reliability. The best part about Proxy One browser is that you get options like Clear Cookies or Remove Object from the Online Proxy.

  1. HTTP Tunnel

HTTP Tunnel is a free proxy server that provides free proxies from all over the globe with great quality. You can also see the speed of each proxy in kbps in this server.

  1. Filter Bypass

Filter Bypass is a free online Proxy Browser and as the name suggests this one allows you to bypass security with filtering options like encryption and removal of cookies.

  1. Premium Proxy

Even though the name says premium, Premium Proxy is an absolutely Free Proxy Server which is updated very frequently and provides great speed and reliability. Apart from that, you can also check uptime of each proxy.

  1. Zalmos Proxy

Zalmos Proxy is another great online Free Proxy browser which is especially great for browsing social media websites like Facebook, Youtube etc.

  1. ID Cloak

ID Cloak provides you with a small but working proxy list that is not only completely free but also provides you with the status of the proxies likes Connection Speed, Speed, Anonymity and more!

  1. Zacebook PK

As the name suggests this Free Online Proxy Browser lets Pakistani Users browse social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. which are banned in Pakistan.

  1. Proxy Server PRO

Proxy Server PRO is another great proxy server list that provides great speed and reliability in all the proxies that it provides.

  1. Prox Free

Prox Free is a highly trusted Free Proxy Browser that is very reliable with good options to choose from and the best part being the fact this service has SSL enabled.

  1. Cloud Proxies

Cloud Proxies is one of the best free proxy servers that can be found out there. It can provide great working proxies for free. The list on this website is updated very frequently because of which Cloud Proxies is highly recommended if you are looking for a free proxy server list.

  1. Xite Now

Xite Now is a plain and simple Free Online Proxy Browser that allows you easily browse any websites with an anonymous IP address that can be very useful especially with the high speed and reliability of Xite Now Proxy Browsers.

We hope that these Free Proxy Servers will be a great help to you regarding your work. Also, let us know which website is your favourite of the following which provides the best speed for Free! In case you have liked this post consider sharing it on social media as well as checking our other tech posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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