Free Download for Top 7 Nintendo DS Emulators to Play NDS Games on Android device

Nintendo DS is popularly known as NDS. This is one of the largest handheld video gaming consoles which appear to be quite famous among the gamer\’s in today’s world. It used to have an amazing collection of tremendous games in the pre-smart-phones world.

In today’s scenario wherein smart-phones are taking an edge in the market and becoming available at each and every household, it is being realized that the smart-phones are also the handheld device. Therefore, the thought arises that these smart-phones can be used as a complete gaming console in itself.  It will be helpful in facilitating the gamer by having their gaming console in their hands at every point of time. Hence, they can play their favorite games at any point in time as per their wish.

However, in order to play Nintendo game series on their Android-based smart-phones, one need to download and install Nintendo DS emulator that is being designed specifically to let the user play these games on their cell phones. These will help the games to play some of the tremendous NDS games like Pokemon and Mario Kart on their Android phone.

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Top 7 Free Nintendo DS Emulators for Android

Below is the list of top 7 NDS emulator that is available to download at free of cost in Android. Please note that these emulators are not being accompanied with specific game ROMs. Hence, one needs to have a specific ROM of the intended game that must be opened via these emulators only. One will easily able to find the game ROM of any of the games that one wishes to play via NDS emulator on a simple Google search.

NDS Emulator # 1 – NDS Boy!

NDS Boy is one of the best and most popular NDS emulators that are being used to play the NDS games on Android phones. A high end configured phone is required to play this emulator, as this is one of the heaviest gaming consoles. The phone should have at least 2 GB RAM to enhance the gaming pleasure of the gamers playing NDS games.

Since this is considered to be one of the heaviest emulators, it provides a fast and efficient emulation. Apart from this, below are some of the unique features that this emulator provides:

  • External Gamepad Support.
  • Supports the saving of game state.
  • Re-loading of the game from the left game state only.
  • It also allows you to configure the buttons and supports direct ROM loading from zip, rar, 7z , and .nds files.

We can say that NDS Boy is one of the best alternatives to Drastic DS for Android phones.

Please note in case the emulator gets crashed while loading, please reopen it. This might be because of the config file-CPU matching done.

NDS Emulator # 2 – Free DS Emulator

Many of the people get confused with the naming convention itself. Even the screenshots in the Google play listing are not clear enough to overcome this confusion.

Free DS emulator is considered to be one of the most powerful emulators which give a neck-to-neck competition to the Drastic DS. While running this emulator on their cell phones, one needs to ensure that they are being connected to the strong internet connection that might be either WiFi or the mobile data otherwise the unwanted advertisement might waste your much of the time.

Apart from these disturbing advertisements, this emulator provides a most speedy game play along with the good navigation control as compared to that NDS Boy.

Below are the few impressive features that make this emulator among one of the best choices:

  • Dual Pane Display (Just like the Nintendo DS)
  • Merging of Screen
  • Ability to Save & Load games.
  • External Gamepad support.
  • Automatically load ROM from zip,7z, rar files present in the storage.

Since it scans your phone completely including the archives too, it might sometimes happen that your phones stop responding for a while. So, it is always recommendable to let this emulator complete its scan and have the patience to play your favorite NDS games on your Android phone.

NDS Emulator # 3 – AseDS

AseDs provides few of the unique features that none of the other emulators provides and hence is one of the most demanded emulators available online. However, once people start running this emulator on their phones, they realize that even these unique features have some of the compatibility issue associated.

Below are few of those unique features that make this emulator a unique entity:

  • Supports wireless controller and phone microphone.
  • Game Shark/Action Replay/Code Breaker cheats supported
  • Open any .ds , .nds or .zip game ROM
  • Custom layout design and button binding.

NDS Emulator # 4 – nds4droid

Nds4Droid is one of the oldest yet in demand emulator for playing the NDS games on Android phones. Though there have been any other emulators that are coming up on the market this one is still going stronger.

This is considered to be one of the simplest and user-friendly emulators that have very few settings to be configured. And hence this makes nds4droid is a preferable choice for the gamers.

Though this emulator is a little bit slower, however, works fine on the low configured mobile phones.

NDS Emulator # 5 – Retro Arch

Retro Arch has a special type of Emulator engine which is capable enough to emulate almost all gaming consoles including PSP, NES, and Nintendo DS with the help of open source cores inside it.

The DS Core for Retro Arch is provided by Demme and works flawlessly.

The one and only disadvantage of Retro Arch is that it has too many of functions such as render type, CPU type, frame rate, that need to be tested for Optimum performance.

NDS Emulator # 6 – EMU.NDS

This one is the latest emulator that has been grasping the gamer’s attention in a quite impressive manner. Though this emulator is enhancing the gaming pleasure in a better way the frequent pop-ups of unwanted Ads is quite frustrating.

The Emulation was fast and spot-on but the UI needs to be taken care of.

NDS Emulator # 7 – DrasTic DS for Android

Drastic is paid yet one of the most efficient emulators that are available on the play store.

Below are few of the reasons that being a paid version, this emulator is considered to be the best one.

  • Enhance the game’s 3D graphics to 2 by 2 times their original resolution (this optional feature works best on high-end quad-core devices)
  • Add-on controllers completely supported that might include physical controls in devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play.
  • Helps in integrating and saving your progress to google drive that automatically leads to saving the same state.

Therefore, now you are aware of Best 7 Nintendo DS [NDS] Emulators that we can use to play our favorite NDS games on the Android phones. In case if you come across any better emulator or face any problems while using any of the above feel free to comment!

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