Top 10 Best Voice Recording Apps for Windows 10 users

Audio Recording is one of the most important parts of media production, it is very much important to record a clear voice to convey the message you desire to your audience, the top 10 application which we are going to list down below are already been used by large-scale media productions and professional artists.

These applications are usable by almost everyone from beginners to professional, from the person who just wants to record a video for YouTube to a person who wants to make a film, the 10 application we are going to show in this post might be familiar to you but you can learn more about it as we have also mentioned detailed review of every application to help you better understand.



The Reason this application is on our number one list is that it is widely used by millions of people, Audacity is an open source free audio recording and editing application. This application can be used on your Windows 10, Mac OS or Linux and the developers are consistently keeping this application up-to-date by releasing a patch every month to fix bugs or add more feature to it.

You can record Audio from your microphone, soundcard or another recording device with the help of Audacity or if you just want to edit the audio clip you can just import the audio file to audacity and edit it.

Audacity supports 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit which provides best sound quality. The editing, on the other hand, is as simple as doing copy paste in a PC, you get options to cut, copy, paste, delete and there are other tools for enhancing the audio quality.

2.WavePad Audio Editing Application

The WavePad Audio editing application is full features professional music editor for Windows 10, it is used and recommended by many professionals because of its easy to use features which anyone can use doesn’t matter if you are a beginner it’s very easy to learn and operate. It has all the basic functions like cut, copy, paste and deletes to edit different parts of the audio.

Many audio recording applications miss on effects but in this application, you can the option to add effects like echo and noise reduction.

This application supports all the audio file format including, gsm, wrong, real audio, au, mp3, wav, ogg and many more. We recommend you using this application as it is easy to use and also fully feature loaded at the same it.

3.Studio One

If you are a professional and looking for very high-quality audio editing application look no furthermore, The PreSonus Studio One is modern cross-platform DAW that is capable of operating as a 32-Bit or 64-Bit program.

Minimum required specifications to use Studio One application for windows is Intel Core 2 Duo AMD Athlon X2 processor but Intel core I3 is recommended to get better performance, if you have I3 processor then it is recommended to use Windows 10 as it is more user-friendly to the latest Windows operating system.

You can Try this application for 30 days for free from its official website before purchasing to check if this is the application suitable for you or you can find many more awesome applications like this in this post.


Wavosaur is a free audio recording and editor application for Windows 10 users, this application is used by beginners to edit, process and record sound in common file types like wav and Mp3 but it does support many other file types.

Wavosaur has all the basic features like cut copy paste and deletes you can produce music loops, analyze, record and convert using this application.

Although this application does not have all the features like the ones featured above this article it does it job if you do not have very high specification pc or you just don’t want to store large program into your system the good news is that this application size is only 303KB.

Wavosaur developers also provide you with the starters guide with which you can learn to use this audio recording application.


Leapic is a free audio editing and recording application, using this application you can convert, mix, amplify and add effects to your audio clip. The basic functions like cut, copy, paste and delete are included. Leapic is well known for its effects adding the feature you can effects like fade in, fade out, delay and many more.

Different features of Leapic Audio editor are:

  • Apply multiple filters like pass filter, low pass filter etc.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Apply effects to sound
  • Record audio from Audio receiver
  • Undo-Redo Capabilities.

6.Mixcraft 8

Mixcraft is a award winning audio recording application developed by Acustica, Inc. there are three different versions and you have to choose one which is suitable for your usage.

Mixcraft Home studio: It is an entry level recording studio which is limited to 16 tracks of audio and MIDI. It contains 20 audio effects and 6 virtual instruments.

Mixcraft Recording Studio: This is a default and download only version of application, you can record unlimited audios, and it includes a loop library of 7,000 Loops and sound effects.

Mixcraft Pro studio: This is a professional Application it has 12 instruments compared to Mixcraft home studio which has 5 instruments, and 35 sound effects. This program is only for professional musicians and producers.

7.Windows Voice Recorder

Windows 10 has its own voice recorder pre-installed and it is being used by millions of people to record although it is not like any other professional application, you can use this default application to record voice if you do not like writing journals about your daily life and it has a unique feature with which you can mark important moments.

for example you are recording a audio of 2 minutes and there is something important at 1min which you do not want to miss when you listen to the clip again then it’s a very useful feature.

Windows Voice recorder is useful for everyone from students who would like to record lecture to the person who would like to record his interview for a job to better understand where he made mistake and where he did well to further improve himself. This application is available on windows as well as Android mobile.

If you do not have this application pre-installed on your windows PC then we recommend you to sign-in into your Microsoft application store and download it officially from there for free.

8.Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder is again a free application, if you are looking for a small application with does not eats up lots of space then this one is best for you it has many cool features and the best thing is it works with all the windows operating system including Windows 10.

Using this application is quite simple all you have to do is select the quality in which you want to record the audio (higher the quality more space it will take to save the audio file) then select the file format or keep it to mp3 by default you can even change the sample rate and bitrate if you are familiar with the terms or just keep it to default.

We really liked this application because of its Tweak file size and quality and it can record various input sources. The things we did not like are it\’s not so great Interface.

9.Easy Sound Recorder

Easy sound recorder is small and reliable voice recorder application for Windows 10 users, you can record live stream using this application from your computer or just record and save it directly to google drive or hard disk, we really liked this feature as if you have space issue then it can easily save directly to Cloud storage without taking your computer hard disk space.

10.Podium Free

Podium is a free application by Zynewave, it is a fully functional application but it has some limitations over the paid version of the same recording application which we will discuss below.

Using this application, you can record and edit your audio but what sets this application apart from other application is it gives you certain extra features like Drums, ambience, Guitars. You can easily edit all the instruments according to your likings separately

Features that are missing on Free version

  • MIDI interface setup is limited to one input and one output
  • 64-Bit mixer engine is not present
  • Rewire is disabled
  • Surround sound is disabled

This was top 10 best voice recording apps for Windows 10 users, all the applications we featured in this post are great if you are looking to up the recording game some of the applications were paid so we recommend you to try the trial version first before paying because it may not be suitable to your preference, we hope you liked this post make sure to share it with your friends and family.

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