What is Red Room Deep Web?

Before directly jumping onto Red Rooms let\’s dive into Deep Web first. As the name says deep it is exactly what it means, something which is embedded deep inside the web or say internet. Most people are a lot confused between the two words Deep and Dark Web.

Dark Web is a part of the internet which is publically available to everyone but these sites are not indexed by the search engines like Google, Yahoo or any other.

They can only be accessed by TOR (Explained below) and this is done to hide the details of the owner of the website. Dark Web is a place to find a variety of illegal kinds of stuff but everything up there isn\’t illegal.

Dark Web is a small part of Deep Web and both require special software to access them. Deep Web contains the whole Dark Web in addition to that it contains all user databases, webmail pages, registration-required web forums, and pages behind paywalls, etc.

All the websites available to be accessed on the deep web using TOR have .onion extension so as to drive the route through TOR Network.

So with the basic introduction to Deep and Dark Web let\’s dive in the most searched part of the deep web, i.e. Red Rooms.

Nowadays red rooms are considered just a \’myth\’ and no longer there is existence believed. But people don\’t really know the deepness of deep web and I personally believe Red Rooms still exists and yeah for sure it\’s hard to access them.

I hope so you are getting excited to know about Red Rooms so finally here comes the intro to RED ROOMS.

Red Rooms are basically a live streaming website in which you pay the website owner money in bitcoins and in return, you can order the person to do any kind of torture or excessive harassment to a person captured there.

The level of torture depends on the amount of money you are paying and they are just brutal peoples. Tortures even include cutting body parts or murdering the person.

In other words, it\’s a place on the internet where you can do anything to everything.

So how does Red Rooms operate?

Red Rooms ask you for your email id at first and they send you the transaction link in your mail. You are supposed to do payment first. After the verification of payment, the website owner sends you the link to the red room with a password. So that you can access the red room.

As red rooms have associations with the murdering of people, from there only it got its name. MURDER when spelled backward its Red Rum (which is  pronounced as Red Rooms )

What is available on Red Room Deep Web?

  1. Murder

Myths are there that you can stream murdering a guy or even order them to do murder of a specific person.

Even you can select from categories of murdering techniques which includes neck slicing, slow death, etc.

  1. Child Pornography

Most abnormal people visit Deep Web for child pornography only. I said abnormal because I don\’t believe a normal person would even dare to watch that stuff.

What does Child Pornography include?

  1. Torture: Kids are tortured on the request of commander or the live stream the torture to a community.
  2. Rape: Children are raped, regardless of their gender.
  3. Non-Activity: This is a special kind of pornography in which the person is tied or made to sit on a chair without clothes and it is streamed to the audience.
  1. Rape

After reading the above part this won\’t bring a shock to you. Rapes are a normal thing up there on the deep web. Rapes aren\’t gendered specific on red room deep web, both man and women are victimized to rape for viewer\’s entertainment.

Even rapes have a variety of categories to choose from. Anything that your brain wants can happen there for the money.

  1. Torture

Torturing people is one of the most general things that can happen in a red room.

Torturing includes any kind of act which develops a severe pain in one\’s body. I don\’t want to dive into examples of this so let\’s move ahead.

Before discussing how to access red rooms, Let us have a look and talk about TOR.

TOR stands for \”The Onion Routing\”. It is a special kind of browser designed to remain anonymous on the internet. The TOR encrypts our data and then sends it through multiple relays creating a multi-layered encryption just like onion layers, and helps the user to hide the identity over the internet.

The data is decrypted simultaneously at next relays also. So when the data reaches the final location it gives the information of the last relay that it has accessed the website.

Let\’s me illustrate an example to explain the network properly.

Let\’s say I want to access xyz website. So if I use a TOR network to do so, my request to open xyz will go through a variety of IP Addresses situated in different parts of the world and at last, it will reach the website. So the website will treat the last IP address as the requester of the request.

Now arises the question – How to access Red Rooms Deep Web?

Obviously, your Chrome/Mozilla or IE won\’t be able to give access to the deep web so you require TOR in order to access Deep Web.

You would have to search a lot in order to find a real Red Room and obviously, it requires a lot of money and I personally suggest don\’t even go for it..

If in case you are up to Deep Web then use VPN with TOR network for an extra security layer.

Is Accessing Red Rooms legal?

Obviously not!  With the number of creepy stuff, the Red Room has it is not at all legal to have a visit there. Even accessing the deep web is illegal and may result in severe action by the government if they caught you. TOR Network though protects your ID but nothing is perfect. One can still find your ID but it requires a lot of hard work.

Pricing and Payment Mode

The one and only payment method accepted and used in deep web are the Bitcoin as it is untraceable and the leading crypto currency. So in this way you can still pay without compensating with your privacy and hide easily in the deep web from the government agencies.

I once came up with a story on Reddit in which the Red Room access was stated with the prices.

The prices were 0.6 BTC for just watching and 5BTC for becoming Commander and get any work done.

You can read a lot of real-life stories on Reddit, Quora and many other sites on Deep Web, Dark Web, Red Rooms, Clearnet, etc.

Some stories are just horrifying. But only go for it if you have guts and courage to read them. I would recommend you to keep yourself away from all this if you have any kind of stress, depression or any problem related to heart or mind.

My Final Words:

Deep Web, Dark Web, etc. all are the dark sides of the Internet that are not easily accessible. You need special tools to access the websites of Dark Web. And if we talk about Red Room, nobody knows if red Rooms really exist or not. With the amount of brutality, it has I wish all of the sites should be dead by now.

I request you all to stay away from Deep Web stuff as FBI and other agencies keep monitoring them and after all, it\’s illegal. Access the deep web only and only if you have all the knowledge regarding it and be safe while surfing the deep web.

Do let us know your thoughts about the red room in the comment section below. And if you have ever visited the deep web and/or red room then do share your experience in the comments below. Thank You!!

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