Who is Joshua Christian? Brooklyn man Arrested For Stalking Taylor Swift

A man has been arrested in Manhattan New York for stalking Taylor Swift. Yes, you heard it right, a Brooklyn man was arrested by the New York Police Department on Friday, July 1 and ordered to stay away from popular singing sensation Taylor Swift. The arrested person has been identified as 35-year-old Joshua Christian, a resident of Brooklyn New York. Police officials have spoken to the media and narrated the entire incident by the detained Joshua Christian.

Police officials said that Joshua Christian went to the famous singing sensation’s house in March and last month as well. The officers went on to say that the accused had not only visited his properties in New York, but Joshua had also gone to his home in another state, Tennessee. These reports were also told by the prosecutor in Manhattan criminal court on Saturday night. Future reports that Joshua even called the intercom at Taylor Swift’s estate, Tribeca Franklin Street, and said you’re dead, you know. You are holding him captive and I need to free him.”

Talking about the arrested suspect, Joshua Christian is currently 35 years old and is a resident of Crown Heights. He allegedly broke into Taylor Swift’s property at 153 Franklin Street through an open door. Joshua left Taylor’s property after being caught by a security officer. Judge Eric Schumacher has issued full protection from Joshua Christian to Taylor Swift. Joshua Christian was sent out on bail at $1, but he was immediately sent back to prison because of his previous charges, which were reckless driving and leaving it in Florida. He will remain in jail until July 28 for rash driving in the Florida case.

According to reports, Joshua was also talking strangely in the courtroom in front of the judge and jury. Joshua was talking like he’s a real Christian and was also talking about crucifixion and stuff like that. Joshua Christian’s lawyer said that his client is dealing with intellectual issues and some mental issues. Although this incident of stalking is not the first time when it comes to singing sensation Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift has been a victim of stalking in the past as well. As per reports, back in the year 2018, a hunter barged into his residence, though he too was arrested by the police. Stay tuned with us for all the latest national and international updates, news and information.

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