Xbox360: Rechargeable Battery Pack Not Charging?

Who does not like to play games, and too in an Xbox 360? Everybody enjoys playing some kinds of games. No matter of what age group you belongs to gaming is one of the best inventions ever for you as it not helps in entertainment but also helps us to keep stress away. But for how long can you play a game on Xbox 360? It might get some kind of trouble and/or problem.

As it, an electronic product it might encounter some issues such as battery pack stops charging for some reason or anything else. Today we will discuss how you can solve the problem, in case the battery pack stops charging when connected to your Xbox 360 or with the charger kit. But before we move on let us have a look at what is Xbox 360.

What is Xbox 360?

Developed and maintained by Microsoft, Xbox 360 is a home gaming console was launched as a successor to the official Xbox 360. This one is the second gaming console of its series.

The main competitors in the market for Xbox 360 are the Play station 3 and Nintendo Wii because all of them are the part of 7th generation video game consoles. One of my personal favorite features of Xbox 360 is the Xbox Live where you can compete with players from all across the globe online.

Apart from this, the user can also download the games, with and without demos. Along with that they can buy and stream music, TV shows, movies, etc. with the help of Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arcade. Also, you can have access to the third party 3rd party services using the media streaming apps.

With the growing time, Xbox 360 became an entertaining product for the living room as it has grown from only games to live music, videos, i.e. all types of multimedia products.

Fix for Rechargeable Battery Pack Not Charging

As I have told you those Xbox 360 users have observed that the rechargeable battery pack of their wireless Xbox 360 controller is not charging. Are you fear that you need to change it and pay some bucks?

But don\’t worry my friend as I have two quick solutions for this problem. I sometimes depend on which one will work for you, depending on the unseen condition of the battery. I tried to bot the methods with my controller but the first one failed and second worked flawlessly.

But before we move on and solve the problem, let us know why did this happen? In case, you are interested in this, skip the next section and jump to the solutions of this problem.

Why does the battery stops getting charged?

Ni – MH types of batteries lose 30% charge if not used on the very first day, without use. After this, the charge rate of battery decrease and the battery will be discharged within 30 days at room temperature.

Now the problem arises is that the battery is so low that it won\’t accept any kind of charges. When the battery reaches such a point, the capacity of the battery gets changed.

By forcing the battery for recharge for over and over again you are giving the battery enough of a charge that allows it to recharge again flawlessly.

Not only this, there might be some other reasons for not charging as well such as:

  • The charge cycle of the battery is completed, i.e. it has reached the charge limit.
  • There might be some problem with the charging cable.
  • Or there might be some problem with the battery itself.

There can be any one of these reasons for your battery, so first try to find out why the problem has arisen and then try these solutions carefully.

Solutions for this problem: –

First of all, examine the exact part that is causing the problem and then replaces that part of doing as directed.

  1. The Xbox 360 Play & Charge cable

Try charging the battery with some other charging cable with same capacity and configuration. If the battery starts charging flawlessly then your Charge cable is definitely faulty. Change it as soon as possible to continue charging the battery.

  1. The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Try changing the battery pack, i.e. try using the AA batteries or the 360 rechargeable battery packs to make sure that the controller is fine. In case the controller works fine with the other batteries, then it is clear that controller is not at all faulty.

  1. The rechargeable battery

Use some cotton swab with the isopropyl alcoholic solution speeded over it to clean the four gold contacts present on the Xbox 360 wireless controller and the rechargeable battery pack. Also, you should try some other rechargeable battery to make sure that battery is not faulty.


If the second battery charges correctly then your battery is definitely faulty. Try changing the batter as soon as possible.

More info: Majority of the times, rechargeable batteries get worn out. The charging cycle and the life of a battery depending on how you use the battery. If you use the battery pack very frequently then it won\’t last for long. Instead if you use it occasionally then it will last more than before.

Fix for Rechargeable Battery Pack Not Charging – Final verdict

The rechargeable batteries do not last long and so are damaged occasionally. That\’s what eventually happens with the users. But sometimes there might be some other problem as well.

We came across the main three problems, as mentioned above and so we researched for solutions. Finally, we came across the three solutions to your problems that you should give a try.

The Xbox 360 does not charge, instead irritates you. Try those solutions and solve your problems. Follow the steps carefully and change the faulty parts as soon as possible. Do let us know about your experience with batteries of Xbox 360 wireless controller and if you find the solution really helpful, share your views in the comment section below.

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